One video of Nancy Pelosi just left every American shaking their head in rage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was embarrassed.

And not even the Fake News Media could cover up this latest blow up.

And that’s because this one video of Nancy Pelosi just left every American shaking their head in rage.

Nancy Pelosi appeared on multiple MSNBC and fake news CNN shows blasting President Trump for not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Those attacks were undone with just one 25 second video.

Speaker Pelosi spoke from the House floor during a debate on a $484 billion dollar small business relief bill.

In one 25 second clip Pelosi violated every health precaution meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Pelosi was not wearing a mask, she wiped her nose and then touched the podium.

All three of these actions are health hazards that put other members of Congress at risk of infection.

It’s not surprising that Pelosi doesn’t take best health practices seriously.

In late February, Pelosi ventured to the Chinatown section of her San Francisco district and insisted people go out and about despite the fact that the coronavirus was already spreading on the west coast.

Pelosi claimed this was necessary to stand up to Trump’s racism.

But what it amounted to was Pelosi downplaying the seriousness of the virus and encouraging risky behavior.

The Fake News Media will never call out Pelosi for any of her gross violations, but thanks to social media, Americans can see the truth about the lack of concern Pelosi displays for the coronavirus and common health precautions.

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