One surprising audit of the 2020 vote revealed a shocking Trump gain

News organizations and dedicated activists are starting to take a look at the 2020 vote.

They are turning up some jaw-dropping findings.

And one surprising audit of the 2020 vote revealed a shocking Trump gain.

Donald Trump’s campaign predicted before the election that Trump would far outstrip his 2016 share of the Hispanic vote when he won 29 percent.

The corporate-controlled media scoffed.

But Pew runs a survey after every election where they match who they poll with commercial voter files to prove they voted.

This survey found Donald Trump with 38 percent of the Hispanic vote, the best showing by a Republican since George W. Bush since 2004.

Pew reported:

Trump made gains among Hispanic voters. Even as Biden held on to a majority of Hispanic voters in 2020, Trump made gains among this group overall. There was a wide educational divide among Hispanic voters: Trump did substantially better with those without a college degree than college-educated Hispanic voters (41% vs. 30%) . . .

. . . While Biden took a 59% majority of the Hispanic vote, Trump (with 38%) gained significantly over the level of support Republican candidates for the House received in 2018 (25%).

Trump did more than just win massive amounts of the Cuban vote in South Florida to produce those numbers.

Donald Trump flipped precincts in the Rio Grande Valley that no Republican ever comes to winning because of the issue of illegal immigration.

Trump supported building a wall while Joe Biden wanted to throw the borders open.
For years, establishment Republicans claimed the only way the GOP could win the Hispanic vote was by supporting amnesty.

Donald Trump blew that lie out of the water.

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