One Senator delivered a secret demand to Joe Biden that left Democrats reeling

Joe Biden’s struggling to push his massive socialist spending agenda through Congress.

Democrats cannot get on the same page about which new welfare programs should end up in the bill and which taxes they should raise.

And one Senator delivered a secret demand to Joe Biden that left Democrats reeling.

Joe Biden tried to hire an army of IRS agents to spy on Americans bank accounts.

As part of the proposed multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending package, the IRS would seize the authority to comb through Americans bank accounts and monitor all cash deposits and transactions for any account with more than $600 in it.

The IRS bank account surveillance provision generated a massive amount of controversy and Republicans hammered swing seat Democrats with ads about how they supported unleashing an army of IRS spies to track Americans’ financial transactions.

Finally, Senate Democrats pulled the plug.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin told the Economic Club of Washington that in private he met with Joe Biden and told him he was against the IRS spying on Americans’ bank accounts.

“Do you understand how messed up that is?” Manchin recalled telling Biden. “This cannot happen. It’s screwed up.”

“I think that one is going to be gone,” Manchin added.

IRS bureaucrats spying on Americans’ bank accounts was more than just a plan to enforce tax laws and make sure some Americans didn’t cheat.

During the Obama administration, the IRS targeted Tea Party groups for political harassment.

This new proposal opened up bank accounts for every American – including Joe Biden’s political opponents – for the IRS to monitor.

It would open the door to politically motivated audits – and worse.

After Senator Manchin announced his opposition, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff also publicly opposed the plan to build a platoon of IRS agents tasked with spying on bank accounts.

Not only do Manchin and Ossoff’s opposition deprive the Democrats of a power grab they could use on their political opposition, but it also eliminates one of the gimmicks Democrats planned to use to claim their multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill was “paid” for.

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