One Supreme Court Justice just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in this major way

The Supreme Court issued their final decision of the current term.

And there was one case everyone was waiting on.

But this Supreme Court Justice stabbed Donald Trump in the back in this awful way.

Liberal activists sued the Trump administration over Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s decision to add a question to the 2020 census asking about citizenship.

During oral arguments for the case, this looked like a slam dunk victory for the Trump administration.

But in a shocking decision, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the four liberals to kick the case back down to the lower courts.

In his opinion, Roberts held that the administration had every right to include the question.

Roberts wrote:

That history matters. Here, as in other areas, our interpretation of the Constitution is guided by a Government practice that “has been open, widespread, and unchallenged since the early days of the Republic.” In light of the early understanding of and long practice under the Enumeration Clause, we conclude that it permits Congress, and by extension the Secretary, to inquire about citizenship on the census questionnaire.

But Roberts caved in to the Left by claiming Secretary Ross’s stated reason for including the question — to better enforce the voting rights act — did not hold water and the administration should come up with a new reason.

Roberts continued:

We are presented, in other words, with an explanation for agency action that is incongruent with what the record reveals about the agency’s priorities and decisionmaking process,” Roberts wrote, adding, “we cannot ignore the disconnect between the decision made and the explanation given.

But because the census must be conducted starting in April, this raises serious questions as to if the administration has to fast track the case through the courts this fall.

Democrats cheered because counting illegal aliens as part of the census will help create more Democrat Congressional districts in red states like Florida and Texas.


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107 Responses

  1. Anthony Manzo says:

    I think Justise Roberts, needs to have his Common Sense evaluated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Navy PO2 says:

    Does this mean that Roberts will be on the side of the Baby Killers?

    • robert says:

      In addition to RINO Politicians – Senators n Congresspersons – Now there is a RINO SC Justice x Democratitis is really Infectious x Even a Grade School Kid should be able to decide Who is an American Citizen and Who is Not x TERM LIMITS FOR ALL – including Supreme Court

  3. Hyatt Barnes says:

    Please take my name off this sophomoric right-wing drivel.

  4. RC says:

    Roberts has proven himself time and again to be a traitorous SOB. As I recall, George Bush nominated him and he immediately started voting against nearly everything Bush wanted whether it was right or wrong. He voted for nearly everything Barak Obama wanted and now he’s doing all he can to screw President Trump Roberts would fit right in with the ninth circuit court in Frisco. And to think that guy has a lifetime job really worries me. What else can he do to help destroy our country?

  5. Larry says:

    Justice John Roberts is officially a LIBERAL POS now

  6. Terry L says:

    The reality that is IGNORED by those who do not want the question on the census is that is REQUIRED to be because the census is ONLY about US CITIZENS if they refuse to allow the CONSTITUTIONAL one representative for every 10000 CITIZENS question to be asked then each state should revert the DEFAULT representation the CONSTITUTION outlines be used until such time as the NUMBER OF US CITIZENS living in a state can be counted.

    Otherwise they are giving REPRESENTATION to FOREIGN NATIONALS in violation of the US constitution when it makes it clear that the HOUSE, SENATE, and office of President can only be VOTED FOR by US CITIZENS. Regardless of how many FOREIGN NATIONALS infiltrate a state the US government is to represent US citizens NOT LISTEN TO THE WHOLE WORLD when making laws concerning the governing of the CITIZENS of this nation.

    The fact that ACTIVIST judges keep overstepping their authority to REWRITE the meaning of the constitution to support their LEFTIST ideology and GIVE rights to foreign nationals who BROKE US LAW to enter this nation does not CONSTITUTIONALLY give them those rights nor does it change who the US GOVERNMENT has taken an oath to SERVE and PROTECT.

  7. Grampa says:

    making it illegal to get government aid using false information is a felony resulting in deportation and jail. some laws are in place just use them deporting people in mass and when Congress complains go public telling all that you must use the tools you have. Congress refuses to work both together or with the president so I will do my job with the tools I am given. if Congress and Senate choose to obstruct then lay this at their door——–Grampa

  8. Glenn says:

    Trump just needs to fast track it through the courts in the fall. No big deal, they’ll get it on the census form in time.

