One teacher refused to join the anti-gun walkout and what happened to her is sickening

Students as young as elementary school took part in a media-fueled anti-gun walkout this week.

Many pro-Second Amendment students and teachers felt like they were bullied into participating for fear of retribution from their peers.

But what the school administration did to this pro-gun teacher in California crossed a line.

CBS 13 Sacramento reports:

A Rocklin High School teacher is on paid administrative leave over her views about the national school walk out.

The teacher says all she did was open up a debate about the politics of the protest in her classroom.

Mrs. Benzel teaches history at Rocklin High School.

She says it was only appropriate to talk to her class about the politics of organized protests, ahead of the school walkout.

But she says the school disagreed with her views and told her to stay home Wednesday morning.

“We had a dialogue in class about it in Thursday and Friday. And today I received the call. So I am aghast,” said Julianne Benzel.

If students wanted to walkout to protest Planned Parenthood (who aborted 321,384 babies last year alone according to their own reports), do you think the school administration would be supportive?

The truth is, leftists know that when people are allowed to think and speak for themselves, they lose.

So the only way for gun-grabbers to impose their radical views is to shame people into submission.

Their goal is to destroy the Second Amendment by gutting the First.

And they’re unabashedly using schoolchildren to drive their radical agenda.


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83 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Is there something else here left unsaid. If not, and if this teacher is being badgered over her political views, which appears to be the case, then the school officials, the school district and all the little bureaucrats involved need to be sued out of existence.

  2. radiance says:

    The administration refused to give her first amendment rights, a violation of the constitution.

  3. Original Anna says:

    And where is the teacher’s union in this. The union’s job is to protect it’s members against unreasonable punishment. Why is she even being punished for having a debate in class about the so called women’s march youth dept. which is organizing all this stuff and who is the women’s march run by Soros and the American Communist Party. Recognize one of the techniques of controlling the population that was just used against this teacher. Like I said where is the union in this.

  4. Roger says:

    Definitely Liberal abuse of authority. I may be older than most but look at what we have turned a blind eye so we didn’t see how Liberals infiltrated our schools and changed history. Slowly but surely they changed the thinking of our children. For example now what is taught about the Civil War? The only reason was slavery. Now I know some of you will get your panties in a wad but that was secondary reason. Primary reason was States Rights about Federal Government overstepping it’s authority. Sound familiar as history repeats itself. Don’t believe me look at California and the patchwork Second Amendment rights

  5. Francisco Machado says:

    The way Fascists engineer a majority is by overtly punishing anyone who disagrees with the policy they promote. It is a key element of repressive totalitarianism. Consensus by intimidation, by force if necessary.

  6. Martin Korab says:

    I grew up in New Jersey in the city of Elizabeth which is right next to Newark. You can forget about N.J. it’s almost completely taken over by liberals and their communist friends. Taxes in N.J. are the highest in the land, because you have to pay for the free stuff they give to all those lazy bastards who don’t work and just complain that they need more free stuff. It’s a shame, because Newark and some of the other cities in N.J. used to be really nice cities, now they are crime-ridden cess-pools governed by the Democratic Communist Party. Sorry, but it’s all true. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  7. Dianne says:

    So who are the real Fascists?

  8. Time us silent Americans started using our guns for what the second amendment intended, an out of control deep state, state and local governments.

  9. Daniel Vargas says:

    This country was built on back bone, honor, sacrifice, to help the week and stand strong against oppression, tyrannyand teroism foreign and domestic. History is what is done in the past present and is made in the future. These anti gun advocates are right in in some ways but are totally wrong and blind to the facts. For those who do not honor God and Country but to there blind anger lack of sacrifice to there own means to stand and be heard on a soap box. Disarm this nation and you give up our freedom our forfathers, service men and women died for. And that soap box they want to stand on will be gone and not allowed. They need to remember common sence grave marker that has been so forgotten. So this teacher who just wanted students to think and remember history and havery common sense to think and not become a Lynch Mob who don’t think but are followers of emotion and pain.

  10. Janet says:

    This is propaganda at its finest! Soros & Obama are playing the propaganda machine better than anyone else in history. While they are doing that, Soros is funding all kinds of democratic elections, media “fake news”, and all kinds of other tactics. Why is our government allowing this to continue? Are they stupid? Once they get so far, there is no turning back. Meanwhile, Americans are bamboozled into believing the lies or are the recipients of bullying or retaliation. Every day that goes by, we edge closer and closer to the “no point of return”. It would take two easy steps : 1.)Arrest Obama 2.) Arrest Soros (who by the way is an American citizen and could be tried on this. The have both OPENLY refuted the Constitution and the President. They should be arrested and indicted for treason and collusion in order to undermine the United States of America. Why are the simple answers that are within lawmakers grasps, ignore them completely?

