One top Democrat was forced to make this concession about Trump’s election performance

Americans are still digesting the results of the 2020 election.

The outcome is uncertain and no one knows who will be the President.

And now one top Democrat was forced to make this concession about Trump’s election performance.

Democrats thought they were on the verge of a blue tsunami.

Pollsters, pundits, and strategists on the Left all assumed Joe Biden would deliver a historic humiliation that would drive Republicans out of power for a decade.

Democrats truly thought that Donald Trump was so racist and unfit that the American people would rise up and exile him from power with the largest repudiation of any sitting President in history.

That did not happen. In fact, Trump won more votes and a higher percentage of the vote than he did in 2016.

As the results came in, fake news CNN’s Van Jones expressed shock that Donald Trump put together a multiethnic coalition of working class voters despite the Democrats’ four year smear campaign to falsely claim Donald Trump was a racist.

“The country is not what we thought it was. I don’t care who you are, nobody predicted this outcome . . . It turns out that the outreach from Republicans to African Americans and Latinos was effective. It also turns out . . . people say [President] Donald Trump says racially inflammatory stuff, he’ll never make any inroads; it turns out that wasn’t true,” Jones stated.

And it was true.

In 2016, Donald Trump won 13 percent of black men and increased that to 18 percent.

In 2016, Donald Trump won four percent of black women and doubled that total to eight percent in 2020.

President Trump also meaningfully increased his vote among the Hispanic population and won an astounding 70 percent of the Cuban vote in South Florida.

The “Trump is a racist” lie fell flat as an increasing number of black and Hispanic voters found the Fake News Media’s caricature of the President preposterous.

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