One question about Brett Kavanaugh destroyed Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton stepped in it.

She entered the fight over the Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

But one question about Brett Kavanaugh brought up some bad memories of Bill Clinton and destroyed Chelsea Clinton for good.

Co-host Norah O’Donnell asked Clinton about Donald Trump supposedly “mocking” Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump did not mock her.

He merely pointed out her story was full of holes and she could not remember significant details about her ever-changing story.

Many Americans believe she is lying.

But Clinton defended Ford.

Life Site News reports:

O’DONNELL: I do want to talk about so much in the book, but I also want to get your take because we don’t get to talk with you often about what’s happening in the news. We saw the President of the United States, Donald Trump, last night mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in a campaign-style rally. What did you make of that?

GAYLE KING: Not kindness. Not kindness.

CLINTON: I hope this isn’t an old-fashioned belief. I don’t think the President should be mocking anyone. I don’t think he should be mocking Dr. Ford. I don’t think he should be mocking a Gold Star family. I don’t think he should be mocking a disabled reporter. I just don’t think that’s behavior becoming of our president.

Clinton has a lot of nerve.

Her father survived scandal after scandal because – from her mother on down – the Clintons attacked, mocked and threatened the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Of course no one at CBS asked her the obvious follow up question.

That’s why they are fake news.

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115 Responses

  1. Joanne Thauberger says:

    Glad that you brought that up. I was thinking the same thing. Isn’t it amazing that they fail to admit that fact? Also, compared to the number of students attending universities/colleges; it is really only a small percent that are against him and the President.

    Here’s another fact that they continue to ignore. Less than 25% of WOMEN believe Ford. Another interesting stat. 60% of Americans want Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court judge.

  2. Joanne Thauberger says:

    The way they are pushing students through, without knowledge of the subject, is the best response to your statement. Also, Clinton is one of the privileged elite with big connections, she could have not even gone to school all year and still graduated.

  3. Hold on here. The man identified himself as priest, and you wind up unloading on him about your own particular interests/prejudices. Maybe keep this in the context of the article above. Remember he could have identified as just plain Tom Martin, and you would never have known. He’s entitled to his profession as you are to yours.

  4. merri says:

    First of all, if my memory is right I believe that Webb Hubbel is Chelsey father not bill Clinton. Has Webb every been accused of sexual misconduct? Bill has, so where does she stand, regarding Bill? He has been a pervert mof of his married life to Hillary, must be hard, but there is no blood line to her from him, but must hurt when reminded of the hurt he has caused her mother by his preventiveness., many Americans do not like HIm because he is a pervert, don’t like her mother because of her lies, crooked deals, corruption, stealing, and drug deals with the cartels, nor do we liked obama because he was out to bankrupt and destroy America, and ow President Trump is doing a great job he-Obama wants to take the credit for things. The Clintons, and Obama are not in the WH or in power President Trump is and his cabinet, so focus on them. The Clinton’s and Obama and his administration will be getting justice served on them for all the lies, schemes, stealing, traitor to American people and committing treason against us as a nation and isn’t easy to acknowledge that one is conceived in a moment of passion or weakness or force. One word of advise to Chelsey, you have your life live it on the right side of the law, do not follow your mothers and Bills, do not go to the dark side, repent and follow God’s direction not evil and corruption, you have a chance to do something Good in your life don’t destroy it like your mother and Bill. Be stronger then them. Get the help you need, seek spiritual direction from God and HIs Holy Word, have honest friends not druggies, or alcoholics, stay true to yourself not giving into corruption like democrats often so search for what God wants for you to do not your mother or Bill. Stand firm for justice and honor, you have a chance thou small right now to prove you are better then them, and can be trusted, and respect for the right choices you make., in the end you will be able to face yourself in the mirror without indulging into alcohol, drugs, or other things. There are a number praying for you and that ou make the right choice to repent, and get into a Bible preaching church, not a cult, but a GOSPEL preaching church….May God Bless you and heal you, and may society deal with your mother, and father, and Obama and the corruption they have done to America and her people., May God give the strength to you to do the right thing and follow the right path so that you don’t have a life of destruction on earth and an eternity of hell with many of mom and Bills friends who have chosen the wrong path.

  5. frank says:

    The Clintons are gone. The Odumbos are gone. How about we just ignore them and press the DOJ to investigate these losers and put them in jail.

  6. Baylee says:

    Maybe he was the only one that would have her.

  7. Kat says:

    Well smart biscuits, why are you so certain she was raped by Kavanaugh? Rape victims remember a LOT more than what she “remembers”. In fact, rape victims have a hard time FORGETTING. she cannot remember, when, where, how she got there, how she left. In fact the only thing she CAN remember according to her testimony is that it was Brett kavanaugh. AND she does not say a word to ANYONE for over 35 years???

    And yes, I do believe God will reveal the truth and she will be punishment for bearing false witness.

  8. Baylee says:

    That’s probably because she could put herself in their positions. After all, she’s been there.

  9. Baylee says:

    BTW, the republican females are the most pissed at this Blasey-Ford display of incompetents. They are outraged.

  10. Baylee says:

    What a complete unintelligent person you are. All the things that happened against me were reported to the authorities & were handled properly. My rights were always handle correctly.
    It’s not the republican men who rape women, it has always been the dimm. ones. Look it up.

