One top supporter threw a nasty curveball at Joe Biden over the 2024 election

Joe Biden is facing mounting concerns about his ability to defeat Donald Trump.

This conversation is overwhelming the Democrat Party.

And one top supporter threw a nasty curveball at Joe Biden over the 2024 election.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius is the go-to mouthpiece for the foreign policy establishment and the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

It was Ignatius who really kicked off the Russia collusion hoax in full force when a Deep State leaker broke the law and fed Ignatius the scoop that incoming Trump administration official Michael Flynn held a routine discussion with the Russian Ambassador about the Obama administration expelling Russian diplomats as a way to blame Russia for supposedly meddling in the 2016 Presidential election.

Ignatius is also where the globalists go to air their worries and concerns about the war in Ukraine.

So when Ignatius publishes a column entitled “President Biden should not run again in 2024” it’s understood that Ignatius is speaking for more than himself.

Washington, D.C. elites and top Democrats want to send a message to Biden that polls showing voters thinking he is too old to be President mean Donald Trump could very likely win a second term and that it is time for Biden to step aside so Democrats can pick a more electable candidate in 2024.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Ignatius said Biden could retire knowing his legacy was secure in that he defeated Trump in 2020 and weaponized the Justice System to try and send Trump to prison ahead of the 2024 election.

“What led me to write this piece, just right. I admire many things that President Biden has done in domestic and foreign policy. I do think that that legacy, and at the center of his legacy is the fact that he stopped Trump. He stopped him in 2020, he stopped Trump’s supporters in the midterm elections. He’s mobilized the Justice Department that is now bringing Trump to accountability,” Ignatius wrote.

Ignatius wanted to lead off his column by flattering Biden so he could get to the tough medicine – which also incidentally revealed the bubble in which the media lives – by revealing that voters across the country are openly worried about the idea of a cognitively impaired Biden serving as President until he turns 86.

Ignatius admitted that one of the reasons he wrote this column was that no media outside of Fox News covered one of the biggest issues voters talk about every day.

“I worry that all those achievements are at risk. And it seems to me through this summer, I haven’t gone anywhere in the country, I haven’t talked to any group of people where this issue of whether President Biden should run again hasn’t been a centerpiece of conversation. It doesn’t get into the newspapers, it doesn’t get much on TV, except Fox News, which is obsessed with it. And I thought that it was time to raise that question. And, again, the heart of it is whether Joe Biden is the best person to carry this legacy forward. He may decide that he’s the only person who can defeat Donald Trump. I mean, he sees that as his mission. It’s why he ran in the first place back in 2019,” Ignatius added.

Ignatius also hinted that Biden and his inner circle are also having these discussions about Biden running again in 2024.

“He may decide he’s the guy who can do it, and nobody else can and that’s his decision. But I felt it was time to have a more public discussion about this. It is, as I say, something, I’d be surprised if you and Joe and the people you talk with are not discussing it in private. I find that everywhere I go, it’s a subject. And what journalists like me should do is take issues like that, that people are talking about in private, and bring them forward so we can have a better discussion. So that’s a simple explanation,” Ignatius concluded.

Democrats only nominated Joe Biden in 2020 because they thought he was the strongest candidate to run against Donald Trump.

Now that polls show that may no longer be the case, the Washington, D.C. Swamp is gearing up to try and pressure Biden out of the 2024 race.

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