One Democrat said two words about Ilhan Omar that changed her life forever

Ilhan Omar cannot escape controversy.

The freshman Democrat’s many scandals are reaching a breaking point.

And one Democrat said two words about Omar that could change her life forever.

Max Rose is a Jewish Democrat that represents a New York congressional district.

During a constituent town hall, Rose told attendees that he was “horrified” and “sad” when he heard Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic remarks.

The Hill reports:

A freshman House Democrat apologized to his Jewish constituents during a district town hall this week for comments Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) made questioning U.S.-Israel policy that critics considered anti-Semitic.

Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), who is Jewish, said he was “horrified” and “sad” when Omar recently said pro-Israel groups “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” a comment many Jewish lawmakers said invoked the myth of dual loyalty to the United States and Israel.

“As a young congressman, I’ve got to tell you I’m sorry,” Rose told a crowd organized by the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, according to Jewish Insider.

“You sent me to Congress to take responsibility. You sent me to Congress to have your back,” he continued. “And I failed you. Because I know that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s comments really caused you all a lot of pain by bringing up anti-Semitic tropes.”

Democrats do not usually turn on one another.

Liberals run circles around establishment Republicans because liberals are united in purpose to grow government, confiscate guns, expand abortion on demand, and throw open the borders.

This gives them the upper hand against weak-kneed Republicans.

But Democrats are nervous about the 2020 election.

They fear any mistake could blow their chances of winning the election.

And it looks like some Democrats wish to eliminate the headache Ilhan Omar causes.


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111 Responses

  1. Rickster says:

    2 words! Camel Jockeys!

  2. al says:

    They’re all anti-Semites! This country better wake up!

    • Kacy Swingle says:

      Isn’t it a shame ? I find it absolutely embarrassing for our Country. These ( particular) Democrats need to understand the ” weight ” of their own words/ actions!! I am not giving ALL Republicans a damn pass on that issue either !! Very sad place/time for Americans, due to total B.S. and piss poor political behavior!!

      • W says:

        What is most reprehensible is that the republicans went along like sheep with the watered down bill condemning hate rather than demand this pig be sensured or impeached for her open hate speech. Even worse, was the fact that Chicken Scummer said nothing about her anti-Semitism. Congrats New Yorkers, keep moving down that spineless line until they completely control your destiny.

        • Kacy Swingle says:

          Amen!! I believe New York is just one Judge away from becoming SIN CITY/ PEDOPHILE ISLAND USA ! Next on their to do list? Finding the right Judge to deal with those “pesky ” molestation rules/ laws !!

    • Artie Bradley says:

      The independents need to join up with the republicans. If they do the democrats don’t stand a chance.

  3. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s too bad we don’t have laws against women who wear “Islamic” clothing as France does. Women over there can be arrested for wearing non western style clothes. Why is it that women over there come here and hide their hair? It’s a very stupid satanic aspect of Islam a cult that will murder anyone who doesn’t believe in their faith. I for one will not associate with stupid women such as that hair hiding Omar bitch from Minnesota.

  4. ALL she KNOWS is “how to be ANTI-semitic” and the KORAN……REALLY NOT ENOUGH, or actually REALLY, REALLY BAD to be in OUR “Government”, plus she belongs to America’s ENEMIES who is BFF with TERRORISTS……TOTALLY, UTTERLY UN-ACCEPTABLE……America get THIS ENEMY OUT of Congress…..NOW….!!!!

  5. Raymond Daneshgar says:

    Very soon she will try to create/establish the Islamic States of Minnesota and Michigan, etc, etc, etc, etc. Just look what is happening in Europe.

    • MARK TILLOTSON says:

      Europe?? HAVE YOU seen DEARBORN? or HER district in Minnesota?…It’s here AND see the youtube video showing 35 terrorist training campsthroughoutthiscountry .NewYork,South Carolina etc

    • Dan says:

      Ever notice how muslims are offended by everything. But Muslims think they can offend every Christian and the Jewish people.
      Muslims get offended if you point something out in their quran.
      Like it is ok to lie, it is ok to murder Christians and Jewish people.
      Yet Muslims are all for making sure that Christians and Jewish people are not supposed to defend themselves, country or loved ones. They push gun control . They tell Christians and Jewish people how they are to be more fore giving.
      The Muslims should read Eccl: 3 . They may find out Christians and Jewish people have the God given right to defend themselves , country, loved ones

  6. retvet says:

    Why is this person still in congress? She is illegally holding a seat that she is not qualified for. As long as she adheres to quran and sharia laws, she and anyone else doing so is not qualified. They are against the U S constution and laws. REMOVE THEM NOW!

