One Democrat went on national TV to threaten Trump with jail time

Democrats are finally getting their chance to fight back against Trump.

Pelosi said that impeaching Trump was not on the top of her agenda.

But that was proven to be a lie after one Democrat made this threat to put Trump in jail.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) will take over the House Judiciary Committee next month and plans to launch several legal attacks against the administration.

He went on CBS’s “Face the Nation” show to threaten President Trump with the prospect of jail time.

Fox News reports:

The top Democrat expected to lead the House Judiciary Committee next month claimed on Sunday that if President Trump broke campaign finance laws by arranging hush-money payments to mistresses, he would have committed “impeachable offenses … in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office.”

The House Judiciary Committee initiates impeachment proceedings before they head to a full floor vote.

Meanwhile, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that “there’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office, the Justice Department may indict him. … he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.”

But legal experts were split on the significance of the plea for Trump, because campaign finance laws are notoriously murky, and Cohen’s plea does not necessarily indicate that prosecutors could have successfully prosecuted a campaign finance case against Cohen or Trump.

Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to kick President Trump out of the White House.

And throwing him in jail would be the icing on the cake.

The Democrats will have a majority in the House, but that does not mean everyone would vote for impeachment.

The grounds for impeachment are weak at best.

Campaign finance laws do not indicate a cut and dry violation of the law.

Democrats from Nancy Pelosi to Adam Schiff and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will do everything in their power to take him down.

But their attempts are just be more theatrics to block Trump’s America First agenda.


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141 Responses

  1. OLD VET says:

    he is just a cheap shot no nothing .

    • Bob says:

      Screw Schiff, another one that needs to go.

    • James says:

      If i was a Democrat i would most certainly not want this repulsive idiot representing me. The guy is a tool and has sold his soul to the elite. I want to see this douche fry for his treason and lies to we the people.

  2. Randall M says:

    As it all comes down to the wire… They want a fight? OK. let’s fight!

  3. jim dandy says:

    This low life cheap punk with the little man syndrome . Wants to be someone that he can never be.

    • carrie says:

      I think if they try to impeach President Trump the revolt would be worse then the riots in the 60s only this time the black and whites will form together Trump 2020

    • Bob says:

      Great description of this weazel from the liberal state of Kalifornia (as that RINO Arnold Schwartzenager use to say). I hear Nancy Pelosi is grooming him to take her place after a year of training. This guy is so liberal he can not see the forest for the trees.

  4. Ernst says:

    Little Adam Schitt has about zero chance of even posing any real threat to President Trump. The House will be Democrat and they can fill the White House with subpoenas, but they cannot do anything about it. Impeachment will go nowhere in the Senate and will be laughed at around the country. Impeachment proceedings will just make the Democrats look as ineffectual as they really are.

    • James Scaggs says:

      Exactly,Trump is no dummy he knows what’s coming down the sewer pipe called the House ,and he is more than prepared to play their little game and to beat them at their game.He is going to play house Democrats like a cheap vilolin.

  5. Velma Fowler says:

    You idiots had nothing to do with voting him in ,so there are more that wanted him, or to kill Clinton votes. we the people put him in and there he stays. You all are so ignorant,and litt;le minded. You don`t see the good things he had done, just looking for something bad, i bet you have things in your past that you would not want the world. You need to get some of Cane`s brain pills

  6. George DeLanoy says:

    Schiff is a low life little lying obstructionist midget with a Napoleon complex. We should prosecute him fo rfalse representation pretending to have a brain.

  7. Alberta says:

    Of all the important things to do there in Washington Rep. Adam Schiff comes in office with a list of ways to go after Trump! Tell me there isn’t a problem with the Liberals???? They think they are elected to come to Washington to attack the other side.

  8. Gerry says:

    What strikes me is the demoTRASH scum sucking fools are going to take over the house in 2 days(GOD forbid) and we have not heard one word out of their garbage spewing mouths about doing something good for America or the AMERICAN PEOPLE, everything is revenge against Trump for winning the election, completely opening up the borders to allow anyone and everyone in, investigating Trump, sending Trump to prison, stopping the investigations into the witch clintons and obama scandals. WOW — I am so impressed with these 5 year old acting whining babies — just who I want making decisions on how our country should be run. They should all be relegated to a dairy farm where they will have very large teats to suckle on instead of the pacifiers that don’t seem to be working.

  9. Randy Miller says:

    Parley Byington , thank you for being you. And thank you for putting that stupid, uneducated un “reality check” in his place. God bless you.

  10. Wendell Fountain says:

    “Pencil-neck” is a grandstanding fool!

