One judge just made a jaw-dropping decision about throwing Trump off the ballot

Democrats are pulling every trick in the book to win in 2020.

And one of their most diabolical plots involved removing Donald Trump from the ticket.

Now, this judge just made a jaw-dropping decision about throwing Trump off the ballot.

California Governor Gavin Newsome signed a bill into law requiring a candidate to disclose their tax returns if they wanted to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

The Trump campaign immediately sued.

Legal experts thought the President’s team had a strong case, and those beliefs were confirmed when a federal judge temporarily blocked the California law from going into effect.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

A federal judge ordered a temporary injunction Thursday against California’s first-in-the-nation law requiring candidates to disclose their tax returns for a spot on the presidential primary ballot, an early victory for President Trump but a decision that will undoubtedly be appealed by state officials.

U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. said he would issue a final ruling by the end of the month but took the unusual step of issuing the tentative order from the bench. He said there would be “irreparable harm without temporary relief” for Trump and other candidates from the law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in July.

England spent much of the court proceeding on the question of whether a long-standing federal financial disclosure law preempts any additional rules that a state could impose. The federal law, known as the Ethics in Government Act, or EIGA, was originally passed in 1978 and applies to a range of top federal officials. Trump has filed the required annual report, which provides an overview of his finances, most recently in May.

“Do we even need to get here if EIGA preempts” the new California law? England asked attorneys for the state. “Is that it?”

Democrats also fought for this law to hurt Republicans down ballot.

If Trump is not on the primary ballot, then Republican voters may not show up to vote.

Depressed Republican turnout would be a boon to Democrats.

That’s because of the state’s “jungle primary” where the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the general election.

Republicans not showing up to vote because Donald Trump wasn’t on the ballot could lead to a situation where Democrats are guaranteed of victory in Congressional and state legislative races because two Democrats emerged as the top two vote-getters.

This decision prevents that nightmare scenario from happening.


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196 Responses

  1. Gini45 says:

    Do we still get to do write in ballots? And will California accept our votes?

    • Yosemite Sam says:

      Just write in president Trumps’ name on the ballot, it’s not illegal! Screw Califorication! Screw Newsome, Screw Pelosi! Screw all the demonRATS!

  2. Steel Magnolia says:

    Just Remember___ 0bama ‘SEALED’ his Record(s)
    Millions $ . >>> 8 Big Fhatt YRS !!!. & 0ngoing. ___

  3. chief1937 says:

    A birth certificate showing what country one is born in is not important but a tax return is so important you can’t appear on the ballot. Only in California should such a ridiculous law be passed. Seems our priorities are a little off.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      The liberal scum sure are trying to provoke a war between us. They aren’t going to be happy until it happens. If the liberal candidate is better than Trump, why do they need to cheat to win?

    • R.L. Reynolds says:

      There are three constitutional requirements to be able to run/be president of the U.S.. Supplying tax returns is not one of them. States do not have the authority to individually override the Constitution for a federal election. They can only dictate for state elections, not federal. If they do, they run the risk of invalidating their federal election results, meaning no ones vote would be counted in a presidential election. This is just another case of an idiot thinking he is above the Constitution.

  4. Steel Magnolia says:

    Daily Rasmussen poll. POTUS 52 % ___

  5. Vasu Murti says:

    For the past forty years, it’s tradition that presidential nominees of both major parties release multiple years of their tax returns. They do this in part to guarantee to the public that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Donald Trump is refusing to, hiding behind a phony excuse that he can’t until the IRS finishes auditing him, a claim directly refuted by the IRS. What’s worse, in 2012, Trump was leading a call for the Republican presidential candidate that year, Mitt Romney, to release his own tax returns. As usual, Trump doesn’t want to be held to the unforgiving standards by which he judges other people.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      0bama PAID Millions For ‘ SEALED RECORDS’.
      & Remain SEALED.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        President Trump. Please unseal the brown clown’s records. We have a right to know who or what ran our country into the ground for 8 long years.

    • Walter E Beverly III says:

      So what? By law tax returns are PRIVATE! That mean you have no right to look at them. Tax returns do not show any “conflicts of interest”. That is poppy cock and you know it. Donald Trump is under no, repeat NO obligation to show you or anyone his tax returns.
      Just about everyone supports “animal rights”. BFD!
      As to ObumaCare, no thanks. Thanks to ObumaCare, my premiums went up 150%. You people do not believe in “pro-life.” As a matter of fact, the DEMONcRAT party is trying to surpress any DEMONcRAT who is pro-life. We already have gun control. You really man gun confiscation as Beto, and a few others have exposed your real position on the matter. “Net Neutrality”? Is this another way for you to suppress free speech? The minimum wage was never set up to be anything but a wage to introduce the NEW worker to the work force. i.e.: students getting their first job, What you are really talking about is raising everyone’s wages to where the bottom rate is $15 an hour as if the minimum wage goes up so does everyone else. “Scentific consensus” on global warming? You mean accept your position and ignore everyone else. We already have a “sustainable energy policy”.
      Get real, will you?

