One of Dr. Fauci’s schemes was just exposed as a big fat failure

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants nothing more than to run your life.

That is despite the fact he doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time.

And one of Dr. Fauci’s schemes was just exposed as a big fat failure.

Since the start of the coronavirus panic, the world has completely changed.

Businesses were shut down, mask mandates have been put in place, and for those businesses that are able to stay open, most have been forced to implement confusing restrictions.

One of those confusing requirements put in place across the country are giant, clear plastic barriers which have been propped up in businesses, classrooms, and office buildings across the country.

If you’ve entered a fast food restaurant, or any government building in the past year you almost certainly have seen these eye soars, supposedly meant to block customers from infecting employees with germs, and vice versa.

Often they just make interacting with others awkward and obstruct the view for tall people as many feature virtue signaling Orwellian statements to the effect of “This barrier was erected for your safety and ours.”

But a new report, from The New York Times of all places, shows that the barriers are at best ineffective, and at worse more likely to spread the virus they are put in place to prevent.

The report shows that scientists and researchers couldn’t actually state conclusively whether they have any impact on coronavirus spread.

But it does show that they are disruptors of airflow and ventilation to the point that the virus becomes more transmissible, along with the barriers giving people a false sense of security.

The report reads in part:

“There are some situations in which the clear shields might be protective, but it depends on a number of variables. The barriers can stop big droplets ejected during coughs and sneezes from splattering on others, which is why buffets and salad bars often are equipped with transparent sneeze guards above the food.

But COVID spreads largely through unseen aerosol particles. While there is not much real-world research on the impact of transparent barriers and the risk of disease, scientists in the United States and Britain have begun to study the issue, and the findings are not reassuring.”

Linsey Marr, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, stated that the plastic barriers in classrooms are actually creating “aerosol traps” that increase transmission.

“If you have a forest of barriers in a classroom, it’s going to interfere with proper ventilation of that room,” Marr said. “Everybody’s aerosols are going to be trapped and stuck there and building up, and they will end up spreading beyond your own desk.”

So one of the big changes brought about by the Left’s coronavirus panic actually makes people less safe!

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