One Republican asked this question that left the impeachment hearing in complete shambles

The first day of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt was a complete disaster.

Democrats were left punch drunk after their plan to use a Deep State sleeper cell as their star witnesses in a sham investigation was exposed to the public.

And one Republican asked this question that left the impeachment hearing in complete shambles.

Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor and high ranking State Department official George Kent stepped out of the shadows and were forced to answer for their role as part of a cabal of bureaucrats trying to subvert the Constitution by seizing control of American foreign policy with regard to Ukraine.

Democrats thought that, because of Taylor’s military service and Kent’s long career in the State Department under both Republican and Democrat Presidents, they made for the perfect witnesses to lay the hammer to President Trump.

But Texas Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe called their bluff.

Ratcliffe asked Kent and Taylor one simple question: where is the impeachable offense?

Once Ratcliffe put Kent and Taylor under the spotlight the façade dropped and it became clear they were hacks merely whining about a policy disagreement with Donald Trump.

Kent and Taylor sat in stunned silence and couldn’t provide an answer to Ratcliffe’s question.

At the end of the day, the Democrats’ “star witnesses” couldn’t even come up with an impeachable offense.

That’s because there aren’t any impeachable offenses.

This entire witch hunt is nothing more than an excise of a partisan power play to try to nullify the results of the 2016 election because Democrats are worried they won’t be able to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box in 2020.

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187 Responses

  1. Eddie Wong says:

    There is no whistleblower. The dems made that up.

  2. Frankvasquez says:

    I opened my eyes when my mother called
    Me to ask that wanted to move in with my
    Family due to Democrat women at her
    Social center telling her and other elderly
    Folks if you vote for Republican your ss
    Checks will be taken away you will on the street shameless demos

  3. Kathy says:

    We voted well before the Ukranian phone call,when the Democrats pulled this one they sealed their fate.As a matter of fact I am no longer a Democrat

  4. DEM777 says:

    Shame on you Joseph W. Strychasz. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST WOULD NOT APPROVE OF Donald J. Trump policies or behavior.

    God / Jesus Christ said to give to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God.

    Also the Word of God says to follow the Laws of Government.

    The ILLEGALS ARE GOING AGAINST THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Period! Also the Liberal Democrats are going against the Laws of USA and the laws of God Almighty Father /Jesus Christ.

    I suggest that you read the Whole Word Of God before quoting God and what he thinks or would do. YOU ARE SPEAKING ONLY YOUR WORDS NOT GOD’S.

  5. he does not know what truth is, e.g. asylum seekers from the south are all criminals contrary to reports by FBI and Cato Institute, climate change is a hoax – credible scientists say otherwise; where I live we have in our soil pollutants from the Manhattan project (nuclear waste), from a coke manufacturing company and chemical dump site in the love canal. He wants to eliminate Obamacare but has nothing to replace it with
    leaving 32 million people without medical care – if that was one of your children who was poor and could not afford medical care would you not want them to have it? Pilate once asked Jesus what is the truth – trump would not know it if it was in his face and how can one trust a person who consistently lies. Jesus would not approve of his policies or behavior.

  6. Ms. Munchkin says:

    Alex B. Technically, the whistleblower’ s statement IS HEARSAY! As he heard it from a second party. Which makes it a third party account, and inadmissible in any court in the land. BUT shifty Schiff changed the rule just days after a meeting between his staff members and the whistleblower, which allowed the ILLEGAL whistleblower complaint to be accepted. Wait for it, it will be thrown out in the Senate, because they DON’T have to follow SHIFTY SCHIFF’S rules.

    Yes people, I am back from my vacation! You can’t get rid of me that easily!

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