One question about Brett Kavanaugh destroyed Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton stepped in it.

She entered the fight over the Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

But one question about Brett Kavanaugh brought up some bad memories of Bill Clinton and destroyed Chelsea Clinton for good.

Co-host Norah O’Donnell asked Clinton about Donald Trump supposedly “mocking” Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump did not mock her.

He merely pointed out her story was full of holes and she could not remember significant details about her ever-changing story.

Many Americans believe she is lying.

But Clinton defended Ford.

Life Site News reports:

O’DONNELL: I do want to talk about so much in the book, but I also want to get your take because we don’t get to talk with you often about what’s happening in the news. We saw the President of the United States, Donald Trump, last night mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in a campaign-style rally. What did you make of that?

GAYLE KING: Not kindness. Not kindness.

CLINTON: I hope this isn’t an old-fashioned belief. I don’t think the President should be mocking anyone. I don’t think he should be mocking Dr. Ford. I don’t think he should be mocking a Gold Star family. I don’t think he should be mocking a disabled reporter. I just don’t think that’s behavior becoming of our president.

Clinton has a lot of nerve.

Her father survived scandal after scandal because – from her mother on down – the Clintons attacked, mocked and threatened the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Of course no one at CBS asked her the obvious follow up question.

That’s why they are fake news.

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116 Responses

  1. Bryce Thompson says:

    Do this and you will right the wrong committed against us, don’t do this and you will burn with the Demon-rats
    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word. free energy will end the demon-rats.

    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse

    • Joanne Thauberger says:

      Maybe if the banks quit charging people to death with user fees & interest; the world’s economy will get better. Time to disband this criminal organization and let countries print their own money again. Our governments sold us all out.

  2. mark maddalla says:


  3. n wilson oliver says:

    When a skeptic takes issue with one labeling the mainstream news as mostly “fake news,” this powder-puff interview illustrates the case perfectly.

    Perhaps the term “fake news” does the issue wrong because for the most part it is less “fake” than far more insidious, BIASED, SLANTED–It in truth is OPINION masquerading as REPORTAGE–It is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, not what it presents itself as–

    The Ford Fiasco was classic–None that I read or heard among the “elitist opinion shapers” dared question the absurdities in this “news item.” Obviously the first was the timing–“Senator Finestone, you had what you believe is a credible accusation since July! Why did you wait until the hearing was drawing to a close?”

    The press did NOT ask this question because they KNEW the answer–It was NOT credible…at ANY level!

    But the mainstream news did their job–ACT as though it WAS credible, STOKE outrage rather than skepticism. AMBUSH JOURNALISM following AMBUSH POLITICS.

    “Senator Finestone, you know that the legal matter here is MOOT. What is your reason?” “Abused Women MUST be heard!!! They are courageous in facing the public and we must defend them!”

    “Senator Finestone, I agree with you and I am proud of your (Leftist) colleagues. However, did you take a similar position about the TWELVE women who accused the former president? The one whose wife, the LOSER in the most recent presidential race, vilified, threatened, and dismissed these accusations?”

    “Uh, well, that was different. President Clinton was a democrat…they NEVER abuse women…”

    Right Chelsea?

  4. Ric says:

    The Clinton’s have done little in honing Chelsea’s lying skills. Indeed, she would not mention her father’s insatiable appetite and predilection of abusing women sexually; Chelsea has learned that the truth has no place in her family’s or Democrats’ predisposition or ethics. Bubba, Slick Willy is and remains a sexual predator; however, the Leftist Progressives/Democrats elude the facts by stoning others of a different politic or principles. Deflection is the name of the game; this time it will ricochet and, hopefully, hit them right between the eyes. Chelsea is a byproduct of the swamp; bottom feeding is harder than one thinks.

  5. madmemere says:

    If the little hilary clone had been asked about “father” (in name only) slick willy, she would have indignantly proclaimed she did NOT come to discuss her father!!

  6. Steve Andersen says:

    The sexual behavior of the father shouldn’t be the business of a child! I’m a conservative, butI believe this strongly.

    • Peg says:

      steve, what u say about CHILDREN is my feeling also. However, chelsea is not a CHILD. if she feels the need to speak to a situation, slander the persons involved, then turnabout is fair play.

    • sheldon Nadler says:

      She is not a child any more. She is a grown, over the age of 21 woman and she has said many moronic statements about other issues in the past year. Her father is a womanizer and a rapist and has been impeached as a President!

