One resignation just sent Joe Biden’s world into a tailspin

Joe Biden has already fallen out of the graces of the American people.

It’s only a matter of time before his bubble bursts.

And one resignation just sent Joe Biden’s world into a tailspin.

Joe Biden’s administration recently agreed to a demand by the National School Boards Association to deem parents who protest at school board meetings to be domestic terrorists.

The FBI agreed to work with left-wing activists on local school boards to develop Big Brother schemes to spy on and arrest parents who protest Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in schools.

Both the Biden administration and the National School Boards Association held up the arrest of Scott Smith at a Loudon County School Board meeting as one example of violent parents terrorizing local school boards necessitating the FBI swooping in and arresting out of control moms and dads.

Video showed police beating and throwing a wild-eyed Smith to the ground and bloodying his face before cops dragged him away in handcuffs.

But the Biden administration and Loudoun County School Board were hiding the truth.

Smith showed up at the meeting to protest a radical transgender bathroom policy at his child’s school.

The Daily Wire broke the story that weeks before, a biological male that wore a skirt to school raped his 14-year-old daughter in the girl’s bathroom.

The Loudoun County School Board covered up the incident and transferred the skirt-wearing boy to another school.

On October 6, this biological male sexually assaulted another teenage girl.

In light of the Daily Wire’s reporting exposing the Loudon County School Board covering up a rape to protect the transgender social agenda and smearing a concerned father as a domestic terrorist, Loudon County School Board member Beth Barts resigned before a group of concerned parents could remove her via recall election.

“This was not an easy decision or a decision made in haste. After much thought and careful consideration, it is the right decision for me and my family,” Barts wrote in a Facebook post.

Fight for Schools – the group trying to recall Barts – celebrated her resignation.

The group claimed Barts did “the right thing.”

Fight for Schools also announced they would keep up the pressure “until we have a school board of common sense, non-partisan members and a superintendent who is accountable to parents and tells the truth.”

Barts’ resignation exposed the Biden administration’s plan to dispatch the FBI to bully and arrest parents opposing left-wing school boards as a Communist China style attack on free speech.

Concerned parents across America cheered Barts’ resignation as a potential turning point against the Left’s attempt to silence the growing political backlash at the left-wing insanity infesting the nation’s schools.

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