  11. Old pencil neck showing his stupidity again. nation in deep dodo with this igmo in charge of anything. Californication please keep your idiots at home in your screwed up state. Not needed in national government.

  12. Christine Le says:

    F..king dems. So sick of them! Can’t get sht done in this country because of those stupid MF. Idiots who voted them in! Oh i forgot…voter fraud more lijely

  13. Don says:

    It’s amazing how narcissistic, arrogant and stupid Schiffty is and how people still vote for this village idiot.

  14. Donald M Coder says:

    Trump understands reality and he love his nation!

    • Beverly says:

      He absolutely, he does love our COUNTRY>. I don’t think we have had in many moons that loves his family, our country and GOD. I think he has had a” spiritual awaking to”. I believe that thins happen for a reason and an unseen force is out there. I believe we were given Trump to guide us. Not the swear words but what he is trying to do>. We must all stand with him and not allow the cursed Democrats take hold.

  15. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    9% that should be incinerated for being such a waste of resources.

    Campaign fund fraud on the part of our duly elected president again is it, get it through your head the RNC did not contribute 1 red cent towards Donald’s campaign and therefore no crime was committed.

  16. Bill says:

    If the Republicans treated Obama the way the Democrats have been with Trump there would have been a Civil War only 6 months if that long once he got into Office.

  17. My2Cents says:

    Mr. President ,time to release all the politicians names and amounts whose victims of sexual harassment were paid from the congressional slush fund. You should also sign an executive order to ELIMINATE the slush fund. Back at ya LITTLE SCHITT and Nadler.

  18. Richard Pierce says:

    If Scruff was threatening a President Hillary Clinton, his body would be found floating caused by an “accidental” drowning.

  19. Michial Lawrence says:

    Will Mr. Schiff also be so hot to trot to bring the same charges against his fellow democrats for using our tax money to pay off their mistresses? After all if it is good enough for the president, then it should also be good enough for all of the others in Washington DC who are guilty of the exact same crime. Although President Trump is being accused of using his own money and not the tax payers money for this. Where as the senators and representatives have been using our public tax money for the same thing to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  20. Kara Wright says:

    Adam Schiff is a low class elected person who just loves to flap his jaws and spew things about which he doesn’t know anything. He is just the moron that like to see himself on TV.

  21. Jon Darmes says:

    No sweat, it’s just Adamn Schitt. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  22. EC says:

    “Schiff-ty” is a moron and is simply trying to set up his bid for a run at the presidency. Other than being an insufferable pain in the butt and a self-aggrandizing jerk, he has no redeeming qualities that would have any intelligent person vote for him. Obviously he is from a state which is populated by like-minded morons.

  23. Ric says:

    If anyone deserves indictment, it is shiftless Schiff and a myriad of Democrats. The party of treason and sedition is hell-bent on not merely the ruination of President Trump but this Constitutional Republic. If the electorate is too shallow or imbecilic of this conclusion, the Republic is doomed, becoming a mirror-image of the EU or worse, a Banana Republic. Shiftless Schiff and his Democrat, Leftist-Progressive comrades deserve an indictment for Treason, not President Trump.

  24. lisalles says:

    If the democrats win in 2020, they will open the borders and import radicalized muslims from every country on the planet. America will turn into a 3rd world nation, exactly as soros planned. It is mind boggling that anybody would vote democrat.

    • Apache says:

      You are correct. I and millions of others will be there to permanently stop them. It will get bloody.

    • Kerry says:

      These ??people?? the democrats get voted in because the people who vote for them believe what they are told. They believe that the democrat is for them, will help them and life will get easier for them, so they vote for the democrat. When things do not work out, they blindly blame the Republicand, because they are told to do so.

  25. bob jones says:

    the only pertinent thing that is important to all americans is that liberal democrats just don’t have a plan for anything except to get trump out of office. cortez is a good example of the brain power they have.

  26. Th a n says:

    We knew you are a DEMO C RATS show up in the dark to destroy things like a RAT. ????

  27. Mike says:

    Adam Schiff needs to look in the mirror, he will a his tree of stupidity, hatred for Trump, prejudice, blindness and a disrespect for the fact that the American people voted for trump, should conniver be added to his list of faults.
    It would really be nice if President Trump would unload all those documents just to shut up idiots like him

  28. Ga says:

    The devils own will say anything to fool others into their ways and ideas . This man will face judgement. Either here or in the here after . The one thing the insane do not understand as they are too full of education . But have no understanding of anything ! It will start the war they surly want .

  29. M says:

    You are definitely telling the truth. I cannot wait to see everyone of these corrupt politicians from the Obama days either hang for treason or in gitmo. And it only proves how corrupt our media is to allow such slander

  30. Betty says:

    Finally, the Sins Of That Lying,Two Faced, Sick Minded Oval Office Blond Ape is slowly but surely catching up with him!

