One speech at John McCain’s funeral left Trump supporters up in arms

John McCain did not want President Trump at his funeral.

McCain did invite former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to speak.

But there was one speech at John McCain’s funeral that left Trump supporters up in arms.

Meghan McCain – Senator McCain’s daughter – eulogized her father.

There was one part of her speech that shocked Americans.

She used the funeral to blast President Trump by mocking his “Make America Great Again” slogan.

The Associated Press reports:

Standing near McCain’s flag-draped casket and with Trump’s daughter in the audience, Meghan McCain delivered a broadside against the uninvited president without mentioning his name.

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness — the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served,” she said, her voice first choking back tears. Then, it rose in anger.

“The America of John McCain,” she added, with a reference to Trump’s trademark phrase, “has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

The audience of Washington power players erupted in applause.

Former Presidents Bush and Obama also attacked Trump in their speeches.

Trump supporters did not think it was appropriate to turn John McCain’s funeral into an anti-Trump political rally.

Many Americans also saw the political elite gathering to reaffirm the fact that they are members of the same club and that they only pretend to disagree in order to get elected.

Bush and Obama both said politicians in other parties were “on the same team” and compared politics to a game.

It was everything many Americans hate about politics.


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281 Responses

  1. robert Lee rice says:

    Since Donald,Loaned his plane (America -1) to fly mccains body,and family to the funeral,after the disparaging comments,about OUR POTUS,I (if I were Donald) I would have had my plane returned,and let mccains family buy a ticket,at their expense,back home.

  2. OLD VET says:


  3. SusanL says:

    This funeral should have been about John McCain. Turned out to be the forum to take a jab at our President.

  4. MB says:

    Daddy did not go to the camps of Hitler?

  5. MB says:

    does Daddy’s little girl know how Daddy accidently killed over 130 military men on the ship just because of his temper tantrum?

  6. Marlene says:

    Give up the drugs. Sounds like you are close to overdose.

    Try a little reality. Fresh air. Open your eyes, ears, and brain (if you have one).

  7. Raymond says:

    I never had any intentions of watching McCains funeral.Because I was smart enough to stay away from the TV channels that was carrying the funeral.I knew they were going to use that time to bash the president of the United States.It appears at any event now a days they will see an opportunity to bash the president.Because all of the News Channels are bias to our president.Because all of these news outlets are run by the Radical,Left wing media..Anymore the only thing I watch on TV is reality shows.At least I know they are not going to bash the president on those programs because they are cable channels,and not the liberal bias NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN,or MSNBC.I truly wish there was something that can be done about all of this hatred that the Liberal Democrats have against the president of the United States ( Mr.Donald Trump ).Allowing Donald Trump to be president of the United States is proof that there is a GOD

    • Godwin Daniel says:

      How can you say that the President of USA did not deserve to be bashed. He was nothing more that a foul mouthed selfish thug.
      Britain should never have given US they independence till they proved to be civilized and sane.

      • mhk says:

        Britain gave us independence? You are a loon.

        Trump has taken crap from the liberals and RINOs every day since his election. He’s only throwing their BS back at them.

        Best economy in 50 years.

        Get your head out of your rectum.

  8. truthistruth says:

    Here is an idea that might help all of us . . . it is a great thing called “CHOICE.” If you don’t want to hear speeches at McCain funeral, or Trump speeches, Obama speeches – – the magical thing you can do is change the TV channel and WATCH SOMETHING ELSE. What some of you clearly did, watch some of the funeral (I didn’t) and then CHOOSE to get all P.O.ed and upset and then watch more of it and then, not being able to let it go, had to get on a website or blog and b**ch about it. You are not victims, no one made you watch the McCain funeral.

  9. Larry Gaines says:

    Meghan McCain cannot accept the truth about her TRAITOR Fathe and how much of a crooked,Lying Bastard he was. She has been lied to her entire life and brain washed

    • Marlene Hessler says:

      After reading about the Forrestal incident, I’ve just got one thing to say. We should send the Viet Cong a thank you note for keeping this incompetent ‘warrior’ off the battlefield. God only knows how many American Troop lives were saved by locking him up. And, no real harm was done in that he took it to the bank in getting a Senate seat for decades of milking the taxpayers as a RINO.

    • Janet says:

      She is his daughter who loves her father and greiving about his passing. I don’t think insulting him will change her or anyone else’s opinion.
      Having said this, I also think that turning a funeral into a political spectackle is wrong.

  10. Nancy says:

    I agree that McCain was no hero. He slapped the President in the face, by preferring to have Clinton and Obama speak at his funeral. The media wasn’t happy with President Trump’s statement on McCain death. I thought what the President said was very proper and much more polite than a lot of people would have been if they would have been honost.

    • zee says:

      mcC ALSO SLAPPED the American PPL inthe’face’ w/ last vote 2:30 am
      regarding ‘o’ Care & mc’c WAS Proud of it w/ a thumbs down. AFTER he
      ‘campaigned’ to All the Good ppl ie voting For Repeal.

  11. ter says:

    keep in mind daddy has been dying for awhile. yes everyone dies.
    john was captured 2 times and seal team 4 and 6 got him back.
    he could have done a much better job getting the benefits for all service people
    over one hundred thousand vets have not been paid.
    oh well, sorry for your luck,
    excuses for payment. i can understand why few join the military for service
    yes we all have pride in the USA
    just maybe the senate will get to this issue soon PAY THE VETS
    as for our President i agree with him. be responsible for yourself.
    to use a funeral to take shots at anyone is in bad taste.
    now this action is part of history.
    john has the right to his own views and contact with others
    bad taste in making to the news.
    he should have been responsible to only had discussing with the other party.
    People….. everyone counts……. everyday.
    mrs mcain go on with your life and enjoy it daily

    remember this is your life …

    • Rex Whitmer says:

      Okay Ter, know that McCain was a traitor to his party, to his wife, to his nation, and all Americans with the exception of Teddy Kennedy! You never ever saw McCain vote against anything Kennedy voted for. He betrayed his fellow prisoners in Viet Namn , and was the cause of a hundred and twenty three American Naval persons! Of course none of this was mentioned in his funeral, nor was the treatment he gave his wife when he came home! Or when she was seriously injured in a car accident. From the way the eulogies were given you’d have thought that he had been the sitting President when he died!

      • steel magnolia says:

        steel magnolia
        September 8, 2018 at 12:06 am

        GO TO CNN Sept 5,(Cuomo) & >>>HEAR a HUGE<<< Faux Pas
        by Kasich, re McCain.

        steel magnolia
        September 8, 2018 at 12:22 am

        just past 38:10.(so no ‘wasted’ time.) IF,’it’ hasn’t been
        ‘scrubbed’ by now. THINK re what was Said Within the time frame
        of EVENT. Kasich says 24 hrs, when indeed, the event took place
        Days Before. 0ne of the WORST ‘foot in mouth’ Faux Pas. i’ve
        Ever Heard.

  12. Linda says:

    One thing that cannot be said enough, aptly put by Eileen,
    John McCain was no Hero, he caused the death of 134 sailors..Do your homework..

  13. I was wondering that so much dialogue was devoted to the Senators military capture and torture, were there any other soldiers during his capture that experience the same type of torture and why haven’t we heard about these soldiers? I am not undermining his service to our nation. May he rest in peace.

  14. Parduc says:

    “America was always great.” – Well, fat bytch, how do you describe greatness? ASK the 10 million Native Americans massacred in “America”. ASK the 10’s of millions of misplaced people as a result of your “American” forced border changes in Europe after WW1. ASK the 100+ million dead people as a result of “America’s” support of Communism in WW2. Remember what Gen. Patton said at the end of WW2: “We had killed the wrong people.”

  15. Christine says:

    FedUp: Thank you for the initial nice compliment. The allegations that Obama was Muslim were made by the trash media – and there never was any proof of it. Obama time and again said he was a Christian. As to Iran deal – yes, it was a good deal Iran agreed to freeze it nuclear program in exchange of sanctions being lifted and its frozen money in the US being released. Iran submitted itself to very strict international supervision – and was abiding by the agreement. I would never trust Iran’s statements, bu that of international inspectors, including those of the UK, France, Germany and the International Atomic Agency, yes I have confidence in their reporting. As to North Korea, perhaps the world’s most repressive regime – I have no confidence in them – and was appalled when Trump indicated during his summit meeting that he believed Kim Jong-Um statements about de-nuclearization . China is also a repressive dictatorship which forbids free speech – and the Communist regime cannot be trusted.
    As to the Kavanagh hearings, the Democratic opposition and many Americans are very concerned about his previous statements that he believes that the President is above the law. No President , either a Republican or a Democratic one should ever be above the law. But, yes, the proceeding lacked decorum. The fundamental problem is that the US is now so polarized and the sides dangerously hate each other. There seems to be no middle ground and no room for polite discourse attempting to find a middle road on the basis of consensus. This is just wrong – if this goes one -what will be the consequences? A blood civil war? Would that make America great? All sides clearly should work together in a bipartisan manner. By the way, I did not appreciate your comment about be needing to quit drink kool- aid – that was not respectful and not conducive to a courteous constructive discussion.