  7. merri says:

    First of all, if my memory is right I believe that Webb Hubbel is Chelsey father not bill Clinton. Has Webb every been accused of sexual misconduct? Bill has, so where does she stand, regarding Bill? He has been a pervert mof of his married life to Hillary, must be hard, but there is no blood line to her from him, but must hurt when reminded of the hurt he has caused her mother by his preventiveness., many Americans do not like HIm because he is a pervert, don’t like her mother because of her lies, crooked deals, corruption, stealing, and drug deals with the cartels, nor do we liked obama because he was out to bankrupt and destroy America, and ow President Trump is doing a great job he-Obama wants to take the credit for things. The Clintons, and Obama are not in the WH or in power President Trump is and his cabinet, so focus on them. The Clinton’s and Obama and his administration will be getting justice served on them for all the lies, schemes, stealing, traitor to American people and committing treason against us as a nation and isn’t easy to acknowledge that one is conceived in a moment of passion or weakness or force. One word of advise to Chelsey, you have your life live it on the right side of the law, do not follow your mothers and Bills, do not go to the dark side, repent and follow God’s direction not evil and corruption, you have a chance to do something Good in your life don’t destroy it like your mother and Bill. Be stronger then them. Get the help you need, seek spiritual direction from God and HIs Holy Word, have honest friends not druggies, or alcoholics, stay true to yourself not giving into corruption like democrats often so search for what God wants for you to do not your mother or Bill. Stand firm for justice and honor, you have a chance thou small right now to prove you are better then them, and can be trusted, and respect for the right choices you make., in the end you will be able to face yourself in the mirror without indulging into alcohol, drugs, or other things. There are a number praying for you and that ou make the right choice to repent, and get into a Bible preaching church, not a cult, but a GOSPEL preaching church….May God Bless you and heal you, and may society deal with your mother, and father, and Obama and the corruption they have done to America and her people., May God give the strength to you to do the right thing and follow the right path so that you don’t have a life of destruction on earth and an eternity of hell with many of mom and Bills friends who have chosen the wrong path.

  8. frank says:

    The Clintons are gone. The Odumbos are gone. How about we just ignore them and press the DOJ to investigate these losers and put them in jail.

  9. Don says:

    Only one way to shut the Clintons. Gag them in solitary in GITMO. Make that two ways.

  10. Bender says:

    Sandy hook parents lying about massacre. Parkland survivors are crisis actors. Attack gold star families. Mock handicap and don’t believe any woman who accuses a white man of wrong doing. Believe every conspiracy theory from Breitbart, Alex Jones and Fox propaganda. Your evil people stop telling people your Christians it gives good Christians a bad name.

    • Aubie camp says:

      Christians don’t kill unborn babies. Any one that votes Dem. are giving their approval to do so !!!One day these people will stand before God and explain their actions and say well God
      I was a Democrat ; and God will say depart from me I NEVRE KNEW YOU——–Good Christian read your bible

  11. shs says:

    Clinton is not her Father, Webb Hubbel is, so I wonder really were she stands in affection…it must be hard…as much as I dislike what her Mother and Obama have done to slaughter America, I can still say God Bless her…it much be hard to know you were conceived in a moment of passion/lust…

  12. Joseph says:

    Dr. Ford WAS NOT sexually assaulted by anybody, anywhere, at anytime period!!!

    1. She didn’t know the time, the date, the place, how she got to the party, or how she got him, eventually…all she did remember”quite clearly” is that she had drunk ONE beer…
    2.Her “recollection” of the alleged events didn’t start u til she was 45 years old…or until it mattered to remember…
    3.The Democrat/Liberals needed a “goat” to use as a delaying tactic…who better than a DOCTOR who was in the same general age group, the same general geographic area as Brett Kavanaugh, and would do anything to keep abortion legal, and who’s work was centered on developing antiabortion drugs…
    4.Her demeanor throughout her testimony was absolutely diametrically opposed to what her demeanor as a Professor is…she sounded like a “wounded, and hurt” little school girl when testifying, but is a hard, and unrelenting individual as a Liberal College professor…
    5…LAST, BUT NOT LEAST…give this 2 weeks to settle down, and the Democrats won’t even know who you are talking about when you mention this woman’s name…guaranteed…!!!
    BS and lies from start to finish!!!She was set up(willingly or unwillingly)by the Democrat/Liberal who were using her to delay the hearings…they failed, and now she is no longer useful…Now she can go enjoy the proceeds off of her #GoFundMe account(last I heard it was approaching $1,000,000)…Good for you, Ms. Blasey Ford…!!!