  9. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    It is the U. S. Census Mr. Roberts and you have done you Country and its Citizen’s a grave disservice with your vote. We must know ether how many Illegal Immigrant Criminals are in this nation, or at least how many Legal Citizens are here. With your vote you have dishonoered every American who has died in Defense of our Nation and its values including following the LAW’S of our Nation. Every Illegal is a criminal not because they want to come to AMERICA, but because they want to thumb their noses at us and our LAW’S while collecting benefits they did not earn or pay for!!! They do not really contribute to our nation they only steal our benefits that we pay for.

    • Terry L says:

      The fact is the census only exists so the number of REPRESENTATIVES each state gets in the house/senate can be calculated correctly. And calculation of certain CONSTITUTIONAL taxes.

      by REMOVING the citizenship question they give authority to FOREIGN NATIONALS just for getting across the border illegally. If enough ILLEGALS get counted and are UNCONSTITUTIONALLY allowed to vote they can effectively CONTROL how many people get into office and who they represent. (and it will not be US citizens)

      If they want to remove that question then they should revert to the original “until such counting can be made” representation the constitution outlined be used until the census can count the number of US citizens within the states.

      Anymore the census is in fact being used as an ILLEGAL SEARCH of ones house asking question about the layout of ones house, if they own certain items some POLITICIANS disapprove of (openly stating they want to confiscate them) and specifically where they keep them in the house (as if scouting the place in preparation for such confiscation).

      The intent of the constitution was to setup the number of congressional districts and representation a state has and calculate the number of electoral votes the state would have to represent the VOTING citizens of that state.

      It was never intended to be used as a MARKETING SURVEY or means to learn every detail about ones private lives or home but our courts have allowed it to be morphed into this rather than what it was intended to be claiming they need these answers for the SOCIAL programs they set up as if those questions are more important than the basic information the constitution states is required for CONSTITUTIONAL representation of US citizens in the government.

      Basically if they are not going to use the census as intended we should all mail them back BLANK with a note stating until such time it complies with the US constitutions outline for its questions it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to require it be filled out.

      As it violates the search warrant clause of the US constitution when they want an explicit outline of what you own, where you keep it in the house, and essentially a full layout of ones house in word form all as if they had searched the place or so they can use it as an “EVIDENCE” against you if they decide to BAN something in the future.

      Remember they are already passing laws with the intent of RETROACTIVELY changing the punishment for crimes long over with.

      Adding punishments of REVOKING rights over 50+ year old crimes the convicted already did their time for all on the FALSE claim it is about PREVENTING FUTURE CRIMES.

      This is in fact PRE PUNISHING someone on the grounds THEY MIGHT commit a crime in the future if that right is not REVOKED which is in fact the kind of infringement the CONSTITUTION prohibits the government from having the authority to do.

  10. Cabin 1954 says:

    John Roberts sold out almost the minute he was on the Supreme Court. My guess is that the “Deep State” has black mailed him or his family. We will never know. What we do know is that he stopped upholding the Constitution of these United States of America. Kavanaugh was not and is not the stanch supporter of the Constitution that Roberts once was. Only time will tell if he (Kavanaugh) will also become a “Deep State” operative or if he will grow into another strict supporter of the Constitution along the lines of another Scalia.

  11. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Democrooks have got a new weapon. If you can’t beat your opponents at the ballot box then go after the people who supported them by coming up with cheap lies and accusations which have no merit. I’m above all of them as I was a good loser that was forced to accept Obama’s presidency as I didn’t go to liberal websites and complain and cut down the subscribers of those websites. I was a gentleman who accepted it and hoped I would get what I wanted someday and finally it happened with Donald Trump who loves america who doesn’t take any s*** from anyone including the mainstream media who invented the story that he is a racist and a homophobe which is a bunch of bowl sheet.

  12. Connie Ellis says:

    I am very upset and disappointed that we have a Supreme a Court Justice that thinks citizenship is not a question that should be asked in the census. A lot of things depend on accurate census numbers. You wouldn’t count someone that is here in an extended vacation, would you? No! A lot of people in this country are here ILLEGALLY. They should not be included as, hopefully, they are on their way out. Justice Roberts had really gone downhill in my estimation. I thought he was one to uphold the Constitution and not be swayed by others. Obviously, I was wrong since Justice Roberts had sided with LIBERALS. And, by the way, the Supreme Court shouldn’t be called upon to decide every issue. Since things can be decided just be using your brain!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Roberts is a TRATOR like Aaron Burr.