    • FedUp says:

      Well Christine, to be totally honest with you, I don’t remember there being this degree of polarization, or blind hatred prior to Obama becoming president. And as far as him being a Christian, he said he was Muslim before he said he was a Christian. He said that the Muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. He also stated that if it came to a choice, he would chose the side of the Muslim. Remember, for years he attended the church of Jeremiah Wright, the God damn Whitey and God damn America pastor. He was advised to stop attending such a controversial church after he started campaigning. He repeatedly said the America was not exceptional and there was never any doubt the neither he nor Michelle ever thought America was great.
      I agree with you, things are totally out of control & frankly, it is terrifying to see.
      The liberals have gone so far left, that if they have their way, we will become another third world country. The liberal platform is raise taxes and have open borders. Of course their main focus is to impeach Trump. Liberal so called comedians, make sick jokes about killing the president & Hollywood threatens to kill him. Now just what do you think would have happened if conservatives had made jokes about lynching Obama. There would be rioting in the streets. Obama was the great divider-in-chief. He sided with Michael Brown before he had any of the facts. It was never a “hands up, don’t shoot”. Liberals can spin it anyway they want, but it was not like this prior to the Obama era.
      I sincerely do wish that both sides could come together, but as long as the liberals are working toward a One World Order, it will never happen.

      • Christine says:

        FedUp: Obama said that he was a Christian and attended Jeremiah Wright’s church but distanced himself from his teachings when they became inflammatory. Obama evolved his thinking as time passed and he worked for peace between Christians and Muslims, as he did not want America to be involved in any more bloody wars. The tabloid press, trying to sell their papers, often exaggerated the issues and even made up sensational and utterly false stories. How many times, have they reported that the Obamas were on the verge of divorce or that the Queen of Britain was about to die or that the world was about to end?
        As to America being exceptional , if you think of it, everything country is exceptional. Greece was exceptional by having the Acropolis and developing democracy, Italy is exceptional as its capital is that of Ancient Rome, the French think they are exceptional because of their culture, cuisine , fashion/style, the British think they are exceptional as they developed Parliamentary democracy and procedures, the Egyptians think that they are exceptional because of their great antiquities [the Pyramids, Sphinx], The Chinese think they are exceptional because of their unique culture and civilization, etc. Every country thinks of itself as exceptional and refers to some traits that make it unique. So, Obama’s statements should be taken in that context.
        As to international cooperation, globalization with modern communications, transportation, computerization is a a fact of life. One needs international cooperation to handle many of the problems that are international and do not respect national borders, such as international crime, environmental pollution, the degradation of the oceans, migratory animals, etc.
        I agree with you that both Republicans and Democrats need to come together and work together. Common ground needs to found – and heated rhetoric should be avoided. Issues should be analyzed on their merits – and win-win solutions need to be explored. When emotions get in the way – reaching agreements by consensus becomes impossible. One needs to remember that Democrats and those holding leftist views are also Americans – and for America to be great, all should be respected and convinced that they need to work together.

        • Lolajmay says:

          Christine, obama said a lot of things, but he lied. If you have not figured that out by now, you might want to do the RESEARCH you should have been doing from the beginning of obama’s ”regime”.

          • Christine says:

            Lolajamay: All politicians say things to make themselves look good. And T-Rump is not exception. Just do the RESEARCH and see how many times he told lies, untruths, distortions, etc. And, I will not even mention how many offensive insulting statements he has made. T-Rump has been in power for less than two years. Now, Pence, if he were to replace T-Rump , behaves differently and does not carry all the nasty baggage – praising repeatedly Putin, hiding his tax returns and being so worried about the Mueller investigation, lest it prove his misdeeds/crimes. Pence would be better – and we all should now begin to think strategically.

          • OLD VET says:


        • Eileen says:

          Christine, get your brain out of your a__..educate yourself..Obama is a Muslim..go to you tube and see for yourself.

          • Christine says:

            You are not only absolutely incorrect – but you are also being insulting. I will not dignify you with any response – until you learn to be respectful of other points of view.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Eileen, that is a polarizing and pathetically disrespectful comment. Those type of comments are all too common on this website. I am very well educated, and everything I had read or seen have shown that Obamas IS NOT A MUSLIM. Your side makes up this JUNK, then you tell it to each other over and over AS IF it was true. Just because Obamas treated Muslims with a certain amount of respect, does not mean he is a MUSLIM. You probably are not very educated about Islam. 80% of the world’s Muslims live in Indonesia, and they are not militants at all, not like some of the Middle East fanatics. In fact, we had a great scholar from Indonesia come talk on a Fulbright scholarship, and he said that in Indonesia, they see “Jihad” not as a political war, but as an INTERNAL war of each person’s good and bad tendencies.

          • Gary says:

            Not only a Muslim, however, tax returns are private between you and the government. Christine, can I see your tax return and publish it all over the world. You probably would not understand President Trumps tax return either. if there was anything wrong with his return the IRS would take action against him. I do not think you are intelligent enough to read what is going on, you listen to the news networks for the information that they want to give you.

          • Christine says:

            You are being insulting . I do not respond to people without manners. They need to learn first how to be respectful to others who hold different points of view.

          • Christine says:

            Eillen: You are being insulting . I do not respond to people without manners. They need to learn first how to be respectful to others who hold different points of view.

          • marlene says:

            Christine needs to get her head out in the sunshine once in a while. She’s had a bit too much kool aid.

      • Godwin Daniel says:

        By denying that Obama was a Christian, does it make you a better Christian? Do you really know who a genuine non hypocritical Christian is?

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Christine says:

        Gary: People in the public eye [politicians] need to release their income tax returns to show everyone that they are honest. Previous candidates for President, including Obama have always done that. As to my intelligence, please be courteous – if that is possible for you. I note that there are experts that go through income tax returns and would point out to the public dishonesty. If Trump were really honest, he would have nothing to fear and would release his income tax returns.

      • Earleene Childers says:

        Vote Republican.

    • Godwin says:

      Trump is no President. Did Trump dodge the draft?
      By saying a person is not a Christian, does it make you a better Christian. Christ came for all of us NOT for sanctimonious hypocrites. Even Judas realized he was wrong . Christine are you better than even Judsas?

      • Christine says:

        Godwin: True, not all Christians are good people; not all non-Christians are bad people. Trump did dodge the draft on the ground of bone-spurs . Trump is just not a good role model of being respectful of other people and of the First Amendment criticizing the press as “enemy of the people”. He often insults others and clearly spins the truth, by using facts very selectively and distorts or even lies about other facts. – just to serve his political purpose and appeal to his gullible base..

  16. Christine says:

    George F Matyas I always try to be respectful of the views of others. You are filled with hate while accusing others of hate. You are not respectful of others. So, I will no longer dignify you with any further responses.

  17. Christine says:

    George Matyas: My point is that T-Rump is not being fully truthful – and is part of the corrupt swamp. T-Rump has not released his taxes because he has something to hide. He has been compromised by Putin, due to T-Rump’s corruption – and therefore is not defending US interests the way he should. This seems to me to be borderline treason. The problem with your hate is that you just don’t see the facts that are staring at you. Pence on the other hand, is much more open and has defended US interests at every turn.

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Again go get’em girl..100% behind your comments. Someone who still has their sanity in here…

    • Christine, I have read juvenile bloviating from ill-informed idiots on many blogs before, but you take the cake!! You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own FACTS!! And you haven’t stated one fact that you can substantiate,only opinionated through obvious Hate!!!! Your not even worth debating as you obviously are thick headed with Zero facts to back you assertions!!

      • Christine says:

        Joseph Thomas Gorman: You are being insulting . I will not dignify your comments with a response, as you need first to learn manners and then learn how to hold a civilized respectful discussion.

      • Lolajmay says:

        Joseph, you are right on with your comment. I’ve done my homework ever since obama made the statement, ” We are fine days away from FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA”. If citizens ignored that telling statement, that is just plain ignorant. I

    • Janet says:

      Christine, you do not prove a point by misspelling the US PRESIDENT’s name. All you prove is your hatred for him. We got it, that’s enough, Ch-ristine. As for corruption it is another topic for another time. May be with Obama’s presidency included in the conversation.

      • Christine says:

        Janet: Yes, many have mocked the previous President, Obama by misspelling his name often. The misspelling of Trump’s name re-enforces the fact that he is making frequently many insulting remarks about others – and therefore, it is only fair to insult him by mocking him also. There should be no double standards. Corruption is a serious issue in US politics – and the matter deserves to be addressed thoroughly, including Trump, Obama and others. It does not matter the party affiliation. No one should be above the law.

        • OLD VET says:

          there is always a jackas- or a fool it seems like we have both in one person .go back to school learn the history of your country learn about people then open your flap tell what obama did for you truth . i know he made you stupid with many others as for Trumps taxes he does not have to expose them if he does not want .tell me about your taxes tell the world .OLD VERT

        • OLD VET says:

          there is always a jackas- or a fool it seems like we have both in one person .go back to school learn the history of your country learn about people then open your flap tell what obama did for you truth . i know he made you stupid with many others as for Trumps taxes he does not have to expose them if he does not want .tell me about your taxes tell the world .OLD VERT

      • OLD VET says:


      • Christine says:

        Brat: The proof is Trump’s behaviour – constant flip-flops, inconsistency, insults, etc. He is part of the corrupt swamp. But, the strongest proof is his refusal to release his income tax returns – because he has something to hide. He got loans for his real estate transactions, on very favourable terms from Russian banks that are owned to close oligarch friends of Putin. Trump is so compromised that he repeatedly praises Putin, lest the truth comes out how he has been corrupted by Putin. Trump is clever enough to criticize others for corruption in order to deflect attention from his own behaviour.

