One Judge hushed a courtroom into silence with what he said about jailing Trump

Robert Mueller wants Donald Trump’s head on a silver platter.

The special counsel thought he had the perfect plan to bring down the President.

And then a judge hushed a courtroom into silence with what he revealed about jailing Trump.

A federal judge in New York revealed prosecutors are still investigating Michael Cohen’s alleged campaign finance violation s even though he pled guilty and was sentenced to prison.

The Daily Caller reports:

A federal judge in New York revealed Thursday that prosecutors are still investigating Michael Cohen’s campaign finance crimes, even though the former Trump lawyer has already been sentenced to prison.

Judge William Pauley made the disclosure in a ruling to release some of the materials discovered during an FBI search of Cohen’s home, office and hotel room April 9, 2018. Several media organizations sued for documents related to a search warrant used in the investigation, and any documents recovered during the FBI searches.

Pauley said while some of the information can be released in full, documents related to campaign finance crimes have to be redacted because they deal with ongoing investigations.

One of the charges to which Cohen pleaded guilty on Aug. 21, 2018, was making an illegal campaign contribution by making a $130,000 hush payment to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims she had an affair with President Donald Trump.

That only means one thing – Deep State prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are gunning for Donald Trump.

They are working to pin fabricated charges of campaign finance violations on the President in order to force him out of office.

The collusion investigation failed.

Mueller pawned off this farcical campaign finance investigation to federal prosecutors in Manhattan as part of his last ditch effort to get Trump.

And the Judge in Cohen’s case made it clear the prosecutors have every intention of seeing it through to the finish.


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210 Responses

  1. DON W says:


  2. truthistruth says:

    If Trump were not president, he would have already BEEN ARRESTED and tried and most likely going to jail like Cohen. Cohen plead guilty to TWO felonies that he participated in “AT THE DIRECTION OF” Donald Trump. That ,makes Trump an yet-to-be indicted co-conspirator.

    Unlike Trump numerous federal crimes for obstruction of justice and other offenses, these two felonies are state crimes and cannot be wiped away by a presidential pardon. All your cultish denials of reality will not erase the reality of the most criminal campaign for president in American history and the truth that the Trump campaign and his people colluded/conspired with our worst adversary, Russia.

    • Helga Miller says:

      Your truth must be double truth and therefore FALSE! Trumphater and America hater and that’s the truth!

    • The Real M says:

      tit, Hey Demon Diane. Now, put your money where your mouth is and give us proof that President would be in jail if not for being President. You are soooooo willing to take the word of a, multi times, ADMITTED liar, Cohen. Anybody who believes a word slathering from Cohen’s lying mouth is just too gullible for words, oh – you do but, you also believe everything your liberal lying leadership and the MSM says, as well as what HRC and BHO says and I could go on forever here……………. You and the rest of your cronies are charter members of the cult aka the Democrat party! Yours is the infamous group who belongs in prison!
      Your party and all its investigations are so crooked and dishonest, nobody is going to believe any results they bring forward. As far as crooked campaigns, the all time winner of that is crooked HRC’s! To begin with, Donna Breazeale stated on the MSM networks as well as Fox News that the DNC was broke when HRC began her campaign. Hillary “bought and paid for” the DNC and stole the campaign from Bernie Sanders. HRC not only owned the DNC she told them where and to whom the money would go. Those are not my words, but Donna’s and, she was in a position to know being the Chairperson at that time. That is not even one drop in the bucket of what crooked Hillary was guilty of! I won’t even get into BHO beyond to say he was a fraud, should never have been President and did things he should be in prison for.
      Demon Diane, if you could get beyond despising DJT, with mental health counseling, you might possibly see some of these things for yourself instead of being blinded by your hate. You are just so sad and wrong…………….

    • A says:

      cultish denials huh? well truth is truth, You libs are insane and should leave this country if you cannot accept our president. We wish you well in your new home country…pls mke it OUT OF THE USA

  3. Ron Alford says:

    They are not going to run the risk of going to jail trying to arrest our President over something that is a frivolous farce to begin with wasting multi-millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars. They are just trying their best with taxpayer dollars to stop him from being re-elected, and God has already said he will be re-elected.

    • Gailon Arthur Joy says:

      I think you under-estimate the stupityt of a democratic party that is the origins of the KKK, Johnson, and a host of other segregationists…yes it was the “liberal” (an oxymoron at best) democrats that supported post civil war segregation up until the Kennedy years…then quite suddenly they attempted to change their face, but not their agenda…now they just use our tax dollars to build segregated housing and slums for the “sub-cultures” they wish to enslave. Trump is hell bent on empowering minorities and qualified immigrants to prosperity. A full employment economy is the goal, albeit a difficult goal when you have so many that really do not want to work, certainly at regular lawful jobs. They prefer peddling death via cocaine, fentanyl and heroin!!! The chinese cleaned up that issue with a death penalty for drug peddlers! As have several asian countries!!! We should use Guantanomo Bay as our solution…and let them swim back to the US or simply join the current cuban government upon release!!! Why waste transportation money on garbage!!!

  4. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion Hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. Marge Wall says:

    We have two political parties in America.
    One is patriotic, God loving and proud of their history, and of their American heritage.

    The other party is one which despises America,Americans and American heritage.
    This is the party that attracts most of the third world immigrants and their children who have entered our country with their hands out and their middle fingers extended in contempt. Their hatred of America is blatant and palpable.

    They and their liberal American toadies will not rest until they have destroyed everything American and replaced with Third World values and the resulting disgusting behavior.

    Are we going to fight them or roll over and play dead because they call us names while marching and screaming until they get their way??????????????

    If you are over 75 then you’ll know what I mean when I say “Bless their little hearts.”