  7. Linda Lofton says:

    Muslims infiltrate areas until there is a tipping point of more of them vs American Patriots. Then they become a district voting block and are able to put into office THEIR candidates. This is intentional and systamatic and is happening all over the country. Obammy started THAT Muslim train. Unfortunately, IT IS WORKING! The Pac of Democrats for Justice that AOC was on, put 22 of their radical candidates on the 2016 ballot and got 7 of them elected. What if they put up 50 candidates, 100 candidates, 200 candidates? The goal is to take over Congress. Think they can’t do it? Think again!!! The first step to stopping them is to know what they are doing. America wake up!! It’s not JUST the southern border we have to worry about!!!! We ARE under attack and the complacency of the GOP and Conservatives of the past is NOT GOING to work ANYMORE. We HAVE to start fighting back by exposing. organizing and being vocal on ALL fronts if we WANT to save this country. These ENEMIES WILL destroy this country just as they have destroyed their own home lands. The TIME has come!!!! Let’s get it together for our Republics future!!

    • Miss Mellie says:

      The most vilified identifiable ethnic group in America is white Southerners who have Confederate ancestors: no rights, no history, no power.

      • Cowdoy Randy says:

        As a White Southern U S Veteran I fought for our Rights, we have History and Fighting to Preserve it and the Power of the Ballot Box when our way of life is Threatened and if the RAGHEADS keep it up they will force “The South to RISE Again”

      • Linda H says:

        Miss Mellie, I don’t know about you. I am a white Southern Woman . Don’t mistake our gentleness for weakness. Don’t make us mad. If you do you will see all H_ _ L break loose. Rebel Yell.

        • J says:

          Hey folks, people of the south DO have a strong and proud heritage that goes back to before this nation was formed.

          The huge mistake that these American hating scumbags are making is that things are VERY different than the last time. They have a very strong and diverse economy that will sustain them through any conflict. They are the main suppliers of food for all the metropolitan areas throughout the year and they control that supply chain to wherever they want. Also, the largest oil refineries and fuel ports are located in the south.

          As Linda said, they may seem reserved, non-confrontational and generous to a fault. However, when you keep poking them that hate stick, watch for the massive swarm of hornets you failed to take into consideration. They WILL join together and fight to protect their constitutional rights and defend each other like you have never seen. The multigenerational heritage of hunting is strong there and has taught them very well to conceal themselves from their prey. That will make them a formidable opponent for anyone or anything. They certainly won’t be too worried about those cowardly metrosexuals who can’t live without Starflocks.

          Also bear in mind that the northern states have driven most of the firearms/ammunition manufacturing out of their communistic states and they have moved down south where they are welcome. Additionally, the majority of our military bases are located throughout the southern United States.

          I don’t advocate any form of violence unless absolutely necessary, but do not keep kicking the sleeping dog on the front porch. It will jump up and maul you.

          • Linda H says:

            J, You know the south well. What part are you from. The good old boys and girls are ruff and tuff. But what they really don’t want to mess with is our hillbilly rednecks. They make the northern street gangs look like a bunch of girl scouts when they are protecting what is theirs. I’m from the lmountains of S.C. I would never want them mad at me. Fighting them is worse than fighting a grizzly. REBEL YELL.

    • Kacy Swingle says:

      Absolutely true !! Which is why Obama & Holder are attempting to redistrict States, adjacent to Michigan and Minnesota !! Dearborn Michigan is definitely a Muslim brotherhood ( City) State

  8. The good people of Minnesota didn’t vote Omar in. The largest population of her terrorist losers are in her district, that’s how she got in. Us good citizens are not her voters. Omar and the rest of her clan need to go back to where they came from.