    • smartbiscuits says:

      I hope you never get rape, then you’ll have a great experience on what to say on the subject. She did Trump lied Kavanguah lied. God will reveal the truth on this some day.

      • Joanne Thauberger says:

        Well first of all Ford was NOT raped, she claims she was sexually assaulted and THOUGHT she may be raped. Even that claim is debatable. It has been proven that she has lied at least two times. She has absolutely no facts to substantiate her claim. Not even the year, date, time, location, how she got there or got home, her named witnesses have no knowledge of event, and she refuses to submit the physiatrist’s report she referred to as evidence. The polygraph test she took was a joke and not conducted properly. Kavanaugh’s yearbook is from 1983 (when he was of legal age) and not from 1982 the alleged year of the attack. Yet given all these facts people are still believe that it is true. Why? Because they want to believe it is true for some sinister reason unknown to the majority of us.

        Have YOU ever been raped? If not; what gives you any knowledge on the subject? Yes, the truth will be revealed. I hope you are a big enough person to admit your error and apologize for your “lynch mob” mentality.

        This person can express what others are thinking better than I can.

        You should read it and realize what these people have done to this man, his family and his good name. I say to you: She lied, Trump did not lie, & Kavanaugh is innocent.

      • Baylee says:

        Well, smartbiscuits. I was molested by a relative as a child, raped as a 40 something, had a ‘mickey’ put in my cola also in my forties., & have been harassed my entire life. Even now in my 70’s I am harassed. I was allergic to the ‘mickey.’ Luckily for me I threw up violently.
        I am a 5’3″ woman who looks to be in her early 50’s, who wants to left alone. But, that has not impaired my passion for my fellow man. I have pulled myself up after all these horrible things & gotten on with my life. This would be considered a healthy mind set in the ‘real’ world.
        So-I think I’m the better person to have an honest opinion of Blasey Ford. She was not raped. She probably was molested by someone some time or other, It appears she was only a subject of a ‘coping’ a feel from a teenage boy. My lord, I wish I had a dollar for every time some fool has tried to ‘cop’ a feel on me., but I set them straight & that was the end of that. After all, in ‘most’ cases that’s all it takes. People will see how far they can get. It’s ‘usually’ up to the female to stop it. But it was not Judge Kavanaugh. She was hypnotized in her therapy session with her husband. Quite frankly the husband was probably trying to find out what the hell was wrong with her. In this session Judge Kavanaugh’s name was NOT mentioned.. If you have ever read/researched anything, you would know when a person has been hypnotized, they transfer memories onto other people they see on TV/news. I feel sorry for this poor soul. She is pathetic. Dianne Feinstein is a despicable person.
        BUT, you must know Blasey-Ford helped her friend, Monica McLean cheat on her polygraph test enabling her to become an FBI agent.
        You must also, know the history of the Blasey family. The father works for the CIA. And is a friend of James Comey. These 2 sites might be helpful to you: I) & 2) HSNC money-laundering case haunts Mueller’s prosecution of Manafort.
        This entire process has been about Judge Kavanuagh being a strict constitutionalist. The dimms want the U.S .Constitution gone.
        President Trump did not lie. Judge Kavanaugh did not lie.
        BTW, Susan Collin’s speech yesterday was awesome.
        And Howey Doodie needs to keep herself at home

      • Kat says:

        Well smart biscuits, why are you so certain she was raped by Kavanaugh? Rape victims remember a LOT more than what she “remembers”. In fact, rape victims have a hard time FORGETTING. she cannot remember, when, where, how she got there, how she left. In fact the only thing she CAN remember according to her testimony is that it was Brett kavanaugh. AND she does not say a word to ANYONE for over 35 years???

        And yes, I do believe God will reveal the truth and she will be punishment for bearing false witness.

    • Dora says:

      She needs to be charged with perjury, she lied to the committee and the FBI and confiscate her million dollars #GoFund/Me money.

  13. Bender says:

    Thanks for showing millions of women if you report sexual assault rethuglicans won’t believe you. Evil people who think women shouldn’t have a choice or any rights welcome to 1918 again women vote democrats get your rights back

    • Chuck Hobbs says:

      Well idiot, when you patently lie about a rape attempt that obviously never occurred what do you expect? Do you believe that any allegation should be considered fact without any corroborating evidence? Do you believe your feelings are more important than facts? If so you are truly a retarded liberal dumbocrat. No put on your dunce cap and go sit in the corner; it’s time for a long timeout. Bender is an apt name for you; you are obviously on an extended bender. Put the vodka bottle down and return to rehab.