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Well said Marge. I’m in that upper age level and I fully appreciate and understand you. “Little hearts”? They are only seen with a microscope. Where I came from they were called freeloaders; noncontributing members of society always demanding handouts.

      • we need for all American voters wake up until, we rid the u s a of all the filthy demorats we are all in danger of America being destroyed the denomic Dems left are picking up where that disgusting disgrace for an American President we had for 8 years stated Americas destruction

        • John M says:

          Until this last election cycle I grew up believing that there was give and take, compromise by both parties to reach an agreement in governing our country. My first hint that something was going south was how blatant the corruption had become. Both parties had one goal in mind. Not making America great, but to steal as much as they can from the American people. When challenged they simply lie to your face and you are suppose to believe it. No more. The two parties had this scam going for decades and we were willing to accept the “choices” they gave us, either Democratics or Republicans.
          From what has been revealed in the last two years regarding corruption in our government, the Dems must go. I don’t mean reduced to second place. I mean they should be minimized to something resembling today’s US Marijuna party. Remember to get out and vote in 2020. There may be two dead people voting Democrat for everyone of you at the ballot boxes.

    • Dolores Adams says:

      We don’t want these kind of people in our country. If they want to come like they did many years ago and obey the laws of are land, they would be better.

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Here, here! So far, Trump seems to be the only weapon that we have out there; and he is working virtual alone on the front. God must be with him so far!

      • ravi says:

        dear patriot, act and dont play dead, that is not America..act now to stop these idiots, liberate the country from nancy, chuck, bernie, kamala, corey, …..etc too many …sad that many are whites..

    • Jay says:

      Marge. Great post ! Couldn’t have said it better!
      All I can say is – “lock and load” America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Jack says:

      With the exception of the Rinp’s

    • Audie Jordan says:

      Bless their little pea picking hearts. I am so happy we gave away our tv after watching Obama make his “You can keep your doctor” speech.

      He started this ball rolling & is still greasing the wheels.

    • Ron Alford says:

      Marge hit the nail square on the head.

  6. Tony Bell says:

    You can bet and take to the bank, that if they had anything against our president that could be use against him they would have employed it by now. They are desperate and it shows. All issues have two sides and it appears, very clearly, that the globalist democrats side is dark and failing fast. All praise and glory to father God.

  7. Well Ms. bettie your time is up, now.

  8. Raven78 says:

    Secret Service will never allow a sitting President to be arrested, they have one mission and one mission only. They will not play these little liberal charades.

    • You can not arrest anyone because they love their Country..That is what Got the the Liberals bloomers up in a wad ..Loving your Country IS NO CRIME ,as much as the Snowflakes would like it to be…

  9. Don says:

    This judge is just another lefty who wants Trump also. Being from NY, I guess he’s another jealous loser. There is zero collusion and the world knows it. What I want is a government going after the real criminals of the Dumbascrap party who thinks we all believe their BS.

    • Lisa says:

      Me too! I’m wondering when Trump will make his move!? It’s a HUGE promise not fulfilled to “drain the swamp?” They breed like rabbits! I wish it would start now! Replace them by impeachment or whatever else, and then change laws to be able to remove employees if needed.

      • Allen says:

        It is just there is an awful lot of swamp. It would be like trying to make dry land out of most of Louisiana. The difference between Louisiana and Washington, D.C., is at least Louisiana is pretty.

  10. mrp says:

    Despite that he has no evidence to convict our president of collusion, Mueller does want his head on a silver platter and he paid Cohen 30 pieces of silver to help him achieve his goal. Mueller and Cohen–two despicable rats. When Mueller headed the FBI, he was called to testify about all the corruption in the agency. When SOS Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia in exchange for multi-millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation, Mueller was there. He was involved in the phony dossier used to unjustly obtain a FISA warrant. The dirty investigator is the one who should be investigated. Hopefully AG Barr will do his job because Sessions who endeared himself to Trump during the campaign never had any intention of doing his job. Sessions was blackmailed to do exactly what he did. Hope there is a price for him to pay for his treachery. Shifty Schiff (an in-law of George Soros, whose hatred for our president knows no limits) admitted there is no case of Russian collusion with Mr. Trump because now he wants to increase the scope of the investigation. You just have to scratch your head and say what has our country come to with these lunatic radical lefties.

    • The Real M says:

      mrp, Abso”flippin'”loutely! Get after them, we are with you.

    • Lisa says:

      FYI,there’s also evidence of Mueller cheating many years ago in same way as now using FISA court to spy on Americans without delivering proper documents to FISA judges. Not sure, but I’m guessing same problems as now. No evidence or falsified evidence, no knowledge to the judges of how applications began, like did someone PAY back then too?

    • Mimi says:

      Also SCHIFF MET WITH ONE of the people that worked at Fusion at the ones that created the Steele dossier for Hillary and the D N C last summer at aspen

  11. The Real M says:

    EVERYONE, This blog has several “PAID TROLLS”, such as Betty, john, dick bentley, etc. CLUE: When a person writes one comment after another in a blog, that are nasty, insulting, lies, or just any stupid unreasonable crap, they are being paid everytime they make somebody angry enough to write a “reply” to them, this low class trash should be ignored and they will eventually leave us in peace!

  12. Arizona Don says:

    It is rather obvious you get you news from the MSM. Ninety two percent of there coverage is negative on President Trump and they nearly never mention anything he does as positive.

    Here is a partial list of some of his accomplishments. He has accomplished, as president, more in less than two years then Obama did in two full terms. However, he accomplished more in two years then nearly every president before him. So it was not just Obama.


