One weird sex scandal has Joe Biden on the ropes

Former Vice President Joe Biden hit a rough patch.

His campaign was rocked by a crisis surrounding his comments about working with segregationist Senators.

And now one weird sex scandal has Joe Biden on the ropes.

Biden’s son, Hunter, has emerged as a flashpoint of controversy in Biden’s campaign.

Hunter was thrown out of the Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine.

Breitbart also reported that, just before the 2016 election, a rental car was returned with a crack pipe in the gas tank with identification belonging to Hunter Biden inside.

In addition, Hunter Biden faced charges of corruption after traveling to China aboard his father’s government airplane and coming home with a $1.5 investment from a bank connected to the Chinese government in a private equity fund he started.

Now, Hunter Biden is involved in another scandal.

An Arkansas woman is demanding a court-ordered paternity test to prove Hunter Biden is the biological father of her child.

The New York Post reports:

An Arkansas woman claims Hunter Biden is the father of her child — and she’s suing to prove it.

Lunden Alexis Roberts, 28, filed a petition for paternity and child support against Joe Biden’s lawyer son, saying she gave birth to his kid, “Baby Doe,” in August 2018, according to court papers.

The two-page suit was filed in Independence County, Arkansas, on May 28 — nearly two weeks after Hunter tied the knot with a South African woman named Melissa Cohen.

Roberts wants a court to establish that the 49-year-old father of three is her baby’s biological dad. She is also seeking child support and for him to provide health insurance for the now-10-month-old infant. All out-of-pocket expenses would be split between the two parents, the filing said.

This scandal could not come at a worse time for Joe Biden.

Negative headlines about his campaign are pouring in.

And now he has to deal with a sex scandal involving a child swirling around his ethically dubious son.


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47 Responses

  1. Edna Berniece (Murphy) Evans says:

    I have no idea what you are speaking of.

    Joe Biden, sex scandle!

    Must have happened many years ago. This man is absolutely not aware of what is going on, around him today.

  2. Zaw Soe says:

    Sleepy creepy sleazy uncle Joe. You don’t have a chance to win for office. You were Slave under Borat for eight years in office. Good Luck with you Lunatics friends and Crazy mentality I’ll group. R.I.P.

  3. George says:

    Poor Uncle Joe……She lied to him …She told him she was eighteen…Turned out to be seven??….Hummmmm.. lf l was a Liberal l’d believe him… ***Sarc***

  4. ONTIME says:

    Hmmmm…The family history is one of DNA and a consistency of trying to fix “Stupid”…Curly Joe and his boy are a pair to draw to, time to meet the press and let the public get a real view of just how competent Sleepy Joe and his tribe are built….

  5. Mr Joe Biden is the “I wuz there” candidate. He has often been “there,” but he has never done anything. No legislation, no policies, no up or down on Supreme Court and other important nominees. “I wuz there” is the result of his tax-funded life. Like most celebritees, his family is a mess. Leave them alone. There is no need to hammer him on vunerabilities. because all he adds up to is “I wuz there.”

    Russ Ramsey, Ph. D. [ graduate professor who teaches objectivity]

    • .the redhawk says:

      the IWUZ THERE candidate seems to have been MORE THAN THERE !! Groping is a minor “WUZ” when he and Hunter “WUZ” in Chima to sell AMERICA FOR MILLIONS AS HUNTER snorted SOME OF china’s finest after his DISHONORABLE DISCHRGE AS A COKEHEAD from the US NAVY…..YEP PLUGS “WUZ” There to COVER UP !!!

      • mrp says:

        Hunter is a corrupt lying son of a corrupt lying father. Hunter claims his father knew nothing about his bribery in China and Ukraine is a lie. Of course old Joe took Hunter on the VP plane to enrich the Bidens in excess of $1 billion in return for Joe to do favors to China and Ukraine as VP of the USA. He follows in the dirty footsteps of HRC.