    • J. says:

      “Chief Justice” John Roberts appears to have sold his soul and joined the progressives and should now be called RINO, John Roberts.

    • Phyllis says:

      The Supreme Court not only betrayed the President, they betrayed the American people too. They are becoming just like Obama’s liberal judges who keep shooting down the President’s decision to start the wall. What gives them the right to interfere in the law? They are supposed to uphold the law, not destroy it. Not one of the corrupt, anti American liberals did anything to stop Obama from writing illegal executive orders, but no matter what President Trump does to turn things around, and repair the damage, the liberals including judges and the media try to destroy. They should all be removed from office, and indicted.

  13. John Decker says:

    Now that it’s clear illegal immigrants that are here can vote and get free medical care, what’s to stop illegal immigrants who aren’t here to get the same consideration? It’s not their fault they can’t get here, so why should it matter? Lets send absentee ballots to everyone in the world and allow them to vote. It’s only fair. Since illegal alien’s rights outrank our rights as citizens we should just give up and let them have the country. But I’ll bet they won’t take it until we pay off the National Debt.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      The Supreme Court has made a very stupid move here. With all the sanctuary Cities & States that will encourage illegal voting—We stand to lose THE REPUBLIC—as They vote for Their FREE LUNCH.

  14. Bernard Wolcott says:

    John Roberts is part of the “Deep State”. If it wasn’t for him we would never have had Obama Care.

  15. Vasu Murti says:

    Every ten years, the United States government is required by law to complete the Census and count every person in the country. But even something as typically bland as the Census has become controversial under Trump. His Commerce Department is attempting to force households to disclose their citizenship status.

    This will discourage non-citizens from participating—and could result in the loss of everything from health care funding to congressional representatives for immigrant communities.

    Trump’s “all important citizenship question” — the one that will demand respondents tell the government whether they or other members of their household are U.S. citizens — is nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

    A question about citizenship status hasn’t appeared on the survey in decades and is designed to scare away immigrant families and historically-disadvantaged populations from participating in the count. And when these groups are under-reported, their communities — citizen and non-citizen alike — won’t get the funding or electoral power they deserve.

    That’s not a “radical left” talking point.

    In fact, two federal judges concluded the addition of the question is unlawful — one even ruled it unconstitutional. Independent research shows millions of Latino residents would be undercounted in 2020 if the question was added to the survey.

    The Census will determine where $800 billion in federal funds goes — which communities get funding for schools, investments in infrastructure, and more.

    The Census will set electoral representation for a decade. In 2021, after all people are counted, the Bureau will give each state its new population data. This data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives and further inform how the people responsible for drawing maps draw new districts. That’s your representation in government!

    The Census is, in so many ways, the foundation for our democracy and it’s on the line because of the current Administration’s reckless actions.

    If the Census data states receive in 2021 isn’t accurate or reliable, it’s not hard to see what will happen: Funding and voting representation will be skewed for a decade, hurting communities who need help and support the most.

    We can’t let conservatives get away with this. The census has a MAJOR impact:

    It will determine Congressional Districts for the next 10 YEARS.
    It will determine which areas receive more federal funding.
    It will be used as a power grab for Republicans to RIG elections.

    Three judges have already ruled the citizenship question unconstitutional. It is more than a population count. The Census determines the distribution of political power and money from the federal government to our communities. When we aren’t counted, our communities don’t get their fair share.

    There’s too much at stake. Democrats are the last line of defense to protect the Census.

    • Connie Ellis says:

      Shame on you. It’s obvious you’re part of those supporting liberal issues and the Deep State.

    • Cabin 1954 says:

      Wonder when other countries of the world will start letting American’s vote in their elections?? Oh, that is right most countries do not have elections, they are dictatorships. Just because some judge says it does not make it right or legal.

      • Martin says:

        Our Country is now being run by our Courts and they have no checks and balance. Sad that the Legislative branch of our government is not doing their job of checks and balance.

    • Martin says:

      What a bag of hot air. As President Reagan would say:
      “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so”
      Ronald Reagan

      • Will says:

        Yes I deed , God Bless Ronny , Liberalism is the ruin of all Free Nations without a doubt , liberal simpletons , who’s side are you liberals own , I mean what the Hell folks

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Dumb Democrat, you are either a Citizen or not, the question should be on the Census.