    Trump signs First Step Act criminal justice reform into law

    Trump signs Historic USMCA trade agreement replacing NAFTA

    President Trump secures release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey

    President Trump Approval Rating at 50 Percent

    Justice Kavanaugh SWORN IN to Supreme Court

    Trump Shrinks Government by 16000 Jobs since elected

    US Cuts 300 Million In Aid To Pakistan

    Trump Cut Off 200 Million in Aid to Palestinians

    Trump ends 230 Million Dollar Rebuilding Payments to Syria

    Trump has our soldiers remains returned home from Korean War

    Trump signs Right to Try drug bill

    US Embassy moved to Jerusalem by President Donald J Trump

    Trump secures release of American Prisoners from North Korea

    Trump Negotiates Peace between North and South Korea

    Trump Signs Order Calling for Work Requirements for Welfare Programs


    Trump Nominates First Woman for Head of CIA

    Feds collect record taxes in first month under Trump’s tax cuts; runs surplus in January

    Trump signs sweeping two-year budget deal – MILITARY FUNDED

    Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years – ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’

    Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat synthetic opioids

    President Trump set a record for lifetime appointed judges in 2017

    Trump Signed 96 Laws In 2017

    Trump Administration Set to Roll Back $900 Million in Obama-Era Offshore Drilling Regulations

    U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 52 People and Entities for Abuse and Corruption

    Individual Mandate of Obamacare REPEALED

    Senate Passes Historic Sweeping Tax Reform

    Climate Change REMOVED from ‘Threat List’

    Trump Admin is a Deregulation Machine: Eliminating 22:1

    Trump signs $700 billion defense bill, gives troops largest pay raise in 7 years

    Remember this is only a partial list I have nearly five more pages of accomplishments.

    • ravi says:

      why are the majority scilent with all these accomplishments! raise to the occasion, this country is brilliant and always stands up to challenges…quick solutions and resolutions are needed..or face the results of inaction, republicans..

  13. Doc says:

    I think John had his head so far up Obama was he could!my see who devied the country

  14. Rickey Caldwell says:

    Yes they may try to arrest the President. Every ounce, every shred of descency will be thrown away from this day or tomorrow forward until Nov 7 next year. If America honestly thinks the Baby Killing Party is willing to give up the Whitehouse checkbook again for 4 more years, we have lost our minds. If people think this last election was a fiasco, the level of chaos this year will outdo them all. It’s come to a tipping point that the U.S. should be embedded against the world with the EU and Trump threw off their plans. Surely people don’t think the Chinese and Russians fit in with the European Illuminati that Soros and Hillary want to foster so badly. We’ve thrown the schedule tick tock, Soros is on the clock.

  15. dick bentley says:

    John’s right. The problem we have now is that certain people, who call themselves religious, still support him although he has violated God’s commandments by being an adulterer.

    Forget all that illegal stuff and serving as Putin’s puppet. He has violated one of God’s commandments and is unfit to be President

    • Me says:

      Talk is cheap. Where is Your prove?? Btw: the Washington post says you like little children.

    • Bill says:

      Alright Dick for that comment were going to see how squeaky clean your present and past looks then post your actions on Facebook. How about it.

    • The Real M says:

      dick bentley. Oh where to begin with your ignorant uninformed comment!
      IF President Trump committed adultry and repents or repented for his sin. He would be forgiven by God and wouldn’t apply to his Presidency anyway.
      You made no mention of ALL the Democrat Presidents who committed adultry so I guess that was okay at least, under today’s existing double standard!
      You liberal hypocrite!

      • Shirley Freeland says:

        I agree. When President Trump became a Christian God forgave him of all his sins. There are past married presidents who actually put their girlfriend in an apartment while they were in the White House!!! Look at JFK and Marilyn Monroe. It was no secret he was having an affair with her while in office. I don’t condone adultry or any of these types of wrongdoing but you can’t put down one president when there were plenty of presidents who did the same thing and even worse. President Trump is not cheating on his wife now and don’t know if he cheated on Melania ever. His adultry happened before he became president and I will leave it to God as to his forgiveness. I know one thing – Democrats have a double standard – to them it’s okay for a Democrat to commit wrong but just don’t let a Republican commit the same wrongdoing.

        • mad scientist says:

          Trump went to thePresbyterian church all his life. But he was not a christian. But, he became a christian only 4 months after he was elected.We all did many things that we are ashamed of before we became christians, We are not saints today. We are still sinners. Let us not throw stones when we are inside a glass house.

          • Valli Neal-davis says:


          • ladydragon10 says:

            Sorry, Pres. Trump accepted Jesus Christ as his savior in June prior to the Nov. election for President, which he won. I did not vote for him because he had a squeekie clean reputation, I voted for him to do what he said he would do. He has done all these things. If The House would get of their duff, he could complete his promise of a wall.

        • But you must consider shirley that these demo-wits have nothing but Our tax dollars keeping their sorry asses up while they get a life living off the working person. The pride, class, morals, laws and Biblical teachings have no place in their lives nor rearing their children. Civil people will never make them understand that there is something called ,character in decent hard working Americans. They will not receive free education to become real citizens because then they will have no option but to go to work. And ,they are to sorry to read to understand that their free loading days are just about at an end. As the bible states,”WORK OR, STARVE”.

    • you forgot that in the USA there is separation of church and state. so drop the religious angle

      • Barry Nikolitch says:

        NoNoNo..There is no separation of church and state in the Constitution of this country.. that separation of church and state came from the USSR..Try reading true history for a change..Its called Unconventional Wisdom..Thats the real truth,unless it can be proven scientifically AND mathematically..

        • Chucki DeSantis-Kelly says:

          That doesn’t mean that a repentant president isn’t forgiven and it doesn’t mean he is not doing an extraordinary job of fighting the evil that’s taken over the world. If you’re so pure in God’s eyes, YOU try to accomplish what he has ! Good luck.