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Janet is totally right – I have a better Idea, Take Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats, Soros and all of the Illegals (Get rid of all of them) put them all in the State of California – -VOTE OUT California from the U.S and let them become their own country…
      We would be a lot happier without them..

      • Janet says:

        First I would like to say, thank you for your service. I am so grateful to you for keeping safe and free. I like your idea but lets go one step further. Just so we can rid ourselves of the most unstable of leaders, lets propose that: Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Biden, Holder, McMaster, Leaders in Cal, Leaders in Ill, Oh, and of course the big cheese himself Soros; Send them all to GITMO where they can enjoy the finer side of life. Then let it be said, anyone acting against the best interest of the US, will be sent there as well. As for the people who live in this country who think burning our flag, disrespecting our national anthem and pledge of allegiance, repealing the 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments to the Constitution, the Constitution itself; let them be warned. If you continue with this rhetoric and hate speech we will fly you at our expense to a Communist, Islamic state of your choice. Did I forget anyone or anything? I think we could call that sterilization of our country. We need to “clean house”. When we want to get rid of the vermin or pests in the house we call the exterminator.

        • Randy R says:

          theirs your answer Janet your right ,,,this could be even quietly done with one of larger professional patriot’s org…. to do like demorats do, a to do list so to speak ,and starting to wonder why this has not been done ,hear rumors about why it has not been done and why they all still walking free and still plotting gives me a knot in my stomach every time I think about it …..some say there just entertaining the masses i pray its not true

  11. LostProton says:

    Patriot Pulse should setup a “Go Fund Me” account that we readers could contribute to and find a powerful law firm to sue the school officials who were responsible for this. This must be done individually to prevent the schools liability insurance from using tax payer dollars to defend these incompetent individuals. This is the only way to get as many true Americans as possible together on a needed cause.


    • RC says:

      Might just what it takes to open a few eyes. What these anti gun people don’t understand is that a lot of Democrats, Republicans and independents are hunters, target shooters and gun collectors.

    • R.H.M. says:

      The Commie Gov. as Already Declared Marshall Law. He just won’t Tell the Population that it’s Communist Marshall law where you can’t Say, Do, Or Protest anything but their Agenda. I’m Surprised the Teacher wasn’t Arrested and Jailed by the States idiot AG.


  14. Jan13 says:

    Sorry about what happened to this teacher, but with her trying to teach anything pro American in Commiefornia is a lost cause. She should leave and move to a real American state, just don’t come to NY, she would get the same treatment.

  15. Ron says:

    One day we will have enough of morons like this principal and we will do something about it and not just get pissed off.

  16. Michael says:

    Michael, Me?…I’m very happy with Mr Donald J Trump. .i t bothered me a bit him flip flopping on the gun issue… But thank God America is done with the Clinton’s. .I can only Imagine that crazy Crooked Hillary who can’t Evan get over losing the elections ideas on guns.. I’m put in mind if the crazy Dr at Fort Hood who shot at least 10 people because her hubby Slick Willy disarmed MPs on Military bases. .I was raised a Die Hard Republican…not a dinosaur like John McCain who should have retired a long time ago…my father was worried about communism when I was a kid. He has passed now but I think liberals and they LIES CNN, CNBC tell today would worry him much more than Khrushchev saying communism will take over America without firing a shot

  17. Chastran says:

    So, the school administration struck back at this teacher in the only way it knew how — by punishment. It is high time for conservatives and American patriots to strike back at this school administration in a like manner — punish administration staff with extreme prejudice…

    • Hydro says:

      School boards are elected – they appoint the principal’s to the public schools – they have the authority to change things – but don’t hold your breath S the same voters that elect them are also responsible for the likes of Pelosi, the mayors of San Francisco and Oakland who have with the powers of their elected office put illegal alien criminals above honest American. Itizens. All of this heartburn is the direct choice of the voters – hopefully they won’t experience the injustice of having their daughter or son killed by an illegal alien and acquitted – then have this lowlife turn around and sue for being prosecuted . Or have one of your daughters raped by one of the gang members protected by your leaders. You voters in California, New York , Illinois, New Jersey and Colorado should be ashamed for the trash you have selected to represent you. By electing them with your vote only reflects who you really are. So Sad.

  18. george shores says:

    they are trying to shut down anything to do with a conservative view, its considered hate speech! thats not me, thats the liberal left, and the liberal left are the ones teaching our kids!they should all be fired, and bring some sanity back to the class rooms, maybe teach some history instead of trying to change history!