  9. CHARLES says:

    It is obvious from many of the replies, that Anti-Semitism is real and a danger to not only Jews, but any minority race or religion in the United States. Philip Simon’s reply above, is nothing but pure ignorance and hatred, which should not be tolerated of on display. Omar has made it clear, that she supports Sharia law over the Constitution and is a blatant Anti-Semite. The people of Minnesota must be truly proud that they have supported someone so despicable and full of hate. We, Democrats, Republicans and Independents need to support our Republic and denounce those that want to change and destroy the very principles that have made us the greatest country in history. People like Omar are NOT representatives of any American principles and hopefully, will not be around after 2020.

    • THE QUALITY MAN says:

      It is a much Greater problem than does a congresswomen hate Jews. This Same follower of the Sharia by her own admission is vowing to kill all Americans who are not Muslims. This is the Practice of the Sharia. The Democrats have Supported the Ideology of the Sharia and as a result, The Democrat Party is vowing to destroy The Constitution of the USA. These pledged Sharia activities by Democrat Leaders should disqualify the Democrat Party from being able to Participate in the 2020 Elections. Somehow this problem should be brought to the Supreme Court of the USA. President Trump recognized these Problems when he closed the entry to the USA to Muslims. But Democrats from Obama to his appointed Federal Judges and a Democrat Congress, Overruled the President. Now the Democrat Party by electing Sharia committed Candidates shows it’s self as committed to Sharia Ideology to destroy the USA Constitution and kill all Non Muslims.
      Simply Stated : the Democrat Party should be stopped from Voting until they agree with President Trump that the Sharia Practices of Muslims must be Challenged in the Courts for Democrat Party to participate in the 2020 Elections.

  10. It would be a miracle if Democrats impeached her for they really stick together. They need each other in order to reach power which is their common characteristic, and which they need as much as they need air. It makes them lie, betray and be tyrannical to those who oppose them. They won’t go away because someone tells them, besides we’re already silenced. It took great unity of millions of people in Eastern Europe to defeat them.

  11. Rich Magnani says:

    If you say anything about a muslim you are raked over the coals, but it seems fine to say what you want to say anything about a jew or a christian. Why do the dems find that okay?

  12. John J says:

    Anti American–anti Semite doesn’t belong in our Congress

    • Ben says:

      No Democrat belongs in any position of power. And the Republicans who voted for the cover up aren’t any better.

    • Mustapha Rahuda says:

      After examining Comrade Ilhan Omar, have found that this Congressperson has not undergone female mutilation as of this date.

      Until that removal of tissue isn’t done without use of any anesthetic, must step down from Congress and be considered an infidel. As such, should be stoned to death under Sharia law.

      • Adrienne says:

        Sorry Buddy but the sharia laws are not compatible with United State of America laws! Go home! and take your sharia laws with you, you don’t want to miss your chance to stone another woman to death! You and your sharia laws are sickening and have no place here in the land of the free.

        • Don says:

          Yepper…..and he can take her with him.

        • Barb Van Deusen says:

          Did you even read his post?
          He’s clearly against her.

        • Linda H says:

          Adrienne, they refuse to live by the law of the land. They want to live be sharia law. They want to use our law to protect them and their law to destroy us. If you live by sharia law you should die by sharia law. Live by the Sward. Die by the Sward.

    • Philip Simon says:

      To rep. Max rose, you are just another hook nose Jew with no sense of anything and anywhere to go but nowhere.

      • Don says:

        And your comment makes you just another bigoted ass not worth the air you waste.

      • Hydro says:

        Keep those despicable words as you will be judged for them – you definitely are not a Christian. But you surely speak like a Democrat – full of hate and discontent. You better get on your knees while you are still able to change your ways and repent.

      • Linda H says:

        Philip Simon, On Judgement Day when Jesus seperates the sheep from the goats we know which side you will be on. You old GOAT.

  13. FUZZY says:

    Ilhan Omar, congress woman should be Impeached, she represents the people of the USA , not her religion.
    Remember all the religion stuff lately. DEMS are liars
    if you voted for her, SHAME ON YOU!.
    Israel is a friend of the USA. We support them.
    I would not want to stand at the Throne with this one on my record.

  14. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Here are two words from an Independent: DIE, BITCH.

  15. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    All Arabic people are Semites, yes Ilhan may be correct that American jews in general betray the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built but undoubtedly so does she.

    To be a Democrat or to support a Democrat makes you a traitor, so no matter what ideological belief you have if you adhere to and embrace or even support a combination of Communism and zionism, hasidism and Communism, or islam and Communism you are still traitors to our as unbiased and fair justice and freedom for all laws you are a traitor.

