One Fox News reporter defended Joe Biden for this unexpected reason

Fox News Channel is one of the few corporate-controlled media outlets that honestly covers the Biden administration.

But there are voices inside Fox News that wish that was not the case.

And one Fox News reporter defended Joe Biden for this unexpected reason.

On Friday’s episode of The Five, the co-hosts reacted to Joe Biden’s grim speech predicting Russian President Vladimir Putin could order an invasion of Ukraine any day now.

Greg Gutfeld believed something felt off about the entire situation as the administration already issued a number of false predictions about the date upon which Putin would order the Russian military into Ukraine.

“There’s something else going on here that is–that feels very, very manufactured,” Gutfeld stated. “And I don’t know what it is.”

Co-host Kennedy blasted National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan for his role in the Russian collusion hoax and claimed the Biden administration hyped up the chances of a Russian invasion into Ukraine to distract from the fake that a statement Sullivan released during the 2016 campaign when he worked for Hillary Clinton was the fruit of tech operatives monitoring Trump Tower servers to create a false narrative of collusion.

“Jake Sullivan is the national security adviser,” Kennedy continued. “And he is in deep yogurt in the Durham probe, and he’s been the one saying, ‘We have so much intelligence an invasion is imminent.’ He said that last Friday. It’s the next Friday, here we are. I don’t think Putin is going to invade.”

Fox’s Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin later appeared on The Five and defended the Biden administration’s predictions of a Russian invasion.

“First of all, I need to level set with the conversation I’ve just been listening to,” Griffin stated. “What we are witnessing right now is not something that’s changed in the last 24 hours. If you go back to notes that I’ve been sending out for the last two weeks, this is something we’ve been watching in terms of you–have commercial satellite imagery, you have the buildup of forces, the type of forces, the numbers of forces, things that we’ve been told in advance to look for in terms of some of the disinformation that is already starting to appear, the false flag operations in the Donbas region. All of that is ticking up.”

Griffin also rejected the comparisons of false predictions of a Russian invasion on February 16 to the CIA and other government officials lying about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to create a pretext for the Iraq War.

“I’ve heard comparisons to the Iraq war, and WMD, and how do we know? We’re seeing it with our own eyes,” she said. “If you can’t look at the kind of the Iskander missile battalions that are now in Belarus [and] 30,000 Russian troops there. Half of [Putin’s] air force has now been deployed toward Ukraine. I am told just moments ago from a senior defense official that 40% of his 190,000 troops who are on the border with Ukraine are now in attack positions. That is something we have been waiting for,” Griffin added.

Griffin then complained that no one on Fox should mention the Durham probe in the context of the current crisis.

“Right now, every American should be watching this and knowing that this is deadly serious,” Griffin said. “This is not some wag-the-dog situation. To even mention the Durham probe in the same sentence as what we know, and what we can see with our own eyes in terms of the military buildup and knowing what Vladimir Putin is capable of–I served in Moscow from 1996 to ’99. I watched as Vladimir Putin rose. I remember the apartment blocks that were blown up by his KGB, his FSB as a pretext to go into Chechnya. Go look at those images of Chechnya and how carpet-bombed Chechnya was when the Russian military moves in. This is not a precision, small pinpointed strike. This will be the full weight of the Russian military going into Ukraine if someone doesn’t stop it in the coming days.”

Griffin was also the Fox reporter who claimed to have confirmed the false story that Donald Trump called dead marines suckers and losers.

She’s known to toe the establishment line fed to her by the Pentagon.

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