    • Eileen says:

      Here we go again…Christine and her History lessons..Obama is not a Christian, He was not born in Hawaii..His own grandmother in Kenya said Barrack was born in Kenya, she was at the Hospital..The fake birth certificate was done to deceive the American people..For you to disrespect our President is very DISRESPECTFUL..Get over it stop crying and show you can be a BIG GIRL..President won because of what he promised the American people…and look what he as accomplished in less than 2 yrs..WOW AMAZING….and you Demorats cannot get over his success….SHAME ON ALL OF YOU…WHAT DID Obuma ever do…NOTHING but put our country more in DEBT..Obama was the weakest and cowardice President we ever had..Did you love it when he bowed down to all our Traitors Presidents? INSANE..I can name 3 Presidents who were tough Negotiators . President Ronald Reagan when he told Russia to take down that Wall (East Berlin) They did…Also president John Kennedy had negotiations with Russia…and Russia took down the Cuba Nuclear Missles and in return America took down our missles from Turkey..President Donald Trump told Kim Jung On to denecluerinize his nuclear missles otherwise…So all these brave and strong Presidents have not gotten us into WW3..So STOP ALL THE BASHING OF PRESIDENT TRUMP OR KEEP DOING IT AND SEE WHO WINS AGAIN IN 2020..ONLY SAYING….

      • Marlene. says:

        Megan needs to put on her big girl granny panties and face the facts. Nice that she loves her dad, but he ain’t quite what he told her he was.


        ALL HAT AND NO HORSE????

        Make that an asshat

        All he succeeded in doing with his weeklong exit at our expense was pop a flag on all his incompetencies.

        What a fool. An ego his record didn’t support

    • Marlene says:

      Do you want to post your income taxes for the world to slice and dice?

      It’s between you and the IRS, nobody else’s business.

      Trump deserves the same privacy.

      • Christine says:

        Marlene: No Trump is a public figure – and the previous Presidents revealed their income taxes. What is Trump hiding? The fact that he is hiding means he needs to hide some dishonesty and illegalities – otherwise he would not be hiding.

  18. Linda says:

    It is a little sad that she thinks only the best of her father and she is so very wrong.
    How can Meghan McCain go on in her little bubble deigning the actual acts that her father did?
    It is all documented. Or does she not believe any of that either? He must have filled her head with all of those lies!

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Well well. What about all the despicable documentation on the Dumpster. Paying off all kinds if people..lying every time he opens his mouth and then saying he didn’t mean ut… cheating on his wives…loving Putin….putting people of color 2nd in line…disgracing women…and on and on…I’d be texting all night….talk about MORALS….really…

      • Leon Donahue says:

        Tonja….Who are you talking about??? Must be Obama because he lied to America darn near every time he opened his mouth, that’s for sure!!!!!

      • James says:

        That’s funny! You did not mention Billy-loose-zipper.

      • Eileen says:

        Tonja and Christine are unhappy people..All because President Trump WON the election..Get a life you two ignorant Demorats…Keep saying what you are saying and watch who wins in 2020..You two ignoramus are helping big time…HA HA HA HA! You guys are so STUPID you don’t even realize it..but hey, Thank You…

        • Christine says:

          Eillen -You resort to insults, because you have no credible arguments. As to the elections, Trumps popularity is dipping – and as things are now going, unless Trump smartens up, he will loose the 2020 election. Calling me stupid just convinces me that you are STUPD yourself – and don’t have any manners or courtesy. You are just low-life. I am done with you – and you don’t deserve any more of my time.

          • Eileen says:

            Whose stupid here? You can’t even get my name right. You are not looking at the right polls…you are checking out the corrupt media polls..You guys are such sore losers and cannot believe that Hillary lost..Get over it once and for all..It is getting quite embarrassing for all you loser Demorats..Surely you must know about how our economy is going..Can’t you all accept the fact that President Donald Trump have done more for our country in less than 2 yrs than any other President in History..Gosh you all are so LAME..ENOUGH OF YOUR WHINING AND START SHOWING RESPECT TO OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT…GEEZZZZZZZZZ.

          • Christine says:

            Eileen: As I said earlier – until you learn manners and courtesy, I refuse to speak with you and discuss matters . You are proving once again that you are low-life and don’t deserve my time.

  19. Robert Norwood says:

    John and Meghan – classless to the bitter, bitter, end. They make Obama seem genuine, classy by comparison if only because they do not possess his talents as a greasy lying snake. The Democrats will miss John, many of us will not.

  20. Rex Whitmer says:

    One thing. McCain was not a hero in any sense! In the service he was a goof off who wrecked two planes because he thought he was better than he was! He ran on the Republican ticket, but was always voting however Teddy Kennedy told him to vote, mostly with his beloved democrats! We’d be very happy to see his family leave our state as well! He deserted his first wife. His father and grandfather may have been hero’s , but one thing is sure, He is not and was not!

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Speak for yourself. I’m glad to be an Arizonan.

    • Rex Whitmer, You hit it right on the head!! If any one of these dimwits that think he was anything but a royal screw up, should read his complete background and if that doesn’t convince you, try asking the families of the 133 sailors that burned to death on the air craft carrier Forestall after McCain wet started his aircraft that led to an aircraft nearby to drop its’ rocket and subsequently start several planes on fire!! If that doesn’t convince you ask his first wife who waited for him for five years with three kids and when he returned, he divorced her as she was wheel-chair bound after an accident and one month later married an heiress to a fortune to start his political career!!Great CHARACTER!! MY HERO!!!

    • Louise says:

      Divorced wife one? How about drupmf divoricing wife one AND wife two….marrying agaIn wo.en he was cheating with while still married! Where in your motal conpass is that OK?? Now let’s talk about drupmf and his carrying on while married to his curreent wife. Morals? Lies? Cheat?
      I feel sorry for his youngest son…..
      Baron has an ASS for a father!

  21. Eileen Bento says:

    After reading all of these comments..Mostly against McCains daughter Meghan..I agree, I was hoping she’d show some class, but after what she said, she lost it in my book..too bad and sad to do this at your so called beloved father Jim McCain. I never knew the whole truth ab out his capture and his disobedient about his orders that he went, he caused the deaths of those other sailors..NOT GOOD..but somehow I never knew that part of his our President was right, he wasn’t a Hero..A very sad day to omit our President who has done more in 2 yrs. in office that many other Presidents couldn’t accomplish in more than 20 yrs..Keep trashing our President, Democrats, We who voted for President Trump will vote for him again..YOU CAN COUNT ON IT…

    • Eileen Bento says:

      Typo error, meant to say John McCain, not Jim McCain..My bad..Eileen

    • Louise says:

      You could start your comments with his given name…..JOHN…..
      not Jim. Get your facts straight before you sound off on a true American hero.

      • Eileen says:

        Loser Louise. Are you blind, mute..I corrected my mistake..Wake up!!!

      • James says:

        Louise~~~~~Would you please apologize to everyone for your ignorance. When you have the facts about “song Bird” Mc Cain, please come back and post some facts. He was no hero. In fact, he ranks alongside or below Kerry and Hanoi Jane. If those names confuse you, please feel free to research them.

  22. Heywood Jablomi says:

    When our enremies, the enemies of the Bill of Rights have no ideas, and no honor they use hate and invective to make their voices heard thereby announcing to all the World that they are indeed the enemies of all citizens of the Republic. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      Hewood, I totally agree with you. This is how the Democrats and ultra-left liberals react to anything they don’t like. They are little spoiled rotten brats that need several trips to the woodshed for a good whaling!!!!!!!!!

  23. I believe when people cast aspersions on others it has a way of coming back to bite you. Now I appreciate Meghan McCain’s need to remember her father as a hero to herself; but it was inappropriate for her to attack the President from the pulpit. As for the two jackasses, Bush and Obama, they should know better, after all aren’t they the supposed diplomat EX-presidents. Just a little advice for Meghan, sometimes it’s not worth looking to closely at a deceased ones life. No one person is ever truly perfect. You may find out things later in your life about that person that change your perspectives, and then it’s to late to express your apologies to those hurt by your comments. John McCain was a politician and he knew the risks of his office, if he didn’t, then he had too thin a skin.

  24. Linda says:

    Meghan McCain just proved to us all that she is just as bad as her father. Arrogant, rude, disrespectful and foolish! To believe only her side with such a closed mind and so oblivious to the truth! shows her stupidity.
    I would like to say that she is distraught and wants to believe only the best of her father. But that is not true.
    She planned the eulogy in detail. No mention of Mr. Clinton being there. The known multiple rapist and pervert (under his Presidential desk!? Disgusting!) She accepts those actions of the President’s office.
    But Trump is so terrible? Not really. Only because that is what they want us to believe! All manipulation. Did she invite Trump’s children just to insult them? How totally rude of her! Disrespectiful to our Country and our duly elected President. She, too, needs to leave the United States. Respect the office!!
    She is no better and probably worse than many others. Yet she brings it off as if she is sorrowful. NOT REALLY! She is vicious and full of hatred. Spewing insults at her father’s funeral!
    And to make her father’s funeral into a political stage for her to take the captive audience showing respect for her father, and project her views is degrading to her father as well. Disrespectful to her father, her mother and grandmother as well as many others.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Not to mention that CLINTON also lived that “life of luxury” during the years she was railing at Trump about! HE was at Oxford, avoiding the draft; Trump was still in the US, and went for his draft physicals but was rejected as unfit for service; an HUGE difference and the truth, rather than the lies the left spews! But then, NOTHING about McCain’s funeral was honest in the least, so why should that part have been? Much as the left complains about the bone spurs being an evasion they aren’t; even simple FLAT feet were grounds to disqualify men for service even in WW II when we were desperate for troops to fight a 2 front war! Bone spurs not only slow a soldier down, they put others at risk in the doing. But leftist hate is so powerful and venomous they won’t consider the lives of others who might have been risked by Trump being there. Even Bush 43 only served in the National Guard not the full, active services.

      • Carolyn Javaux says:

        I didn’t waste my time watching this fiasco but I’ve read enough about it to know it was as I suspected it would be with all these idiot Democrats and ultra-left liberals whining and crying and mostly LYING!!!!! If they were truthful they would have told about all those who lost their lives because of McCains disobedience!!!!!!!! He was NOT A HERO!!!!!!!