    • M says:

      Are you and every Democrat not intelligent enough to realize it these are your tax dollars? What is wrong with your thought process anyway? So far, with Democrats it has only been projection / diversion. Who else better to accuse people than the corrupt Democrats#walk away

    • ronald fischer says:

      Hey: Betty you sound like your the blond ape or a Racist Son of a B—H like all of your liberal and your SS Democrat Nazi Party’s are all corrupt and crooked liars.What they say they never do and will bring people like yourself down to the ground along with everyone else you MORON.

    • apache says:

      u must be one of those demorats with a masters degree that still cant see the lightbulb.

    • MARK TILLOTSON says:

      YOU HAVE NO IDEA what you’re talking about PLEASE for your own benefit leave main stream media and look at government reporting agencies.THE TRUELY QUALITY things this man has done while in office just two years outweighs what ANY President has done in the last 25. look at they LIST ALLthe thingsdone that the media has NEVER reported..IF you want to remain free and know the truth you must at least see the other side and THEN make a judgement…you’ll not get the truth from the media I’ll guarantee that.

    • Randall M says:

      Hey Betty. Your people are GOING DOWN !

    • Ed says:

      Betty when you call some one else a liar you are placing yourself in the same category . To make judgments leaves you wide open to the same judgment . Because you do the same thing that you are making judgment of others for.

    • Celia says:

      You are an ugly behaving despicable woman. Time and time again you let us all know that. I see nothing constructive in any of your extremist comments.

    • Velma Fowler says:

      You idiots had nothing to do with voting him in ,so there are more that wanted him, or to kill Clinton votes. we the people put him in and there he stays. You all are so ignorant,and litt;le minded. You don`t see the good things he had done, just looking for something bad, i bet you have things in your past that you would not want the world. You need to get some of Cane`s brain pills

    • Velma Fowler says:

      You idiots had nothing to do with voting him in ,so there are more that wanted him, or to kill Clinton votes. we the people put him in and there he stays. You all are so ignorant,and litt;le minded. You don`t see the good things he had done, just looking for something bad, i bet you have things in your past that you would not want the world. You need to get some of Cane`s brain pills

    • carrie says:

      I think if they try to impeach President Trump the revolt would be worse then the riots in the 60s only this time the black and whites will form together Trump 2020 Pull out your diploma Betty our going to need it lol another IDIOTS R US graduate

    • Randall M says:

      Fired up a storm there, didn’t you Betty? maybe it is time to concede. Cut your losses and move on.

    • Randall M says:

      Betty. I would love to challenge you to a battle of the wits. Problem is I never challenge an un armed person. What you say now?

    • Scott Massie says:

      Betty: Something you do not seem to know; in recent years Congress spent over $17 million tax payer dollars as hush money for sexual assaults; likely with th the Dems it was men assaulting boys. Trump on the other hand spent his own money with business engagements with two women covered by an NDA which is a Non-Disclosure Agreement and also means it is none of our f**kin business. You are also a racist calling Trump a “blond ape”. I am sure there must bhe a lot of things to have to catch up with you. So you can start by getting your ass off this blog as you do not belong here, bitch.

  31. rich z says:

    Those who live in GLASS HOUSES better NOT throw STONES remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

    • M says:

      You are definitely telling the truth. I cannot wait to see everyone of these corrupt politicians from the Obama days either hang for treason or in gitmo. And it only proves how corrupt our media is to allow such slander

  32. dlmstl says:

    Look for the major networks to extend the evening news into their prime time broadcasting. The Dems are sure to provide more entertainment than the crap that’s currently out there. Schmuckie and San Fran Feces Nan will now have to compete with the likes of Pencil Neck Schitt, ‘The Wadler’, Nadler, Auntie Maxine, Da Nang Dick Blumenthal and that loonie tune, Ocasio-Cortez. Throw in Coricus, Liawatha, Crazy Bernie, the Hunchback of Chappaqua, Kamala and, of course, former POTUS Barry and Moochie and its a veritable clown car of political hustling and money grubbing. Best word to describe this lot……Grifters!

  33. Norma says:


  34. Seenitbeenthere says:

    Adam Schiff is so full of hatred towards this Pres. he will seek to destroy everything about him instead of seeking the truth behind this whole investigation. The attempt to take this Pres. down with a fake dossier! A Dossier that was paid for by his opponent! Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves by the double standards this country is running on.

