One top Joe Biden ally made this scary ultimatum about World War III

The war in Ukraine threatens to spiral out of control.

It could result in global thermonuclear war.

And one top Joe Biden ally made this scary ultimatum about World War III.

Russia suffered a military defeat when its army failed to seize control of the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv.

The Russian military then regrouped for a massive offensive in Eastern Ukraine.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons is one of Joe Biden’s closest allies in the Senate.

When Joe Biden took office, some thought Coons was a contender for the position of Secretary of State.

Based on Coons’ comments on CBS’s Face the Nation show on Wednesday, Americans lucked out that Biden passed over him for that position.

Coons told host Margaret Brennan that he supported sending American troops to Ukraine to fight the Russian army.

“We are in a very dangerous moment where it is important that in a bipartisan and measured way we in Congress and the administration come to a common position about when we are willing to go the next step and to send not just arms but troops to the aid in defense of Ukraine,” Coons stated. “If the answer is never, then we are inviting another level of escalation in brutality by Putin.”

Everyone knows that the U.S. and Russian armies shooting at one another is World War III and could lead to a spiraling of events that results in nuclear war.

“Are you arguing that President Biden was wrong when he said he would not send troops to Ukraine? Are you asking him to set a red line?” Brennan asked Coons.

Coons then began ranting about how the American army deploying to Ukraine could be the only force capable of stopping Putin.

“If Vladimir Putin, who has shown us how brutal he can be, is allowed to just continue to massacre civilians, to commit war crimes throughout Ukraine without NATO, without the West coming more forcefully to his aid, I deeply worry that what’s going to happen next is that we will see Ukraine turn into Syria,” Coons added. “The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine. I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine and that Putin will only stop when we stop him.”

Deploying the American army to Ukraine to fight Russia is a disaster waiting to happen.

Even a cognitively impaired 79-year-old man like Joe Biden understands that, which is why he rejected direct military involvement.

Now the danger is Joe Biden is so out of it that he cannot stop a steady procession of his handlers and advisors like Coons pushing for a shooting war between America and Russia.

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