        • Eileen Bento says:

          AMEN and what you said is the truth..John McCain caused the death of all of those soldiers by not taking orders and flying the plane to where he crashed…STUPIDITY…

  25. Rodney Orr says:

    why do we need to keep hearing about this traitor and what a great leir that he was and how daddy and granddaddy saved his ass!!!!!!!!

    • joseph says:

      Why is the media trashing President Trump in the same way these swamp politicians. President Trump was told he could not come to John McCains funeral. His daughter attended to show that they did in fact acknowledge his service to his country. It was a low class thing for McCains daughter, Prior presidents Obama and Bush to stand up there and take shots at President Trump with his family in attendance. You could kind of expect it knowing than neither of the previous presidents have any class about them. I am sure that with our current president trying to cut off those in the swamp that those two swamp dwellers would dislike the man. Obama was and will go down as the worst president to ever hold the office of the Presidency. All of the people that believe he was the worst President still respected the office enough to stay out of the public when speaking badly about the man in the office. These swamp people are acting treasonous with their lies, trying to overthrow a dually elected President.

      • Eileen Bento says:

        I thoroughly agree with all that you said..Good Job..

      • PATTY says:


        • Both McCain ‘s father and grand father were four star Adm’s , McCain’s shortcomings were lack of attention to detail, that was the problem on the Forrestal and the reason he was shot down. He just didn’t follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, and his actions would have ended any officers career , sometime it helps to have people in high places. He served his country well but could have done a better job. “Fair winds an following seas “

  26. Linda says:

    Meghan McCain, not only stupid but disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate and oblivious to the truth.
    Typical of a Democrat! TRUMP! DRAIN THE SWAMP COMPLETELY! Disposed of all of the scum.

  27. Wylena says:

    GOD will be the Judge for this in the end.

  28. Jerry says:

    Now America is a tad bit greater with that turncoat RINO in the ground.they should have buried him in Vietnam.

  29. Herbert G. Chapman says:

    When it comes right down to it, McCain’s daughter put the President in attendances by proxy ! Why do people bring their hate to a thing like that ? It shows how little they respect for their dead !. Their own hate negates the solemn atmosphere of the moment !

    • Wayne Waldack says:

      It would have been an enormous win for the McCain family and the U.S.A to take the high road to either not refer to MAGA at all or to just politely acknowledge the reach out of the message from the WH. Sen. John McCain’s truly remarkable career will be forever tarnished by a undefended cheap shot. There was a time that was available to honor Sen. John McCain but that has now been tarnished by the intentional cheap comments by those who should have focused on “Honoring “ the Honorable Senator from Arizona.

  30. Marie says:

    I think his family should be embarrassed at his funeral that his daughter turned it into a political circus.

  31. Right… keep the political speaches out of something like this. What classless people those that did this are!!

  32. I’ve known for a long time that the McCain’s and Obama’s have no class, but the Bush’s have surprised me, in particular George, to find out that they have no class. The whole time Obambam was President Geo. never opened his mouth, when he was blasted time and again by Obambam, but since WE elected President Trump, he hasn’t kept his mouth shut. That whole family has shown that they are as feckless as the Demon-Craps. I would like to remind Geo. that the same people he thought were so smart for electing him twice are the same ones who voted for Donald J. Trump. It is time he admitted that his little brother just ran a terrible campaign and was depending on his name to carry the day, like Hillary, it didn’t work. So suck it up George and live with it. You like McCain have no cojones when it comes to criticizing Demon-Craps, but let a Republican say or do something and you’re on it like white on rice.

  33. Bobby says:

    They didn’t want him there but they sure jumped at the chance to use his Jet at the tax payer’s expense .

    • Shirley Harper says:

      You got that right! I was offended at our flag being draped on the traitors coffin. They should be ashamed of the freak show they turned it into.

      • truthistruth says:

        Did you serve our country like John McCain did? He was POW for 5 years, virtually none of us have been POWs for 5 minutes. The flag was more appropriate for him than for others who have never served.

        • Joseph says:

          No sir In death every veteran deserves a flag. That is the only reason for him to receive one. Then they all disrespected that flag. Why is it that not one of those that served with the man came to eulogize him. only family and DC Swamp politicians. He was a very selfish individual, and only thought of himself. That’s why they called him a Maverick, it was a nice way of saying he was a selfish bastard. Funny how these same people that showed all this love for him hated him while he was a senator!

  34. Richard Worrall says:

    I’m sure that anger and grief affected her speech and that with the passing of time, she will ease on her temporary hatred for Mr Trump, I could be wrong… But I think she should be given a pass due to her grief , anger and that she was so close to her father, we should let it go and let her grieve as all of would want. She lost her father, friend and hero, we only lost a politician.

    • Bill Rehs says:

      She does not deserve a pass, you bring grief and relate to fond memories of your lost one to a funeral, any anger she had should not had been brought to the funeral. No one there or anyone not present was responsible for her fathers death, a terminal disease took her father. If she wanted to spew anger it should had been a cry to find a cure for cancer, yet that would had still been inappropriate. The POTUS was nothing but political adversary. She brought hatred and spite to the funeral, which is neither the right place or time for it period.

  35. Jerry says:

    I want to say CONGRATULATIOS Me/again McCain. You are now part of the swamp. And you’re too stupid to know it. SWAMP RAT

  36. phil says:

    Ssshhh silence good people , throwing rocks at barking dogs? Do what it is right and just by obedience, action, and reverence before our Maker. Evil words and rock slinging conquers nothing. Goodness and righteous is victorious when you walk with the Lord of Heavens, then your own His side of truth. This matters for each of us black or white yellow or red, dem or repub. or whatever!

    • Tony Winters says:

      That’s not quite true. Since you are trying to make some kind of religious statement remember, the David slew Goliath with a single stone, a very well placed stone, i might add. That should be the tactic that is employed, not just random outbursts but very well placed statememnts

    • veritas says:

      Phil, very true. It would be better if our president kept quiet more and quit slinging insults to people like Sessions, or Tillerson or professional athletes who say things he does not like. It is most important for our president that the rest of us without an official position to represent A-L-L the people.

  37. Kenneth says:

    Meghan McCain insulted half of Americans who eagerly voted for Donald Trump for President. She did this in a place of worship and called her father great. In reality, he was a RINO who lied to his constituents and the American people. Sorry, but I will never see him as a hero. He was an elitist career politician.

  38. John Campbell says:

    John Mc Cain showed how flawed he really was by using his OWN funeral to atttack the sitting President and getting weakling former presidents and an emotionally disturbed daughter to paint him on a good light.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      No apologies were given for the 134 men he recklessly caused to die or be permanently disfigured due to his actions. Instead of McCain being charged with a crime his Admiral daddy sent him to another area. McCain was full of hate, resentment and so self-centered that he couldn’t see farther from his nose.
      So sad, But HEY once less RINO to worry about.

  39. Carl Benander says:

    McCain was his own man, answering only to his maker. It’s too bad that few if any Democrats feel comfortable to follow their own conscience rather than the Party Line.

    • veritas says:

      And virtually no Trumpons veer from the party line or the others will condemn them as RINOs. Both parties have different factions, Carl. What I am MOST sorry for is for a party to CLAIM to believe in “draining the swamp”, few Republicans are standing up like they did with Nixon and telling him NOT to go over that line. Nixon has his “Saturday Night Massacre – -and Trump is clearly preparing for one even worse.

  40. Raplh Beirnart says:

    I’m so glad he never became president. Pretty sad that I’d rather have Obummer than the Republican, McCain!

    • edwin says:

      When he ran for president, I voted for him but more against his “opponent”. I am sorry for his family but glad that it is now over. He was “made” a war hero after flying his plane where not ordered to be and ultimately shot down. He caused major damage to an aircraft carrier due to his negligence. He was never punished for these actions due to having a father and grandfather in high positions in the Navy. He finished 5 from the bottom of his Naval Academy class. What a “Hero”.

      • linda says:

        Yes it is amazing how people can “sugar coat” the truth when giving eulogies. Sad times.
        But to have his own daughter bashing the Make America Great, slogan being used by our duly elected President of the United Sates Trump is not right. She, Obama and Bush turned the funeral into another one-sided political speech! They are showing NO RESPECT for the office!
        Want to talk rhetoric?! She is bragging about his “hero” accomplishments when in reality he was shot down for being where he shouldn’t be, so, not abiding by the assignment of this superiors. And the damage to the aircraft that he was never held responsible for?
        So sugar coat his accomplishments/tragedies, ok. He is gone now.
        This was your father’s funeral! Not the time to bring up your political opinions. Enough!

        • Jo Ann Rhoades says:

          Well said.

        • Raymond Levy says:

          Not to mention that McCain crashed five fighter jets , costing the American people billions of dollars , and then through his reckless actions killed his fellow sailors , he was also up on charges and a court marshal , and while this was in progress he flew that faithful mission where he got shot down and then imprisoned as a prisoner of war, the Navy thought that it was the end of him , but found out that he was a prisoner, and when he was released the navy was between a rock and a hard place , they could not go forth with the charges because it would of made the navy look bad , hence the hero status , mind you that McCain has no medals at all for valor in combat or any thing else….

    • Linda says:

      Agree 100%!

    • Tom says:

      And most Americans would rather have McCain, or Bush 1, or Bush 2 or Reagan or even Nixon over the corrupt Trump.

  41. B Taylor says:

    It is sad that a good man, whom I disagreed with on most things cannot be buried without someone being nasty. This is why I despise both parties. They have two things in common, incompetentance and corruption. It is difficult for me to vote anymore, but I do and wear a gas mask. His daughter belongs to the swamp, but to be fair she was under great distress.