      • Will says:

        The liberals think there allowed to cheat , Lie and Steal , and not have to answer for there misdeeds , that’s tuff you know what
        ” S ” , I Think Not Libby’s , judgement day is upon yourselves , TRUMP 2020

  16. Mavis says:

    John Roberts needs his head examined. For some reason he thinking has gone .
    It seems that he has lost his mind. He would rather destroy the country then to
    help our President Donald Trump. He is no good for the republican party. He
    is a stupid democrat.

    • Timothy John Hall says:

      HE PROBABLY WAS PAID OFF OR THREATENED! The Communist Party(use to be the Democratic party) are desperate. Anyone who sides with the President is an enemy to these Pro Marxist Congressman. Their desire for power platform is not what Congress does. They are suppose to be helping us, the people. The Congress has a few Patriots fighting for Democracy but the rest are afraid of losing their job so they vote to save their skin, not Democracy. They are all rich and don’t care about you or me. And the media hates Trump and wants to bring him down also. There is nothing Democratic about anything going on in Congress at this time and this country is a time bomb waiting to go off.

  17. Homer C. Bosworth says:

    The issue of citizenship is essential in regards to counting people here in the United States. Our state representatives are determined by the numbers of citizens who live in their state. The Electoral College is dependent upon the number of representatives representing citizens who have voted in our Presidential elections. We know that illegals voted in our last election. So how can the government insure that the will of the citizens be recognized in our elections? By asking the simple question, are you a US citizen on the upcoming census. Let us be more specific! Are you a Natural Born Citizen, or a Naturalized Citizen? Obama was not a US Citizen. His father was a British subject at the time, coming to the United States as a Foreign student. Obama’s Grandmother in Kenya said she was there in Kenya when she attended Obama’s birth. After his parents divorce, his Mother married an Indonesian, and on his school records in Indonesia, it said he was an Indonesian citizen. My wife’s aunt, who is an Indonesian citizen worked with Obama’s Mother doing research with her in the field. Obama was an Indonesian citizen who through the lies of the Democratic party became President of the United States. Senator Kamala Harris is a Naturalized Citizen. Meaning that both her parents at the time of her birth were foreign immigrants who gave birth to Kamala before they became citizens. After her parents divorce, her Indian Mother raised her in Canada. I have been unable to locate any information about her citizenship status in Canada, but she did graduate from school in Canada, and attended a University. She is now running for President of the United States. The Constitution clearly states you need to be a Natural Born Citizen to become President of the United States. Simply stated, to be a Natural Born Citizen, both parents need to be citizens of the United States, before you are born! This is why it is imperative for the census to include the question, ” Are you a Citizen of the United States?” My ancestors immigrated from England in 1620 on board the Mayflower! My wife was from Indonesia. She became a US citizen. Our family was born after she became a US citizen. My children are Natural Born Citizens. The citizenship question is imperative in determining the correct representation in Congress. I do not want illegals voting in our elections!

  18. Mike from midwest says:

    Why does this article title indicate Trump was “stabbed in the back” by a SCOTUS judge?!? We pick these judges, hopefully to be experts on the law (constitutional etc.) and don’t expect them to be political rubber stamps, right?

  19. Jesse says:

    What’s the matter with the Supreme Court? It’s not rocket science to ask who is a citizen. It’s Constitutional. It’s lawful and it favors and protects Americans. This is what politicising the courts does to our nation. Anti American’s are running our federal and Supreme courts.

    • White Beard says:

      so, what if the abortion rights goes to the courts and loses by the same vote as this decision? Are we doomed ? And from what I have been reading about young voters, they do not support Trump at all. I saw a poll this month where Trump support among women has fallen to 1 in 3, lowest ever. Did we make a mistake not supporting the causes of women?

      • 2004done says:

        White Beard: No, no mistake, we DO support the causes of women, AND the causes of newborn and third-trimester fetuses. Murder of those unable to defend themselves isn’t OUR platform. (another white beard)

      • Jane McGuigan says:

        Trump should do what Lincoln did! Ignore the Supremes and get on with protecting. Our elections! The Supreme Court is supposed to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION another act on their personal whims!

  20. NoBS3 says:

    NO non-citizen — legal or illegal, should vote. It’s likely unconstitutional. Look at every amendment where voting rights are mentioned — every one mentions “the right of CITIZENS to vote..”, not simply “the right to vote”. They are all worded in such a way as to imply that ONLY citizens can vote. Also, the 14th Amendment, states, “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”. Allowing non-citizens to vote waters down the votes of citizens, and thus “abridges the privilege” of voting by citizens — in direct conflict with the 14th.

