One Democrat just sent Joe Biden a message that left Americans speechless

Joe Biden’s Presidency is flying off the rails at an alarming speed.

The worst is yet to come.

And one Democrat just sent Joe Biden a message that left Americans speechless.

Joe Biden traveled to the Senate on Thursday to make a last-ditch effort to pressure Democrats to blow up the legislative filibuster.

Nuking the filibuster would require all 50 Democrats to jump together and vote to break the Senate and put American democracy at risk.

But even before Biden made his way to the Democrat caucus conference room, Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema took to the Senate floor and drove a stake through the heart of Biden’s scheme to upend constitutional and democratic norms.

Sinema announced she opposed any changes to the filibuster because it would destroy America’s democratic system of self-government.

“I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country. The debate over the 60-vote threshold shines a light on our broader challenges. There is no need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals in federal policy,” Sinema said of the filibuster. “American politics are cyclical and the granting of power in Washington, D.C. is exchanged regularly by the voters from one Party to another. This shift of power back and forth means the Senate 60-vote threshold has proved maddening to members of both.”

Senator Sinema also provided a history lesson for Democrats.

She reminded the Left that after Harry Reid and the Democrat majority eliminated the filibuster for lower court judicial nominations in 2013, Republicans made them regret that decision in 2017 by wiping out the filibuster for Supreme Court Justices and confirming three of Donald Trump’s nominations, swinging the Court decidedly to the right.

“The 2013 decision by Senate Democrats to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for most judicial and Presidential nominations led directly to a response in 2017 by Senate Republicans, who eliminated the threshold for Supreme Court nominees. These shortsighted actions by both parties have led to our current American judiciary and Supreme Court, which as I stand here today is considering questions regarding fundamental rights Americans have enjoyed for decades,” Sinema concluded.

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