    • McCains daughter in case she forgot , made it clear Trump was not welcome at her fathers funeral , and then feels free to trash Trump . Just like her turn tail father . Evidenlly Mrs McCain had no say in nothing . John even slapped her in the face by being buried in the grave yard beside his great friend . Mrs McCain I guess can be buried in a cow massure as far he was was concern .

      • ke says:

        She will be buried there too, as well as his lifelong friend’s wife. Pay attention. But that’s too hard for you people who just want to take a few random facts and a lot of lies and run with them. McCain planned his funeral himself from top to bottom, including calling both former presidents who he ran against to ask them to speak. In case you forgot, your so called president did everything he could to diss an American patriot while he lived and after he died, even raising the flag after one day and lowering it only after the Veterans groups shamed him. Trump’s name was never mentioned during the funeral. He was the invisible piece of garbage in the cathedral, though.

        • Eileen says:

          John McCain was no Hero, he caused the death of 134 sailors..Do your homework..Demorats are still crying and going NUTS because Donald J. Trump won…Stop showing your ignorance and start being Respectful to our President..You Demorats are so STUPID, by disrespecting our President…Trump will win again in 2020..KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING..THANK YOU….HA HA HA

  42. John T Koszalka says:

    This was not a funeral this was a political extravaganza. How sad, but keep in mind you Democrats, and Rhinos the Deplorable ONES are watching, and know the corruption that exists in your poisoned minds.
    God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

    • jack says:

      This turned out to be a political rally just as the memorial service for Paul Welstone was a few years ago. Although she had the right to speak her mind it was inappropriate.

      • Too rich brats like her , America has always been the greatness because she never knew what meant to do without . Daddies big money coming in from his lobbyist always had her pockets line , because he did not always represent those that elected him . McCain was a perfect example of why we need term limits are at least a maxnium age you can sever , and that should be age 70 and no more !

    • A-Patriot says:

      Instead of her nasty snarky comments, Miss Piggy should spend some time at the gym or Weight Watchers.
      She might have had more respect for the rest of the country who are committed Conservatives and may have voted for her RINO father rather than the Muslim who he allowed to beat him out because he ran such a limp campaign and then blamed it on Sarah Palin who he refused to allow to come to his funeral….He scripted the whole thing …talk about an ego. !!!!!!

      • I followed that campaign closely and I never felt like he was doing his best to win . Later I think he didn,t want to win he helped the democrats throw the election to Obama . Another Republican may have won the election , especially since Obama had zero experience !!!!!!

    • Linda says:

      U read my mind JK! Yes, we deplorables are watching!#MAGA????????????????????????????????????????

  43. Flora Carrillo says:

    I agree that the speech McCain daughter delivered at her father’s service was not the place or time that she should have been political and putting our President down and with such anger in her voice. It was very distasteful and offensive know matter what party you are. President Trumps daughter and son in law were there in the audience to show respect and it was my understanding that you had to be invited to attend so, we’re they invited on purpose to be humiliated? I would have to say yes. It was very disgraceful and disgusting out of Megan McCain in my opinion and I lost all respect for her after that speech.

    • Bonnlass says:

      Megan McCain stole John S. McCain’s thunder.
      The only thing that 4th U.S. District Judges could stop to redistrict the evil were elected as surrogate pallbearers, one of the most demonic funeral displays at The National Cathedral in the House of Christian Prayer.

      In reality under the satanic gargoyles welcoming the depraved with eyes and faces of phony tears from the River Potomac, and Christ forgotten. One Baptism for the remission of sins and Gods wisdom to face judgment, and as Christ was executed once to remove the sins of millions and the faithful knowing a second coming not to bring sin, but to bring salvation. I am one of those in faith who are waiting for him. Jesus spoke ill of the dead in his denunciation of the Pharisees in Luke 11: “You build tombs for the prophets, but it was your fathers who killed them.

      John McCain’s reputation is not all about what he did for others, but his obsession was how he created enemies, his career, and lies apart from the Bibles lessons is how some people choose to remember him, others who choose condemnation of the wicked dead.

      John Kerry made his appearance at McCain’s funeral as though his multiple bereavements supplemented his numerous crimes as supplications forever sealing his lying tongue. McCain lied about his country, committed adultery with his first wife, then abandoned her and his children, continuing with another adulterous liaison. It’s how he lied and had no concern for anyone but himself. In fact he was a downright scoundrel. Never could count to FIVE! Keating FIVE that blurs McCain’s pugnacious profile.

      McCain’s wife Cindy’s father was a member of the mob ruled by Kemper Marley. The mob members were mean, bad and very rich. No one had a good word to say about any of Marley’s thugs, yet before William Rehnquist became a Supreme Court Justice he represented Cindy Hensley McCain’s father.

      Indeed, everyone seemed to have a story about how they had either been cheated or maligned by him or the dirty deeds done for Marley by Cindy McCain’s father. After all,
      Jim Hensley took the fall for Kemper Marley, his mob friends had a rare touch of conscience and thought Marley should do something nice for Hensley Family, such as gifting Cindy’s father with the Anheuser-Busch distributorship.

      After the opening hymns at the National Cathedral had been sung, and the readings had been read, Megan McCain climbed up into the pulpit and delivered her eulogy as she eyed Barry Soetoro Obama, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton and worst of all, Henry Kissinger. Megan McCain displayed the most ignorant misconception of a Christian eulogy, but an evil sermon. Eyeing the Presidents and wannabe presidents, sitting in the front row, Megan McCain like her father had no concern for her widowed mother, because the evil pair, Mother and daughter contributed to the show and no-tell hymns drowning out their lack of Spiritual integrity, and Megan without dignity!

      Comparing SenatorJohn McCain to Senator John Kerry, after thirty minutes of Megan’s preaching in vein, my conclusion of John McCain as well as the former Presidents sitting in the front pew, none could be recommended for Supreme Court, least of all Sainthood.

    • Betty Ballard says:

      Yes, President Trump’s family was invited by Lindsey Graham and cleared through Cindy McCain. L. Graham insisted that the daughter and son-in-law go as a goodwill gesture.
      With the history of McCain’s Hanoi tapes and his self confession of caving to the enemy; reported he had comforts of an apartment, food and two prostitutes, I take issue with Megan McCain’s statement, “the passing of American greatness — the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly”. Megan, a silver-spoon of privilege, owes a lot of people an apology for not only her speech, but her weak, weeping, ungraceful behavior. Grief is no excuse.

    • Linda says:

      I so totally agree. She used the opportunity to speak out against our duly elected President of the United States. Trump’s children’s came to show their respect! But where is hers? She invites them and then bashes their father?
      RESPECT THE OFFICE! Obama and Bush both wanted to be respected when they were in office! So what is up with them bashing the Elected President? RUDE! DISRESPECTFUL.. They both should have been treated the same way when they were there trying to do the HUGE job of the President of the United States! Get over it people! Many of us did not want either of them in office but we still respected the Office! You would think that they would have the class to do the same!

    • Donaldo says:

      Maybe she should take an honest look at how her father kicked millions of Americans in the face when he voted down the repeal of Obamacare just because of his dislike for our president. After campaigning on the repeal to get reelected he then threw millions of us under the bus for his own personal hate. Not an honorable man!

  44. dlmstl says:

    Fret not. Unlike her father who found his ‘sugar mamma’, Meagan will not be able to ride the McCain coattails any longer. She’ll soon fade into the background like the Kennedy Clan and that other insufferable twit, Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky. Sadly, Senator McCain fell prey to the inner demons of anger, envy and bitterness and it’s those traits at the end which will taint what otherwise could have been a stellar career.

  45. Gary says:

    Hey just read my previous comment and think about what I said.
    But someone please have the courage to show it to this spoiled brat and make sure me and a few million other vet feel the same way
    Wake up pudgy girl

    • Let’s take this where it came from. She is just as big of an ass hole as her old man was. Good riddance to a trader. Than God we will not have to watch thumbs down from this jerk any more. Now if we can only get some good Senators elected maybe things will get done. No Democrats please.

  46. Kwei says:

    He was captured by and surrendered to the enemy. I don’t see much of a hero in him.

  47. michael says:

    it is about time for someone to call out trump for the worthless bastard that he is!!

    • Hydro says:

      Morons such as yourself who evidently have an opinion but put nothing but vitriol in their comment. Exactly what has the President done to you? My bet is you don’t even know him but you are simply spouting rhetoric from the talking heads .

    • Christine says:

      Agree – T- Rump is worthless – an insult to the intelligence of people who are objective and who believe in decency, fairness and bringing the country together. T-Rump’s hateful divisive rhetoric. is very harmful to the country and it will take much effort to undo the harm that he is causing.

      • Sylvia says:

        It’s your far left brainless liberals that have harmed this country. They only care for their own agenda, which is power, power to take all our money and sell the country to the highest bidder and reduce this country to a 3rd world banana republic; Hilly Clinton’s selling our uranium to Russia and making 45 million dollars How about that?!!!!

      • Betty Ballard says:

        Christine, ” to the intelligence of people who are objective and who believe in decency, fairness and bringing the country together” THAT would not include you. And, Michael, how much do you two get paid to troll the boards insulting posters?

        • Christine says:

          Silvia and Betty – I will not dignify you personally by stooping down to your level by launching personal insults. It is clear to anyone who is objective that T-Rump is a manipulator, who lies, flip-flops, insults and is offensive to many people and many groups. Yes, Hillary should not have agreed to the selling of uranium to the the Russians – but it was not her call. However, T-Rump is somehow beholden to Putin and praises him at every turn. It leads one to wonder what does Putin have on T-Rump and why is T-Rump not publicly releasing his income tax returns, which all other Presidents and Presidential candidates have been doing. Let’s look at matters objectively.

          • Lw says:

            To Christine: SAY WHAT???