  19. Richard says:


  20. Betty says:

    Why is it only liberals have freedom of speech these days?????????

  21. Jim says:

    This is obviously a first amendment issue, contact a lawyer who handles constitutional lawsuits and file a suit against the school, the school district and the state education department under
    42USC1983, He can explain the process. Good Luck.

  22. Wayne says:

    It is a real shame when a teacher is punished for doing her job well because of the narrow mindedness of fools. Imagine the debate. Those kids telling each other their views and learning how other people thought they had not been exposed to. Both sides exchanging ideas and learning from each other. The coming together of minds. This is how new ideas and new solutions to problems are found. This teacher deserves a raise. Excellent job and doing right by the young minds in her charge.

  23. Lorraine E Blazich says:

    Guess our First Amendment is dead and gone and we no longer have freedom of speech. If the gun grabbers have our way our Second Amendment rights will also be shred to pieces the rest of the way too. Watch the You Tube “Innocents Betrayed” to learn what our government has planned for us.
    Also listen to one of the teachers at the Florida school who actually saw the shooter on the 2/27/18 Caravan to Midnight web episode 890 who described the shooter as a fully armored military man. Then listen to the maligned and slandered InfoWars programs and listen to the students who said that they were with Cruz at the time of the shooting and were discussing the shooting happening inside the school. Our government gun grabbers are working to discredit InfoWars because Infowars is reporting the truth and not the never ending government lies from their corporate media. The Florida shooting is just another hoax created as an excuse to disarm the American people.

    • Silver fox says:

      I remember that tidbit about others seeing him like that also. Then the comments disappeared. I would not put it passed the Soros backed leftist thugs to set this up to influence politics and shift power back to their agenda. The teen is an idiot to go along with it!

  24. Had E. Nuff says:

    The Communist Party USA is winning in a rout over the rest of “US” and that is why I RIGHT-fully avow: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION; they know this and that is why the NWO FBI and these leftist, suicidal useful idiots are using these NWO FBI perpetrated false-flag mass murders as their tool to DISARM US! Handwriting is on the wall for all to see if your not brain dead! The SH!T has hit the fan – Armr============================ ? – – – – -. we’ll be needing them against THEM!

  25. Michael, it’s your party attempting to negate Constitutionality and fouling social and economic issues. It might be time to readjust you political ideas and ideals. I did in 1972 when i removed myself from the Democrat Party and cannot go back to it. Having served under six (6) presidents I never thought it could be worse than Carter. Then I thought the same serving during Cinton’s Regime until Obama”s. I thank GOD and praise him for Donald Trump’s birth!

  26. Diana says:

    THis is what is wrong with this country…. It is becoming its my way or the highway and NOT DEMOCRATIC!!She has a 1st amendment right – freedon of speech and the students have a right to discuss this and be in a safe environment when it is discussed civily

  27. Michael says:

    I was born and raised in Montana where my father put a single shot Remington .22 in my hands and taught me how to shoot when I was 5 Years old. .I did the same for my son when he was 6…the same gun. Dad gave it to me…I gave it to my son. .dad bought me a gun every birthday from the age of 12 through 18…I did the same for my son… Go figure ..we never shot any body ..I’d like to see those libs try that walkout stuff in Montana

  28. Rivahmitch says:

    I don’t consider her question to be “pro-2nd Amendment” but pro 1st Amendment. Do people have the rights to freely assemble and petition for redress of grievances regardless of their issue or is it (as is obviously the case here) limited to politically correct issues? If that’s not a legitimate question for any schools to discuss at the high school level close the damned indoctrination centers down!

  29. Gee it looks like IF you say or do ANYTHING that California does not like you are screwed. It is time for TRUMP to BUILD the WALL on the eastern side of California and go back to 49 states for they do not want to obey the laws. This way we can make sure their trash STAYS there. We do NOT need their criminals in our part of the country. Also this looks like the BLACK STATE is doing ALL they can to start civil war and IF we are unarmed they might win just like those in China. Think about it.

  30. California behaves as it’s an entirely seperate country and completely removed from United States policies, rule of law and Constitution. I am oh so awaiting the results of the lawsuit against that state.

  31. Sandi Boelke says:

    I have heard talk of trying to gut the Constitution and making a new one. That would be how the leftists use mind control to their advantage. Hitler took guns away from all the people and look what happened there.

  32. michael says:

    i am a proud democrat and i despise republicans on social and economic issues but i am very much opposed to an gun con trol legislation

  33. I am completely digusted with the United States education system! I have 4 grandchildren in school and shudder.

  34. Joseph says:

    Looks like all the California officials need to be subdued and fired or recalled. They defy law, common sense and decency! The liberals have gone over the cliff!