    • M says:

      My guess is oh, it is not hatred. This man Schiff is so corrupt, so scared of getting busted. He knows that President Trump has the information to bust him and all of the rest of the Democrats to

  35. Joseph Palladini says:


  36. Dr. J.D. says:

    I was shocked this morning at this – – and reading that 90% of you don’t think Trump will face impeachment before the 2020 election. It appears that a few of you still do not understand that the House votes on impeachment and all it means is bringing the person to a trial by the Senate. Clinton was impeached. But the Senate is the one that votes on removal, and it would take 2/3rds of the Senate to do that. No president has ever beer removed from office.

    However, 90% of you better wake up because, given the evidence presented to date, you had better beware that the chance of Trump being impeached within two years is extremely HIGH. Now his chances of being removed is very low. But Trump will have many more charges against him than any president has ever faced – – the only question is the number of charges, how many will be state, how many federal, and what day he will be impeached.

    • Mark says:

      The Dems are going to start a very Bloody war if the push their B.S. that far. It boils down to the Dems want power over we the people.and WE will not allow that to happen

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        No, Mark, they will NOT start a war. If they take legal action of impeachment, which is highly likely, they would not be starting a war by taking a legal action. The only ones talking about a “civil war” or the use of guns or violence ARE THE TRUMPERS. If they decide to use violence to push their values, they are the ones who WILL be meeting the troops for their foolish actions.
        Such talk of a Bloody or Civil war is counterproductive and unpatriotic. I would strongly urge people to drop this foolish rhetoric.

        • Apache says:

          And what have the leftists done! Look at Portland and seattle. Obama did sign and ex order for the UN to assist in any civil strife in this country. 50% of the police will not follow unconstitutional orders. Any UN truck comes down my street they will be shot at as foreign invaders. The demorats are the problem not the trumpers.

        • vet says:

          I guess you haven’t seen the gun toting ANTIFA mutts in action ! They’ll be the starters

        • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

          It is not foolish rhetoric that citizens take up arms to protect the rights which were established by our forefathers. It is you and people like you, who will be standing behind the ANTIFA & BLM, (wagging your fingers), standing behind those thugs who will be firing their AUTOMATIC AR-15 WEAPONS THEY RECEIVED FROM ERIC HOLDER & BARRY SORETO, (aka Barrack Obama), via the DRUG CARTELS. The “troops” will not fire upon veterans who will again put their lives on the line to save this country.

      • Jay says:

        All of these demwits should be impeached for taking bribes from Soro and other people that is a big go to prison thing they are government employees you don’t take Bribes and you don’t go against our President they need shu up or go get a job cleaning toilets

    • RTC says:

      Dems won’t be that stupid to do it cuz they know it’ll cause riot & they’ll get investigated in every angles then removed for fraudulents theyve committed as well

    • Tunamister says:


    • trapperwv1 says:

      Name the High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

    • MARK TILLOTSON says:

      trial by the SENATE…..there you said it ..end of impeachment and besides…paying off a mistress is not a crime the Congress has a slush fund of YOUR tax payer money for just such eventualities, if TRUMP is indicted for Campaign violations BE PREPARED to learn of EVERY SINGLE Democrat in office that has EVER used this fund to do the exact same thing..IF Trump can prove he’s done this BEFORE and he has it is NOT a campaign finance violation.THERE WAS NO COLLUSION ..this is a fact why do you think these who have been indicted and convicted were convicted of various other things from lying on taxes to lying to the FBI( I can tell you from experience that is engineered ,any mis-spoken phrase is a lie in FBI parlance). As for collusion ?NOWHERE in ANY American law is this a crime OTHERWISE both BILL and HILLARY would be in jail as MUCH of HILLARYS campaign money came from foreign leadersof middle eastern countries ..FACT..NONE of what Trump has supposedly done is LEGALLY IMPEACHABLE but that won’t stop the left doing their best to convince everyone that it is a n d wasting the entirety of the next two years DOING NOTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY

  37. Yank says:

    If the majority of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, Holder and MANY of Obama’s administration have not been indicted and jailed, it is amazing to me that ANY Republican or Republican supporter could EVER be indicted, let alone jailed. How can this country be a country of laws if the laws only count for the Republican party/supporters? We have an investigation that has gone on for 2 years to long, loaded with biased “investigators” (laughable) that have lied to the American public and are more biased than the KKK, Antifa and BLM put together! How can the Democrats think this is “above board” when it is obvious the Dems think they are “above the law”!!??

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      I have volunteered to make a Citizen’s arrest of Comey & RosenstAin. What is holding the Department of “Justice” back from enforcing the laws equally under the constitution??
      If you read the law correctly you will know that both of these weasels and others, (including Mueller) have committed felonies…….What is the hold up with our hand wringing Republican brothers and sisters in the Congress and the U.S. Department of “Justice” and what used to be the FBI ??

