One Fox News host made Democrats squirm with this revelation about Joe Biden

Photo by Spud of Inside Cable news, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The general election is going to be a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Democrats are already sharpening their lines of attack.

But one Fox News host made Democrats squirm with this revelation about Joe Biden.

During Fox News’ coverage of the New Hampshire Primary, Democrat strategist Jessica Tarlov amplified the media talking point coming out of New Hampshire that former President Donald Trump lost it when he used his victory speech to obliterate Nikki Haley for trying to claim her second-place finish was really a victory.

Tarlov declared Trump “has an uncontrollable narcissism and rage about him when he feels insulted.”

Co-host Charles Payne defended Trump saying he was just a fast-talking, take-no-guff New Yorker.

Payne explained that having grown up in Harlem he understood Trump’s mindset.

“And I don’t think it’s narcissism. I think it’s you’ve lived in New York long enough. You know, it’s maybe a New York thing. Someone punches you, you punch him back harder. That’s what I grew up in Harlem with,” Payne began.

Payne grew more animated describing the media double standard at work where President Joe Biden can attack Trump supporters as insurrectionists, domestic extremists, and white supremacists yet Donald Trump is painted as the angry one.

“He won. He became President of the United States, with that same personality,” Payne added.

“Listen, I think it’s worse with Biden calling MAGA, Biden’s anger and vitriol, and hatred for MAGA it’s far more worse than President Trump’s individual battles with someone who crosses him. That is something that is really detrimental to this country, that the President of the United States despises half of the United States. President Biden, I said earlier today, I just wrote about a week ago I had a segment coming up, so I googled, ‘Biden hates MAGA.’ Nothing but article after article after article. He has expressed hatred for half of the country,” Payne continued.

Joe Biden is attempting something not tried since the Civil War.

Biden is campaigning for President on the premise that his fellow Americans comprise a clear and present danger to the continuation of American democracy.

He isn’t just arguing that Trump’s policies are wrong.

Biden is campaigning on the idea that Trump – and the Americans who support him – represent an existential threat to the American way of life.

Charles Payne was simply sick and tired of the media giving Joe Biden a pass for telling this falsehood.

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