    • Sharin says:

      Bender, you might trying baseline when you bend over….might give you that tolerance you hate mongers are s o proud of.

    • Plea your case to this entity because if anyone is guilty of your claims; it is they. Welcome to the dark ages.

      I don’t recall hearing anyone claim women shouldn’t have a choice or any rights. Did you dream that maybe. I know the women that Clinton assaulted certainly didn’t have any rights and were the victims of Hillary’s vile tongue lashing out about them.

      If anyone has shown that they have no regard for procedures, laws, and the Constitution; it has been the Democrats with their “lynch mob mentality” of no due process and “guilty until proven guilty” campaign against Kavanaugh. Their brainwashed zombies are just as guilty. There is absolutely no proof of Ford’s allegations, her story kept changing, she lied (at least once), the witnesses she named have no knowledge of the event. No one, absolutely no one, has the privilege to be “just believed”.

      Here’s a question for you. Why are they using Kavanaugh’s ‘1983’ year book (when he was of legal age to drink) to prove an event that was allegedly to have happened in the mid 80′, no late 80’s, no ‘1982’? In case you didn’t know the legal drinking age was raised from 18 to 21 in 1984. He was born Feb, 1965.

      Yes Democrats are evil people, they prove it every day. Vote them out. I am a woman and they are the last people I would vote for.

      • James midnight says:

        You are so right. Ever wonder why Ford’s yearbook was never brought up or shown, Because, as I have seen much of it before scrubbed from internet, she was a extreme PARTY GIRL AND MORE. Please Demorats and libturds show it. Did you know her own parents and sibling wouldn’t sign her LETTER OF SUPPORT!!!!!! For those who viewed the confirmation hearings, we saw people for and against Kavanaugh, but not one told a life of DRINKING AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTING girls or women. NOTHING EVER SAID. WTF if some allegation of this crazy behaviour MUST HAVE MIRACULOUSLY SKIPPED EVERYONE IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE???? Please pray for the women,young and old, who were REALLY suffered from the sexual abuse by MEN, or the GAY and LESBIAN by their husbands or lovers. They are the Real VICTIMS. Demorats used Ms Ford and I like many do not believe a word she said.

    • Patricia Mikulin says:

      Stupid statement. It was taken seriously and investigated. He didn’t do it.

    • Bama Bill says:

      Welcome to 1918? Sorry but this is 2018! Chelsea is Hillary’s bastard daughter, who Bill does NOT claim to be his. Besides she is married to George Soros grandson! What family ties! In case you didn’t know Soros worked for the Nazi’s rounding up Jews to be sent to the “Death Camps”.
      How about what the Clinton’s have done to all of “Slick Willy’s” accusers of his sexual assaults? How many have suffered from “Terminal Clintonitis”? Think the count is up to 92 so far? How about the woman who was leaving on vacation, airline tickets in hand, bags packed, taxi called, and she ends up shot in the back of the head with a .45 semi-auto 1911? A “Suicide”? They holding a 1911 behind your head. It is not possible! But it was ruled a suicide! Even if her hands had no trace of gunpowder, or her fingerprints were not on the gun? Amazing what “Money” can buy!

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      Yes. You are so correct on that. Then a true investigation will be done and facts will not be hedden.

    • Baylee says:

      What a complete unintelligent person you are. All the things that happened against me were reported to the authorities & were handled properly. My rights were always handle correctly.
      It’s not the republican men who rape women, it has always been the dimm. ones. Look it up.

  14. jonas says:

    There’s ONLY a few ways of telling a lie! Some of the truth, or all a lie, Ford’s mixture with Ravanaugh is 100% plus mainly with the wrong names involved.

  15. miller says:

    Thom is a flaming moron. If he thinks for 1 second that Chelsea (Hubbel) Clinton did the necessary work to get through Stanford, maybe he’s looking for a bridge to purchase. I wonder if the pea brained, Chelsea even knows about HillBilly Clinton’s numerous sexual assaults. She can’t be that naive. She’s put in front of cameras by the DumbA$$o CROOK party leaders as they think she’s the future of their dwindling party. I hope she is !!!

    • Toni Jo says:

      Chelsea Clinton put her self into it. She’s opened Pandora’s box herself!!

