One rising star Republican’s career might be over after this bombshell story about an affair

Republicans are jockeying for a position in 2022 to set up potential Presidential campaigns in 2024.

But one top contender may never get out of the gate.

And this rising star Republican’s career might be over after this bombshell story about an affair.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem entered 2021 as either a prime contender for the 2024 GOP nomination or to serve as Donald Trump’s running mate if Trump runs for President again in 2024.

Noem attracted support from some of the GOP grassroots for never imposing a lockdown or a mask mandate during the coronavirus pandemic.

But Noem could not maintain her altitude.

Noem vetoed a bill banning biological males from competing in girls’ sports due to pressure from woke corporations and the NCAA threatening to pull college championship events from South Dakota.

Over this past summer, Noem infuriated Conservatives by opposing legislation to ban vaccine passports in South Dakota.

And now Noem’s 2024 aspirations took another hit as Pedro Gonzales reported on American Greatness that multiple sources alleged that Noem – who is married – carried on an affair with former Trump 2016 campaign manager – and current Noem political advisor – Corey Lewandowski.

“Multiple sources have informed American Greatness that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is having an extramarital affair with adviser Corey Lewandowski, who previously served as a campaign manager for Donald Trump. The alleged fling reportedly has continued for months, sources say,” Gonzalez wrote.

Kirsti Noem once had one of the brightest futures in Republican politics.

But Noem sided with online “woke” mobs on vaccine mandates and boys playing in girls’ sports.

Those missteps – combined with these allegations of scandal – likely doom her 2024 prospects.

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