    Anyone who supports $3,500,000,000/year in charity to israel is a traitor.

    • Linda H says:

      Craig Michael Vandertie, I would love to see a Freeky Friday and you change bodies with a man in Israel for 1 year. Then see how you feel.

  16. Jesse says:

    Omar is anti everyone because that cult she has been brainwashed into HATES everyone. She is after all related to the Squatters who invaded Israel after the Romans chased Israel out of their own Country in 70 AD.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      The people of that land migrated off to greener pastures in search of riches and they certainly found it among the Christian’s, chased them off, yeah right then why are they the only ones who left, the early Christian’s did not leave, your claim holds no substance.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      More accurately they found riches among the people of Europe and of Russia.

      • Fay Butler says:

        Craig, maybe (almost) all Arabic people are Semites but they by no stretch of the imagination are all Jews. Omar is a Muslim. She wears a hijab, sits in her Congressional seat wearing this symbol of Sharia Law and thinks nothing of saying Jews have divided loyalties. Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to the US Constitution so, she should not be in any elected position in the US – divided loyalties. Liberals always accuse others of that which they are guilty.

      • Linda H says:

        Craig, And they couldn’t wait so they lined up to be starved, tortured and killed by Hitler. Dah. Do you know how dumb you sound.

      • Linda H says:

        Craig Michael Vandertie, Since you know so much about the Jewish people in Israel. Do you want to know the documented facts and not just hearsay? Get the movie INTO OUR HANDS. Don’t just watch it once . I watched it 4 times to see if I could see any lies. Found none. I was 13 during the six day war. I learned all I could about it then. Now don’t you think you should know the truth. I will be waiting. Put up or shut up.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      As for the apostrophe in Christians the damn poorly written by H-1B Visa worker Predictive Text software automatically inserts the apostrophe so if I do not remove it it denotes that which is possessed by and not the plural tense.

  17. Walt says:

    Read the Forums attached to the document Minnesota Dem Already ———–Click on the doc below.

    According to Sharia law,
    • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad’s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    • Theft is punishable by amputation of the hands (Quran 5:38).
    • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing or denying Allah is punishable by death (see Allah moon god).
    • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death (See Compulsion).
    • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
    • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
    • A woman or girl who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
    • Testimonies of 4 male witnesses are required to prove rape of a female (Quran 24:13).
    • A woman or girl who alleges rape without producing 4 male witnesses is guilty of adultery.
    • A woman or girl found guilty of adultery is punishable by death (see “Islamophobia”).
    • A male convicted of rape can have his conviction dismissed by marrying his victim.
    • Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman/girl not wearing the Hijab (see Taha rush).
    • A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
    • A man can beat his wife for insubordination (see Quran 4:34 and Religion of Peace).
    • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a wife needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
    • A divorced wife loses custody of all children over 6 years of age or when they exceed it.
    • A woman’s testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries ½ the weight of a man’s.
    • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits (see Mathematics in Quran).
    • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
    • Meat to eat must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah – i.e., be “Halal.”
    • Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

    Sent: Mon, Mar 18, 2019 4:16 pm
    Subject: Minnesota Dems Already Looking for Ilhan Omar Replacement

    Breaking News:

    – Minnesota Dems Already Looking for Ilhan Omar Replacement

    – [Urgent] Are Liberals Out to Totally Disarm Americans?

    – Angry ICE Officers Say President Trump is Not Living Up to His Promises

    – Pollution Privilege? The Latest Ridiculous Example of “Racism” in America

    Yours in Freedom,


    • B.D. says:

      This just turns my stomach and hurts my soul! Such children, easy to manipulate, don’t believe their prophet was of a divine deity ! Feel so sorry for all of them, especially the females, horrendous!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      There are various Arabic terms pertaining to deceiving the infidels or more accurately kaffirs taqiyya and hudaibiya are 2 of them.

      • Don says:

        And that is supposed to mean what exactly???? Nothing but liars.

      • Linda H says:

        Craig, Like my old Daddy use to say, you got a lot of book learnen. But you ain’t got no horse sense. That means that you know what is in books wrote by people like you but you have no common sense.