  38. Lorna Rudnikas says:

    I must say that the darling progressives (un announced third political party) are going non-stop with their psychological war….it is getting very, very tiresome. Hope we don’t stay so silent too much longer!!!

  39. Walter Farquis says:

    I’m wondering when the slush fund that is shielding all the politicians will be made public? Democrats and Republicans, I am talking about the molesters of women, groping, etc?

    • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

      Well we know there is a slush fund with Taxpayer’s money and both Sides of the Congress hold their breaths every day hoping that they will survive the next Election. They all know that there is hardly anyone in Congress who could pass the white glove test. Dirty little secrets. As far as Muller is concerned he has at least told the truth about the Russia Collusion. That should have been the end of it. Of course its not because now he wants to still be making the Big Bucks and he needs to be sent away. This German Gestopo is just that. He now wants to do something different and Jeff Sessions was such a weak kneed person. Very likable. Well even a Pack Rat can be likable its just that it does nothing but steal from you.

  40. Robert Norwood says:

    Always so funny when Libs, either in congress or on the web here threaten our President with jail time. Well, it’s their wishful thinking, like a transgender thinking they’re what ever. They’re so hopeful they make these statements without calculating the facts.

  41. Richard says:

    When many Republicans campaigned in 2016 for the Presidential election, many chanted at Trump’s rallies about Hillary Clinton “Lock Her Up “. Now, the Democrats are saying the same thing about Trump. It just goes to show what goes around does come around. If we do not like such extremist rhetoric, then we should avoid it in the first place. There should be no double-standards. People need to think of the consequences about what they say.

  42. Soupy says:

    This is like the hunter claiming to “Go Hunting” but not having shells for his shotgun.

  43. Terry says:

    Why is he NOT looking into the 310 MILLION in TAX PAYER money that Obama gave for legal aid for illegals, some of which were MS13 gang members. The law say’s they are entitled to legal representation, BUT it says NOT at the expense of Tax Payer’s!
    SO WHY NO OUTRAGE?? HE STOLE FROM THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!!! Obama should have to pay this back, before he goes to Prison.
    So when are the Democrats going to truly Investigate this CRIME???

    • Neill Griffith says:

      Little Adam Schnitt is like a little barking dog, all bark and no bite. He is not in government to help the tax payers, he is only interested in himself. I wonder, is he related to Avenatti?

      • Jane Fogg says:

        Oneday these criminals will have Karma and be tried for Treason that day is coming I think then they should punish them by exiling them to a communist country and taking away all their citizenship so they can’t come back here again and take all their filthy money and life saving and give to the American people

  44. The week Trump took office I shared a post based on information from a colleague, a retired British Intelligence agent that I befriended in London, who outlined how the dishonored intelligence agent that the Democrats used with the blessing of Hillary & Obama and the Deep State would be a part of a plan to undermine the presidency of Trump. Indeed, the Deep State, the Dems, the RINOS and the media would use every means possible to get rid the ‘outsider’ Trump including the possibility of assassination in his 3rd year if needed…that’s how much the Deep State and the Dems hate Trump the outsider [who used none of their money or influence to get elected]…so far it would appear they are living up to these predictions.

    • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

      He was elected by the American Taxpayer. He takes no Salary— I have never seen one of either Party stand up and say I am demanding that Congress stop getting a $3000 a year raise. Not one person has ever stood up there and said that. The one thing about it. Trump told Congress “Your not getting any raise in pay” Your all Millionaires and Billionaires. The nice part about this is we are able to hear from our President all the time. He works for nothing. Then he takes all this BS from Congress. You watch every one of these Congressmen except for a very few will tell you that you don’t know anything at all about anything. Trump is the only one that believes that American Taxpayers need relief. To hear Pelosi tell it, we are happy with just a few crumbs. Well yes. considering that Obama and Congress spent a lot of our SS money on themselves to keep the Government Running. All Obama did was say we are running out of money and then after making this announcement on TV– everybody wondered what the hell happened to all the Tax money. Well Obama couldn’t come up with any jobs, so he did the next best thing. The only money in Washington was SS money— Congress was never suppose to touch it. Well that went by the way side. Obama was not going to do with out money for Michael and two daughters. So while there were kids and parents sleeping in cars and tents. The Obama’s were flying to Spain to a Villa. Skiing in Aspen with the elite. Having Christmas with the Cross’s in Snowmass, Co. Getting there by 19 cars driven by Secret Service People with Dark Tented Windows and not one person was in them. Michelle and the Girls were in one of them after Dark. Nobody even gave a damn — hell I wouldn’t care if they had 50 cars. just a waste of Taxpayer money as Michelle just knew someone was going to hijack her car. This many cars loaded on to Transports and landed in Colorado Springs and driven to Grand Junction , CO and there Michelle got off of a small plane and she was on her way to a gay Christmas Affair. Jeeze. Who cared. She could have landed in Aspen in a Plane like every other President and if nothing else, if we wanted her dead we could have had someone shoot her off the slopes in Snowmass Colo. What a dork faced witch. We had kids without clothes and no food. Highest Unemployment in the USA and a family that didn’t give a damn. for two terms.