      • John Vieira says:

        You covered most points…on the global warming (which is cyclical) it would be well to note that these charlatans just came out of the Chemtrail (Conspiracy Theory???) closet and are making Atmospheric Injections containing among other things, sulphides of “acid rain” fame, in the stratosphere to dim the sun and cool the planet…no sun = no photosynthesis=no plants=no life….and the eliminators of CO2, lest they forget, without that “evil” gas there would be NO plant life..

    • Agnes R Coffelt says:

      You said it was a tradition not a law.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Listen Vagina. Take your crap somewhere else. If we wanted to hear feces, we would simply squeeze your tiny head. If we wanted to smell feces, we’d just go to one of your demoncrap run cities, like San Franpoopsycle.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      What a silly creature you are Vasu.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      I think the only reason Trump is not releasing his tax returns is just to mess with the democrats.
      I think Trump gets off on pissing his opponents off and giving them a hard time.
      He knows it drives the democrats nuts when he won’t cooperate with them, so that’s why he does it.
      Just my opinion

  6. Richard G Lucas says:

    How coukd any liberal get a life when they don’t have one to begain with.

  7. jreb57 says:

    If Newsom takes Trump off the ballot, write him in. That will send Newsom a message that he can’t tell you who to vote for.

    • James Kirksey says:

      Under the current political situation in California, this would not likely change re-election of President Trump. However, the impact on congressional elections would be the real damage. Don’t think the Constitution has any provisions for individual states changing qualifications for President. It is bad enough that many states tamper with the election process, by not requiring voter ID.

  8. Bill says:

    Knowing that the Democrats are throwing everything they have, including the kitchen sink, into their efforts to derail President Trump should really thrill every conservative in the country. That tells us that Trump is doing exactly what needs to be done. If the Democrats were on board with Trump or even just lukewarm toward him I would be terribly worried. But, every time I see Democratic party leaders getting their skivvies in a wad about something or other that Trump has done it does my old heart good.

  9. Christine says:


    • Your ignorance shows through with your name calling – Mr. Trump is leading our country into fascism and is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups. The FBI reported an increase in hate crimes since he took office. When Greta Thunberg, a 15 year old Swedish girl protested climate change, her courage was wonderful. The youth of the world have a vested interested in a clean enviroment free from pollution. Mr. Trump believes climate change is a hoax contrary to credible reports from scientists. If you have any grandchildren, fear for their future because the consequences of climate change will result in food shortages which could lead to war. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH AN IGNORANT AND BIASED PERSON

      • John Vieira says:

        You just described yourself…”…IGNORANT AND BIASED>” The KKK was a democrat creation, and to date the real brown shirts/red guards, neo Nazis are your antifa darlings, who, like yourself, are too biased and ignorant to understand that they are transposing themselves on those whom they despise to salve their guilty conscience…

      • Clarence says:

        There are no words to describe your attitude

      • Poor Greta. I felt so sorry for her. She is spreading propaganda for for scientist who think they can save the world. I saw the children taking a day off from school down in Frisco spreading their hate for our President. I feel it is a very sad thing to be using children to spread hatred of this kind for politicians that can’t do their own job. It is more important for our children to be in their class rooms than to be on the streets spreading hate towards anyone. California is in a big mess. People are blamong climate change and every other wrath that God is warning of. Get right down to it. He is angry at sin. The people of this state need to wake up. The wild fires should have been a wake up call. Folks it is goung to get worse. And when it does don’t blame our leaders. The ones to blame is ourselves. What are we teaching these young people?

        • DEM777 says:

          Sin is all over the USA. We as a nation has lost our first love. That is God Almighty the Father, Jesus Christ.

          People love sin more than God. And the USA will pay a big price for the nation sins.

          People voted for evil people that believe and think as they do.

          Hitler did the same thing with Children and the children even turned against their own parents.

          God is taking his hand off of this nation. If Trump is kicked out of office. Destruction is coming to America a lot

          One Day America will be destroyed because of her great sins.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Climate change and pollution have nothing to do with each other. You’re confusing two separate things like the little girl you admire, and most of the democrat party. CO2 is not a pollutant.
        Those dirty smokestacks the democrats show you in global warming articles are bogus.
        CO2 is colorless and leaves no residue. CO2 doesn’t cause asthma or lung cancer. It is not dirty, it has no odor, and plants live on it.

      • Yosemite Sam says:

        Trump is the best president we’ve ever had!

  10. Bob Hill says:

    Doesn’t that apply to EVERY candidate ? Then in that case it can be argued that EVERY candidate’s reports have to be verified by at least two impartial review boards which could easily take longer than the campaign period. It can further be argued ( in court ) the this is a way to deny the right to vote for the candidate of my choice and under the equal opportunity and civil rights statues is denying my right to vote for the candidate of my choice. Thus any election using these restraints of the Right to Vote would be null and void. In this way the results of the election could be literally tied up in the court for years and all votes
    cast in California be placed on hold until the courts make a decision. Gee that might take years and no one
    could be elected in the entire state of California for those periods of time – and this doesn’t include the appeals.

