One top Republican just picked a fight with Donald Trump that will end their career

Donald Trump wants to run for President in 2024.

Establishment Republicans want to stop him.

And one top Republican just picked a fight with Donald Trump that will end their career.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one of the biggest RINOs in America.

Christie favors banning guns and supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

But Chris Christie still harbors delusions of being President of the United States.

Christie used to support Donald Trump, but Christie turned on Trump when Christie all but declared he is running for President in 2024, even if it means taking on Donald Trump.

At a recent speech in Las Vegas, Christie attacked Trump for focusing on the 2020 election.

Christie doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump in an interview with the left-wing gossip site Axios.

“This is not an argument that I’ll walk away from,” Christie told far-left activist Mike Allen. “I think it’s much more productive to fight those policies than to fight with other Republicans.”

Allen then asked Christie for his response to Trump’s statement mocking Christie for leaving the Governorship of New Jersey with a nine percent approval rating after Christie’s aides faced criminal charges for orchestrating a traffic delay as punishment.

“And then he went for it, he said ‘Everybody remembers that Chris left New Jersey with a less than 9% approval rating—a record low, and they didn’t want to hear this from him!’”

Allen asked, “What do you make of him, like, saying you had a less than nine percent approval…”

Christie then delivered the “zinger” he will likely try out on a debate stage against Trump in 2024 boasting about how he won re-election in New Jersey and Trump lost his bid for a second term.

“Mike, look, I’m not gonna get into a back-and-forth with Donald Trump,” Christie declared. “But what I will say is this: When I ran for reelection in 2013, I got 60% of the vote. When he ran for reelection, he lost to Joe Biden.”

But Chris Christie has already run against Donald Trump.

The two were both candidates in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary.

Christie dropped out of the race after an embarrassing showing, winning just seven percent in the New Hampshire primary that Donald Trump won with 35 percent of the vote.

Republicans already sampled Chris Christie’s message and candidacy in 2016 and took a hard pass.

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