          • Since this was about a funeral not a political event, your totally lost in hate. Since you never served, what would you know about Putin, or the constitution, it does not require a President to release his taxes , so what is your real point here????? Don’t have one do you????

      • Doris Lauter says:

        Like what? Lowering taxes, and regulations, bringing stock market high,,,,, promoting peace talks, brough 3 million jobs? Great economy? What is it you hate?

        • Christine says:

          Doris Lauter: The economic prosperity that exists in the US was caused by Obama fixing the mess left behind by President Bush and layin the groundwork for the ensuing prosperity. I am not hateful – T-Rump is the one who calls the press the enemy of the people – insults his political opponents, international long-standing allies, withdraws from international treaties, including the Climate Accord, gives large tax breaks to his Corporate friends, – but seems beholden to Putin who he praises at almost every turn. T-rump does not release his income tax returns because they would probably return some shenanigans, including getting some cheap loans from Russian bankers who are part of the Putin oligarchy and kleptocracy.

      • Donaldo says:

        If you want to talk about DIVISION your brainless Odumbo caused racial division in this country that hasn’t been this bad in over 60 years. But even tho I didn’t agree with his politics I did not continually bash him like you brainless liberals.

        • Christine says:

          Are you calling me brainless? I will not dignify your insult – by responding to you, as you don’t know how to maintain a respectful discussion..

          • Christine says:

            FedUp – I do not read the fake news that you do. The T-Rump fake news outlets constantly distorts reality and try to take credit for everything positive that happens and blames the Democrats, Hillary Clinton , Obama and the “left” for everything negative that happens.

          • FedUp says:

            Christine, i don’t watch CNN or the MSM, so I’m not listening to fake news. But I did live through the eight extremely long years of the American hating Muslim, Bathhouse Barry. For 5 years I listened to hm blame Bush for everything. Now who was it that traded terriosts & money for a deserter? And who was it that sent $2 billion (with a b) in cash, to Iran? And who admitted that he knew it was going to be used to fund terrorism? Hmmmm, I believe that would be Obummer. And everything about Killery is corrupt. If you want to bury your head in the sand, please feel free. I however, chose to face reality.

          • Insults, your post are filled with insults. Your post are this respectful, Stop hating long enough to learn something

    • KJHanover says:

      nah, I’m calling YOU out for the worthless bastard that YOU are!

      • FedUp says:

        KJHanover, I’m giving you an upvote on that comment!

        • Christine says:

          FedUp – By not watching mainstream news outlets – you have fallen into the trap of believing the Fake News of right- wing from T- Rump sites. As a result, you are being misinformed. Obama tried to do his best – but was often frustrated by the Republican majorities in Congress. Yes, Bush’s policy of de-regulating financial institutions led to the financial crisis of 2008 – Which Obama had to fix, stabilize the economy and set it into the path of growth. Regarding Iran, an agreement was negotiated – and in exchange for Iran freezing its nuclear program , sanctions were lifted and the frozen Iranian money in the US was released. Obama judged that this was a better course of action than going to war with Iran and the massive human casualties that this would cause, including dead Americans. Please broaden your knowledge, by obtaining balanced information and do not believe all that on right-wing propaganda sites which distort the information or provide only out of context information to advance their narrow ideological agenda.

          • FedUp says:

            Christine, you actually seem like a really nice person, but you are hopelessly misinformed. I’ve been around for awhile and I know what our country was before your Muslim messiah tried to destroy it. You can’t seriously think that the Iran deal was a good deal? They got everything and we got nothing. And we all know how totally truthful the leaders of Iran are, kind of like how trustworthy China and North Korea are. Iran got all their money and just kept on keeping on. Obama was absolutely the worst thing to happen to American. He hates America and he is very racist!
            Did you watch any of today’s confirmation hearing? Today, the liberals showed just how low they can go! They had a room full of demonrat hecklers that had to be removed from the hearings. But the demonrats in the senate were way worse. There is no doubt after watching this today, that liberals are completely tasteless and classless. I already knew they were crap, but even I was shocked at their behavior. There is no depth too low they won’t go down to, to get their way. If Republicans ever conducted themselves in such a disrespectful manner at a confirmation hearing, there would be rioting in the streets! They have no problem throwing out any kind of lie and see if anything sticks. They have no morals, absolutely none! And this is what you want running our country?
            By the way, why is it that every liberal station says exactly the same crap? You can listen to one station and you have listened of every liberal station. Quit drinking the koolaid girl!

  48. John says:

    ‘m a Republican, and I feel that the Democratic Party just hurt themselves by her and Trash Obama using John McCain’s funeral to make political statements. That doesn’t show respect towards her father’s family or friends. GO TRUMP GO !!!!

  49. Alice Cokefair says:

    And the best part? As the McCain family crapped all over our President, this same President gave this family Air Force II to transport the dead gasbag McStain to his funeral at Annapolis, and also brought the ungrateful family back to AZ. How’s that for absolutely NO CLASS?

    • Linda says:

      Exactly! With all of the money McCain had received for his immoral acts could not fly him on their own? They ask for assistance as they (Meghan!) trash our President who gracefully loaned them the plane @ no cost to them but a big cost to the American people,,,
      Once again!

  50. Richard Daugherty says:

    Most of these people attending are involved in criminal activity within our government. McCain one of them. They are terrified of President Donald Trump. The President will put the flashlight on them. Our entire Senate and Congress are involved. Folks these people are criminals wall to wall. They DO NOT WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP PERIOD!!

  51. Virginia says:

    McCain said “he was sorry he picked Sarah Palin for his VP.
    That alone tells you what type of man(?) he was. Sarah brought the crowds and the votes.

  52. Kevin I Johnson says:

    The liberal communist mafia members just keep showing us how much they hate America and true American values. They stand for nothing postive in America they just want power and control. I truly believe thatWE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THERE COMMUNIST PARTY DESTROY AMERICA PROGANDA. These communist traitors should be put in front of a firing sqad and executed for all there crimes committed against America and the American patriots. We must stick a pin in this communist balloon and destroy it before they can destroy our beautiful country. AMEN

    • vikki says:

      AMEN!! I totally agree! It’s time to send the whole lot of them down to Venezuela and when the get of the plane remove their American Passports and do NOT let them return to mess up our GREAT America!!

  53. rek says:

    I agree with most. A funeral is not the place for politics. It is a remembrance of someone who has passed. It is a shame when people cannot keep their politics to themselves in a religious setting. His daughter certainly showed immaturity and without a doubt disrespect to many present.

  54. Dan says:

    McCain could have spent the last days of his life reaching out to try and unite the Republican party.
    But he was too hateful and vindictive to do so.
    President Trump has many flaws but I believe
    He loves this country. He has accomplished
    If you want open boarders…want to pay for illegal aliens..have rogue Federal judges undermining
    The President at every turn then vote
    Anyone who would vote for ANYONE who
    did what they did to try and rig an election
    should be in prison.
    This country will be truly great if you get rid of the swamp creatures.

  55. She has been hanging with those liberals on the view so long, she is as warped as they are. The RInos and the left turned out for his funeral and some from the administration out of respect for his office. I don’t like to speak badly of the dead (he did serve his country) but he did no favors for the Republican party. His tanking of the Obama care repeal will be his legacy!! When the history books are written, Trump will be front and center, McCain will just be a foot note!

  56. Oat 35 says:

    Megan McCain also makes me vomit, she’s as big a scumbag as her father was.

  57. Bettie Hiatt says:

    what do you expect from a co-host of ABC the View. Hateful language

  58. Tim says:

    I have my own opinions of McCain but I think it is despicable and downright dis respectable for those people to use the death of someone to push a political propaganda agenda. John McCain’s brain cancer really twisted his mentality from reality but, it is pathetic of these Liberals to use his death like that. I’m glad that our real President was not there for their shameful deeds. MAGA!!!

    • Dan says:

      I am too. Point well made. We have a real President now and the swamp hates that their playgrounds are in jeaprody.
      Enough on Obama..Clintons..Maxine…to put them away.

    • Laurie says:

      I don’t believe that the cancer is what twisted McCains mind! If you look at his mind status from when he was in Vietnam……well, what type of mind would be sooooo reckless as he was?
      He has always been egotistical and arrogant which I believe is what led to the hatred that the actions during his life exposed!

    • Laurie says:

      Tim, I don’t believe that the cancer is what twisted McCains mind! If you look at his mind status from when he was in Vietnam……well, what type of mind would be sooooo reckless as he was?
      He has always been egotistical and arrogant which I believe is what led to the hatred that the actions during his life exposed!

  59. Pam says:

    They are painting McCain as such a pure, angelic soul. No, he was not. None of us are. Let’s see, when his first wife was in an accident and disfigured, he dumped her for Cindy. He could be very hateful and showed it to us. His daughter picked the wrong forum to make a political display. I suppose her father would have loved it. Many did not.

  60. GRA says:

    She’s every bit the ignorant liberal skank her father was a RINO jackass. There is NOTHING special nor exceptional about this trash and every chance she’s been given thus far is because of her father and NOT my any merit of her own. Disgusting person.

  61. Joe says:

    Meghan just raised her ugly face to America instead of showing a respectful attitude. I know now why she is on the The View with the other wenches!

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Sounds like a venal, vindictive, vicious family.


    • pcman says:

      Like father like daughter. Overly unrespectful to authority and conformity to social norms. Like her father, Meagan loves herself more than the country. McCain considered himself a hero, despite the fact that hundreds of POWs died because they would not succumb to pressure and torture and they lived up to the Code of Conduct of the American Fighting Man. .