      • mad scientist says:

        Separation of Church and state is no where in thr US Constitution..It was in a personal letter wrote by Thomas Jefferson. Separation of church and state is taken out of the old Soviet union.

      • Jeanne Daniels says:

        you tell God that!

    • Guy says:


    • Betty says:

      Unfit to be called president. d.trump is Unfit To Be Called AN INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING or Even a HUMAN BEING at all.

    • Lunchladie says:

      If the President has violated God’s commandments it is up to God to pass judgement not you. You know judge not lest thee be judged. You who are without sin cast the first stone.

      • Margaret says:

        This Betty must oneof Peelosi’s babies, sounds like it. It seems that all the democrats want babies killed as they are being born. I hope these babies haunt them in their dreams. Just think what would have been had their mom killed them as they were being born?

    • Murphy says:

      Hey dick, get lost. He will win again!!

    • RIch says:

      Are you talking about Clinton?..that would include RAPE to and Children Island

    • Lisa says:

      Dick Bentley, have you never violated a command or made mistakes? If you are so perfect and pure maybe you should run. It really gets me when the left berates Christians like we’re all a bunch of poor uneducated Hicks, discouraging more and more the concept of God in America, but then people like you and Alexandra whatever her name is start using Biblical principles first time you need them. It’s like all the Republicans weapons are locked up safe , but y’all break in and steal our weapons cause yours don’t work as well!? Is that it? Let me tell you something about God. HE is the judge, not you. You have no business deciding if God thinks he’s fit for president. Also I remind you the 2016 election was won by Trump for many reasons. One, was Evangelicals across the country showed up to vote, and normally they don’t vote at all. You can credit that Trump support to the late late LATE day before birth abortion Hillary supported in the last debate. Trump thought a minute and answered “No, if you think aborting babies the day before thier due date is OK, I cannot agree with that.” How many other politicians would have tried slipping and sliding to be vague and not answer, so they don’t offend either side? He may not be truthful 100% of the time, but for me he’s truthful when it counts. I really don’t care who had better turnout at his inaugeration.
      While I’m at it, using the Bible or Word of God when you’re not really a believer, you’re just pulling it out to try and influence believers into doing what you want, is what I call……well I won’t say it while publicly talking about God. But it’s attempting to use Him in the worst way. Not that you can hurt Him, but the fact that you play games with His Word will not not make Him happy. You need to go tell all your freinds the same.
      King David committed adultery with his first General’s and best freinds wife, and then had him murdered to try and cover it up. Maybe you should read some more bible

    • Piec says:

      Obviously you are not very fa.imiar with God. We are all sinners and Jesus died on the cross so that our sins are forgiven. You bet we support him. PD to be forgiven you must be a believer, otherwise you sins take you DOWN.

    • Rosemary S. says:

      Dick what about JFK and all his women, women have nothing to do with the Pres protecting all America Get you head out of your under ware

    • Jake says:

      Hey Dick and it’s a very fitting name. Your party is ready change to sharia law. You can then sell your daughter and beat your wife legally.

  16. Cliff says:

    The “deep State is doing EVERYTHING they can to try and unseat OUR DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT.
    In MY opinion they are doing this for two reasons 1. The DEMOCOMMUNISTS CANNOT
    get over” the FACT their CROOKED “queen” LOST and their NEFARIOUS “PLANS to DOMINATE are NOW out in the open, and #2 Ginsburg has got one foot on a banana peel and one in the grave AND if she “goes” (and who knows she may be already) PRESIDENT TRUMP will have a chance appoint yet another Constitutional Conservative to the SCOTUS and we will FINALLY have a “court” that will actually go by the CONSTITUTION… NOT by their “personal feeling, “political preferences” or “gender choices”.

    • john says:

      Trump was elected through illegitimate means…He is also a traitor and should be beheaded for treason…Deep State or somebody needs to get control of American…Trump has done nothing but divide the Country and created a larger swamp…”Lock him up”…

      • Steve says:


        • Guy says:

          John, you really need to look at your own party for that one. And put on your big pants, all news is a lie on both sides. Quit believing it…

      • Lisa says:

        John, President Trump did not win the election by illegitimate means. He was elected fairly, and the deep state,obama and hillary can’t get over the fact that she lost. President Trump has done nothing to divide this Country. That’s all on obama’s shoulders.

      • Jill says:

        John, you couldn’t be more disillusioned. Stop drinking the koolaid. Get your brain back. It’s not easy, you have to think for yourself. Be independent. But most of all you’ll have to be brave. Americans are not brain dead zombies. We stand up for what’s right.

      • geri says:

        John: Have you been living under a rock???? Our President has accomplished more good for our country in 2 years than O did in 8. OPEN YOUR EYES & GET REAL!!!!!

        • Betty says:

          Hey, geri. Get real. The only good thing d. trump is did for this country is show it just how much of an INSANE IDIOT He Really Is, Always Has Been & Always Will Be for the rest of His Sick Minded,Selfish,Stupid, Stinking Life.

      • MICHELLE GREY says:


      • William Secrist says:

        John you are one wacko dude someone must be threading to take away all of the free stuff that you are getting from the taxpayers. B3dides I doubt if you even know what treason is

      • Bill says:

        John you need to jump what little brain you have to the present because your description is of Obama who caused all of the racial division and hatred in America he even endorsed it when he had numerous lunches with BLM complimenting them on a job well done. That only scratched the surface of his wrong doings to America and We The People.

      • U says:

        A crack load of BS!JOHN!!!…

        • The Real M says:

          U, Old john has serious mental issues! I don’t believe anyone is as ignorant and and unaware as he pretends to be unless, they are still in diapers, sucking on a pacifier!

          He bears watching, if he keeps on and on with his outrageous comments to get people to reply to him we will know he is just another PAID TROLL and we should ignore him.

