One Never-Trump RINO went too far and just ended their career with this shocking video

President Trump’s enemies in the Republican Party think they have the upper hand.

Now is their moment to strike.

But one Never-Trump RINO went too far and just ended their career with this shocking video.

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger is one of the king RINOs.

Kinzinger spent his six terms in Congress toadying for Mitt Romney and John McCain while supporting the RINO agenda of amnesty, globalist trade deals, and sending Americans off to die in endless wars.

And after the protest at the Capitol turned violent, Kinzinger is now demanding the cabinet stage a coup and forcibly remove President Trump from power.

Kinzinger knows this will never happen.

But Kinzinger knows now that Donald Trump finally conceded the 2020 election there is a power vacuum in the GOP.

And by putting this video out where he parrots left-wing talking points, he will rack up bookings on fake news CNN, Meet the Press, and other network Sunday shows to raise his profile in the battle over who will lead the GOP in 2021 and beyond.

Kinzinger may even be the RINO establishment’s “Golden Boy” in the 2024 Presidential primary with the thinking that Kinzinger’s background as a pilot in the Iraq War could appeal to Republican voters and paper over the fact that Kinzinger actually despises conservatives.

Kinzinger later admitted that this video calling to remove President Trump from power could cost him politically.

Congressman Kinzinger was already on the list of RINOs Trump supporters want to primary and get rid of in 2022.

This betrayal makes Kinzinger public enemy number one.

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