  45. Jerald says:

    Any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last very long–this is the plan for Soros and progressive liberals and globlists want to happen to America. Our Consititution and By-Laws have been good for 200 yrs. and it will be good for another 200 yrs., just as it is now without amendments of an sort

  46. Eric Granberg says:

    That whooshing sound you hear is the air going out of Trump’s sails.

  47. Linda says:

    Oh, how I hate Democrats. And that is only because they are so hateful themselves. They don’t give a damn about anyone or anything except their power and their hatred for Trump. Well Schiff, hopefully you will be under indictment soon.

  48. Richard Daugherty says:

    I think they had best let sleeping dogs lie. Do not disturb the silent majority. There are millions of us. All armed to the teeth. Be very careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

  49. Eric Granberg says:

    He didn’t “threaten” Trump with jail time for no reason. He pointed out the possible outcome of all this. Yes, it is possible Trump may ultimately go to jail. But is he does, he has only himself to blame.

    • Parley Byington says:

      You are nothing but another LIBERAL DAMN DEMOCRAT, hell bent on bringing down our country with your lies. People like you had better NOT ask veterans like me to defend your freedoms AGAIN because I will tell you to go to hell! Jerks like you and ALL supporters of Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Waters, Shumaucher (sic) and the rest are ALL TRAITORS to this country! You have enlisted the majority of Hollywood, the news networks and most of the press to do your dirty work and brainwash young people to your lies and promises. I hope you soon get what you deserve, that is the total loss of any and all of your freedoms and the benefits this country has offered over the past 250+ years.

      Signed a Vietnam era veteran.

      • reality check says:

        many Viet Nam vets would solidly disagree with you . . . . including many who are also Democrats. New evidence that just came out on republican Nixon showed that when LBJ was working to end the Vetnam War in 1968, and was very close, that Nixon was working diligently to undermine those efforts and he successfully got the South Vietnamese not to participate.

        Both Nixon and Trump are corrupt.

        • Parley Byington says:

          Tell us pray tell, what group you were in during the Vietnam war? I lived during that time period and you are telling another typical democrat LIE.

          I have worked and been directly associated with the military since 1973, I have been involved with every military conflict this country has been in since that time.

          I doubt if you ever served or know any military individuals. You certainly don’t have the right to speak for us, but then, Liberal democrats and Hollywood bimbos think they automatically speak for their gender and all Americans, don’t they?

          Tell us why the Marine guards that were assigned to guard your poster boy communist Muslim, Obama, HAD TO BE ASSIGNED to do that job during his presidency? NON volunteered BUT when President Trump was put in office, they had numerous volunteers for that same job.

          Keep trying to spread your communistic, traitorous DEMOCRATIC lies, they are falling on deaf ears. The majority of true American’s have been and are waking up to the fact that the LYING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are who is responsible for the decline in America.

          A Vietnam era veteran
          Parley Byington

    • calvin says:

      Whats the crime that Trump commit’ed that calls for jail time???????? This is nothing but dirty politics for power>>>

    • Jane Fogg says:

      This country has people working again because of our Great President but it sounds like you are a lazy person who is afraid of working and want other peoples money to support you think again go live in a communist country let them support you I guarantee you will have wished you stayed here in our freedom country

  50. Bruce House says:

    Shift is nothing but a lying Trump hater and I think he should loose his seat for lying to the public for just disgracing the seat!

  51. Dee Servoss says:

    Hey pud. Look into the traitorous kenyan.sotero dunham blowmomma.
    Democrats lie just like the commies they are.karma mfers

  52. Carol says:

    Isn’t it illegal to threaten the president?

  53. robert j jenkins says:

    go head impeach u aint seen nothing yet folks the snowflakes better move to Canada or I RAN ITS GOING TO BE UGLY FOLKS . GO HEAD DEMORATS BRING IT ON

  54. Bill says:

    Adam Schiff is nothing but a showboat asshole. He along with all the other assholes just can’t stand that they lost in 2016. I have never seen so many crybaby losers in one baby basket in all my life. Trump needs to declassify all the documents that are hiding all the dirt on these losers and put them all in jail. Until he does this our country will never be able to move forward and attend to the business of getting our country moving in the right direction.