    • James midnight says:


  16. RightWriter says:

    Sure, why should Chelsea NOT have been asked to comment on her Daddy’s behavior, especially now that EVERYONE’S misbehavior — even 50 years ago — is up for criticism!
    Actually, I thought one comment Chelsea made was VERY GOOD, much better than I’d have expected from her. She warned that this whole scandal, whether true or not, is VERY UNFAIR to discuss while Brett Kavanaugh’s 10- and 13-year old daughters are listening. Obviously Chelsea has painful memories of being asked how Bill Clinton’s behavior affected HER when she was a pre- or young teen, and she couldn’t wish that on the Kavanaugh girls. Showed MORE CLASS from Chelsea than I thought she possessed!

  17. Lucy More says:

    I think Chelsea is just seeking attention..after all they are no longer relevant to the people of
    USA except for the money machine acquired at the WH…let her talk the family is done.!

    • NormaGilmer says:

      To Chelsea clinton.You should be happy that bill Clinton is not your father.and is Hillary Clinton really your mother. I still believe that you have a chance to change. Your Father God loves you,and wants to make you a new person in Christ. It changes everything GOD changed my life. Please people pray for Chelsea.She had been brought up by super strange people.She does not have to be blamed for so called parents.please pray for her.GOD IS GOOD .

  18. Tom Foolery says:

    What is the question that ‘destroyed chelsea hubble? Did I miss something…from what I see slick willy’s step daughter was given a well rehearsed and planned occasion to lie about President Trump…again…by the fake ‘crat propagandists…??

  19. I wonder who paid for her plastic surgery . She is only about half as ugly as she used to be. Clinton foundation, tax payers, anyone else money but theirs’

  20. Jim says:

    Why should she care…Bill’s not her father.

    • Les says:

      You know it’s bad enough that they write about Chelsea Clinton but do they really have to put her picture for all to see?

    • Norma Gilmer says:

      I did not know Bill Clinton was not her father. She should be happy that he is not her father,he is totally disquisting. To bad Hillary Clinton is her mother.or is she?Hillary is disquisting Because I did not know what President would be like I voted for hillary.Thank You GOD that she did not become president. Chelsea there is time for You to God and become who you were meant to be by GOD.Ahappy child before being raised by these horrific people.You weren’t meant to be this way. Please I ask all the people to pray for Chelsea life to be changed by GOD.

      • Bama Bill says:

        But! She is married to Mr. George Soros grandson! Soros worked for the Nazi’s helping round up Jews to be sent to the “Death Camps”! Soros is very disappointed after spending many millions trying to get Hillary elected. Do some searching and read what he has said lately. Soros “ONLY” spent about $38 BILLION funding his “Open Borders Foundation” since he founded it back in 1985. But it did buy him his “European Union”. Obama was supposed to deliver an “America Union” to Soros. But he failed. Then Hillary flopped trying to get elected to “Finish the Job”. When you “Follow the Money”, you will find as I did who is really “Pulling the Strings”.
        Mr. George Soros!

  21. Dr. J. D. says:

    From coast to coast, the nation’s law professors are asking the United States Senate to REJECT the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court because of his “lack of judicial temperament.” . When the letter went public yesterday Oct. 4, there were 650 law professors who’d signed on. Today, (Oct. 5) that number is approaching 2,000 and still going strong. Former REPULICAN retired SCOTUS judge reverses his approval of Kavanaugh and also claimed he did not possess proper judicial temperment and expressed partisan bias.

    • Donna says:

      any one would have lost there temper when accused by a women who obviously had a truth problem, It was all used to destroy him and the democrats will do anything to get there way! !!!! It scary to think there are so many law professor s who are crazy,

      • Bama Bill says:

        They aren’t “Crazy”. They are just “Owned” by the “Open Borders Foundation”. Soros owns the media, Dems, Unions, and now his “European Union”. Which now gives him control of Europe! So the Belgians now control all of Europe except maybe England? So many liberal work for the over 2,300 liberal groups the “Open Borders Foundation” funds. There are millions that get paid to work at groups like, “Black Lives Matter”, MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, etc. Where else can a college graduate with no work experience, and no marketable job skills find a “Position”? My friends daughter was still attending college at age 38! Twenty years “Mother” supported her daughter, who had never held a full time job when her mother died! That’s the kind of college trained people running around out there!