    • 2004done says:

      NoBS3: Unfortunately, 14th applies only to Federal Elections, and “prevents” abridging citizen’s rights, but not preventing grant illegals “rights.” The states can, and do, decide how much corruption they invite themselves, as long as Federal Elections aren’t compromised [hence the DOJ investigations of federal voter files in some states finding blatant improprieties and the “promises” to get them cleaned up … soon].

    • Bob Wade says:

      Excellent statement.

  21. Kyle HADDOX says:

    You need to change your method of writing the articles. Quit chopping it in to little pieces. Just let us read the complete article without all the other crap in between every other paragraph. If I see something then in the ads that I’m interested in I will look.

  22. Tony Bell says:

    Well time to add the citizenship question on all federal license applications, all IRS forms, and any other form that the federal government may have need of. Then when the liberals try to exploit the census for voting reps take them to task and reveal the true reason they resisted the question on the census form.

    • Terry says:

      I am required to state citizenship on job applications, it has been that way since the 90’s. Why is it illegal to ask on the census. At least then, some form of accountability can be determined. Since illegals get better treatment than majority of US citizens. At least then the Feds can see where the money we are giving in taxes is actually supporting. Right now it is more for illegals than us.

  23. Cheryl Smith-Bell says:

    Roberts is a card carrying bought and payed for cartel member. By their fruits your will know them. For a while I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but no, the POS is owned by the Clintons. Screw him. What I want is proof the bitch RBG is still breathing air., We have a right to know, and Trump has the right to pick a replacement for her

  24. lonnie atkins says:


    • Melania says:

      By then the Census will be over and done for this decade and it should not make a difference because by then the world will be fighting the damage of the non-existent climate change.

  25. Jan says:

    What is wrong with Roberts does he not understand that it will affect him also one day. I think we need to bus a whole group in his yard. For sure they don’t care about there country or the people of the united states. We have to vote in 20/20.

  26. Rico says:

    First the Chief Justice cites the Constitution as the law of the land regarding citizenship and enumeration, the he subverts this position with the “disconnect between the decision-making as opposed to explaination given” as the basis for his ruling against the Constitution ! Blithering IDIOT ! This is why EVERYONE should be involved with Article V, the Convention of States. Courts are bound to the Constitution, not a political whim. States that include illegal votes should be penalized by having a portion of their electoral votes disqualified. The Convention will uphold our founding document. Justice Roberts as done blasphemy with his ruling and he knows It !

  27. Wanda Hamrick says:

    John Roberts is a traitor! He needs his smug ass look slapped off his face!

    • Lola says:

      Right! I mean what is he doing making his own judgments – – – we picked him as a lackey and a person without integrity like Clarence Thomas – – to be a “rubber stamp” for all that people who have far less education and understanding of the law, the Republicans, desire!

      Same thing happened with Justice Warren, who was appointed by a conservative and became one of the most liberal judges of all. Why is it that the most judges start out conservative then become more liberal over time? Who gave them that right to make judgments on their own – – we nominate them and they should be bought and sold, like cattle!

      • Terry says:

        Not too long ago, citizenship was on the census (20 years or so). Perhaps you are one of those that did not get counted as well, or ignored the paper copy sent to your mailbox.

  28. LES says:

    Roberts was appointed by RINO Bush. America was duped into thinking that Roberts would be fair, unbiased and perhaps lean towards being conservative. America had the wool pulled over their eyes for a short time but we all know where he has always stood where politics are concerned . . .prime example of how the left has taken over both parties!!!

    • Lola says:

      If that is true, Les, why did they pick one of the most corrupt and ignorant president of all times, Demented Donnie, to be president? Did they mess up badly?

      • Roy Zitzman says:

        No you messed up by voting for Obama who sent this Country back in time 50 years, and now you want to blame President Trump, just Ignorant.

  29. Jerry Todd says:

    John Roberts didn’t just stab the President in the back. Look what did to “save” Obamacare. IMHO, the Dems have something on him that has him acting unjudicial at key moments.

    • Angelo Babbo says:

      I think he’s a homosexual and the Dems will expose him if he doesn’t vote the liberals way, he looks gay so i’m just opining.