  35. Jerry says:

    On Second Thought Principal Should Be Fired.

    • ch says:

      Here is my email to the superintendent and his response

      Roger Stock
      Mar 15 at 10:29 PM

      Ms. Hosbon,

      Thank you for writing about your concerns. I wanted to clarify some things reported in the media.

      As you know, we cannot comment on specifics involving personnel issues. The District can clarify that the action was taken due to complaints from parents and students involving the teacher’s communications regarding the student led remembrance activities. Rocklin Unified secondary school held student led voluntary remembrances and tributes to the victims in the tragic Florida high school shooting.

      The teacher was not penalized or placed on leave based on her viewpoints and is no longer on administrative leave.

      Our top priority is to support the academic needs of our students while maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for all. Students have the right to peacefully assemble and to protest. We respect this right, while also maintaining a caring and safe environment for all students.


      Roger Stock

      RUSD Superintendent

      On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 1:07 PM, Rocklin Unified School District – Staff Directory wrote:

      School Website Email

      Julianne Benzel
      Davis Stewart Principal and Roger Stock Superinendent
      I has come to my attention that you have placed this teacher on administrative leave for actually TEACHING her students something.
      She is absolutely right. Would you have let your students out for an anti abortion march, and anti ILLEGAL ALIEN march, a march to go Pray? Your hones answer would be, of course, of Hell NO.
      When she rightfully discusses this with her kids a few parents complain–I assume ILLEGAL ALIENS. Just because a couple of people didn’t like it, doesn’t mean what she did was wrong. The majority of the people thought it was a good learning experience. Since when does the MINORITY voice out rule the MAJORITY.
      She will win her case and I hope she asks for your resignations and sues you personally.
      A pissed off parent who wants your heads to roll

      • I LOVED YOU and how you told it right up front and how the superinedent lied his butt off. They think they are special. Special crap maybe. WE the PEOPLE are on your side and NOT theirs. Now IF we could only get their heads on the chopping block!!

  36. Jerry says:

    The Principal Should Be Suspended.

    • Rivahmitch says:

      Actually, the principal should be fired for deliberate misrepresentation… call it outright lying… The activity has little to do with “remembrance” of the victims and much to do with pushing one side of a political issue.

  37. JF White says:

    what part of the 1st Amendment do they not understand ? In any case a dialog on the subject is suitable fodder for a history class. The admin was not only stupid but wrong and should be all fired.

  38. ernaldo says:

    The justice department should act on this and other demotard overreaches now, to wait will just cause leftist lives when the civil war is eventually initiated, like media dullards seem to desire.
    SUE THE academic traitors!

  39. Jack says:

    A classic tale of the tail trying to wag the dog. This is also indirect brainwashing. We have to stop letting the left control young minds.

    • ernaldo says:

      Academia was conquered by leftists a half century ago, the infestation is near total. We can fix this mess but it won’t be a bloodless remedy.

  40. She was wrong for two reasons: one, she’s in California; independent thought is not permitted. Two, the mind-set among lemmings is “to follow the leader”. Obviously she failed to do that.

  41. Alan says:

    Action by the responsible school officials crys out for the closest possible examination, with the severest possible punishment for any improprieties discovered. By the way, re what appear to be serious improprieties, school officials were way off base, and need to be pulled up short here.

    • Von says:

      Its California…………They have their own set of rules there……….Lets just call it Mexifornia and delete it from the rest of the States….

  42. Ed says:

    Heres an Idea. How about we vote to have each State decide if they,ll be Pro-gun or Anti gun.. Let the people decide to move those states with either conviction an then see what happens..Ps,,, No you cant relocate when your liberal state goes under!

  43. Bob Hunt says:

    I admire this teacher for taking a stand for the second amendment!

  44. ecbound says:

    One of the reasons I home school.

  45. The liberals teachers in both our schools and colleges are “brainwashing our children in their far left liberal agenda and if those kids spout any Conservative idea they are destroyed by those liberal teachers so they cannot express their own ideals”!! Isn’t that what dictators and communists do for it sure looks like it?? Kid are supposed to think for themselves and not be told this is the only way you can think with liberal ideals only!!! What ever happened to a free education without anybody shoving their liberal ideals down our kid’s throats only??? Aren’t you ashamed to call yourselves teachers and not” brainwashers for the Democrat Party for that who is really behind all of this, isn’t it”??????….

