One key Democrat broke down in tears over this looming defeat

Joe Biden and his legislative agenda are a slow-motion train wreck.

Biden is finding that his whole presidency is at risk.

And one key Democrat broke down in tears over this looming defeat.

Democrats are trying to ram a fake $1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill – which is really a precursor to the Green New Deal – and a $3.5 trillion-dollar socialism bill that imposes the Green New Deal and is the greatest expansion of the Socialist State in the United States likely ever.

But the Party is caught between warring factions because moderates are afraid the $3.5 trillion-dollar bill will tank their re-election chances while the radical socialists think if Congress passes the $1.2 trillion-dollar bill moderates then won’t support the $3.5 trillion in new socialist spending.

Biden hosted the competing factions at the White House and a strange scene occurred.

Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal – who chairs the radical left progressive caucus – broke down in tears in front of Biden about the Senate Parliamentarian rejecting a mass amnesty for 8 to 10 million illegal aliens being included in the $3.5 trillion bill because it violated the reconciliation process – which Democrats plan to use to the avoid a GOP filibuster.

POLITICO reports:

Playbook has learned that during an intense meeting at the White House on Wednesday, Rep. PRAMILA JAYAPAL (D-Wash.) broke into tears while arguing her case to President JOE BIDEN that the reconciliation bill should include a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, essential workers and farm workers.

During the Oval Office meeting, several prominent Hill progressives argued forcefully for a robust reconciliation package. Jayapal, who leads the Congressional Progressive Caucus, advocated for the inclusion of major immigration provisions, and toward that end, used her own story as a selling point.

“She said, ‘I’m the first South Asian woman ever elected to the House … and one of only two dozen immigrants in Congress … as an immigrant woman of color, I just want to share my perspective,” Jayapal spokesperson CHRIS EVANS confirmed. “She has a unique story as an immigrant — but also coming at 16, and to be sitting at the White House delivering what would be a transformational investment in social programs, it will be a moment she will remember forever.”

Democrats planned to use the $3.5 trillion socialism bill as a catch-all vehicle to enact their entire left-wing agenda.

Amnesty figured to play a central role in that effort.

And Democrats are now in tears as the amnesty effort looks as though it’s failing.

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