    • D.A.N. says:

      The case would get tossed out on very simple grounds. The requirement to be elected President are spelled out in the Constitution. Therefore, CA can’t decide on its own to add another requirement.

  11. Ted says:

    The dumbocrats are jealous over PRESIDENT TRUMP’S success as PRESIDENT. They are a-holes and can do nothing to destroy his record. Remember, PRESIDENT TRUMP was legally elected , while charlatan obama was not. They’ll never get over the fact that the pig hitlery clitless lost because she is hated by true patriots.

    • Archie says:

      I’m wondering if we can actually pass a law making it illegal for democrats to breathe American air? After all, they are a bunch of Marxist commies. The regular folks won’t stand up to them because they’re afraid of being called a bigot or racist. Personally, I love racing, nascar, Indy, you name it!

  12. Shirley says:

    It doesn’t matter it is unconstitutional and it will go to the supreme court. He will get written in as the candidate in those states because I know, I for one, If I lived in those states would go and vote and Write in Trump just to keep the Dems from winning. So what will happen is Trump will Remain president until this all gets settled. LMAO because we cannot be without a president and that election will not count. At least that is my take on it.

  13. Sven says:

    It is amazing to me that a governor of a state can decide to eliminate a candidate who just happens to be a sitting president from a ballot just because he won’t reveal his tax return to in essence the public. And if I might add is not a requirement of the presidential “job” or a law.
    And any state supreme court judge that allows that name removal from the ballot to stand should be removed themselves. They are here to interpret the laws of the land NOT MAKE THEM!!

  14. T. Bell says:

    Stupid PHUKING DUMPACRAP/Obumnuts appointed Judge can go and suck it !

  15. Phil G. says:

    This is a no brained! If they pull this crap off? They’ll be dirty that they did it. I smell a revolution and these Democrat idiots will be on the crappy end of the stick! That’s my opinion on that garbage. I’ll bet I’m right?

    • Phil G. says:

      I know I’m answering myself? But. I’m not! I’m tired of my words being changed to something else? I put down no brainer! Also. They’ll be sorry! But. That’s not what it say does it? Damn!

    • Clarence says:

      States rights v federal rights. It is my memory that the federal right by precedent have generally. Federal really took over during ww2 and since. Voluntary submission by prior in my view does not construe to the strength of precedent

  16. mary says:

    Actually every single one of them has produced their tax returns. Trump is not special anymore, his shine has worn off due to his lies! Turn them over.

    • RickyRay Robertson says:

      Get a life Mary….
      Seriously, get a life

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        amen get a life Mary I personally could give a RAT’S A** about President Trump’s tax returns. None of mine or anyone else’s business. Mary where is Obama’s birth certificate, school & college records ???

        • T. Bell says:

          You nailed it Patricia !

        • Scott27 says:

          It’s damn well my business if he is shown to have been laundering russian money… and give the birther conspiracy a rest, it’s been proven he was born here. And it was your dear leader who threatened to sue any school that revealed HIS records. And now we have, for the second time, your dear leader asking a foreign government to help him win; only this time he threatened to blackmail them. Please educate yourself.

          • gandolf the White says:

            Scott27 if his taxes showed he was laundering Russian money he would be in jail now. He couldn’t become the Prez. Your gullible, liberal, Demwit hearsay and innuendo makes you look like a fool.

          • D.A.N. says:

            Scott27, so what you are saying is just because he threatens to withhold US money unless the Ukraine investigates the firing of a Prosecutor he has committed a crime? But yet it was okay for VP Biden to tell the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son or he would withhold US monies wasn’t? Trump’s call is perfectly legal, Biden’s call was a criminal act. When is Biden going to prison?

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            If Trump has been laundering Russian money don’t you think the IRS would have done something about that? Just wondering.

          • Walter E Beverly III says:

            He has not been shown to be “laundering” Russian money. Did you forget conveniently I might add that Mueller said there was no evidence of wrong doing by the Trump Campaign or any American citizen?
            As to the “birther conspiracy”, you might want to look at Obuma the Phony’s birth Certificate. If you do, you will note a number of discrepancies which call into question the validity of the document.

          • John Vieira says:

            Your business is to get a “brain”. Guess you voted for an ex secretary of state, one of the highest offices in the USA requiring TOP security clearance, who by her OWN admission was too stupid to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL…and as to laundering Russian money…ask the Clinton Foundation of the $145 million…yes one hundred and forty five million “donated” by Russian interests, separate from the five hundred thousand “slick Willy” received for a 1/2 hour speech in Russia…oh and do not forget the “hack” that was NOT,,,the transfer speed of the data precluded this…it was a DOWNLOAD…which Obama morphed into Russiagate to deflect the resulting WikiLeaks, which have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary and eventually was turned into the fraud that was the Mueller inquiry…Stick with the mainsewerstream fake media…who keep piling the bovine excreta on you, which you seem to revel in!!!

