One Democrat let the cat out of the bag on this secret plan to rig the next election

Polls show Democrats could lose it all in 2022 and in 2024.

But the Left has one ace up their sleeves.

Now one Democrat let the cat out of the bag on this secret plan to rig the next election.

Former Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard sounded the alarm about the tightening alliance between Big Tech and the Deep State.

Gabbard noted that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted during the 2020 election that FBI agents pressured the company to censor the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in a successful bid to meddle in the election on Joe Biden’s behalf.

Gabbard warned that ex-FBI and CIA officials embedded themselves at social media companies and are now working to censor news on a regular basis.

Gabbard said that controlling the flow of information to the public happens in a dictatorship, not in a free society.

“The unholy alliance between the national security state and Big Tech threatens to destroy what is left of our fragile democracy. Zuckerberg admitted they censored information about Hunter Biden laptop because of FBI ‘advice.’ Dozens of former agents of the security apparatus (FBI, CIA, etc.) are embedded in giant social media platforms. Dictatorships need to control the flow of information—and that’s what’s going on here,” Gabbard wrote.

In 2016, leftists blamed Donald Trump’s win not just on the nonsensical claims that Russians on Facebook swung the election, but also on Trump’s ability to freely spread his message on Facebook without the corporate-controlled media filter.

The media claimed that without so-called “fact checkers” providing context – aka framing every story in the context of Democrat National Committee talking points – Americans would suffer from a dangerous plague of so-called “misinformation.”

Corporate-controlled media outlets now define “misinformation” as stories that make Democrats look bad.

There is also no coverage of the misinformation coming from the Left.

After Trump won the election, Facebook tweaked their algorithm to reduce the ability of Americans to see political content at the same time social media companies began censoring conservative speech.

When Facebook and Twitter successfully helped rig the 2020 election on Biden’s behalf by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story, leftists saw firsthand that controlling the flow of information to the American people allowed them to control the results of the election.

And even a former Democrat Presidential candidate like Tulsi Gabbard is worried about Big Tech censorship destroying American democracy in 2022 and in 2024.

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