    • Jimmy says:

      yes the word is FORMER Republican because he wanted to abolish the 2nd Amendment hes a liberal like you

    • Lola Collins says:

      Think about what you said; LAW PROFESSORS. Do you know how many of those LAW PROFESSORS are liberal? There are not many professors of any subject who are conservative. Stevens was one of the most ”wishy’washy’ Justices in my life. You give a darned weak argument there!! Also , the guy is NINETY EIGHT AND LIBERAL!!!!!!!

    • Linda says:

      I think you judges are hypocrites to the balance of this nation. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.
      What kind of self righteous old goats are you?
      Shame on you. I would never want any of you as an attorney.

    • Shecky says:

      Lawyers….lol….you really think any of us care about what a bunch of liberal lawyers think? Personally, if you stood in front of me….accused me of the things this moron of a teacher had accused Judge Kavanaugh of. You would need facial reconstruction and a good oral surgeon. He showed great constraint towards the idiots that are demo senators (I use that definition loosely…more like hypocrites with a title)….insinuating without a single shred of evidence that he had done this.
      You have Dr before your name….just another QUACK!!

    • Joseph says:

      Hmmm,…considering there are about 17,800 law professors in the United states, and only have a little over 12% advocating against him…Yeah, I’ll take those odds…good luck, and try again next week…

      • Joanne Thauberger says:

        Glad that you brought that up. I was thinking the same thing. Isn’t it amazing that they fail to admit that fact? Also, compared to the number of students attending universities/colleges; it is really only a small percent that are against him and the President.

        Here’s another fact that they continue to ignore. Less than 25% of WOMEN believe Ford. Another interesting stat. 60% of Americans want Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court judge.

  22. Richard McClure says:

    Clinton Crime Clan // Absolute Proof of Father being a Rapist Several times over // Mother a Proven Liar// Married to the Son Of an Ex US Congressman and Rep to Iowa that was Convicted on 31 counts of Felony Fraud now Raising the Next Generation of Criminal’s. Her Attitude Makes me Wonder how many times dear old dad showed up in her Bedroom.

  23. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    It is very simple. If she does not want to talk about her Dad and sexual misconduct then she needs to shut up and eave the whole thing alone. You would think she would have the intelligence to know that/

  24. Steveur says:

    It’s sad, but Chelsea would fail if she were just a door stop. unlike Bill and Billary, they would have stolen the door and used a paid Judge to hold it open.

  25. Aquina Bradford says:

    Chelsea Clinton is an ADULT. If she intends to participate in the “blood sport” of American politics in this “war-zone” of a climate and start voicing judgments and misjudgments on what the President or anyone else in politics has or has not said or done — then her own front and back porch (and that includes Hillary’s and Bill’s porches) had better be “squeaky clean” — which they absolutely are NOT and never will be. So, certainly Chelsea SHOULD have been reminded of her two criminal parents, one of whom has been sexually out of control his whole life, and what THEY both have done and said. And by the way, WHAT RIGHT does Chelsea Clinton have to make judgmental public statements about President Trump and all he’s done for America? The last time I looked, he was President of the United States — and she was, and has done. …… well ….. let’s face it…. …..NOTHING.

    • Bama Bill says:

      You might like to know who she is married to? Mr. George Soros grandson! How about those for “Family Ties”?

    • Joseph says:

      NOPE!!!She’s given every single Republican voter, motivation to go and vote November 6…with the like of her coming in the next generation(including Alexandria O. Cortex, and the rag headed bitch in Minnesota)it terrifies the Republican voter into action…

  26. Shirley Bachmeier says:

    I voted no for a reason that is deep in my heart. Someone has to show respect in the media today. They were asking (with full intention I feel sure to get the answer they were looking for) the daughter of a father that has been horrendously affected by his behavior whether she choses to bury it or not. To use that familial holocust to reign hell on another person is wrong, wrong.

    • Wyn Brewis says:

      Are there really people out ther who care what Chelsea Clinton thinks or says? WHY?

    • Minoo says:

      Shirley–You are correct. We have lost the manners and politeness that is the mainstay of civilized societies. The first amendment grants us the right to do whatever, but the other side of the coin is that we should show respect, restraint and responsibilities that complement those rights.

    • Joseph says:

      I disagree with you totally, and for one simple reason: She antagonizes, just the same as her Parents(whomever they may be!!!)anyone that opposes her Liberal ambitions…Anyone who can say that”Christianity is a cult unto itself”and then seek sympathy from those she insults…no, she chooses her battles, and must either live or die by her choices…all is fair in love, and war…and the Democrat/Liberals have chosen to declare their war on us!!!