  6. Ted Crawford says:

    Oh Man, not another he said/she said sex scandal! Frankly I don’t care!! The relationship that interests me is the one between the Bidens and China. I’m very interested in that!!

  7. tj says:

    I guess they are saying like father like son but shoe doesn’t fit the old man. Joe. even though he has his own issues with hugging,smelling hair ,kissing, Russian hands and Roman fingers is not a drug addict. As far as we all know he hasn’t sired baby’s outside his marriages.

    • Joe Penor says:

      Not that we have heard but he also is pro homosexuality/ same sex “marriage” and pro abortion. That is strike two right off the bat in my book. The image in the picture above shows the equal sign homosexuals parade around demanded self-perceived rights for their sinful behavior. So obviously he is pandering to gays somewhere to get their votes. He is just as crooked as killary.

  8. leftwing watch says:

    Move along nothing to see here as this is a democrats son and the rules dont apply to father and son democrats!

  9. HB says:

    Joe and all of the Democrat presidential nominees will reap for publicly calling Trump a liar with no evidence of proof. None of these democrats ever apologize nor care for the harm that they have done to Trump’a reputation. We all must reap what we sow or plant. When we willingly harm others, someone will definitely harm us to a greater degree. No, it never feels good.

  10. Richard Daugherty says:

    Biden and Son should be in prison! What the H AG Barr?

    • mrp says:

      As VP Biden trawled to China and Ukraine with his son, Hunter, who enriched himself and his company in excess of $1 billion. Appears VP papa Joe made promises to these governments and Hunter got very rich on something he knew nothing about. Then he claims his father knew nothing. Really? He was there by his son’s side and he threatened that the prosecutor investigating the case be fired. Hunter’s a gem: has an affair with his dying brother’s wife, gets kicked out of the military reserve because of cocaine use, allegedly has a child with an Arkansas woman while dating his brother’s wife. Something for Joe to be very proud of.

  11. AFGus says:

    The Perv doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  12. gary says:

    Joe’s next move will be that he begged and pleaded with Obbama not to make up his own immigration laws, let congresss do (ha ha). Joe doesn’t want the blame for the mess our immigration system is in. Prey we can get it fixed….

  13. Moses says:

    This is his son, not him, for Christ sakes the man lost his wife and and a chlld in that car accident, and his heroic son Beau from brain cancer at 46. You talk about sex scandals tall about the serial sexual assaulter Trump who has paid off many women for his crimes, bragged about entering dressing rooms of his Miss Teen pageants, anyone who criticizes Biden for his son is in unbelievable in denial about the Assaulter-in-Chief

    • gary says:

      Been said Hunter got rich off his dad refusing to give aid money to Ukraine (those trying to keep Russia out of their country) if lead prosecutor into Hunter’s Ukraine oil company was not fired. Prosecutor was fired. Joey bragged about it on tape….Now, what did they do in China? Big Bidden very pro china no harm to us and now Joey forced to admit China dangerous….. Yes, Donald has had a life that many would envy. His only love now for Country and Melania….Joey hard times sad, but maybe because of his sins…..

      • Mama says:

        That’s Right gary. MR.President (after many yrs of—)
        Really has Love for USA & it shows. Also, he loves /Respects !st Lady,
        & i believe vice versa. 1st Lady Has Forgiven him, thru ‘trial & tribulation ‘. ( & So have ‘WE’)
        They Stay Together w/ Support for each other.
        ‘Both’ KNOW the Large ‘Task’ At Hand. God Bless USA.

    • Give me evidence of all of Trump’s sex scandals. Victims names, court settlements, etc. Stormy Daniels doesn’t count. She’s a pro who engaged a most disreputable attorney, whose word is useless. Her case will never see the light of day. Before besmirching POTUS, remember that previous presidents make Trump look like a schoolboy. I submit to you JFK, LBJ and Slick Willy. The latter even had the audacity to have sex in the Oval Office and lie about it. The other two kept the Secret Service busy hustling their concubines into the White House and out of sight of Jackie and Lady Bird. You Dems have a lock on illicit sex in the White House. You are nothing but the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Moses says:

        His own wife Ivana wrote years after the divorce that he anally raped her, how is that. Yes someone can rape their wife.

