One judge just slapped Nancy Pelosi with most her embarrassing defeat ever

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought they filed the lawsuit that would destroy President Trump once and for all.

They ended up making a huge mistake.

And now one judge just slapped Nancy Pelosi with her most embarrassing defeat ever.

Democrats know to defeat President Trump in 2020 they have to make him look like a failure.

And they identified immigration as the area to block Trump.

Trump won the Presidency in 2016 in large part on the back of his proposed immigration crackdown, so Democrats filed lawsuit after lawsuit to block the President from implementing his agenda.

But Democrats just suffered a massive defeat.

U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden ruled Democrats do not have standing to sue the Trump administration over the President’s decision to reappropriate Defense Department funds to build the border wall.

McFadden argued that the House by itself cannot sue the President to stop a spending decision.

The Daily Caller reports:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., on Monday ruled against House Democrats who tried to block the Trump administration from reallocating Defense Department funds for a border wall.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said the House of Representatives does not have standing to bring the challenge, calling it a political fight between two branches.

“While the Constitution bestows upon members of the House many powers, it does not grant them standing to hale the executive branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress’s legislative authority,” McFadden’s decision reads.

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border in February, and reprogrammed almost $6 billion to build a border wall. In addition to the $1.4 billion appropriation Congress authorized for border barriers, the administration sequentially reallocated $600 million from the Treasury Department’s forfeiture fund, $2.5 billion from Defense Department counter-narcotics activities, and $3.6 billion from military construction.

This is a significant setback for the Democrats and their strategy of suing Trump into defeat in 2020.

It means border wall construction will continue and the administration estimates up to 500 miles could be completed by the 2020 election.

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