One poll on impeachment handed Donald Trump the worst surprise of his life

For months, the polling on impeachment showed it was toxic with the American people.

But that began to change.

One poll on impeachment handed Donald Trump the worst surprise of his life.

A brand new Politico/Morning Consult poll came out in the wake of the release of a transcript of the phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President as well as the accompanying so-called “whistleblower complaint.”

The results were shocking.

Politico/Morning Consult previously found a 13 point swing in favor of impeachment.

Americans were now split evenly 43 to 43 percent on the idea of impeachment.

Politico reports:

Voters are now evenly split on whether Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, a marked increase in support for impeachment, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

The poll, which began after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her support for impeachment proceedings on Tuesday, shows 43 percent of voters think Congress should begin the process of impeachment, while an equal number of poll respondents say Congress shouldn’t begin impeachment proceedings. Another 13 percent of voters are undecided.

Online interviews for the latest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll began Tuesday night, after Pelosi’s announcement, and ran through early Thursday, with nearly all interviews conducted prior to the public release of a complaint from a whistleblower concerned about Trump’s conduct in dealing with Ukraine.

Support for impeachment is up 7 points from the previous poll, which was conducted last Friday through Sunday. In that survey, only 36 percent of voters supported starting impeachment proceedings, while 49 percent opposed them.

Many Americans questioned the validity of this poll.

48-hours after the Democrats made their big impeachment push the Fake News Media magically produced poll results.

The time struck many as very suspicious.

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