  62. I repeat over and over again. The McCains displayed no class. Instead of being grateful for every accommodation the Pres afforded, they chose to toss vicious barbs. I assumed that was supposed to be a funeral extravaganza written and performed by the senator, they took away the entire performance with their evil rhetoric towards a sitting Pres. who stayed out of the lime light and kept his mouth shut unlike fatty Meghan. Shame

  63. Bob Rice says:

    The press,trys to make McCain,out,to be the second coming of Jesus Christ, BUT,they never tell,why the north Vietnamese,called him the “songbird”,OR,the fact,that he (McCain) was given a dishonorable Discharge,from the US Navy, (along with a few other pows), only to be pardoned by tricky dicky (Nixon)

    • vikki says:

      His butt was covered because of his father and grandfather, who were honorable members of the U S Navy! All you have to do is read a bit to find out why he was referred to as “The Songbird of Hanoi!”

  64. will says:

    What a shame that a great mans life should go so sour in his last years. Keeping company with Soros and even photo with terrorist. He never forgave the American people for making him go down in history as the first white man to lose the presidency to a black man, and a muslim to boot. But thats history

  65. LT says:

    McCain and his family – especially that wicked daughter are truly SICK in the head. They are so full of hate, so full of revenge, it’s a disgrace. She has her father’s temper, she better watch out, Karma will kick her right in the butt. Very shameful display at a funeral. McCain is rotting in hell.. AMEN for that.. He didn’t see the face of God, he saw the face of Satin. Burn

    • jim says:

      Politicizing a religious service and using that service as an opportunity to make negative political comments is, in my interpretation, absolutely WRONG! Funerals are meant to be a gathering of friends and loved ones to say goodbye to a loved one,,,NOT a place to make a mockery of anyone, not the deceased nor anyone else. For a dying person to disallow anyone the opportunity to bid farewell at their own service is not only an insult, but a public showing of an unforgiving nature in any individual. For that service to be as politicized as it was, turned it from a respectful farewell, to just another gathering at church that was used in error. Sorry, but Farewell, John McCain. GOD REST YOUR SOUL!

  66. Rodger Shull says:

    Well the communist dem0-crappers rinos, are running tru to form, using the blame game race card, and the death of a person, as a political soap box, proves they have NOT ONE BIT of SHAME or INTEGERITY , NONE, a group of lost souls,

  67. El Tejas says:

    Was this a funeral or a political event? A funeral should be more dignified and respectful. A funeral should show respect to the deceased and give friends an family to opportunity to say good by.

  68. dennis heller says:


    • Patricia says:

      Now americas even greater since this lowlife traitor is gone! What a bunch of sleezebags to politisize a funeral! They showed no class at all!

    • Lori says:

      Completely agree dennis heller!! What poor excuses for ex presidents!!! Notice I don’t capitalize the word presidents?! I have no respect for those P’sOS’s!!! The whole funeral was a disgrace. Nothing but a political bias display. Songbird McCain didn’t deserve even an eighth of what was said about him. What a bunch of BS! Even in his death, he remains a slimeball. A man who took dirty money from Soros himself. That, in itself, says it all! Sad.

  69. Ann says:

    John McCain was so bitter, vindictive, vitriolic, and hateful that he delivered the Fake Russian Dossier to the FBI in order to destroy Trump.

  70. Lyra Deyton says:

    Let’s face it — Meghan McCain CANNONIZED her father at the funeral, which is probably is forgiveable – for that one week. But if this truth-bending continues for the long haul, many of us are going to lose our respective “tempers”. The Truth Is – John McCain relentlessly tried to destroy Donald Trump at every turn – out of HATRED, but – I believe – really out of SHEER JEALOUSY. The one thing McCain loved was being known as “The Maverick” in most walks of his life. But then came our new POTUS, who was the undisputed Maverick of the Century if not OF ALL TiME! And I think – in McCain’s “screwed up” vision of himself – he had certainly been bested. Also, McCain ran for President – LOST. Trump ran for President – WON. Trump made his own money. McCain married his. So, funerals are sad and grief is real – but if Meghan continues to keep cannonizing her father, let me just say this: “John McCain invited Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to his funeral”. THIS says everything about the character of one John McCain.

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      You are absolutely right. McCain was also born into a privileged life. If you think his name did not get him advancements in the Navy advancements he could not have earned on his own you are crazy.

      The only way one could make McCain look decent at death or living would be by lying. John McCain was loyal to John McCain. I expected Obama, Bush, and their friends to take the opportunity to bash Trump. President Trump has made them look incompetent. He has accomplished more in two years that they accomplished in twelve years. Jealousy is always vicious.

      Bush is right they are all on the same team. The problem is the citizens are not on that team . They plot together to do what is in their personal interest not the people’s best interest. Obama’s blamed everything he could not solve on Bush. Bush blamed the Clinton’s. But, when night comes they all get in bed together and makeup before they go to sleep.

      We are fools for loosing the power we were given by our founders to our politicians. We started loosing real power in the 30’s. We depended on Government during the depression and during war times to get us out of our problems and we began to let them have the power and never tried to take it back. The swamp needs cleaning in Washington but that means getting rid of every politician that has been there more than eight years. Eight years would guarantee some knowledgeable Senators and Representatives would be in office when there was a change in Predident’s.

      • FedUp says:

        Beautifully stated Tom Martin!

      • Kathleen says:

        Well said and so true!!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        “Fr” tom, PLEASE tell us you are NOT a real priest! But we have heard so many bad things about Catholic priests, one becomes aware they are no more spiritually advanced than anyone else.
        Let’s go back to where you say the “problem” began, in the 1930’s. Hoover did not want to use government in the Depression, so families were loosing everything they had and STARVING TO DEATH. What FDR brought America at first was HOPE, then programs to feed people and give them JOBS. What we learned was that working TOGETHER we were stronger and we gave people back a chance to have a future. If FDR had not brought in WPA, CCC, Social Security, the NEW Deal, we can look back and see there would have been NO WAY we could have ever been strong enough to take on Japan, Germany, Italy, and early on, the Soviet Union. We pull together, help each other during the hard times we ALL HAVE, and we are stronger as a nation.

    • Charles says:

      AMEN: Lack of character that went out the window when his daughter tried to make him something he was/is not. The View stands on their head and looks up each others ass for their media knowledge. trash Trump if you like but he has done more for this country than the last three presidents and anything the Clintons have done with out stealing their checks for being an imposter for being a President.

    • kathy says:

      like father like daughter. rhinos both. meGhan is as much a republican as her father was.not.
      I do see why they are calling her me after the new movie though. what a whale

  71. Tex says:

    Meghan McCain was very immature. Her father was no hero. He was a collaborator with his captors in Vietnam. He left a previous wife because she got disfigured in a car accident, divorced her and married the woman who bore that Shamu of a daughter. It was appalling to see that Islamic traitor up on the pulpit when his real god is alla. The same traitor who bad mouthed America in Africa and other countries. I’m sorry the poor little child lost a father but she surely didn’t know his whole background. And why was Bush bad mouthing also? There was something I couldn’t trust about him too, especially when he didn’t look the least surprised about the planes crashing into the world Trade Centers.

  72. Charles says:

    McCain is no hero. His funeral should never have been used to down anyone, especially the President. His daughter disrespects him and his name by doing what she done. The other Presidents just laughed at him. He is gone now and will face his maker, we will let him judge him. I wish no ill towards any man except the traitor Obama, in time I will hope to change that too. I do not like any traitors and from what I have read from those that were with McCain in the prison of war camp that is what he was too. He disgraced all who died or was hurt during that war which I was part of. I too am a Vietnam era veteran. It is over now I hope we no longer have to hear anything else about McCain

    • FedUp says:

      Thank you for your service Charles.

    • Walter says:

      I feel the same way you do Charles McCain was a trader he should have been brought up on charges of treason, McCain was no hero The American people are not fooled. With all the corrupt garbage going on in his country and these people the elite act like nothing is happening what they’re trying to do to our president is a travesty of Justice and we can not not let them get away with it. We the people cut a stand up for president we can’t let this happen close if it does we are done as a nation I for 1:00 a.m. not gonna let it happen I’m gonna do what I gotta do to make sure it doesn’t and that’s our vote we gotta keep trump in office because if they kick him out this country’s gonna go to the dogs

      • Steve says:

        Incidentally, traitor is the correct spelling of what you were trying to say. Good job proofing your text. Also, if McCain’s daughter is a Shamu, I’d like to take a gander at you. I’ll bet That you are a fat pig like Trump says all the time.. One more point. While I did not vote for McCain, I certainly respected the man. At this time, I am sitting in Thailand, and I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be captured and tortured by Asians and Russians. McCain was a hero! End of point.

          • MSPS says:

            Gerald thank you for the link! Yes and like they say now He didn’t just sing he likely composed. A nastier dispositioned man I never saw, and he died the way he lived, in the company of turncoats and yellow!

        • Hydro says:

          Steve – evidently you don’t understand the meaning of Hero. When you throw a hissy fit and your actions cause millions of dollars to an aircraft carrier not to mention the 100 plus sailors that lost their lives because of it or how you turned on your fellow POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton or were given a Dishonorable Discharge from the Navy – or threw his disfigured wife away for money – I’m sure his Grandfather and his Father were disappointed but because of Blood and the family name they went to bat for him and secured a pardon from President Nixon. You evidently are unable to read or you would know the meaning of the word Hero it’s in every dictionary. If the above actions are what you consider a hero – I have nothing but sympathy for you. Even a staunch Democrat would deem Mr. McCain a traitor.

  73. Richard M Crooks says:


    • FedUp says:

      No Richard, Bathhouse Barry Is a Muslim, he Is a racist, he Does hate America, and he was a puppet for American hating George Soros. He wanted to transform America all right, he had previously stated that he wanted America to become another third world country. Don’t forget his infamous apology tour where he went to all over the world to apologize to everyone for Americans. Obama is the poster boy for hatred!