    • Rodney says:

      Where is your proof of what you say, other than hear say and the msm!!!!!!!!

    • Your talking about Women, etc that were PAID for and if you have the Money – Why Not ? No one died , or was forced , raped or coerced or using Office or Pay for Play x Hell these women if they got paid for got paid for their Services whether on a one nite stand or over a period of time x By the way the DemocRATs are Sex Fiends compared to this Prez x Do You really want to go through the list of DemocRAT Predators ????????

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Sloppy Jose’ should be called groper in chief it he ever becomes our president, God Forbit.

    • Wit says:

      Exaggeration has become a sign of democrat-delirium. It isn’t a crime to have sex…nor paying for silence.

  14. bagster53 says:

    you have to love this crap , it’s going to get really funny watching them eat their own , all democrats are this way , the only one they care about is themselves , the rest of their b/s is lies to get elected

  15. Mama says:

    Dem controlled Media just thew Biden
    ‘under the bus’. THE KNEW re this ‘stuff
    a while back. Especially about Ukraine/China.
    & Now ‘they bring it 0ut ! They ‘trash’ their 0wn
    & Any0ne who supports them.

  16. Doc Qujam says:

    I.m afraid the lefty libtard American public is stupid enough to elect Pocohontas Warren

    • david James allen says:

      Did you see any of her car salesman campaign show she looked like she took double shot of vitamin B I 1000 houses to give away if your black or brown come on down, Cash give a way 70,000 for small business loads finally a black man can have a business too that’s right if you are black or brown Im going get that unemployment rate finally

    • cici says:

      Well Doc lets not forget the idiots who voted in Ortez..she knows a little of nothing.

      I think Biden will be the dems candidate but he won’t beat Mr. Trump.

  17. Dewey says:

    It’s unfortunate but everything this dynamic duo Obummer and Biden did in office turned to crap. How do you run on absolutely no achievements in 8 years. He has absolutely nothing to offer the American people. More taxes, no solutions for the boarder, no solutions for immigrtion. The prime example of why we needed term limits. The man is old dishonest and useless. His best bet is to run for president of his local nursing home.

  18. miguel medrano says:

    Sleepy Joe, no way, if it happens, it will be an easy road for President Trump for a 2nd term, KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  19. frank yelt says:

    The meatball doesn’t fall far from the spaghetti plate!

  20. Donald Huss says:

    Darn it, Americans! Don’t-‘throw’-‘Sleepy Joe”- off the bus-yet! He, would be the ‘greatest/easiest’ ‘DIM’-for TRUMP in the election! THAT-‘MAN’-has so much baggage, with his son & his ‘history’-with ‘segregation’-Trump, would not even ‘have to show up’-for a debate!

  21. David Rose says:

    And there’s touchy feely Uncle Joe,
    he’s a moving kinda slow,
    at the Junction …

  22. Randall Hart says:

    They throw false sexual scandles at a judge but it’s ok for them to have real scandles. America wake up, vote these crazies out for good.

  23. M says:

    Karma…karma…more karma…cheaters will always be cheaters and even at the highest office level what else will we be cheated out off if he was to become Prez?

  24. Milton K. LaDue says:

    Like father, like son.

  25. susan dudak says:

    I remember that the only thing Biden said would bother him about running for president would be the fact that people might go after his family. Apparently that didn’t last long. He still is running even though all kinds of stuff about his son is coming out every day.

    • gary leitner says:

      Joe as VP using tax payer money put the big bucks in poor poor hunter’s pockets. Big Bucks= world class drugs. hunter will give daddy joe a really great birthday gift… think big joe thinking how great he is threatened us not to use his family. and to think what all these demoncrats have done to our President’s family…

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