One Republican Senator got caught in a cover-up protecting Barack Obama

President Trump thought it was just Barack Obama’s Deep State allies working against him.

But the President just found out some bad news.

And that’s because one Republican Senator got caught in a cover-up protecting Barack Obama.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson is the chair of the Homeland Security Committee.

His committee had been investigating Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine as well as the intelligence community weaponizing their work to bring down Donald Trump.

Center right radio host Hugh Hewitt – who is no one’s idea of a firebrand – tore into Johnson for not authorizing any subpoenas to get James Comey or John Brennan under oath so Republicans could extract the truth about their crimes against the President.

Johnson shifted the blame for the lack of subpoenas to the other Republicans on the committee.

“Well first of all, I need approval of my committee members, and it was tough enough getting the subpoenas on Blue Star Strategies, and then the others with the authority I’ve got so. Also, Lindsey Graham has been given the assignment by Leader [Mitch] McConnell to really investigate that portion of the corruption, and he’s a chairman of the Judiciary Committee, so we do have some kind of lines of jurisdiction in terms of what you’re you’re trying to do,” Johnson told Hewitt.

Hewitt told Johnson that infuriated him and demanded why Republicans were not getting answers about the attempted coup against President Trump.

“I’m just telling you, I had a devil of a time just getting the subpoena authority that I got,” Johnson added.

Johnson then claimed Republicans on the committee were blocking subpoenas because they were afraid of getting attacked by the Fake News Media.

“We had a number of my committee members who were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson added.

Hewitt exploded and demanded Johnson name names, but instead Johnson covered up for the RINO traitors.

“Hugh, I’m just not going to be naming names that way,” Johnson added.

Many Republican voters were outraged by Johnson not telling them who was blocking investigations into the conspiracy against Donald Trump.

They want to know who these RINOs are so they can vote them out of office.

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