One Democrat said two words about Ilhan Omar that changed her life forever

Ilhan Omar cannot escape controversy.

The freshman Democrat’s many scandals are reaching a breaking point.

And one Democrat said two words about Omar that could change her life forever.

Max Rose is a Jewish Democrat that represents a New York congressional district.

During a constituent town hall, Rose told attendees that he was “horrified” and “sad” when he heard Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic remarks.

The Hill reports:

A freshman House Democrat apologized to his Jewish constituents during a district town hall this week for comments Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) made questioning U.S.-Israel policy that critics considered anti-Semitic.

Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), who is Jewish, said he was “horrified” and “sad” when Omar recently said pro-Israel groups “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” a comment many Jewish lawmakers said invoked the myth of dual loyalty to the United States and Israel.

“As a young congressman, I’ve got to tell you I’m sorry,” Rose told a crowd organized by the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, according to Jewish Insider.

“You sent me to Congress to take responsibility. You sent me to Congress to have your back,” he continued. “And I failed you. Because I know that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s comments really caused you all a lot of pain by bringing up anti-Semitic tropes.”

Democrats do not usually turn on one another.

Liberals run circles around establishment Republicans because liberals are united in purpose to grow government, confiscate guns, expand abortion on demand, and throw open the borders.

This gives them the upper hand against weak-kneed Republicans.

But Democrats are nervous about the 2020 election.

They fear any mistake could blow their chances of winning the election.

And it looks like some Democrats wish to eliminate the headache Ilhan Omar causes.

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108 Responses

  1. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Do you all see what kind of traitor Obama is was And will always be vote the Damon dems out of office everyone of them.

  2. Dan says:

    Ever notice how muslims are offended by everything. But Muslims think they can offend every Christian and the Jewish people.
    Muslims get offended if you point something out in their quran.
    Like it is ok to lie, it is ok to murder Christians and Jewish people.
    Yet Muslims are all for making sure that Christians and Jewish people are not supposed to defend themselves, country or loved ones. They push gun control . They tell Christians and Jewish people how they are to be more fore giving.
    The Muslims should read Eccl: 3 . They may find out Christians and Jewish people have the God given right to defend themselves , country, loved ones

  3. Rickster says:

    2 words! Camel Jockeys!

  4. Kacy Swingle says:

    Absolutely true !! Which is why Obama & Holder are attempting to redistrict States, adjacent to Michigan and Minnesota !! Dearborn Michigan is definitely a Muslim brotherhood ( City) State

  5. Linda H says:

    Craig Michael Vandertie, Since you know so much about the Jewish people in Israel. Do you want to know the documented facts and not just hearsay? Get the movie INTO OUR HANDS. Don’t just watch it once . I watched it 4 times to see if I could see any lies. Found none. I was 13 during the six day war. I learned all I could about it then. Now don’t you think you should know the truth. I will be waiting. Put up or shut up.

  6. Linda H says:

    Craig Michael Vandertie, I went to the website. I read all suggestions, good or bad. This was a good one. Sometimes you are so smart and then other times you are so dumb. Do you have a split personality?

  7. Linda H says:

    J, You know the south well. What part are you from. The good old boys and girls are ruff and tuff. But what they really don’t want to mess with is our hillbilly rednecks. They make the northern street gangs look like a bunch of girl scouts when they are protecting what is theirs. I’m from the lmountains of S.C. I would never want them mad at me. Fighting them is worse than fighting a grizzly. REBEL YELL.

  8. Artie Bradley says:

    The independents need to join up with the republicans. If they do the democrats don’t stand a chance.

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