          • Scott-which 1 of his 3 birth certificate’s he produced proves he was born here?

          • DEM777 says:

            Scott27, How about B.O. (Obama) has TWO Social Security Numbers. And nothing happens to him.

            If we had Two Social Security Numbers we would go to JAIL.


            Think about that!

    • Army Vet says:

      Trump has the right to keep his tax returns private, just like any other citizen, if he wants to do so. I support that. Besides, if he were to release them, the leftists would lie about what was in them from now until the 2020 election. We all know that Trump has been under attack from the left ever since he was elected. It has all been false – Russian collusion, etc.

    • Mark Akerley says:

      Just what has he lied about?

    • Jim C says:

      There is no federal requirement to show tax returns to anybody, also, the IRS has audited Trump just about every year since he became rich, if they could find anything in them that was illegal, he would already be in jail. Stop looking for what is not there, Get a life.

    • AC says:

      No not everyone of them has produced their tax returns. It is not a requirement.

      Nixon was the first to release his. He did so of his own volition; not as a requirement. Several presidents after Nixon did the same thing.

      The demoncrap (aka democrats) thought there was something out there requiring presidents since Nixon to do this and there isn’t.

    • Arthur Jurczak says:

      That’s their stupidity.

    • Mike Oxbig says:

      Hey, Mary, go to the corner, loser, and finger your smelly hole.

    • Timothy Flanagan says:

      Do any Trump supporters have an education higher than the 5th grade?? I don’t think so what a bunch of morons and low lives. Nothing more to be said you can’t deal with stupid people. Thank God they are in the minority or this country would be in trouble!! Good for you Mary!!!

      • gandolf the White says:

        Timothy Flanagan that is funny coming from a Mick. 63+ million Deplorables have higher IQs than you. By the way my wifes a Mick but she is one of the intelligent ones. What is the average IQ in the ghetto?

      • Clarence says:

        Mary, have you ever thought about the alternative to our great President

      • Clarence says:

        You are sick

      • Clarence says:

        You might have made it to the 5th grade.

        • D.A.N. says:

          I’m not even to bet his is that high. But just to show him, I graduated a half year early from high school and have more than enough college credits to have a 4 year degree even though I only have an AA right now. And yes, I voted for Trump. So tiny Tim, take it from me, many Trump voters are as educated as you and are a whole lot smarter.

      • John Vieira says:

        Obviously your Idiot Quotient is wanting…

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Timothy, illegal aliens aren’t allowed to vote.
        And if they were, they wouldn’t vote for Trump.

        • Walter E Beverly III says:

          While illegal aliens are not supposed to be allowed to vote, there are documented incidents where they have. As you said, I am sure they did not vote for Trump.

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            Walter, I know some illegals do in fact vote but that wasn’t my point.
            I was responding to Timothy’s comment about people with no education above 5th grade but that really only applies to illegals. Some of the illegals I’ve run into can’t even read Spanish. They mostly don’t finish school but just go to work supporting their families.

          • Walter E Beverly III says:

            Steve, I know what you were doing, Problem is that you left out my very serious salient point, did you not?

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            I agree! Many illegals vote under the radar.
            And that’s why the democrats oppose voter ID.

      • Shirley C says:

        HAHAHA!!! Love this comment. I needed a laugh. I don’t like talking about myself but this PROUD SENIOR FEMALE VETERAN DEPLORABLE Retired LPN has recently gone back to school to get her BS in Criminal justice and am carrying a 4.0. So yea i am stupid. I am not only a Trump supporter but support EVERY president even ones I do not vote for. WHY? because I am an American. I may not agree with them or what they stand for but I support my Commander in Chief. I also am proud to be a member of the greatest nation. The alternative is unthinkable. I have seen the alternative and it is not good.

        • Walter E Beverly III says:

          Shirley, let me clue you in. Plenty of people have college degrees, and yet not only are they ad dumb as a box of rocks, but they haven’t the common sense of an amoeba.

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            Yeah what good is a modern college degree if all you were taught was about white privilege, global warming, social justice, and gender diversity?
            Talk about a worthless education. And these people are supposed to enlightened?

          • Walter E Beverly III says:

            Steven, good points all. But then again, all the college degrees, masters degrees PhD’s don’t mean squat if the graduate doesn’t have a lick of common sense.

      • DEM777 says:

        Timothy Flanagan, do you think that Jesus Christ / God Almighty Father would speak as you do?

        I say NO!

        You use words that is from your god and he is Satan.

        The true God would NEVER call someone stupid and an education higher than the 5th grade.

        I pity you. You speak of God but you do not know him.

      • BARNEY says:

        Timothy Flanagan You can take your paper and wipe your ass with it
        I have an 8th grade education and I bet I pay more California
        property tax than you earn !!!! and I made it on my own with no help

    • Rod says:

      Mary… Who is EVERY ONE OF THEM??