    • john Brown says:

      a$$holes like him are trying to make the USA a third world country.all the dumbocrats want to do is give the USA away to all the scumbags of the world..Close all the borders and become very choosey who we let in.If the dumbocrats spent as much effort in improveing our country instead of trying to be rid of Trump.we would be hard to sto…oh no they are so narrow minded it’s sinful.I have never seen such nasty politics in my 74 years on this earth..what happened to the work across the aisle?????????????

    • Jane Fogg says:

      If this would have happen with President Washington who do you think would got impeached not him infact they would have been hung for treason

  55. Carol says:

    If they impeach Trump. They have invited a civil war in this country that I do not think the Libs or Demo can handle. They are messing with American citizens right to have who they vote in to stay in office. They let Bill stay and his crimes and behavior was twice as bad.

    • Eric Granberg says:

      And Trump is messing with American citizens right to not have the President kiss up to dictators and despots like he is doing.

      • Kep says:

        Are you just yet another weakminded communist sympathizer, or are you a card carrying Marxist vermin creature? LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

        • reality check says:

          The low level of your posts are a disgrace, Kep. Once someone resorts to just name calling, they clearly have lost any argument – – it shows that you do not have any credible points besides grade-school name calling. Read a good book once and awhile!

      • Parley Byington says:

        Bring it on Eric, you are a coward and are messing with some true patriotic Americans who believe in the constitution, that includes ALL of the constitution. Ever heard of the 2nd amendment? We are the ones that will NEVER allow our rights to carry guns to be taken away by your LIBERAL DAMN DEMOCRATS that jerks like you put into office. YOU want a civil war, tell us where and when, I will be one of the first to start hunting people like you down and getting rid of traitor s like you. The oath I took to defend the constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC has NEVER been nullified.

        The silent majority, the same ones who ELECTED President TRUMP, are sick and tired of Liberal ideas, whinning, threats, hypocrisy, and lies. You will NEVER be successful in overthrowing our REPUBLIC no matter how much you threaten, cry, throw tantrums, or boast about your great ideas.

        I can NOT wait until your beloved TRAITOROUS Obama and Hillary are indicted and THROWN IN JAIL for their TREASONOUS acts. I hope people like you are included in that same jail sentence or better yet, lined up against the wall opposite a firing squad. Yes, I will be the first to volunteer to be a member of said firing squad.

        A Vietnam era veteran
        Parley Byington

        • reality check says:

          so, Parley, you show us very clearly why right-wing domestic terrorism is six to eight times greater than comes from any left wing group. it is also twice as likely as domestic terrorism in America from Muslim jihadists. Many of you are fascists are do not support the rights of others to disagree with you and want to suppress those for everyone outside your cult. You are dangerous.

          • Parley Byington says:

            We are dangerous, especially when people like you advocate removing our rights under the constitution. We and our founding fathers learned the hard way what happens when Liberal ideas like yours take hold.

            We had to fight and spill OUR blood to give everyone in this country the right to defend themselves, their families, their property and their religions. People like you and the Liberal democrats are all about removing those hard fought for rights.

            Yes, I will defend those constitutional rights, and if it means using physical violence against people like you who are trying to take them away, so be it!

            Why haven’t you pointed out the true hate mongers in this nation, who are mostly democrats, who have stirred up the recent violence, example like what happened in Ferguson? What about Republicans being shot at during a baseball game? What about those advocating gun control who are behind ALL of the recent shootings at schools and night clubs?

            You really think that Maxin Waters is an advocate of PEACEFUL solutions to problems? GIVE ME A BREAK!

            I am looking forward to reading about all you traitors being thrown in jail for plotting to overthrow our government.

            A Vietnam era veteran
            Parley Byington

          • Celia says:

            Antifa, BLM, etc. are the active sh$$ stirrers running around with guns threatening people. The dems are just hoping there will eventually be violence from the right, even though it might come from poking the tiger too many times. Then every news (opinion) show will scream aggression called for br Trump. He does not want any physical clashes because he wants America to get back to righteousness, as a house divided will fall.

      • Kiss up to dictators?………..your selective memory doesn’t seem to recall ‘His Majesty Obama’ going around the world apologizing and hugging every slimy dictator in power!! And who exactly gave Iran (the worst in the world) $1.3 BILLION in cash……..In the middle of the night totally without Congress approval (or we-the-people approval). No President has deal as harshly with foreign countries as Trump has. At least there was no ‘drawing of red line’ and stepping back every time it was crossed. Plus the fact he allowed Putin to ‘handle’ the situation as will and guarantee more leeway in giving Russia what they wanted once he was reelected……and the wasn’t Trump……yes, folks that was good ole Obama!!!