  46. Bear says:

    The Grandson’s said their schools administration was against it but got orders from the dept. of Education to do it “Now!” In spite of this they said most students didn’t attend no matter how the teachers begged and cajoled them.
    Kids ain’t stupid a get out of class time or just to break monotony even being forced to attend maybe but most know what this is.
    The Department of Education Virtue signalling, Political Grandstanding and Social Justice warfare to ban firearms and all done on the “TAXPAYER’S DIME!”
    This is just not their job. Education is, not re-education.
    Now will the teachers and students walk out because that bridge collapsed at school in Miami?
    I thought not.

  47. Gilbert Levy says:

    Three cheers for this teacher. She should be REWARDED for standing up to these leftists in mentally unbalanced CALIFORNIA!!

  48. Jim says:

    I agree with the teacher, she signed a contract to teach and should keep her word, I agree that teachers need more help but they can wait till the next year and then not sign a contract. There is a time and place for everything.

  49. Sophia says:

    This is ridiculous! Theteacher shouldn’t have been suspended. The more and more I read, the more and I more I want to move out of California

  50. sam spade says:

    No wonder it is called “Comnufornia”.

  51. This teacher did exactly what was required of her. She took a controversial topic and looked at it from both sides. She did not endorse one side or the other to her students, just presented the facts. She is more the educator than the wimp school administration. If the parents have any moral compass at all, they’ll work to remove the present school admin and reinstate Ms. Benzel, and offer her some recompense. Where was the local teacher’s union during all this? Hiding under their desks? If punitive actions are taken against Ms. Benzel, then it’s civil suit time.

    • Bruce says:

      Teachers should not be fearful about bringing current albeit controversial topics into the classroom in a fair and unbalanced manner. The most important aspect of education should be, not rote memorization, but rather development of the ability to view facts and opinions, analyze the same and reach logical, fact based conclusions.
      Agreed a teacher should not teach his/her opinion as fact. Nevertheless, teachers should and must explore current, controversial topics in their classrooms if we are to produce rational, thinking adults

      • Bruce, I don’t think anywhere in my statement did I suggest that the teacher did not take the facts and deal with them in a professional manner. You have begun to put words into my mouth. Look closely at what I did say.
        I would suggest though, that in the initial points of your statement, your philosophical take on teaching, is classic textbook. To some degree I’d say it is exactly why we find our educational system in the mess it is today. These are weighty issues well above the under-developed thinking of an average grade or junior high school student. Let’s get the student to a place where he can make some simple choices before we ask him/her to rule the universe.

  52. Cliff says:

    Number 1… students should be IN SCHOOL, not out “protesting” for their COMMUNIST “teachers” and their corrupt union “organizers”.
    Making children read PROVIDED “speeches” to the Liberal “media” TV cameras, provided to them by COMMUNIST ORGANIZERS should be considered CHILD ABUSE.
    INDOCTRINATION of children, is bad enough, but “parading” these GULLIBLE children as DEMOCOMMUNIST “pawns” should be illegal, the TYRANNICAL “teachers” and “administrators” that allowed (or FORCED the children to do this) this should be FIRED, and prosecuted.

    • Bruce says:

      This approach would still have us fighting the Vietnam War. Youth was at the forefront of opposition to that war.
      55,000 + killed, 100,000 + maimed mentally or physically-for what? So Americans can be tourists in Vietnam; so the US navy can sit of the Vietnamese coast as a sign of protection and support. Thank god for the youth then and now.
      Did your parents send you to school and wonder if they’d get a phone call from the school informing them their child had been killed in a classrooms?

  53. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Time to remove lawless CA form the union. They obviously no longer wish to be part of this nation!

  54. Mac says:

    Good for the teacher standing up for herself and those little babies

    • jrhunt says:

      No school,state,or organization has any right to use other peoples kids as political props to protest anything,parents should be out in droves protesting this nonsense,and the people of California should be signing petitions to recall their crazy Governor Jerry Brown,come on California get with the program.——Jim Hunt

  55. Mac says:

    Sometimes that more educated our educators are the Dumber they get for calling out a teacher for Ashley teaching history from both sides of the aisle kudos to her

  56. William Collins says:

    Go to the Rocklin School District website and click on their Facebook and Twitter links and give them a piece of your mind.

  57. Tim Toroian says:

    The anti-gunners and the corrupt left wonder why we support the 2nd and resist their anti-constitutional endeavors and they commit this kind of horse hockey 1st amendment violation. Let’s pick an amendment that the left and the ACLU really like the 4th or 7th and mount an attack on one of those two because lives will be saved by getting criminals off the streets for extended periods of time.

  58. KAZ says:





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