    • Clarence says:

      Hey prior presidents submitted tax returns and that does not creat precedent. At least in my mind

  17. Lyudmila says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, to get around the law by signing a bill to disclose Trump’s tax returns. Thus, the Governor of California is trying to strip all California Republicans of their voting rights. It is a crime !

    • Willow 234 says:

      According to the constitution wouldn’t it be illegal for governor or even a judge to prevent a candidates name on the ballot? I am speaking any candidate. It is my opinion that if allowed in California then any state could do the same thing. Let the Supreme Court solve the issue or deny the votes in the entire state from being counted. Lets do this election fair and square for all candidates.

  18. facts says:

    so, why does trump not present his tax returns like all other presidents since the 1970s? Criminal information.

    • mary says:

      Exactly. If there is nothing to hide, serve them up. ALL Presidential Candidates provide them, he should not be any different. He promised he would release them last election and he lied. Stop lying, it is harming your party!

      • John Galt says:

        Mary, as a leftist Democrat, why would you care if Trump harms the Republican party. He is just telling your party to stuff it.

      • Michael Price says:

        Not true. President Ford did not release his returns, he did release a summery.

      • Rod says:




        LINE 6 THIRD WORD!!



      • gandolf the White says:

        mary what a gullible, liberal, Demwit imbecile you are? Trump couldn’t become the Prez if his taxes weren’t above board.

      • John Vieira says:

        Another one of those who voted for an ex secretary of state…one of the highest offices in the U.S.A., requiring top security clearance, who by her OWN admission did not have the mental faculties to understand that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL. ..who released hers after lambasting Trump for taking advantage of a certain allowable and legal tax break…not realizing that she had allowed herself the same privilege…remember that??? By the way…did he or your friends in the mainsewerstream media make tha promise???

      • Shirley C says:

        Also Mary Trump did release an extensive (and legally required) document detailing his personal financial holdings. Isn’t that the same or Better than the summary released by Ford? Also Reagan released one and Romney released two. Besides According to the IRS There is no requirement that presidential candidates release their tax returns but candidates are legally free to do so even when under audit. My take on Trump has been this all along. They loved him in NY when he was a Democrat. Oprah had him on her show TWICE asking him when he was going to run for President, he said when he was needed. He was loved by Jackson and Al sharpton, even given an ward by them for helping the black community. Now he runs as a Republican and WINS as a Republican. Remove the R and replace it with a D they would be kissing his feet and when he says jump they would say how high. This is just pure hatred and that is all it is because he ran and WON with an R next to his name. Did you ever think that maybe he was informed AFTER the election that he did not have to release them? Maybe he actually thought in good faith that he was going to and then was told he did not have to? Have you EVER said you were going to do something then did not do it later on? So are you a liar? He was new to politics. He did release something just not his tax returns so in my book that is better than just ignoring the lie all together, like most politicians do.

    • Inkpad says:

      Do you and Mary want to make your tax return public ? I don’t see anyone else in congress posting their tax return. No American citizen has to make their tax return public. If there’s anything wrong with President Trumps tax return the IRS will deal with it I’m sure there’s plenty of leftist liberal loons at the iRS that have already been over his return with malice intention. Just like all the democrats want to do.

  19. Mark Clews says:

    The way I see this whole screwed up mess is that California needs to have a HUGE EARTHQUAKE big enough to land the whole state off in the ocean and forget we have any rescue personel to respond!!! That might help clear the SWAMP in Washington since most of them reside there. TRUMP 2020!!!

    • mary says:

      Aren’t you a peach! You know Karma is going to come back to you ten fold for wishing death on people. Have fun with that. You will burn!

      • Jake says:

        Mary, go smoke some weed and chill out. You are so full of hate right now.

      • Ken says:

        hey Mary, where is Obama’s college papers? When you let the American public see them then you can comment on Trump. Until then SHUT UP!

        • D.A.N. says:

          Now Ken, Mary knows Obozo can’t show his college papers because if he did, they would show that it was illegal for him to have even run for the office. And why he should have already been labeled as a felon. He also violated a IL State law and committed a Felony there too. Barry didn’t list his adopted name ( AKA ) on his Bar application which is a felony in IL.

    • Inkpad says:

      Earthquake how bout we just put them with the rest of the trash behind the wall as part of Mexico . They are already going down the toilet because of being a sanctuary state and ran by democrats.

    • Inkpad says:

      Earthquake how bout we just put them with the rest of the trash behind the wall as part of Mexico . They are already going down the toilet because of being a sanctuary state and ran by democrats. .

  20. NOBODY says:


  21. Joey Self says:

    I hope and pray America makes a loud and clear statement on election day vote all democrats out. Corruption will not be tolerated in our govt. Say we the people.

  22. Mike Gilbert says:

    If the 2020 California Presidential Ballot does not list/contain all of the candidates eligible/running for office, can the ballots from California be ruled inadmissible for the 2020 elections by the FEC ?