    • Dewayne Shultz says:

      Ilhan Omar is a DISGRACE TO THE USA CONGRESS, she should resign ASAP or be impeached!
      If she loves Sharia law, move back to Somalia Please , she will be happy there.

      The female youth of America have better study up on this one. so far they don’t know.

    • David says:

      Here is the problem with replacement, her district is packed full of Muslim supporters and they will just run another Muslim. We need to get them out of this country, their intention is to take over this country with out firing a shot , and that progress has already started, and at the rate that they are moving it won’t take them very long. The Democrats think this is a good thing for them, but they will loose more and more power to them till there is nothing left of the Democratic Party, it will then be to late to do anything about it. We have to vote to keep the Democrats out of power because that is where the Muslims are at, SO REPUBLICANS GET OUT AND VOTE.

    • robert says:

      my my my . Wouldn’t want to live under those rules. That’s why we need to get rid of muslim idiots out of this country, especially CAIR

  18. They need to learn to live by our laws but they don’t get it. Yup time for them to get out. They shouldn’t have been here in the 1st place. If I moved to a foreign country the first thing I’d do would be to speak their language and dress like they do and live by their laws. Don’t come to the USA and change our way of life. Get out

    • linda says:

      RIGHT!! ON ALL POINTS!! THIS IS AMERICA.IF anyone comes here with intent to change us into them- GET OUT! ANYONE disrespecting our Forefathers, and all that they gave to us, to live by- FORGET IT! ALSO- we will not tolerate anyone shoving the Quran down our throats. It states to kill Christians and ALL who do not bow to the Quran. STAND YOUR GROUND-AMERICA. This country was founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and our faith- in the God of Abraham. Throughout the ages, God has looked out for those who love him. He knows all, and those who rise up against us, even to be fooled into thoughts that they have won, – God always wins. ALL Evil- will lose in the end. All who rally to take down America,take your treachery and leave this country, while you can. THIS IS AMERICA. It is here to stay! IN GOD WE TRUST! AMEN

    • Mark Perdew says:

      Dead on!

  19. Beth Mulvihill says:

    They need not only be kicked out of Congress, but kicked out of America! Send them back to the crap hole they crawled out of!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      In truth the McCarran Walter Act should have focused more on the evil of Moonie Muslimes and not on the alleged evil of decent people trying to flea the oppression of Communism, yes, I know those poor abused Moonie Muslime refugees, liars just as the scum Latinos within those caravans from Honduras or one of those toxic cesspool Central American nations wicked people attempting to infect our nation, the Moonie Muslimes from the predominantly Moonie Muslime parts of the world are not the oppressed but the oppressors.

      • Don says:

        Correct….but the left wanted allowed them in to vote, period.

      • Linda H says:

        Craig Michael Vandertie, I went to the website. I read all suggestions, good or bad. This was a good one. Sometimes you are so smart and then other times you are so dumb. Do you have a split personality?

  20. Daniel Mount says:

    These Radical Islamic so-called Congresswomen both of them should be Impeached and kicked out of Congress right away.

    • Greta says:

      Those two anti-American Muslim terrorist women in Congress should be kicked out of this country sfter being out of congress. They don’t deserve this great country.

    • Jimmy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. After being released of their duties begin prosecuting for Hate crimes. Bottom line we have free speech however this ferments Tranny! God Bless America and we have a responsibility to support free speech. But, But her rhetoric crosses a line . Hopefully I have a few out there that support my belief.

      • Steff says:

        I support you on this thought. I want to express my firm understanding of the constitution that she has committed treason by her actions in support of the terrorists, defied the law by marrying her brother to allow him to come to this country and lying about the relationship, defied the oath taken for citizenship by supporting terrorism and attacks on this country. Her citizenship should be revoked, and she should be deported.

  21. Charles says:

    Max, unfortunately you play the party game. To your Jewish constituents, you voice your anger and pain at Omar’s antisemitic rhetoric, but you still voted on the watered- down bill.
    You are a hypocrite and phony.
    Like Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein you are full of manure.

  22. Mike says:

    I hope that today’s Jews will wake up and stop supporting the Democrat party. They are rife with anti semitism and do not support Israel! Some of their rhetoric is hauntingly similar to that of Adolf Hitler which eventually led to the Holocaust, the worst crime in history! Please do go meekly to the slaughter again!

