One eye witness account of the Portland riots just changed everything

Donald Trump staked his re-election campaign on a message of law and order to combat the growing threat of left-wing riots breaking out in multiple American cities.

The Fake News Media is responding with an unprecedented campaign of outright lies about what is happening in places like Portland.

But this one eye witness account of the Portland riots just changed everything.

Associated Press reporter Mike Balsamo embedded himself with federal agents defending the Mark Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland.

For days on end left-wing rioters tried to burn the building down and maim the federal agents inside.

Fake news reporters had tried to claim the riots were just “largely peaceful protests.”

But Balsamo described his experience as “eye-opening” for the level of violence he witnessed committed by the rioters.

Fake news reporters are once again lying to the American people.

These are not harmless demonstrations or protests.

What’s happening in Portland and other American cities are a series of coordinated military-style attacks with a political motive.

That means these left-wing mobs meet the dictionary definition of terrorism.

Fake news reporters don’t want to tell that story because they largely support the rioters as well as their goals of a woke socialist revolution and think if they accurately cover what is going on in Portland and elsewhere it will boost Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

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