    Just a thought.

    • Governor New Some should be arrested, for volating “His Oath, of Office” ; Big time!!!

      • marleen davis says:

        So called Governor, Nuisance is a real traitor! He and his relatives, Pelousy & the Browns (both former governors) and the rest of the politicans in California that are owned by the Mexican Cartels are the most despicable slimeballs in this State, and maybe even the entire Country. These people need to go and I mean out of here and into prison at least. Stealing from the taxpayers, lying constantly, taxing everything. Next Nuisance wants to tax our Water—Water! He is the sickest, most disgusting person ever. I thought Moonbeam was bad, but this egomanic is the worst! We have to get rid of them all and stop this insanity!

  23. Mary Johnson says:

    You can not remove the President or Republican candidate from the ballot in any case there is a spot to write in a candidate or did they forget that. It is time that the Democrats learn that they will never win as long as they have no platform and hate of the American people.

    • marleen davis says:

      Gov Nuisance managed, without a vote from the people to alleviate that just before the 2016 vote. He just signed a paper making it law and it is so difficult to fight and get funds to sue him and the slime in the State. They took off write ins and the final ballot is allowed only the 2 highest vote getters during the primary votes, no matter what party they belong to, so they were able to cheat even before the final elections.

      • Rod says:

        I don’t know if that law would stand up to the Constitution, even if it only state law. It surely violates voters rights to the First Amendment on free speech. We have a TWO (PLUS) PARTY SYSTEM IN THIS NATION. TO SAY ONLY THE TWO TOP VOTE GETTERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BALLOT IN A STATE WHERE THE COMMIECRATS OUT NUMBER OTHER PARTIES IS THE SAME AS SAYING ONE PARTY RULE!!



    • Joanne Mortensen says:

      my thoughts eactly

  24. Paul says:

    There was a time I thought our lawmakers were people of character & Integrity, boy was I wrong, concerning this far left bunch of liberal democrats, all they do is lie, cheat, steal, undermine, set up, corrupt, smear & use taxpayer money to do it on a large scale & will stop at “nothing” to get what they want, these people take sore losers to a whole new level, an astronomical level!

  25. Shelba says:

    California’s law won’t hold up because no where in the constitution says a presidential candidate has to reveal his tax returns to be on the ballot, newsom is just trying to harass Trump, stop republicans from showing up at the polls in order to steal the election, this BS has to be stopped

  26. Patrick Henry says:

    Omar needs to go back to the LANDFILL that she crawled out of!!!

  27. Jennifer McMahon says:

    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe it is required in the constitution that a presidential nominee or a president is required to turn over his tax returns. As a retired CPA, I would not want to have to examine 8 years of President Trump’s tax returns. What a lot of numbers! I would not believe any Democrats review of them either, so I would have to look them over myself in order to know the truth. The IRS has already examined them. That’s good enough for me.

    • mary says:

      He said he would and he lied. I for one am tired of his lying ways. He needs to grow a pair and be a big boy and do what he says.

      • AC says:

        Trump never said he would. He did say the IRS was doing an audit and his lawyers advised him not to release until after the audit.

        There’s nothing saying an IRS audit can only last for a specific time frame.

    • John Vieira says:

      You ARE right….Only qualification in 1776 was that you were born in America , 35 years of age+ and that you lived for fourteen years in the country before throwing your hat in the ring…a few extras were added in later years…but tax returns is NOT one. One’s tax return is nobody’s damn business – except the tax department. The beauty of this is when Hillary accused Trump of availing himself of certain exemptions, which are legal and above board…as if it was something vile…and when she released her returns…lo and behold, she had claimed the SAME exemptions….but her claim was less vile, eh !!!

  28. Mark Akerley says:

    You Dems are so weak.its all court and games because you have nothing to give!! You completely suck stand for nothing but all are a disgrace to the dare you!!! Get a life I’m going republican for the rest of my are the bitch that will bring America down. You people make me are a joke!!! Democrats are a joke…..

  29. Kevin says:

    I think Trump should send in Federal Troops 2 restore this pinko state back 2 Americans!!!!????????????????????????????????
    What’s that DOUCHE-BAG GOV. NAME????
    GIVIN NO-SENSE!!!!????????????????????????

  30. zee says:

    0bama wasn’t required to ‘unseal’ his Records.

    • RickyRay Robertson says:

      Great point…
      Trump should order them unsealed..
      Then watch Mary and the rest of her liberal lemmings DEFEND HIS PRIVACY!!

  31. David says:

    The Dems stomped their feet, cried, and threw their toys as they claimed that conservatives had plotted to make Obama a one term president. When people pointed out that both parties did that whenever the opposition won, the Dems said, ‘oh, no. not our party.’ and just look at what the dems have been doing since the day Trump won! Hypocritical liars.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Mitch McConnell made the statement that he would do everything in his power to see that President Obama was a one term President. No cooperation from the got go. Now there’s a man who really cares for his country.

