One key Republican just announced whether they would impeach Donald Trump

Republicans have been waiting for a chance to get rid of Donald Trump.

The GOP establishment wants to go back in time to the days of John McCain and Mitt Romney.

And this one key Republican just announced whether they would impeach Donald Trump.

Nebraska RINO Ben Sasse is one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics.

Sasse preens on social media and TV to criticize Donald Trump while never once offering a negative word about Democrats.

Like all RINOs, Sasse could not wait to cast blame on the President for the riot at the Capitol telling CBS that the President “disregarded his oath of office.”

In a separate interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sasse sounded giddy about the possibility of voting to convict President Trump on the Democrats’ articles of impeachment claiming the President was “derelict in his duty.”

“I think that there are a lot of questions that we need to get to the bottom of about why the National Guard was not deployed, why was it delayed,” Sasse stated. “So that’s what I’ve been working on last night and this morning. I want to understand more about why the National Guard wasn’t deployed when there had been clear calls for it, and then why that delay happened. So there are more things that I need to understand before I get to a conclusory judgment about that. But I think that the question of was the President derelict in his duty, that’s not an open question. He was.”

Sasse is a much rumored 2024 Presidential candidate.

It remains to be seen if there is much space in a GOP Presidential primary for a Never Trumper who hates the President, loves the Fake News Media, lectures conservatives, and gives Democrats a pass on everything.

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