    • Vicky Melin says:

      Totally agree. Democrats are not friends to Israel. Vote No on dems this coming election

    • John Bloxson Jr. says:

      That slaughter will include those true christians as it is already being seen around the world this year to date thousand of Christians are paying the price 160 in Nigeria just the other day but the News is only reporting any crime against a muslim they want report the terrible massacre ‘s of Christians or Jews . By not reporting them they are okaying the attacks against Christians and Jews .

  23. Kara says:

    The DEMS are getting so scared they will start to make big mistakes and blow another chance just like 2yrs ago. They may have the House right now but they have not done anything with it. Just sit around and say” “Poor Me, That Trump messes up everything we try to do to get him gone.

  24. david says:

    Where is my post kock sukers?

  25. david says:

    Yeh, but the Jews will still vote for a communist in 2020.

  26. John Feeney says:

    That’s why the Demoncrats want confiscate decent, honest citizen’s guns. The Demoncrats also want to destroy the Second Amendment. Back in the day, the Navy had a command. STAND FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gerald Ladd says:

    The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim. The sooner people look at history, the more you’ll see why i say that! This cunt, along with the other one, should be buried up to to their necks, and stoned to death, just like they would get in their home country!

    • William J Vital says:

      I think the two of them should be sent BACK to their home countries.

    • T-pac says:

      Absolutely Mr. Ladd this snakefacedbitch should be thrown out of congress and then out of the country and if it was in a bodybag it would b fine with me and many, many other Americans.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Right on. Those Islamic Pigs don’t belong here. They are a cult inspired by the Devil and should be sent to the gates of hell where they belong.

  28. LP says:

    I’d like to thank Max for being honest enough to call her out. The rest of the Democratic party is kissing her dirty Muslim ass! Muslims are only in our country to turn it into another Muslim shamble. Screw her and the camel she rode in on!

  29. SidA says:

    They are Demonic Democrats. They kill babies in the birth canal and sacrifice live born babies.

  30. marleen davis says:

    To Max Rose: As a Jew myself, I commend your comment regarding Omar. But that is as far as I can go. Your wanting to continue with all the other horrible things that the demoncrats want–continued and stronger and more abortion, gun control so no one can protect themselves (just like Nazi Germany) Open Borders to bring in Drugs which are destroying our Country is so evil and wrong we just cannot fathom how you could be so blind. If you are truly a Jew then you should realize that you are wanting the same things that the Nazis wanted and got in 1930’s and slayed all of our forefathers. I ask you Max, what the heck is wrong with you?

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      Marleen, as I recall Hitler himself was half Jew. He had no problem killing any who stood in his way, Jewish or Gentile. Unfortunately evil people come in all races and religions and evil never cares who it antagonizes, tortures or kills. The democRATS are the modern day Nazis and communists all rolled up in one big putrid, rotten, slimy ball of pure unadulterated evil. They fully intend to destroy our nation in the same way Hitler destroyed Germany. Now Germany is about to be destroyed yet again by their own evil leftists and the Satanic muslim hordes, and unfortunately that includes most of Europe. Our own demonic politicians are pushing the United States towards the same fate. In this case though, the deaths will be far more than in WW2.

      • Steff says:

        George Soros, born and raised as a Jew, is a traitor to his own religion and people. He started his empire by collaborating with the Nazis and taking property from the Jewish people (men, women, and children) he helped send to the concentration camps and get gassed. He has been asked if he regrets his actions, and he said No, Never. He continues his murderous activities today.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Makes you think, doesn’t it? Satan and his deep state controls far more than most people realize. This world is fast becoming an absolute Hell, just as the demonRATS and muslims want. We must fight back or we will all become slaves… Or dead.

      • John Feeney says:

        That’s why the Demoncrats want confiscate decent, honest citizen’s guns. The Demoncrats also want to destroy the Second Amendment. Back in the day, the Navy had a command. STAND FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Absolutely John. I own a number of guns, some of them not registered. I will stand fast, even if it means my death. Better to die on your feet than to live under the jackboots of the fascist/communists.

        • Kay says:

          Let’s make sure we ALL let democrats know how we feel in the next election. Talk about lying and treasonous obstruction of justice! The democrats, for sure, are guilty for their lies about Trump, our duly elected President, all of these months. This is serious. I think we’ve put up with them and their low-life colleagues long enough. Republicans have never stooped so low as this Chuck and Nancy bunch. Now, shut up Maxine Waters et al !!!!

