One number just destroyed Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

For over one year, Democrats and the media have claimed Trump’s victory was “tainted” because of Russian election meddling.

When Robert Mueller released his indictment of 13 Russian nationals for alleged election interference, Americans got a peek at exactly what the Russians supposedly planned.

And one number obliterated Mueller’s Russia investigation.

In an indictment that was released purely for political theater – the accused will never be extradited to the U.S. to stand trial – Mueller laid out the Russian “trolling” scheme.

When all was said and done, the Russians had spent just $1.2 million on their election plans and plunked down a mere $46,000 on the Facebook ads the media claimed sowed division and spread disinformation.

The spending in the swing states amounted to just a few hundred dollars.

These outlays were in a rain drop in the ocean the $2.4 billion that was spent on the 2016 election.

The idea that the Russians swung the election to Trump with a million bucks is absurd.

If the media had any shame or commitment to the truth they would apologize for hyping this story.

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