      • Barbara says:

        President? Obama was not a legal president since he wasn’t born here. His birth certificate listed a hospital that didn’t even exist when he was born. Long before he became president his aunt had spoken in an interview about being there when he was born. She’s never been to the US. What a loser he is. He would never have been elected if it weren’t for the very disgusting act of racism that caused many black people to vote for him just because he was black. All the other democrats were split along fairly similar lines but approximately 95% of black people voted for Obama. Then they have the audacity to claim other people are racist. Take a look in the mirror, folks. Blacks as a demographic have become the most racist of all. It’s shameful because ten years ago we were on the right track to the color of your skin not mattering anymore and now we are certainly derailed from that. I blame Obama and the chip on his shoulder.

  32. jozef jorik says:

    Just give the F……m California to China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. David W says:

    How can anyone know? The Democrats have cried “WOLF!” so many times and been unable to sustain their charges , how can they be believed by anyone?

  34. Barbara a says:

    Is Gavin Newsome following the orders of his Aunt Nancy Pelosi?
    Very unfortunate

  35. Rae says:

    If there was anything questionable about/with DJT tax filings the IRS would be all over him like a bad suit. It would have been leaked and we would all know about it.

  36. wayne 2019 says:

    mabe it just the idea that being told or else,i think the irs has looked into the presidents tax and with his wealth if there was money owed they would have come after it yesterday

  37. Steve says:

    These criminal democrats should show what taxes THEY PAID ! Oh , that’s right , THEY CAN’T , because THEY are ORGANIZED CRIME CRIMINALS !

  38. John Vieira says:

    ALL those politicians requesting to see anyone’s tax return SHOULD voluntarily make their OWN returns public as a sign of good faith, BEFORE calling for someone else to do so…In any event one’s tax return is one’s private business…if any tax agency was dissatisfied with any individual’s or company’s tax return they would carry out the necessary audits…and they are usually very thorough and onerous…

  39. Scott says:

    California’s votes for ANY federal election should not count. Period.

    • John says:

      I totally agree! Any state which does not do EVERYTHING it can to make sure that the elections are not flooded with the voted of the dead and ILLEGAL ALIENS should be disqualified from sending electors to the electoral college.

    • David says:

      So, are you saying that the many thousands of conservatives, libertarians, independents who do not support the liberal agenda have no right to vote?

      Are you aware that in 1775, our Founders believed that people on the frontiers and people who did not own a business did not deserve to vote because they had no vested interest in the future of the young country?

  40. cosi mistral says:

    Trump has said he has nothing to hide. . . but I guess we can never count on his word for much. . . What’s he hiding by keeping his taxes hidden? Must be something worth hiding!

    • Cliff says:

      As many holdings as HE has it would take a GAGGLE of tax lawyers to tell a LAYMAN like many of us, what in the HELL was in the damn thing. Besides if there were “problems” the IRS would already be on it like ugly on a bear. Perhaps they need to check people like al not-to-sharpton that owes MILLIONS in back taxes. BUT because he is a DEMOCOMMUNIST gets a “pass”.

    • Hondo says:

      When did you stop beating you wife?

    • Lisa says:

      Well what is that pos Obama hiding by sealing his college records? Seriously who does that? Trump is audited all the time so if he did something illegal they would have caught it. It’s typical for liberals to just keep harassing people until they cave only President Trump doesn’t cave.

      • Scott27 says:

        Lisa, “seriously, who does that?” Your dear cult leader threatened to sue any school he attended if they released his school records. Please, try to be a little less blatant in your hypocrisy.. it would make you at least seem a bit more credible.

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      The same thing you hide and the Democrats corrupt by.

    • Walter E Beverly III says:

      You are doing a hell of a lot of assuming. Under the LAW (which you DEMONcRATS love to ignore when it suits you), tax returns are PRIVATE, i.e for you who don’t understand the word, it means it is none of your damn business.

  41. Mike says:

    The tentative law wouldn’t be necessary if Trump would summit his tax returns like he said he would , and like all preceding presidents have done. If anyone is destroying the constitution it’s Trump.

    • DEM777 says:

      Mike, when did Obama and Michelle aka Michael summit their tax returns. I have not seen or heard of any.

      I think you are kinda bias.

    • Scott says:

      Show me where in the constitution it demands private tax information. Obama was never a United States citizen and you delusional liberals didn’t care. It’s all about the destruction of the United States for you bastards. You WILL NOT WIN! Even if it comes to arms.

      • D.A.N. says:

        And if he was a US citizen, his college records could exclude him from ever running for President in the first place. He also could be convicted of a felony in IL for his Bar admission paperwork.

    • John says:

      If President Trump did what you wanted, the DNC would come up with some other ridiculous demand. Democrats cannot win in a fair fight; this is the bottom line! Its why Governors of Blue states are letting convicted felons vote, its why they don’t purge voter rolls to stop THE DEAD from voting and its why they want to give ILLEGAL ALIENS drivers licences so they can stroll into any polling place and VOTE DEMOCRAT. The republicans are far from perfect, but holy cow! Anything goes for democrats and they get a total pass from their willing accomplices in the press. If Obama had the same scrutiny Trump gets from the media, he WOULD have been impeached before the end of his first term.