      • Tony Penney 313 says:

        John you are out there what has he done not a dam thing name one thing you can’t snowflake

      • Tess says:

        Lock Him Up??? Obama and his crew of illegal, traitors, yes. HRC and her crew of traitors and thieves, yes. The Feds that work for a treasonous Democratic Party most definately, Yes !! The Democrats that work to hide the truth, yes.
        Being a Democrat I find the crimes repulsive, unAmerican and unjust.
        Do I think D.J. Trump did anything he is being accused of since beginning his run for President, NO. I would proudly vote for him Again. Because I saw an Queen of Death, Lies, and Treason being swept into office as if the Virgin Mary was somehow found wanting in her almighty gaze. She was as tainted as she could be and the rotting stench still hangs over our Capital. Obama was not an American as records have shown his illegal attempts to bring this nation down completely was stopped by Trump not giving up on America. For which I will forever be thankful. How the traitors left over are treated is declared by the definition of Sedition.. Let the military tribunals begin.

        • The Real M says:

          Tess, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!
          Thank you for supporting the Republican agenda and President Trump.
          If you have not done so already, I invite you to join our party. We would love to have you, your friends, and family. We need all of you!

        • Betty says:

          Tess, you’re as Sick Minded As That Oval Office Blond, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape laughingly known as president trump or more correctly Humpy trumpy who sat on a border wall, had a great fall & Thank GOD Nobody at all could put Humpy trumpy back together again.

          • Does that remark tell everyone how uneducated that Ms bittie is? She is out of our radar. And, I bet she really believes that office is really oval? This goes to show how out of touch this person from the civil war era knows about today’s politics. Her husband packed up and left for a better life voting for REPUBLICANS! the rest of his life.

      • Lunchladie says:

        Trump was elected through the same system that has been our election since the inception of our country. We have had the electoral college that long – without the electoral college there would be a few states that would dictate the outcome. Two of which are California and New York. I for one have no desire to live in a country basically run by those states. Trump is NOT a traitor!!! He has worked VERY hard to fix the problems of this country and do what is in the best interest of our country and the American people. The division of this country started with the previous administration – the past administration didn’t even back law enforcement. I guess your were living under a rock during those 8 years. You are so out of touch.

      • william says:

        John you are so far out of touch that you would not know the truth if it bit you in the posterior.

      • dave says:

        Wrong. Obama divided the country. Racial relations are worse than in the 60’s. Trump is trying to put the Country back on a firm footing, both within the States and Internationally; and he iis gradually doing just that despite concentrated effort to counter his success.

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        You must not have listened to the address last week when president Trump spoke about all the accomplishments that have been made for the American citizens since he’s been in office get your head out of the sand the democrats don’t give a damn about you or the American citizens.

      • No mam says:

        Lock you up!You are mistaken. And you are not in touch with our nation.

        • The Real M says:

          No mam, “john’ doesn’t sound like someone who lives in America. If he doesn’t, he has been victimized by the MSM, probably CNN, and his brain is fried with fake news, lies, and propaganda! That’s why he is delirious and makes no sense.

      • Jake says:

        Put the crack down johnny boy. Man they really have you brainwashed. I’m not a Trump fan, left or right but just see common sense. You are so far left I bet you walk in circles all damn day. Looking like a dog chasing his tail. I know your eyes are too blurry from the liberal tears, so you probably cant see any truth. Just believe what your friends tell you and believe what you hear from CNN, MSNBC and other extremely left wing liberal propaganda machines, owned by Billionaire power monger liberals. Do you deny the left has any crimes or collusion in their party ? Cant wait to hear this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jon Exner says:

    Over the past year or so I have seen several past members of the FEC and former members of the DOJ interviewed on FOX news about the alleged campaign violations.
    When asked if the payments to stormy daniels is a violation of Campaign contribution laws each of them have said not.
    I have never heard any allegations from the members of the current FEC relating to this issue of violations of the Campaign contributions by Trump.
    So if there is no referral’s from the FEC why were these investigation started to begin with? Why was the DOJ used to circumvent the authority and responsibility of the FEC? Should the DOJ not have asked the FEC to look into the matter instead of a special council?

    • D.A.N. says:

      The law does not matter to the members of the ” deep state”. If it did, Hillary would already be sitting in prison. As would all involved in the fake Steele FISA application. And Mulehead himself. All they care about is that they lost the election and they want revenge.

    • Vivian Gregory says:

      Trump didn’t use campaign money he used his own money. Obama used 2 billion of tax payers money and gave it to Iran and Iran used it for terrorist.

  18. Susan Landin says:

    Mr. Trump has done nothing wrong. The democrats are just throwing all this s— at our president to take the spot light off the crap they have done. These evil ones will their justice one day. I for one will celebrate when that happens. God is on his side. I believe that with all my heart. That is the reason he has not been harmed. He has the lords protection.Amen PLEASE everyone who loves our president PRAY for him and his lovely family.

    • john says:

      I pray that Trump will go to jail for treason…”LOCK HIM UP”….

      • I pray you are beheaded by muslims, after they runtrain on your Wife and Mother.

        • U says:

          Here!here!..;) john seriously needs a REAL life rather than believing all the garbage the DEMOCRATS are shoveling out..after all,it was under the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that millions was STOLEN from medicare put there by hard working people and removed to invest these millions in a pyramid scheme called OBAMACARE and not one dollar was repaid back into the medicare program. And then we have the uranium one program which the top officials were able to gainfully reap financial reward for selling the us uranium ore majority control over this us ore mine…where has trump pulled off such a switcheroo out in broad daylight with the investigation of several committees who are and have been investigating trump since his nov 2017 election win…with all this going on it would be hard pressed to have the ability to pull any kind of illegal activity off with so many noses brown nosing mueller.