  27. dlmstl says:

    Once former POTUS BJ and the Hunchback assume room temperature, Mrs Clinton-Mezvensky will revert to her natural cipher status. They’ll be no Clinton coattails to ride. Imagine those poor grandchildren in 10 years or so reading and hearing about the exploits and misdeeds of their dastardly grandparents.

  28. Steve says:

    Why is she being asked anything!!!! Her whole family should be in prison waiting for a firing squad!!!

    • Thom says:

      Steve, you are an idiot

    • Bama Bill says:

      After 92 cases of “Terminal Clintonitis”, you would think today’s “Forensic Sciences” could prove who was responsible? But then you would need a District Attorney that wasn’t “Owned” by Mr. George Soros. Since Comey, and Ohio Governor Kasich are both “Soros Staff”, we need to find one that is still “Independent”!

  29. Ron says:

    Trump didn’t mock Ford! But she deserves to be mocked! She is, after all, die hard left wing activist supporter of Bernie Sanders and hater of Trump! As such, she has no credibility. Actually, she deserves to be investigated for perjury! But with out two tier system of justice, that will never happen. As for Chelsea, she is just another Demorat bottom feeder!

  30. Jay says:

    This interview on CBS was such a set up – rehearsed before hand!
    How stupid does CBS and Chelsea think we are ? I am boycotting CBS .
    Hope i never see Chelsea on any channel spreading her liberal lies and prejudice.
    She certainly is an example of the vile lies and prejudice that you get from her
    despicable lying traitor parents!! Thank God Trump won!🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Julia says:

      Chelsea needs to go back under the rock she came from and not get into this conversation with anyone. The group from CBS should not listen to the fake lies that are always being spread by the media. Ford lied and that’s all there is to it. Hope someone prosecuted her.

  31. Noenameson says:

    Chelsea is frequently on the “View” ?? If they “view” themselves as serious people, why invite Chuckles the Clown?
    I am going to write a book. It is , for all intents and purposes , a subject that is both old and new. . The title, “You Can’t argue with Stupid” . Has anyone tried to argue with a leftist and not come away feeling perplexed and disoriented??? Wonder if they will invite me on the “View”???

  32. michael davis says:

    That’s OK Chelsea, you don’t need to worry about questions about Bill Clinton. Your real father is Web Hubbell.

  33. Sue says:

    Every word that comes out of a Clinton mouth is either a lie, scrambled, or lacking in intelligence.

  34. K says:

    Chelsea, make no mistake, she IS a big part of the Clinton Cartel. She is as evil as her egg donor & as big of a liar as her sperm donor. God help us all if she eventually runs for ANY political office.

    • Pst says:

      She will..why do you think the media gives her such good exsposure

      She’ll start in NY ( like Hillary…to Washington

      She is also being put on business boards eg. Expedia @ $300,000 per year ( although having no business experience and doing no work)…why I refuse to buy through .Expedia any longer.

  35. steven c atkinson says:

    she’s obviously not too bright and maybe she should just keep quiet and enjoy the ill gotten gains that her parents have stolen with their “foundation” and have gotten away with (so far).

    • Thom says:

      So you think that you are brighter than Chelsea? So where did you go to school or get educated. Chelsea graduated from Stanford University, (which many think the finest Univ. in North America), and then got her PhD. from Oxford.
      My bet is that you are a drop-out from some low level community college . . .

      • ssoldie says:

        You’re wrong I had to quit school in the 10th grade and go to work, I’m one of the old timers who has learned from the school of hard knocks. Suck it up little snowflake.

      • Teragram says:

        Ever heard of Educated Idiots? Chelsea Clinton – poster child.

      • Ell says:

        Stanford U. the finest? Maybe in Construction Management and Civil Engineering, nothing else.

      • Bama Bill says:

        She still has shown “Zero Intelligence”. Like her mother, whose “Accomplishments” are, “I’ve flown millions of miles while working for the government”.

      • Joseph says:

        Thom: and that makes her educated?OK…*nods head*

      • Joanne Thauberger says:

        The way they are pushing students through, without knowledge of the subject, is the best response to your statement. Also, Clinton is one of the privileged elite with big connections, she could have not even gone to school all year and still graduated.

  36. minnie says:

    who cares what the Clintons think? How does she always get to give an opinion on everything? What does she do, just show up all the time and wait for them to ask her a question? What makse her opinion so important anyway? Obviously, they can’t go to Killary or Slick Willy with questions, they are the lowest of the low, but she has no business answering questions all the time. She’s not even qualified, as far as I’m concerned.

