One Republican went on CNN and made surprising prediction about Donald Trump

Fake news CNN is always looking to bury Donald Trump.

They love it when Republicans come on their air and attack the President.

But now one Republican went on CNN and made a surprising prediction about Donald Trump.

Illinois RINO Congress Adam Kinzinger is a CNN regular.

Kinzinger is a John McCain/Mitt Romney-style liberal who supports open borders, amnesty, endless wars, and globalist trade deals.

On Wednesday, Kinzinger appeared on fake news CNN to perform his trained circus animal routine where he performed and criticized Donald Trump on command.

Host Alisyn Camerota asked Kinzinger about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sabotaging President Trump’s push for $2,000 coronavirus relief checks.

Right on cue, Kinzinger launched into a fairy tale about how the Republican Party base was abandoning the President.

“I think they’re privately distancing more. We’ve talked about this a lot, I wish more would speak out, but I think they’re starting to. I tell you, the base is starting to turn. I get texts every day, and granted, people that are mad at me that aren’t my friends probably aren’t going to text me, but a lot of people that I thought would be upset with me kind of calling this out that are texting saying, ‘Do you know what, you’re right, it’s time, and nobody else is saying it.’ You know, if the president says the election is stolen and nobody rebuts him, you’re generally going to believe him. So I do think it’s starting to turn. I think he will be a player in the Republican Party for sure. I just don’t think he’s going to be around as a player for as long as people are predicting right now,” Kinzinger falsely claimed.

Adam Kinzinger would certainly like it to be true that the GOP base is abandoning President Trump.

Kinzinger would like to lead the GOP into the future as the new version of Mitt Romney.

But Donald Trump won 74,000,000 votes in 2020 and remains the most popular Republican in America.

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