      • MICHELLE GREY says:


      • D.A.N. says:

        Learn what treason is and then check what Hillary and company have been doing. The jail would be filled with Dems long before Trump would get there.

      • William says:

        John there not enough prisons to hold all the corrupt democraps in DC
        so unless you have a better excuse you need to wise up.

    • Mary Evans says:

      Amen!!! 💗

  19. Steve Barrette says:

    Hang that piece of fecal matter

  20. James C Green says:

    As a Tax Payer, they are spending MY money trying to bring down a very good president. I want it stopped and stopped NOW! Everyone needs to write their Senator and Congressman and demand that this Witch Hunt be terminated immediately!

    • Guy says:

      When has a Democrat ever listened to their base? Our government is broken….doubt if it can be fixed at this point.

      • Betty says:

        Our goverment became Broken the minute a WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS WHORE Moved into the White House & it won’t be fixed untill they are both moved out of it & Real Humans put in their place.

    • DSC says:

      I hate to say this but you can write anyone you want and it won’t change a thing. There are only a handful of people in the swamp that actually gives a damn about us. Liberals don’t care at all about any of the citizens and there are so many Rhinos in the swamp who don’t have enough balls to stand up for what’s right. I used to write them a lot but quit. They are going to have I believe twenty investigations on our President. can you imagine how wonderful America could be if the swamp worked with our President? And we can’t vote these liberals out of office because the elections are rigged with Illegals, dead people, people with dementia, even made up people. So I give up for now. But I will be here when the civil war starts.

      • Craig Vandertie says:

        You forgot family pets and all of them registered to vote in 2 or 3 states and in numerous districts.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Bring plenty of food and ammo DSC for it will be needed. Luckily, we have the major cities surrounded already so when they get rowdy, they will be easy to control. No need to enter those cities and just cut off their power. Smart ones would surrender quickly. Stupid ones would be the ones who end up destroying their own cities because they would have nothing.

      • Betty says:

        I can certainly image how wonderful it would if CLASSY Hilary instead of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump sat in the Oval Office. A LADY who has more brains, more intelligence, more common sense & more dignity in her little finger than a LUNATIC has in His Entire Fat, Selfish, Stupid, Stinking Body.

        • Oh Bettie now you have a contender! (i mean betty, again) Her name is, Ms. no name. So Ms. bettie meet another uneducated rinky dink. Enjoy . p.s. name do not tell her that Donald, is a boyfriend of yours. And, do not tell Ms. bettie that,” hillary is in the drug cartel that causes her prescriptions to go sky high and your boyfriend is signing a bill to cut the cost on her prescriptions to get her attention because, she is a friend of yours”. just be uneducated friends.

    • Harold says:

      Only the justice department has the power to suspend this farce!

  21. David Mangum says:

    Gotta be a Libtard Judge, All they’ve proven is how deep Killary is in with the Russians, If Mueller ever went after the truth, Killary would see he dies, Like the other 100 people she’s had wacked.

  22. Tart says:

    Yes, well said. However I see no sign that Patriots and freedom loving , proud Americans are going to stand up to the tyrrany and insanity of Democrats. Example: support of, encouragement of Occasio Cortez

    • Betty says:

      Maybe, tart. It’s because Real Americans everywhere are too busy standing up to the Tyrany & Insanity Of an Oval Office Blond Hair Orangutan Ape & all of the Asshole Kissing republican Retards supporting him.

  23. Brad Gibbs says:

    That judge can try to takedown president Trump, but he will end up being the catalyst for a 2nd civil war.

    • Guy says:

      He’s only component of a very large coup d’etat. The civil war has already begun. Anifa, AOC, Mueller, Waters, Pelosi, Flake…..are clear signs of that. It’s a matter of when it goes full tilt. Why do you think the Democrats ignore facts on gun violence, then write massively restrictive gun laws. They know they will be targeted.

    • Drew Winzer says:

      Brad Gibbs,

      2ND… CIVIL WAR !!! ??


      • Selena says:

        It means the Republicans will fight the Democrats tooth and nail and will device the country. It’s a shame but as they have said the writing is on the wall. I just hope Trump will lead us!!!!!

  24. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Democrats are costing this Nation Millions if not Billions of Taxpyers dollars on All this investigation Bullchit. Our dollars must be better spent to this Nations benefit

  25. Joe says:

    When are the Republicans going to investigate the Demoncrats corrupt elections? California is good place to start!

  26. Wiliam Clarkson says:

    Anyone falsely accusing Trump of illegal practices should be held on a charge of treason.

  27. Nova says:

    Humpy Dumpty (Pelosi)
    Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpy had a great fall
    All the King’s horses and all the King’s men (Dems) couldn’t put her back together again
    Because she was a rotten egg

  28. Jacque says:

    Where does this stop? When does this nonsense end. It is appalling how hateful they are.
    Shame on the rinos & shame all the more on. the Republicans who won’t stop this bull. Mcconnell get some balls…you all are a bunch of spineless wimps.
    Did President Trump stop your gravy train too. It’s ok.
    President Trump has God on his side he doesn’t need you spineless wimps.
    God will have the final say. Their hate of this President will be their undoing.

