One video of Joe Biden exposed the big lie that Democrats tell about the coronavirus

Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden and the Democrats told the American people one thing.

But they really believed something else.

And one video of Joe Biden exposed the big lie that Democrats tell about the coronavirus.

Joe Biden was in New Jersey to sell his stalled socialist spending agenda.

At an event in Kearny, Biden became the latest Democrat COVID hypocrite.

Biden – who is fully vaccinated – showed up to the event wearing his mask.

After Biden spoke, he did not put his mask on and instead coughed into his hand and then proceeded to use that hand to shake hands with a number of Democrats at the event.

From the very get go, the people like Joe Biden telling Americans to take the coronavirus seriously did not take it seriously themselves.

There are countless examples of Democrats such as Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and Nancy Pelosi violating mask and lockdown orders because they thought the rules didn’t apply to them or that the rules were stupid.

Joe Biden is just the latest Democrat to ignore public health recommendations.

From the start, there has never been science that indicates lockdowns or mask mandates significantly slow the spread of the virus.

But Democrats latched on to these mandates because COVID allowed elected Democrats to seize unlimited power with “emergency” authority.

To date, not one Democrat Governor willingly gave up their emergency authority to mandate masks or lockdown businesses despite the fact that multiple vaccines are widely available and nearly eighty percent of the American public have taken one dose.

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