One Republican Governor just ended their career with this vote fraud betrayal of Trump

Donald Trump’s biggest obstacle in exposing voter fraud is often members of his own party.

This infuriates the President’s base of supporters.

And one Republican Governor just ended their career with this vote fraud betrayal of Trump.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp has come under fire not authorizing a signature match for mail-in votes.

President Trump asserts that Joe Biden only carried Georgia by around 12,000 votes due to fraud in mail-in voting.

President Trump and his supporters urged Governor Kemp to call a special session of the legislature to address voter fraud in the 2020 election and for the Republican-held legislature to assert its Constitutional authority to appoint a pro Trump slate of electors to the Electoral College.

But Governor Kemp ended that talk and abandoned the President saying he would not call a special session of the legislature.

“While we understand four members of the Georgia Senate are requesting the convening of a special session of the General Assembly, doing this in order to select a separate slate of presidential electors is not an option that is allowed under state or federal law,” a statement by Governor Kemp read.

Kemp falsely claimed state law did not grant the legislature this power.

“State law is clear: the legislature could only direct an alternative method for choosing presidential electors if the election was not able to be held on the date set by federal law,” the statement added. “In the 1960s, the General Assembly decided that Georgia’s presidential electors will be determined by the winner of the state’s popular vote.”

At a rally for Georgia Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler on Saturday night, President Trump asked Congressman Doug Collins if he would like to run for Governor in two years, a clear invitation for the pro-Trump Collins to challenge Kemp in the 2022 Republican primary.

Trump made it clear that if Collins challenges Kemp that Trump will endorse him.

And that could be all Collins needs to unseat Kemp after this decision to turn his back on the President.

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