  29. bagster53 says:

    well the kenyan freak oboma had the biggest fines for campaign violations in history , so if you going to lock up anyone for them , you better start with the kenyan freak and hillary

  30. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    It does not matter Guilt or Innocents the Deep State will attempt to circumvent Due Process and attempt to find him guilty like the four men that Mueller prosecuted and found them guilty while they were innocent Mueller knew they were innocent but he prosecuted them to keep his snitch Whitey Bolger from being found out two of those innocent men died in Prison you Liberturds know Mueller is not a disinterested party and should e u der investigation on several front as the treasonous snake he is. It is time for the American People to march on the capital Washington D. C. to demand the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama, James Comey Susan Rice, Age t McCabe, The 17 treasonous snakes under Mueller, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynche, Lois Lerner,Hillary Clinton, Debra Wasserman Schultz , the last three D. N. C. Chairmen, the upper echelon’s of The Justice Department, I. R. S., F. B. I. and most of the DemoCommunist Party leadership for plotting the Coupe d’Tat against the majority of the American people it is treason due to irrational hatred and Intolerance from the DemoCommunist/Demoislamic Party of DEATH!

    • Tom says:

      Why did the DOJ NEVER prosecute Mueller after those FACTS came out? He must have committed purjury, plus a few other crimes during those cases.

  31. The Real M says:

    I am so sick and tired of HRC I could throw up, preferably all over her! She was investigated TOO many times by her cronies, through bribery of officials and liberals that we will probably never see justice for her. We are concerned about President Trump being framed and justice mishandled/made a mockery of with the attempt to bring him down and even jail him if liberals can! What do we do? Invariably we end up writing about HRC! I know it is maddening but, we are not helping President Trump by writing about HRC criminal skank! Plus, we are keeping her in the spotlight. My friends, take solace in knowing she may not get justice in the court system but, she will get it when she stands before God! I hope we who care so much about all she did to the Country and so many people are allowed to watch God handle her. There won’t be a trial, just judgement!

    • Drew Winzer says:

      The Real M.,
      SO TRUE,….
      ONLY DIE HARD djt Supporters are Talking abt HRC. Is this his Base?

      • The Real M says:

        Drew Winzer, I don’t think you would “necessarily” classify the ones writing about HRC as his base. I classify myself as a part of President Trump’s base. I am just tired of “us” keeping HRC as the center of attention and giving her any kind of limelight. She needs to be investigated by honest American patriots, indicted, and prosecuted immediately, if not sooner, since it is long overdue. That sounds like I want a prejudgment of her which is not true. Everybody, including liberals, KNOWS she is guilty, her trial would be a formality only!
        I know (Republicans) Congress is investigating her and they don’t even read what we are writing in blogs so it is not helping her to be indicted, unfortunately.
        I’m smiling because you and I are writing about her now!

  32. Leo says:

    Just how much we the people have invested in all this as too date. When do we get reimbursed.

    • Thomas Taylor says:

      Any Washington politician who gets wealthy at the expense of the American taxpayer hates Trump. That explains everything!

  33. Estell says:

    They are wasting tax payer time and money. Investigate the real crooks and law breakers–the democrats– and leave Trump alone.

  34. Rickster says:

    All Muller is trying to do is keep this going until 2020 election to screw things up! Je has nothing and wont fond anything unless they make it up to make it look like Russia and it’s not Russia! Its Britains envolment in the deep state trying to take trump down so they can go back to control our goverment like they have for past 60 years! Britain owns 80% of worlds money through there banking systems, = Rothchilds. They know there in trouble! There selling off the banking institutions! Wells Fargo and Bank of America are involved in a scam on our national debt. All this witch hunt on trump is all a scam! Nothing to do with Russia! Only someone to blame for There crimes! Muller isnt supposed to be going after trumps lawyers! Has nothing to do with his special counsel! They all need to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo!

    • The dems are hell bent on taking OUR PRESIDENT DOWN WHILE THE KNOWN CROOKS GO FREE!!! THE clintons, odummers, and anyone that commited crimes during the time that these were in office need to BE ARRESTED AND TRIED BEFORE GOING AFTER TRUMP!!!


    Democracy is being lost in America by left wing judges and prosecutors from the Obama ,Clinton days.Democrats CAN’T accept defeat unlike Republicans who following the Obama elections did nothing and accepted the fact he was looking out for Muslims and not American citizens AND GAVE millions to Iran so they could keep building weapons of Mass Destruction intent on destroying Israel….. Trump may have stretched some Laws BUT NO WHERE NEAR THE CRIMINAL activity of Obama and his fellow criminal HILLARY This country is doomed UNLESS REAL DEMOCRACY LOVING AMERICANS step up and elect Freedom loving Americans into Congress…. Congress is full of Criminals who are getting RICH ENCOURAGING Criminal Activity and GETTING HUGE GIFTS from the criminal. activity . Most in Congress are increasing their net worth every year as a result of illegal gifts We have met the enemy and it is the /AMERICAN VOTER

    • Mary Angel says:

      Very well said. Thank you

    • Maria says:

      Perfectly said! God Bless President Trump! Put all of them criminals and traitors in Prison!!

    • Tart says:

      Yes, well said. However I see no sign that Patriots and freedom loving , proud Americans are going to stand up to the tyrrany and insanity of Democrats. Example: support of, encouragement of Occasio Cortez

    • BDC says:

      I definitely agree that democracy has been lost in this country long before PRESIDENTS Clinton and Obama. How easy is it for everyone that call themselves conservative Republicans to point fingers at all previous Democratic POTUS. Where was you when both Bush Clan commits treason under Reagan IRAN/CONTRA? 2. Openly stated the support of the New World Order. 3. Taking money from Saudi after the first Gulf War. Appointed President by the Secretary of State (Florida). Lied about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger for a oil driven war. Arresting Americans and keeping them in jail indefinitely on false pretenses of terrorism. Invasion of privacy under the Patriot Act. Had Saddam Hussein murdered instead of sending him to The Hague for trial. Failed to put Russian in check when they invaded GEORGIA 🇬🇪 and the Ukraine 🇺🇦 under Bush when we had troop in the region. Lied about no new taxes. Intentionally allowed 911 to justified going to war. We have a very serious problem in this Country, because people believe one political party is better than the other. Democrats , Republicans and lndependent politicians are the same. They only care about themselves and there buddies. They money is what drive the train 🚂 not what’s in the best interest of the citizens.


