One new poll out of Michigan took Donald Trump by surprise

In the final weeks of the campaign, polls are pouring in the media.

The Fake News Media celebrates every one that shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump.

And one new poll out of Michigan took Donald Trump by surprise.

In 2016, the Trafalgar Group was the only pollster to call Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In 2020, the corporate media polls show Biden up by about six points in each of those states.

But Trafalgar’s polls tell a different story.

Their latest polls from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin show a 2 point race.

And on Friday, Trafalgar Group released a new poll from Michigan showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by one point in the Wolverine State.

The Fake News Media wants to write off the Rust Belt and say Joe Biden will rebuild the famed “blue wall” that before 2016 all the experts thought was invincible.

In 2016, those polls were wrong because they undersampled Trump supporters.

Trafalgar got the race right because it had a method to tease out shy Trump voters in rural parts of the battleground state.

When evaluating a pollster you have to look at their track record.

And in 2016, Trafalgar Group got the race right while the entire corporate media called it wrong.

So while all the polls show Joe Biden comfortably in the lead, their track record is less than stellar.

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