  30. ALSCV says:

    What part of being a citizen or not a citizen does Roberts not understand? Illegals are not allowed to vote and at least having the citizenship question gives illegals the option to tell the truth ( not that every many would I expect), but at least they might think twice about lying. Roberts is a one eyed jack ( can’t tell what the other side of his face is like or ow he will will react). He single handed gave us Obama Care. A bad ruling, but why?

  31. Fred Zehend says:

    Of course, it should be included that each person voting is a citizen. How dumb is the fact that the Left wants illegals given the vote also. Totally insane this whole situation. These Deathocrats will never win with their power hungry attitude. Shame on them, to call themselves Americans. They don’t even realize the damage that hate can do. Just thinking about winning , with no regard for the consequences. Wiedersehen to most of the Deathocrats. One way tickets only.

  32. David Muench says:

    This is a hard pill to swallow I feel that the leftist should stay out of any way shape or form to convey to this high court on how they should vote on these cases with out question . Also in turn these judges should form there own decisions and not take conveyed opinions from anyone.

  33. Will says:

    Roberts has turned traitor , hell , either your a citizen of the USA or your Not , there’s no middle ground on this issue , You Liberals cheat and lie so damn much , you believe your own BS

  34. HUMPY BERG says:

    as i always believed pres Bush was a good guy it seems like stupidity was not far off. some of his appointments were simply terrible the worst being chief justice roberts he is no more a conservative than my neighbors cat . there was an article that this roberts guy adoptrd a kid that was not legal i believe and the left threatened to expose him if he didnt side with them.
    thank the Lord for Trump

    • Ric B says:

      well Humpy, if the left was thinking of exposing Roberts because of the “secret” of adoption, you sure let it out now! I am “sure” that the article that you read was from a “reliable” source and not one like infoWars or anything to do with lying Hannity, right?

  35. Charles Galetar says:

    Can you imagine a non-member of Rotary or Lions club being permitted to vote in club matters? Or better yet, include them as members, even when not! Senseless, and yet our Supreme Court cannot understand that a census for the USA should be for citizen’s [AKA Americans]. We can see the disintegration of our entire country happening before our eyes and the EVIL Demoncrats will use the legal system in any aberrant way to muck up the gears of progress and keeping our country stable that they can muster. It is SAD in the phrase of our President, the best one in modern times.

  36. ROBERTW says:


  37. Bill says:

    It’s only common sense question to know how many Citizens there are in America. It was in the Census up till 1950. It was worded of what nationality you were and if you are naturalized or not instead of Citizen or not.

  38. ROBERTW says:

    I am starting to believe that scotus judges are turning radical and not believing in the constitution of the united states.

    • Emil Geverd says:

      I wonder if, on pay day, the democrats call a meeting of their neighbors and take a vote on how to spend their hard-earned (what a joke) money. Oh that’s right, they arn’t worried about it because they’re almost all millionairs (at our expense) and their only spending our money.

  39. THOMAS MAIERLE says:

    On SCOTUS matters where We The People are in overwhelming disagreement (like 95%-5%) with the decision, the outcome should be reversed. Period!

  40. Charlotte DeMaet says:

    He is a DISAPPOINTMENT to me!

  41. Jim says:

    Definition of “census” – an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals. Based on the definition the US Govt. has every right to discover the “detail” of legal or illegal citizen. Question absolutely should be asked.

  42. NOBODY says:

    no citizen ship question then I , then Ifill one out wont fill one out! ether

  43. Paul says:

    The real reason is cause the American people have a God given right to know ! Now does this schmuck have a problem with us?

  44. larry says:

    Justice Roberts has turned to Crooked Liberal

    • Steve C Holsten says:

      He needs his sorry useless nasty ass kicked between straight up his shoulders for siding with the Sorry Useless Leftist Loon Losers! Then somehow he needs to be impeached so our Great Wonderful President Trump can put somebody decent in that chair!

    • agree ever since he said ” there are no Obama judges” he has been bought or turned into an Obama judge No respect for him. Can respect liberal even if donot agree but not a wolf in sheeps clothing turncoat

  45. Meadowlands says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. It’s not the first time. Roberts is not conservative

  46. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Too bad we couldn’t impeach Mr. Roberts. He is just another CINO (conservative in name only).

  47. Carl says:

    I just can not believe their decision, it is Un-American. Roberts why don’t you retire? It seems more and more Americans are going against their own country.