  37. Rodney says:

    All of this has nothing, zero zip about wrong doing. It has everything to do with the deep states concern that Trump will undo everything they have fought to hid and will expose them. It is also about about the level of hate they have for our President.

  38. This was a stupid article. The judge didn’t hush anyone! Where’s any statement in there that he hushed anyone at all? This was a joke of a report. And it offers no evidence of the Deep states intentions, which is obviously clear

  39. Threda says:

    This should have been stopped a long time ago. Mueller knew this all started with the fake dossier, paid for by Hillary. So there was no crime. You have to have a crime first, not have a councel, and then look for a crime. That’s a crime right there. And shows Mueller is crooked also, like Comey and Lisa Page, Adam her boyfriend and a list of many crooks in the FBI.

  40. I’m beginning to question Warren’s political savvy. She’s running for President but she disregards her appearance. She dresses & appears like a school marm.
    If she makes no effort to look attractive who, especially women, are going to vote for her?

  41. This was a stupid article. The judge didn’t hush anyone! Where’s any statement in there that he hushed anyone at all? This was a joke of a report

  42. Marishka says:

    Put all of them to jail!!! All of them against America. They are SATAN. Maybe Robert Mueller’s head and Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Sanders etc. heads should be on silver plate since!!!!. When they will be in their suitable place America will breath again, but until they are , the evils works we would not have peace here.

  43. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Hillary won’t go to prison (unfortunately) because she has all of Hollywood and the communist press at her back.

  44. Nathan De Lon says:

    How does paying off a SLUT have ANYTHING to do with campaign con-
    tributions? That’s like buying shirt and being accused of stealing a gun.

  45. Sherry L Chase says:

    Corruption Runs Deep! I see a up rising a coming…. Investigate the Demorats and Mueller too.

  46. JSN says:

    Campaign finance laws are broken in every election and can only result in fines ! This piece of “news” is another nothing burger

  47. If Trump goes to jail or gets arrested evening, it will be his fault for cowardice. He should have risked the wrath of even Republicans in the House and Senate and he should’ve reined Mueller in a long time ago.

    I have been saying this for more than a year now. If a special counsel ever got named to come after any of us in the United States. That’s any of 315 million of us, I mortal lock guarantee he or she would find something on any of us that they could arrest us for.

    None of you realize just how much power a special prosecutor has. None of you realize just how many resources a special prosecutor has. For the time but they are serving as special prosecutors, they have more power than anybody in the government. It is an awesome power that they are given. And it Has to be reined in early or they will run rough-shod over every life they encounter.

    Mueller needs to be reined in or ORDERED That his mandate is to find Russian collusion and that is it. That he is not to concern himself with any other crimes that he was not sent to look for.

    • Conrad says:

      I realized one thing years ago, and that is that everybody that comes down the pike knows more than everybody else. They will be more than willing to tell you how to do thing, and where you made your mistakes. Would you like me to tell you where you went wrong? Maybe I could tell the POTUS, I think he would appreciate the help. The President hasen’t followed anyone for the most part. He has riled up all the deep state and has them going bonkers. He may be doing something right.

  48. charles says:

    The Clinton crime machine she and the rest of the demorats need to be jailed then hung they are all treasonous murdering STEALING crooks

  49. Janet says:

    They will not stop until the worst can come about. They have been out to get our Pres from day one. It’s only because he’s getting things done. It’s been a long time since any Pres has accomplished do much in short time even w all the interference he’s had to deal w. They all need to go! And where I do not care. I can only pray he gets re-elected! They’ll probably all drop dead from shock that they didn’t get their way.

  50. They will try… won’t work,!!!!

  51. Deborah Keal says:

    I agree, arrest Hilary Clinton, she needs to go prison.

  52. Gary says:

    This article is click bait! It does not quote what the Judge said that supposedly hushed the whole courtroom into silence. Not one word about it! Shame in Patriot Pulse for printing such garbage!

  53. Mike says:

    Let’s wall off New York & California & let them be their own counrty since they do not represent or even resemble the rest of the nation.

  54. Pj says:

    Mueller and his deep state subhuman try this and there will be civil war. Framing the president, killing babies, aoc , the stupidity person around. Chuck and Nancy going against the constitution. Mueller will be in jail. Hillary started this lie all because she lost. She an evil old hag. Anyone voting for these traitors to America should be deported to Iran.

  55. James McCrea says:

    It is to be expected, law and justice have completely eroded in America!

    • Betty says:

      Law & Justice Only became completely eroded in American the Dark Day when Two Years ago a WORTHLESS WORM & an Equally WORTHLESS WHORE moved into the White House.

  56. Brenda Sese says:

    no valid reason, put Hillary to prison first with so many crimes against the American people.

    • Hillary has already stated, “if i go down, im taking most of Washington with me. Well let the games begin!!! Trump is not going anywhere. The rats are just wasting time and money. The rats better get used to Trump cus he is gonna be president until jan. 2025.

    • Betty says:

      According to the law of the land, a president cannot serve more that two terms which means CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has a better chance of flying to the Moon & back by simply flapping his arms than being president in 2025. Which is something any republican Retard, of course, wouldn’t expected to know, after all, being Retards is why they became republicans in the first place.


        Betty, I find your comments uninformed, most disrespectful and show the world what a low brow you really are. It will be fun to watch all of you squirm in 2020 on CRAZY Donnies reelection.

        • Carolyn says:

          I would love to know just how man democrats would admit that they are financially better off now than when the previous president was in the whitehouse. It would be a very good fact to know if they would be honest in their answer.

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