Pete Buttigieg was at a loss for words in this humiliating meltdown

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia

Pete Buttigieg was supposed to be one of Joe Biden’s star cabinet appointments.

However, he turned out to be another in the long line of Democrat Party political hacks.

And that became clear when Pete Buttigieg was at a loss for words in this humiliating meltdown.

Buttigieg can’t answer simple questions about the border

The media’s trying to do damage control for President Joe Biden over the southern border.

Democrats and members of the press all know that his disastrous decision to open the southern border created a chain reaction of events that led to former President Donald Trump leading him in the polls with the General Election about to kick off.

Biden tried to bully Republicans into folding on a border betrayal bill that would have allowed him to admit 5,000 illegal aliens per day.

Trump led the opposition and Republicans walked away from the brink of writing open borders into American law.

CBS co-anchor Tony Dokoupil pressed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on why Biden wouldn’t issue an executive order to reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico protocol to secure the border if Republicans wouldn’t agree to his border bill.

“Let’s talk about the border, an issue that cuts across a lot of different categories, a lot of different issues overall … The President has said, ‘work with me, Republicans.’ Republicans arguably have said ‘No, we’re not going to. We want this as an issue, not as a solution,’” Dokoupil stated. “But why doesn’t the President then take executive action? He could reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico,’ which would reduce the number of people coming over and staying and waiting.”

Buttigieg then hit right at the heart of the part of the problem.

Which is that Biden’s executive orders – over 90 in total –all rolled back Trump immigration policies while opening the border.

“Look, the President has taken a number of actions with the authority that he has. There are some things he’s not going to do. Like family separation,” Buttigieg responded.

Buttigieg touts border betrayal bill 

Buttigieg tried to walk a fine line to maintain the lie Biden told about needing Congress to grant the authority to seal the border while also not letting the American people walk away with the idea that he considered himself helpless to secure the border.

So Buttigieg doubled down on the border betrayal bill whose sole purpose was allowing Biden to resettle nearly two million illegal aliens into the United States as quickly as possible.

“What he is doing right now is make sure that he’s supporting the kind of border moves that we all know that we need,” Buttigieg declared. “Most Americans think we ought to do it. There was a bipartisan deal to make it happen and Congressional Republicans killed it. And I think that demonstrated that they would prefer to have the problem, which is more politically useful than the solution that most Americans, including the President of the United States, want to see happen.”

Dokoupil didn’t bite and called out Biden for wanting open borders because if he could roll back Trump’s immigration policies, he could also just reinstate them.

“But it almost seems like he wants the problem too because there are these things he could do that he’s not doing, and Remain in Mexico — that’s an example of it,” Dokoupil shot back.

That – right there – is the heart of the issue.

Joe Biden wants open borders.

Polls are proving that to be political poison.

He tried to trick the GOP into sharing in the responsibility for the border crisis by surrendering on a deal that codified massive levels of illegal immigration every year.

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