  31. You college graduates who look down your noses at us “Basket full of Deplorables” may have a reason for and some hidden agenda or strategy for overlooking the brazenly, offensive, spiteful, and maliciously vile expressions of OMAR’S opinions about our Friends and Allies. We may have Freedom of speech here in the US, but that does not give us the right to harass and pass judgement especially on one of Our Own Allies. She’s an out and out RABBLE-ROUSER. A trouble maker, agitator, demagogue. Call it what you will but there is one thing for sure, she never really apologized and she never will. She, and all those like her are bringing our country down. She should have been ushered out of Congress the 2nd time that she pulled this you know what (s__t). Republicans, quite acting like SNOW FLAKES, WEAK KNEED, Get some back bone and start kicking some butt. Or are all of you really RINO’S. TRUMP, you really do need to work on not only DRAINING THE SWAMP, BUT YOU HAVE A LOT OF THE SWAMP CREATURES IN YOUR OWN POND. WATCH OUT. I’m on your side, always have been and always will be, but you need to start carefully watching those around you, I fear you may have some TURN COATS you don’t expect. I sure hope not but you can never be too careful. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Lisa G Goff says:

      Amen Shirley. You took the words from my mouth!

    • william couch says:

      I think they should do a blood draw foe a DNA test to find the “GOAT” that birthed her!!! !!NO !!!! MOOOOOOOSLIM IS HUMAN.. MOHAMID was a pedophile, war lord, ETC… The animals of the day called him “SHAERON MAJNOON”………. The mad poet!!!

  32. Mark Hopkins says:

    Wide and spacious is the road leading to destruction and many are the ones following it. The world of man is mostly evil now. Greed, narcissism and a total lack of any semblance of morality has taken over the entire world. Insanity and stupidity is rampant and that, coupled with an insatiable lust for power and control over their fellow men and women, spells doom for our once great Republic. The final battle is coming soon and the death toll will be many millions. The demonRATS and muslims are by far the most evil things to ever foul the face of the earth; outdoing even Hitler and Stalin. I’m absolutely sure God will NOT have mercy on their souls. May they reap the whirlwind.

  33. Steff says:

    If he really felt like he let his constituents down, why did he vote for the idiotic bill that Pelousy finally had the house vote on. It was a watered down, no attributed punishment, generalistic series of nebulous statements against hate. This allows the activity of Ohan to continue.

  34. Thomas Kidd says:

    Here we go again. Demorcrat apologies for something they have no intention of doing anything about. Insanity runs deep in both camps. Republicans had control of both houses of Congress but instead of building on that, they continue to fight among themselves even joining the enemy. It’s hard to take back something which the people of this nation gave away through indifference and gross neglect. The enemies of liberty and freedom are growing bigger and bigger. Yet people refuse to see the hand writing on wall. It is written in the Scriptures, ANY NATION OR PEOPLE WHO FORGET GOD WILL BE TURNED DOWN TO HELL. Preparation before the Great Creator God is the call of this dark hour. The more time spent discussing politics, the less time to prepare. Preparation of the spirit is what I am speaking about. Those who neglect this will not survive the coming horrors soon to break forth upon a God hating people. We are about to reap for the 70+ million unborn babies slaughtered in the name of freedom and liberty. We will reap for the gross sin of the Sodomites which was turned loose on May 23rd. 2015. Ignore this message if you like but His judgment is growing harsher day by day. A sincere and heart humbling REPENTANCE is desperately needed among God’s people as individuals. WWII will be like summer rain compared to what’s coming! Reject this if you want but it’s coming and much sooner than many people dare believe. The law of reporiticity, sowing and reaping cannot be circumvented. Pardon me if my spelling is off a bit. WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

  35. J says:

    Horrified and sad, huh? If you were truly either, you and the rest of your spineless party members would have THOROUGHLY rebuked this scum. Instead, you supported a weak and watered down pile of excrement. Had a republican or independent made statements like this racist pig has, you would have exploded with outrage and DEMANDED they be thoroughly chastised. Kinda like you are doing with Trump regarding his comments about McCain. Typical double standard.

    You and your ilk are a pathetic bunch of cowards. My hope it that ALL demomaggots be thrown out of office in the next election.

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