    • Scott27 says:

      Carl, you mean like your Dear Leader laughing with Putin about Russian interference in our election(s)? What a betrayal of America. And you’re just fine with that, right? Of course you are.

      • Bill says:

        Scott 27 Being suttle about issues gets the point across allot better then the way you would only be happy if Trump were to threaten Putin. Both intelligent leaders respond better to suttle then threats.

        • Scott27 says:

          It’s actually subtle, Bill, not suttle… and I don’t think your Dear Leader is intelligent at all. Why did he sue or threaten to sue every school he attended to not reveal his school info? You’d think he’d be showing it around.

          • Vicki says:

            Why did Obama seal all his records, including school ones? Two can play this game and so far you’re 0-3.

        • Dr, JD says:

          OMG, Bill, Trump is the least subtle person ever in the office of president – – – he continuously spots out any random thought he has, even in the middle of the night with his tweets! He dangerously spouts tariff threats out, and destabilizes the economy.

          Trump has clearly sided and defended Putin so much that Putin LAUGHS about it. Have many of you simple minded cult followers ever even added up that 1? Putin has clearly shown himself to be one of the worst enemies of America in all he does and #2) why did he want Trump to be president then? Because he wants a WEAK president he could manipulate . . . like he did the election.

      • david allen says:

        Do you mean The President of The United States of America, and that Russian collusion lie has pretty much run its course. Except for the 10 million paid to a Russian source for some fabricated slander intended throw the election, instead it just ended up costing the Tax payers 25 million and your just fine with that, ?

        • Scott27 says:

          Oh, please, David. I prefer to deal in truth other than alternative facts.

          • Vicki says:

            You obviously don’t listen to real truth. More coming out every day with documents being declassified and showing that the Russian collusion was indeed a hoax and that Obama was in it up to his neck. Now we have the A team investigating. Please post a picture of your sad face when you find out everything you believe is a lie.

          • Dr. J. D. says:

            Good Lord, Vicki, that is TOTALLY FALSE. The Mueller investigation found clear evidence of over 120 contacts between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. And it CLEARLY concluded, as did all 17 of our intelligence agencies, that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election.

            Buy the report and read it – – many of you are making or repeating falsehoods about the report.

      • Vicki says:

        Oh did you mean when Obama told the Russians he’d have more flexibility after the 2012 election, not knowing his mic as open?

        • Scott27 says:

          My word, Vicki. You and others are so obsessed with Obama that you’re missing the travesty actually going on now.

          • Vicki says:

            Hardly Scott. Just proving that everything you make up about Trump was actually done by Obama. The only travesty is the poor dupes like you, who only know what they’re told by CNN and then repeat it like parrots.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Vicki, it is clear you have focused on everything bad you think about Obama and have ignored the even worse activities (life the numerous obstructions of justice and the election crimes) of Trump? If you want to be reasonable – – read Volume Two of the Mueller Report, and when people do with a fair and open mind, they come to the conclusion that Trump is guilty of numerous crimes and lies. Like ordering McGahn to get rid of the special counsel within days of Mueller getting the job, and then when McGahn REFUSED TO DO THAT ILLEGAL ACT, TRIED TO DEMAND THAT McGahn lie about Trump not saying that and wanting McGahn to lie about it.

      • Roy Zitzman says:

        Again your not too bright, what makes you think they were laughing about that more CNN propaganda, be real and know when they are lying which is all the time now trying to get ratings back but not working is it.

  48. libra says:

    John”McCain” Roberts is a grave disappointment. He surly is not a constitutionalist.. How can we keep voting rolls exclusive to American citizens? How can we know how many illegal aliens are in the USA? Why is their privacy so much more important than the taxpayers who fund most if not all of their living costs , food and medication as well as education costs. I think John Roberts is medically impaired.. Shortly after he took his oath to become a justice to the supreme court–the man had a very severe epileptic convulsion. I believe it affected the logic and reasoning areas of his brain. Term limits and legislation to relieve an impaired justice from the bench. His rulings have become nonsense.. I am sure G. Bush would never have nominated Roberts had he known how the man would betray the citizens of the USA.

  49. Roberts has been a disappointment since he first sided with obama .. if he was ever a republican (rino) he is not a Constitutional Conservative

  50. Timothy Toroian says:

    Is John the Earl Warren Jr.?

  51. Leon Amer says:

    wasn’t Roberts appointed by Obummer?

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