One Republican went on Fox News and defended Joe Biden in this jaw-dropping way

Joe Biden claims his approval rating on Fox News is three percent.

Biden may have to check again.

And that’s because one Republican went on Fox News and defended Joe Biden in this jaw-dropping way.

On the rare occasions Joe Biden takes questions from the press, he begins by saying that he was instructed to call on certain reporters or that he will get into trouble if he takes more questions.

That – combined with Biden’s cognitive decline – leave many Americans with the impression that Joe Biden is not in charge of his own White House.

But on Fox News, former George W. Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer told a stunned Harris Faulkner that he believed Joe Biden was actually in charge of the White House.

“Who is running the White House, in your estimation? You have been inside, you know what it looks like, is it fair to continue to question that?” Faulkner asked.

“Unequivocally, it’s Joe Biden.” Fleischer immediately responded.

That answer took Faulkner aback, who asked a second time just in case Fleischer maybe misspoke.

“You think it is?” Faulkner asked in follow up.

“Absolutely,” Fleischer stated. “He sets the tone.”

Even though POLITICO reported that Joe Biden’s handlers don’t want him taking questions and turn the TV off so they don’t have to watch him fumble over his answers, Fleischer claimed that Joe Biden is in command of his own administration.

“I think it’s overstated to make the case it’s his advisers, it’s other people. Presidents make the call, presidents make the decisions, and Joe Biden is well enough that he is making the decisions. So it’s Joe Biden, he’s just making the wrong decisions,” Fleischer stated.

Americans who watch Joe Biden forget names, dates and places, and refuse to answer questions cannot understand how someone like Ari Fleischer – who worked in the White House – could look at Joe Biden and think he is in charge.

The reality is there’s far too much evidence proving otherwise to make the argument that Biden is anything more than a figurehead in the White House.

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