  11. Baylee says:

    Well, smartbiscuits. I was molested by a relative as a child, raped as a 40 something, had a ‘mickey’ put in my cola also in my forties., & have been harassed my entire life. Even now in my 70’s I am harassed. I was allergic to the ‘mickey.’ Luckily for me I threw up violently.
    I am a 5’3″ woman who looks to be in her early 50’s, who wants to left alone. But, that has not impaired my passion for my fellow man. I have pulled myself up after all these horrible things & gotten on with my life. This would be considered a healthy mind set in the ‘real’ world.
    So-I think I’m the better person to have an honest opinion of Blasey Ford. She was not raped. She probably was molested by someone some time or other, It appears she was only a subject of a ‘coping’ a feel from a teenage boy. My lord, I wish I had a dollar for every time some fool has tried to ‘cop’ a feel on me., but I set them straight & that was the end of that. After all, in ‘most’ cases that’s all it takes. People will see how far they can get. It’s ‘usually’ up to the female to stop it. But it was not Judge Kavanaugh. She was hypnotized in her therapy session with her husband. Quite frankly the husband was probably trying to find out what the hell was wrong with her. In this session Judge Kavanaugh’s name was NOT mentioned.. If you have ever read/researched anything, you would know when a person has been hypnotized, they transfer memories onto other people they see on TV/news. I feel sorry for this poor soul. She is pathetic. Dianne Feinstein is a despicable person.
    BUT, you must know Blasey-Ford helped her friend, Monica McLean cheat on her polygraph test enabling her to become an FBI agent.
    You must also, know the history of the Blasey family. The father works for the CIA. And is a friend of James Comey. These 2 sites might be helpful to you: I) & 2) HSNC money-laundering case haunts Mueller’s prosecution of Manafort.
    This entire process has been about Judge Kavanuagh being a strict constitutionalist. The dimms want the U.S .Constitution gone.
    President Trump did not lie. Judge Kavanaugh did not lie.
    BTW, Susan Collin’s speech yesterday was awesome.
    And Howey Doodie needs to keep herself at home

  12. Joanne Thauberger says:

    Well first of all Ford was NOT raped, she claims she was sexually assaulted and THOUGHT she may be raped. Even that claim is debatable. It has been proven that she has lied at least two times. She has absolutely no facts to substantiate her claim. Not even the year, date, time, location, how she got there or got home, her named witnesses have no knowledge of event, and she refuses to submit the physiatrist’s report she referred to as evidence. The polygraph test she took was a joke and not conducted properly. Kavanaugh’s yearbook is from 1983 (when he was of legal age) and not from 1982 the alleged year of the attack. Yet given all these facts people are still believe that it is true. Why? Because they want to believe it is true for some sinister reason unknown to the majority of us.

    Have YOU ever been raped? If not; what gives you any knowledge on the subject? Yes, the truth will be revealed. I hope you are a big enough person to admit your error and apologize for your “lynch mob” mentality.

    This person can express what others are thinking better than I can.

    You should read it and realize what these people have done to this man, his family and his good name. I say to you: She lied, Trump did not lie, & Kavanaugh is innocent.

  13. Don says:

    Only one way to shut the Clintons. Gag them in solitary in GITMO. Make that two ways.

  14. Bender says:

    Sandy hook parents lying about massacre. Parkland survivors are crisis actors. Attack gold star families. Mock handicap and don’t believe any woman who accuses a white man of wrong doing. Believe every conspiracy theory from Breitbart, Alex Jones and Fox propaganda. Your evil people stop telling people your Christians it gives good Christians a bad name.

  15. Smartbiscuits says:

    Yes. You are so correct on that. Then a true investigation will be done and facts will not be hedden.

  16. smartbiscuits says:

    I hope you never get rape, then you’ll have a great experience on what to say on the subject. She did Trump lied Kavanguah lied. God will reveal the truth on this some day.

  17. shs says:

    Clinton is not her Father, Webb Hubbel is, so I wonder really were she stands in affection…it must be hard…as much as I dislike what her Mother and Obama have done to slaughter America, I can still say God Bless her…it much be hard to know you were conceived in a moment of passion/lust…

  18. Joseph says:

    Dr. Ford WAS NOT sexually assaulted by anybody, anywhere, at anytime period!!!

    1. She didn’t know the time, the date, the place, how she got to the party, or how she got him, eventually…all she did remember”quite clearly” is that she had drunk ONE beer…
    2.Her “recollection” of the alleged events didn’t start u til she was 45 years old…or until it mattered to remember…
    3.The Democrat/Liberals needed a “goat” to use as a delaying tactic…who better than a DOCTOR who was in the same general age group, the same general geographic area as Brett Kavanaugh, and would do anything to keep abortion legal, and who’s work was centered on developing antiabortion drugs…
    4.Her demeanor throughout her testimony was absolutely diametrically opposed to what her demeanor as a Professor is…she sounded like a “wounded, and hurt” little school girl when testifying, but is a hard, and unrelenting individual as a Liberal College professor…
    5…LAST, BUT NOT LEAST…give this 2 weeks to settle down, and the Democrats won’t even know who you are talking about when you mention this woman’s name…guaranteed…!!!
    BS and lies from start to finish!!!She was set up(willingly or unwillingly)by the Democrat/Liberal who were using her to delay the hearings…they failed, and now she is no longer useful…Now she can go enjoy the proceeds off of her #GoFundMe account(last I heard it was approaching $1,000,000)…Good for you, Ms. Blasey Ford…!!!

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