One Supreme Court Justice just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in this major way

The Supreme Court issued their final decision of the current term.

And there was one case everyone was waiting on.

But this Supreme Court Justice stabbed Donald Trump in the back in this awful way.

Liberal activists sued the Trump administration over Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s decision to add a question to the 2020 census asking about citizenship.

During oral arguments for the case, this looked like a slam dunk victory for the Trump administration.

But in a shocking decision, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the four liberals to kick the case back down to the lower courts.

In his opinion, Roberts held that the administration had every right to include the question.

Roberts wrote:

That history matters. Here, as in other areas, our interpretation of the Constitution is guided by a Government practice that “has been open, widespread, and unchallenged since the early days of the Republic.” In light of the early understanding of and long practice under the Enumeration Clause, we conclude that it permits Congress, and by extension the Secretary, to inquire about citizenship on the census questionnaire.

But Roberts caved in to the Left by claiming Secretary Ross’s stated reason for including the question — to better enforce the voting rights act — did not hold water and the administration should come up with a new reason.

Roberts continued:

We are presented, in other words, with an explanation for agency action that is incongruent with what the record reveals about the agency’s priorities and decisionmaking process,” Roberts wrote, adding, “we cannot ignore the disconnect between the decision made and the explanation given.

But because the census must be conducted starting in April, this raises serious questions as to if the administration has to fast track the case through the courts this fall.

Democrats cheered because counting illegal aliens as part of the census will help create more Democrat Congressional districts in red states like Florida and Texas.

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106 Responses

  1. Will says:

    The liberals think there allowed to cheat , Lie and Steal , and not have to answer for there misdeeds , that’s tuff you know what
    ” S ” , I Think Not Libby’s , judgement day is upon yourselves , TRUMP 2020

  2. Will says:

    Yes I deed , God Bless Ronny , Liberalism is the ruin of all Free Nations without a doubt , liberal simpletons , who’s side are you liberals own , I mean what the Hell folks

  3. Anthony Manzo says:

    I think Justise Roberts, needs to have his Common Sense evaluated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Roy Zitzman says:

    Your a Disappointment

  5. Roy Zitzman says:

    Again your not too bright, what makes you think they were laughing about that more CNN propaganda, be real and know when they are lying which is all the time now trying to get ratings back but not working is it.

  6. Roy Zitzman says:

    No you messed up by voting for Obama who sent this Country back in time 50 years, and now you want to blame President Trump, just Ignorant.

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