    • MSPS says:

      killary is grooming her to run for office. If killary can’t have it o ne way then she is determined to have it another way! What better way than thru a daughter who is as dumb as rocks as evidenced by her frequent statements , Chelsea doesn’t have the moxie or is not the psychopath killary is so she would be amanable to her mother being the driving force. But I seriously doube Chelsea would ever be able to pull the votes! Especially after the entire world has all of the informationon the coup!

  37. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey Chelsea how’s your Rapist father slick willie. And your enabler mother the traitor hillary to the American people.

    • Steff says:

      Killery also terrorized Vince Foster and he is on her “hit list” since there is no way he committed suicide. She probably had to bribe Hubbell (Chelsea’s real father) to have an affair with her so she could have a child.

      • kenneth fichtl says:

        Ken Starr believes that hillary pushed Foster to suicuide

      • Charles says:

        At least a 3 bagger!

        • ssoldie says:

          It’s all about Sex and Abortion…….. Modern feminism is a joke, Dr. Ford get over yourself and stop using your so-called victim status as a political football.
          I stand with Judge Kavanaugh, and I refuse to be represented by Dr. Blasey Ford or any of the other angry activists our pro-abort politicians might trot out to make fools of us all.

          • Steff says:

            Ford Ford is an embarrassment to all real women in this country. She lowered herself to that of a slug. First of all she assumed that any name she gave for witnesses would back her up. Too bad for her retired FBI agent friend. Hope Ford and all of her so-called allies get brought to justice soon. She helped them make her the goat for all of this. Wonder if she is proud of the display she made of herself looking like the lying sycophant she is. One other question. Did the bus that Feinstein through you under leave skid marks?

          • Bama Bill says:

            Please, Blasey Ford has no “Doctorate”! She just added Dr. to her business card while working for a company that sells the “Morning After” pills. Please, do a little research on this.

  38. Fr Tom Martin says:

    She should have been ask. point blank and kept her mouth shut about Trump. If she ditched Trump to me I would have unloaded on her about all the trash on her family – over 30 friends dying mysteriously, daddy having sex with minor on the Presidents desk, her mother attacking the victims, the crooked Clinton Foundation, etc

    • Bryan Hudson says:

      No it was 42 killed in Arkansas, 2 at mount weather in Texas, and Vince foster.
      That was a total of 45.

      She was responsible for 2 or 3 more in Libya. 48? for the family so far.

      • Ric B says:

        Lies and right-wing bulls**t,.

        • Christopher D. says:

          Ric B,
          Maybe we should ask Monica L. how she felt, she was treated by President & Mrs. Clinton. If anyone was used and abused I would think she has a right to say so! If you want lies and bull, just remember what President Obama said: “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor, If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.”

      • Steff says:

        My count is 49 with Seth Rich with possibly two more recently.

    • truthistruth says:

      You are SUCH a hypocrite, Father. Clinton was a hound like Trump, but he did not have sex with a minor, Lewinski was a consenting adult. And just HOW MANY Catholic priests has sex with children, they protected them and sent them out to molest even more children – – – all of this know by the Cathlic clergy. There is no proof, only right wing BS created. If there was evidence of ANY deaths caused by Clinton, why not even any charges? There is evidence about priests covering up pedophiles. I can’t believe you liars and abusers pretend you stand in the place of Christ on earth.

      • ssoldie says:

        you make as much sense as Chelsea does, which is none at all

      • Hold on here. The man identified himself as priest, and you wind up unloading on him about your own particular interests/prejudices. Maybe keep this in the context of the article above. Remember he could have identified as just plain Tom Martin, and you would never have known. He’s entitled to his profession as you are to yours.

  39. Joanna says:

    Chelsea is one dumb bunny!!!!!

    • Thom says:

      probably a lot smarter and better educated than you Joanna –

    • Bama Bill says:

      So she has a “Degree”? That does not prove she is able to accomplish anything. Like most college grads that have worked at companies I’ve been employed at, they can’t make it past the probation period. I’ve fired all but one. They think they “Deserve” a high paying job because they have a degree! They act like they are still in college. Never come to work on time, think lunch hour means they should be at the restaurant at noon, and leave at least an hour later. Stay at work until quitting time? Copy the answers from their friends. So after 30 days of almost nothing accomplished, they are so upset when I sit them down and say, “You’re fired”! Most have zero work experience. Their parents have always “Paid their way”!

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