One Never-Trumper just made this shocking prediction about Donald Trump’s death

Never-Trumpers still cannot believe they lost control of the party to Donald Trump and his grassroots supporters.

But the Trump haters are now unhinged.

And one Never-Trumper just made this shocking prediction about Donald Trump’s death.

Former South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford lost a Primary in 2018 after Donald Trump endorsed his opponent.

Sanford was a popular conservative who went off the deep end in 2016 and planted his flag with the Never-Trump crowd.

Instead of realizing that his voters supported Trump, Sanford became a prominent critic of the former President.

Before the South Carolina Primary on Tuesday, Sanford appeared on CNN to discuss the fact that Donald Trump endorsed a Primary challenger to South Carolina Congressman Tom Rice after he voted for Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment hoax.

Sanford falsely claimed the GOP was a cult of personality around Trump and warned that the Party would collapse once he passed away.

“It is on a path to political extinction if we stay on the road that we’re on,” Sanford stated. “The problem with the cult of personality is eventually that personality dies off. We age. We die off.”

Sanford then lied again by claiming the GOP under Donald Trump was not about any ideas.

“This Party of late hasn’t been about ideas, it hasn’t been about anything other than, sort of, are you for or against Trump,” Sanford added. “And that’s a weird litmus test in the body politic, which ought to be about the larger broader set of ideas that we agree or disagree on.”

That is false.

In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned on a very specific agenda of making the economy work for American citizens by restricting immigration and loosening regulations.

That theory paid off, as the economy boomed under Trump’s leadership until the China virus escaped a lab in Wuhan.

Trump also opposed endless foreign wars and globalist trade deals.

Finally, Sanford wrapped up his firehose of wrong predictions and falsehoods by telling CNN that Congressman Rice would survive his Primary challenge.

In reality, the Trump-endorsed State Senator Russell Fry routed Rice 51 to 25 percent.

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