    • John Vieira says:

      You so want a tax return…how about the governor’s. He should show his, going back to the time he entered politics. Anybody’s tax return is NONE of your business…unless you work for the tax department…PERIOD!!! Ten to one you could not decipher it anyway…as for example Clinton’s where she showed that she used the EXACT SAME exemptions she was “accusing” Trump of using. And pray tell legal genius, what does this have to do with the Constitution…which if you are truly worried about take a gander at who is calling for open borders = no country…and abolishing the Electoral College = No Republic

  42. Marx-ine Waters says:

    “Krapaphornia officials”….. I thought politicians were supposed to represent ALL of their constituents.

  43. Carl J Bujan says:

    Leave it to California to ignore the Constitution and throw it out the window and make up their own rules. I believe we should excommunicate California from the United States

    • Bill E. Bob says:

      They also want to give 16 year olds the vote, abolish the Electoral College and of course, oppose voter I.D.

    • John Decker says:

      I have a better idea. Let’s sell California to Mexico for a dollar. We can be done with that asshole Newsom. The Mexicans can put their guy in charge, and all the Mexican kids can finally go to Disneyland for free. All the Hollywood assholes will finally get their comeuppance, and maybe some good movies can be made again. And all the homeless people will finally have a home that fits. It’s all good, no downside at all!

  44. Alan Gagne says:

    If Pres. Trump is not on the California Ballot because of this unconstitutional law then all of California’s votes should not be counted.

    • Maybe that’s why their state has so many disasters. Wow the wild fires! The homeless problems in their downtown streets? I do think God is sending California a clear message. They better pull themselves together.

  45. Deb says:

    is that only for Republican or does that rule apply to dems as well????

    • Marcia says:

      Right how many dumborats have released their taxes? And I don’t mean presidential candidates how about people like Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Walters, Green, all the trouble makers. And I would like to see it changed to where we can keep our President for as long as he wants to serve just like other countries. But the House and Senate need term limits. Some of them are so old they probably don’t know anything.

  46. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If they were fair, they’d pass a law that makes anyone who runs for any public office must sbow thejr tax returns before they appear on the California state ballot. This was a scheme to deny anyone who wants to vote for Trump because they knew he would refuse to do so as he has the right to keep those returns secret as anyone.

    • John says:

      It is still completely ridiculous. These are federal offices, not state offices. Look at what that state of buffoonery does … They have basically OUTLAWED being a republican by no longer even allowing competition between the parties. They not take the top two vote-getters so come November, there aren’t any republican candidate to vote for. This is voter suppression at its finest. If you want to know what democrats are up to, just look at what they accuse republicans of doing.

  47. Teresa Culver says:

    I am sick of these California lawmakers. They are trying to make the whole country like. Homeless and filthy and poor. California is a sad of a state.

  48. Robert Ratto says:

    This is a federal election not a state election. Federal laws supersede state laws. California can force that requirement on local and state representatives but not on a federal candidate. With what the democrats are doing and how they are trying to destroy the Constitution, why would anyone want to vote for them? This land became great because of our freedoms, because of our individual rights, and a government that was set up to answer to the people. Now the democrats want to change that by us subservient to the government and control every aspect of or lives from the day we were born until the day we die.Can anyone say slave.

    • gary says:

      This is because of the minority of law makers and NOT the majority of the California voters are using their powers to overthrow, so the voters should STOP them! If only people would Stop having blind patriotism to government corruption and stop having the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail! Power to the people right on!

  49. DEM777 says:

    If any State takes the President off the ballot then the Government should not have to give funds to the state. Let them take care of themselves.

  50. Bruce says:

    Trump should not be required to do so and it is illegal for Commifornia to try and force him to do so, just to keep off the ballot. They know they can not win in a fair fight, so they fight dirty. We should force Commifornia to secede from the United States … One day, nature will do it for us with a major earthquake.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Gavin Newsom knows he can’t take Trump off the ballot and get away with it. It’s just red meat for the democrat rabid base.

    • Walter E Beverly III says:

      why!????! Federal Law states that tax returns are PRIVATE. Do you have any clue what that means? I means you can’t force me to divulge them except in the case of an investigation of a CRIME. That in turn requires PROBABLE CAUSE to believe, that a) a crime has been committed, and b) that the tax returns sought would be relevant to the investigation.
      The California law does not do any of that. Sorry.

  51. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Nobody goes after these lawbreaking governors and mayors. That’s why they keep breaking laws.

  52. Timothy Toroian says:

    I don’t where some really ignorant governor gets the idea a state can establish rules that are beyond what the Constitution requires for eligibility? Or less for that matter.

  53. Mary Johnson says:

    Why should he turn them over when it calls for the finical statement and he has supplied it.

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