One Supreme Court Justice gave Joe Biden a warning that stopped him dead in his tracks

Joe Biden is pushing to see just how far he can advance his radical socialist agenda.

But Biden just found out where the line is.

And one Supreme Court Justice gave Joe Biden a warning that stopped him dead in his tracks.

Liberal justice Stephen Breyer is the oldest member of the court.

President Clinton nominated him in 1994 and many are wondering if this will be his last year on the court.

And in a speech for Harvard’s Scalia Lecture Series, Breyer warned Joe Biden and other Democrats pushing court packing schemes to “think long and hard.”

Breyer addressed his remarks to those liberals “whose initial instincts may favor important structural (or other similar institutional) changes, such as forms of ‘court-packing,’ think long and hard before embodying those changes in law.”

Justice Breyer noted that while liberals see the court as being dominated by conservatives there were a number of cases this past term that infuriated Trump supporters.

Liberals scored major victories in blocking Donald Trump from unwinding Barack Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty for illegal alien children, granting special rights to transgenders, as well as refusing to intervene in the 2020 election case brought by Republican State Attorneys general arguing Pennsylvania illegally changed vote-by-mail laws.

Breyer admitted that conservatives notched other victories, but that “these considerations convince me that it is wrong to think of the Court as another political institution,” he said.

Democrats are flirting with eliminating the legislative filibuster so they can radically remake American into a socialist, one party state.

One of the keys to that outcome is passing legislation along party lines to pack the Supreme Court with as many as six new left-wing ideologues, which would guarantee a permanent liberal majority on the bench.

Breyer is not the only liberal Supreme Court Justice to oppose this scheme.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg also warned Democrats that this was a terrible idea.

But will Democrats ultimately listen to their fellow liberals on the court?

Or will they plow ahead with court packing as part of a massive power grab.

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