One number out of this battleground state has Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear

National and swing state polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump.

But polls don’t tell the entire story.

And that’s because one number out of this battleground state has Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

Donald Trump won the White House in 2016 in large part because he became the first Republican since 1988 to carry the state of Pennsylvania.

Trump won the state because large numbers of Democrats in 2016 began changing their voter registration to the Republican Party.

But while the RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 6.5 points, another number tells a much different story.

And that is the PA Republican Party continues to register more voters than Democrats and has cut the Democrat’s voter registration advantage by nearly 25 percent since 2008.

Breitbart reports:

The Democrat voter registration advantage over Republicans has declined steadily since 2008, when it stood at 1.2 million. In 2016, Democrats had a 915,081 voter registration advantage over Republicans in the state.

In July 2018, Democrats had an 815,000 voter registration advantage in the state over Republicans, 4,042,928 to 3,227,611.

As of Monday, Democrats have a slightly lower voter registration advantage of 794,000 in 2020, with 4,097,904 registered Democrats and 3,303,427 registered Republicans, according to the Pennsylvania secretary of state’s website.

In two years since 2018, Democrats have added a net gain of 54,076 new registered voters, compared to a net gain of 75,866 for registered Republican voters.

Pennsylvania is a state where voter registration statistics show continues to trend Republican.

Rural voters and those that work in the steel and coal industries continue to move away from Democrats.

Those voters powered Donald Trump to victory in 2016. Many wonder if history will repeat itself in 2020.

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