    • Dr. JD says:

      IF the Trumpers are stupid enough to even consider launching a “civil war” or ANY violent action, they will be facing legal consequences and armed troops. I don’t think the first Civil War in the 1860s worked out so well for the those rebels, now did it?

      Your threats will not intimidate Democrats and others who believe in the “Rule of Law.”

      • Richard says:

        Dr JD: So true. Totally agree with you. Extremist language is not helpful. People should think of the consequences of what they say.

      • Parley Byington says:

        Democrats believe in the RULE of LAW, what a joke? Last time I checked it is the leaders in the Democratic party calling for violence against any one who supports President Trump!

        Take Maxin Waters (please) comments calling for her traitorous followers to harass ANYONE who supports President Trump, at restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls etc.

        The civil war you reference will be so one sided that you and people like you will be BEGGING for mercy from those of us who support the constitution and the right to keep and bear arms. WE are the ones that not only support and believe in the LAW as spelled out in our constitution, we are the ones that have those guns and the expertise to use them in the defense of OUR CONSTITUTION and America’s founding ideals.

        Those jerks on the Liberal left democrats side, like you, are the ones who better re-think your attack on American Ideals, our police officers, our military, and OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!

        IF and when Liberal democrats and their stupid moronic followers like you start a civil war, you will not be around for very long to see it’s conclusion. One other thing, don’t count on our military to support your treasonous acts, most of those who serve are Trump supporters.

        A Vietnam era veteran
        Parley Byington

        • reality check says:

          You SERIOUSLY need help for all your anger and other issues, Parley. Have you gone to the VA for counseling?

          • Parley Byington says:

            Dear reality check: who in the hell gave you the right or the expertise to make judgement calls about my mental health?

            You have NO idea what you are talking about nor do you have much of any kind of education except for the brain washing that the Liberal democrats have downloaded on you!

            I am more qualified to make judgements about what is happening in this political arena than you will ever be in your wildest dreams.

            I have held a Top Secret DOD clearance for the past 35+ years continuously. I have had weekly intelligent briefings, the same ones that were given to the president every week for those same 35 + years.

            I have been involved with highly classified government projects and have much incite to the traitorous acts committed by your king and queen ie Obama and his co-hort in crime Hillary ROTTEN Clinton.

            People like you have the goal of bringing down the U.S.A. and all it has stood for since we won the revolutionary war. People like you are the ones who spat upon returning Vietnam soldiers in airports and called them baby killers. People like you are the ones that burned your draft cards instead of OBEYING the law and defended this country. People like you Jane Fonda, John Kerry, John McCain and many like you should have been tried for treason and shot.

            People like you want all the perks that veterans won for the citizens of this great country without having to share in the cost for those perks. You are the scum of the earth, and your comments prove my point!

            A Vietnam era veteran.
            Parley Byington

  56. Peter says:

    His leadership on the intelligence committee just turned this committee into a complete joke just as he is. A liberal from the loser state of California where they make up insane policies on a daily basis.

  57. DIANNA says:

    He is the criminal and hopefully gets the full extent of the law soon! Just another dumba** lying demo!

  58. Sharon B. says:

    I thought I just read that Trump is going to investigate the criminal activities of the democrats if they decide to investigate him. This is confusing what is really going on in the White house and our government. I want the straight up truth no chaser.

  59. If I were Trump, I would be doing every single legal thing that I could to instigate the Democrats toward impeachment.

    I would pardon Paul Manafort I would part in that general I would pardon everybody but Coen and let the Democrats lose their minds. Their base would be fervently screaming for impeachment even though there would be no legal grounds for it. Let them over react in order to appease their base. Then he would be aquitted in the Senate And that would be that.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      Did you not know that Trump cannot pardon Manafort for all his crimes? Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”.

      Robert Mueller is a genius, and Manafort appears to be screwed!

  60. John Pobiedzinski says:

    When do the investigation begin into rapist Bill or murdering rapist protector primary stealing pay for play Hillary Clinton

  61. Tm says:

    This guy is a Mexifornia Idiot! When are we going to see the true criminals, Killary, O’homo and Nazi George in front of a jury. Think about that Adam you dope!

  62. Randall M says:

    This idiot is completely mind controlled. He is not capable of forming an original thought. His handlers tell what to say, how to act, when to sh……… Just like the rest of the CA Democrats.

    • reality check says:

      You are SO ignorant. Anyone with half their sense and with a good education recognizes that Adam Schiff was a former prosecutor and one of the smartest legal minds in Congress. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably either lying, a cult follower, or ignorant . . . or maybe all of the above.

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