      • I go along with everything you said about thy Muslim past President as for McCans daughter she is just as bad as all the other Wemon in the Democrat Party that are spuing and slandering our God loving President like Waters, Clinten, just to name a fue I don’t have to name the others thay make a name for them selves. All are talking pure Heatred.

      • George says:

        Please share with us credible links that show Obama saying he wants America to become another third world country..

      • Marlene says:


        AMERICA HAS YET TO KNOW WHO Bathhouse Barry really is. All his docs are still sealed. And, Pelousy vouched for his eligibility. Yet he’s said several time he was born elsewhere. So did his grandmother. And, his ph birth certificate judged phony by experts. This rodent will go down in history as the first ineligible person to sit in OUR white house. Everything he did while there is ILLEGAL in the event what he has said is true.

        And somewhat like the clingons, people in the know tend to commit suicide or die in impossible ways

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      Oh yes he did – name them – let’s see more people on Food Stamps, allowed Russia to get Uranium we need, unemployment and pay increases stagnant, what corporations returned to the USA because of Obama, new housing construction shrank, Blacks did not benefit from anything he did, he was good at getting around the Constitution. He was good at not supporting law enforcement, he manage to benefit Iran, very , very successful in Libya. Kiss and bowed to Saudi King, bad mouth USA, thought it would benefit the world if the USA was not a world power, weakened our military , wanted open borders, for zone World Government and many more wonderful things he manage to accomplishif you are an enemy if the USA

    • ann says:

      Dictator Obama spread diversity by using the hate and racist card trying to destroy our country. Hes the one that spread apologies for our country’s act in wars spreading more hate. Today he is still trying to get his new world order where he can be the leader, Move your Ass to Iran where a real dictator lives and see how long you last. In my opinion your a LOSER!

    • Hydro says:

      Wish I had words to educate you but one can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. Attempting to list the hate Obama and his wife displayed is a list so long there isn’t enough time. Hope you have a good day but you need to quit drinking the kool – aid. If you want an honest discussion, start with listing anything Obama did that benefitted America.

  74. Mike says:

    Dan, the only one that’s immature is Trump he’s like a five year old who pouts when he doesn’t get his way or says something about him.

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      I think you call it getting even. I have no problem with that

    • Steve says:

      Great post. You forgot to mention that Trump appears to be an idiot. I still cannot believe that Trump studied post-grad at Wharton. The person that monitors university credentials needs to look into this. I sincerely cannot imagine this university performance to be factual and above board. Had to be some Papa graft in there somewhere?

    • Dan Gibson says:

      Good point Mike … I want to strangle Mr. President about 90% of the time. He needs to stay the hell away from Twitter, and to stop reacting to every little barb thrown his way. But I do like many of his actions. We need a border … we need jobs for anyone who wishes to work … we need to demand fair trade with many countries who have stepped on us … we need more balanced taxation. The man is delivering all of the above, and more. And, I stand by what I said about the Funeral — it’s NOT the place to get Political. Again, thanks for your comment — it’s spot on !

    • john v lee says:

      he is the President Mike. What are you

  75. FedUp says:

    The simple fact that McCain requested that the Kenyan born, Muslim loving, American hating, racist, homosexual, Bathhouse Barry speak at his funeral, tells you everything you need to know about McCain! And Megan looks like she needs to lay off the donuts!

    • Richard M Crooks says:

      You are one low life piece of trash, all of the speeches told the truth about the low life bunch in the WHITEHOUSE TRYING TO BRING THE COUNTRY DOWN. WITH A DICTATOR IN CHARGE AND HIS PARTNER PUTIN.

      • FedUp says:

        Hey Crook, go eat a donut with Meghan. Maybe it will sharpen your brain a little if you get a sugar rush.

      • George says:

        And you, you are falling to their level. You can do better.

      • Fr Tom Martin says:

        You do not know what a dictator is until you have lived under one. Dictators take power making you believe he has your interest in mind. Hitler is a fine example. President Trump is obviously not trying to fool anyone he does not menace words. To prove how ignorant you are Predident Trump has stood up to Russia more than any President since Kennedy.

      • Hydro says:

        There is no way to respond to a fool – and you really need a vacation it appears you have drank way to much Kool-Aid from the talking heads in the media. If you really want to discuss anything you need first of all to adjust your attitude.

    • ke says:

      Fed up. Well. I’m fed up with trump. And your hate speech and lies, too. Trump uses his neverending campaigning and tweeting for lies and hate speech about everyone who doesn’t kiss his ass. He’s a faux president. He’s an obstructor of justice at best, he certainly cheats on his taxes, as well as his wives, and I have no doubt he is a money launderer. He has more than the Mueller investigation to worry about. There are at least six other ongoing investigations. Have fun defending him.

      • FedUp says:

        Hey ke, how’s tricks? If you’re not sure, go ask Slick Willie. Love how you libatards always have blinders on when it comes to your commie loving heros, like the queen of corruption, Killery. ( don’t cross her or you will commit suicide). The faux president is your illegitimate Kenyan born Muslim messiah Bathhouse Barry. Get a life & pedal your crap on one of your warped liberal sites. You just come across as a pathetic loser to us on this site!

        • George says:

          Gotta love how you “Conservatives” just make personal attacks instead of intelligently debating something.
          When you can think of no real and valid argument, just call people names or insult them.
          The sign of an individual who know s how to think and learn , right?

          • FedUp says:

            Well George, what “facts” of anything have you presented pray tell? You quote some crap about the Mueller witch hunt & that is an intelligent debate? You trash the president and that is an intelligent debate? You liberals are such raging hypocrites! You dish it out, & then cry foul if anyone comes back at you. Pathetic.

          • George says:

            And then, you write a wonderful comment like FedUp’s below and turn off the reply feature.

      • Fr Tom Martin says:

        You know for a fact he cheats on his taxes. CNN tried to prove that and failed. But, you can prove that. Now who is lying?

    • john v lee says:

      maybe not just donuts but nuts in general ( just saying maybe human nuts )

  76. Dan Gibson says:

    A funeral is NOT the place to criticize and denigrate others, as you are there to celebrate your Father’s life. Very, very immature, young lady.

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      This was no funeral this was a play for her to act out like a spoiled little brat. John McCain better be gone and not snaking out for going to jail. When going to church you talk about that person and what he done not to use it for a play. Trump showed he was more of adult than everyone at this fake funeral.

    • Hydro says:

      I totally agree with the fact a Funeral isn’t the place for hate and discontent – she is young but has expressed the same sentiment on The View. It wouldn’t matter what her father did, as he was her father. She was hurt and upset at losing him and struck out at someone who spoke what others are thinking about him. Anyone of us would defend our families. I believe she will be fine as the money in her family belongs to her mother. As long as she hangs out with the haters of this world she will always be a lost soul.

  77. Mike says:

    Trump got only a taste of what he deserves. He knows how to dish it out by insulting people. He better get used to it when he and his corrupt family are exposed. LOCK THE WHOLE TRUMP FAMILY UP THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE!!!!!

    • George says:

      ” These people don’t support America, the[sic] just support themselves!” (Thank you, Dash!)

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      Mike maybe it is people like you who needs to be locked up along with these Hitler lovers. Like McCain and her fake tearing daughter and yourself should go move elsewhere

    • FedUp says:

      Never gonna happen Mike. The very essence of corruption is the mafia Clinton Cartel, & they are still running around free. Guess you are just going to have to suffer through the next six years with our President Trump, just like we had to hold our noses for eight years of your Muslim master.

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      The Clinton’s have been exposed and they are not locked up

    • Hydro says:

      In other words Obama and Hilary are stellar individuals. Maxine must be one of your hero’s tell me Mike what have they done to help this country. Everyone that comes up opposing the Clintons ends up in the Morgue. You may not like the verbiage President Trump uses but so far everything he has eluded to is proving to be correct. You Democrat’s couldn’t see the Forrest thru the trees if your life depended on it. How would it be a better place, I suppose even Baron should be in prison. Do you honestly believe Hilary doesn’t deserve scrutiny. Who do you think was running this country before President Trump? No it wasn’t Obama, it was the puppet master G. Soros – Try something different today – think for yourself with the brain God gave you instead of letting the Talking Heads in the Media speak thru you.

  78. Grizz Mann says:

    It was McCain that barred Trump from his memorials, wasn’t it? The President honored that request, gets slammed. He gives McCain and family a ride to DC on AF2. Gets slammed.
    McCain , with his passing is Making America Great Again.

  79. minnie says:

    Hard to believe, even at a funeral, they always take time to criticize President Trump. Like I said before, My sympathy goes to the family for their loss, but it’s no one’s fault. Morn your family member and leave the trash out of it. McCain was not a republican, he didn’t even act like a republican, that’s why there were applause at her nasty remarks. More Libs there then anything else. American was not great under O’bama for 8 years. We should just be thankful we’re out from under him and the rest of the Dems.

  80. George says:

    ” These people don’t support America, the[sic] just support themselves!”
    Damn! For a second there I thought you were talking about the Trump family. How deplorable!

  81. Belinda Mitchell says:

    Meghan McCain makes me want to vomit!! She is a ugly bitch inside and out obviously with the same makeup as her father the traitor. He was no damn hero and we all know it or his records would never have been sealed by him unless he had something to hide just like Obama. His guest and speakers are cut out of the same cloth. Both are dispicable!! His fanfare was ridiculious!! His wife Cindy will never take his place because McCains own state hated him and wondered how he kept being elected!! Fraud probably knowing him and his tactics. I’m glad he’s gone and is not worth remembering for anything positive!!

  82. Dash says:

    We saw the Bi-Partisan Deep State Enemies on full display at McCain’s funeral. These people don’t support America, the just support themselves!
    How Deplorable!!!

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