One CNN reporter shot an AR-15 and the video is a must-watch

CNN is waging an all-out war on the Second Amendment.

They’ve given a platform to gun-grabbers calling NRA members “child murderers.”

Now they’re running reports trying to terrify their viewers about the AR-15 rifle and they’re stooping to new lows.

It’s no secret that most proponents of gun control no nothing about guns.

They are trying to demonize AR-15’s (an inanimate tool) to set the stage for banning all semi-automatic firearms.

So when a CNN reporter took to the airwaves to gin up anti-gun hysteria the results were laughable.

Clearly this reporter has never handled at firearm before.

And no “expert” would use the phrase “full semi-automatic.”

The truth is, the reason why AR-15’s are so popular is because they are so easy to use and allow law-abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families.


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101 Responses

  1. James says:

    When a ‘REPORTER’ and I use the term loosely, has an anti gun agenda going in, and hasn’t the foggiest IDEA of what he is talking about or what he is doing. Of course he gonna say negative thing about the AR. These so called NEWS REPORTERS are stupid. They don’t take time to educate themselves about the subject the are ‘REPORTING’ on. Thus another ANTI-GUN NEWS spin.

  2. Ken of Mo says:

    Your a dam idiot you don’t know what your talking about. And yes AR does stand for armilte rifle that was the first manufacture of the rifle.

    • Eddy James says:

      It makes me feel a whole lot better knowing now that if I’m shot by “ANY OTHER WEAPON” the results arereversable! What a nimrod.

  3. What I am going to quote here was published on internet December, 2008.
    It has been 12 months since gun owners in Austrilia were forced by new law to surrender 640,382 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more that $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:
    Australia-wde, homicides are up 32 percent.
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent.
    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. Note that wile the law-abiding citizens turned them in the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns.
    There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the ELDERLY. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, alter such monumental effort and expense was expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it.
    You won”t see data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.
    Guns int the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, con-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.
    Next time some talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

  4. Bruce says:

    The guy is an IDIOT! Full semi-Automatic, yeah right where is such a gun? There isn’t! This freeking nation of people that think Govt Gun Control will keep crime and murder etc down are as I always say: “As Blind as a bat backing into a Blizzard”! All they are doing is pulling the gun control scenerio from the same old playbook to get guns gone! These plays have been done fron China to Russia to Nazi Germany to Rowanda to Guatamala to Cuba to any other nation where there is Gun Congtrol and the people living there KNOW this FACT! GUNS DO NOT KILL people, people Kill peopleand Gun Control serves the govt to gain control!

    • Bruce says:

      I want to put “GUN CONTROL” in a Military, battlefield set up for this comment ok…Let’s say you were on the battlefield and had your guns etc and were fighting this battle and you ran out of Munitions or maybe still you were overrun and had to give up. etc etc. NOW only one side has the munitions or the guns etc…NOW which side will do what the other side tells it to do w/a GUN pointed at them? Which side will have the say and who will not? The answer is OBVIOUS, and that will be the same set-up if the govt’s of any nation on this earth get’s GOVT Gun Control! History proves this: Remember Adolf Hitler!

  5. Radman says:

    For liberals, it is far easier to put the blame for the senseless murders perpetrated at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Aurora, Orlando, and now Parkland on an inanimate object like “the gun,” rather than acknowledge that the root cause of most violence and stupidity in America is the immoral society that they themselves have worked so hard to create for at least the last six decades.

    Is it any wonder that, as they grow up, children are becoming more and more emotionally withdrawn, and that they are starting to exist only in a culture of video games, smart phones, and countless Hollywood explosions and barbaric violence of all types, including lots of bloody carnage involving firearms?

    Why are we surprised that some choose to act out the fantasy world they’ve been subjected to by our modern culture? When one considers the number of absent parents today (resulting from illegitimacy and divorce), “progressive” public schools where God has been kicked out and teachers don’t have the support of administrators to permanently remove disruptive students from their classrooms, what do you expect? Plus, there’s the systematic leftist indoctrination in WHAT to think and not HOW to think!

    Yes, “gun violence” (i. e. violent people who use a gun) exists in America, but it’s not because of some inanimate object jumping up and killing innocent people. It exists because of people who are willing to gun down their fellow man or woman without feeling any remorse…or even acknowledging personal responsibility for the carnage they inflict. They’ve been ‘numbed’ inside; and too many have become heartless, cold, and calculating killers. These are the product of our progressive liberal education system…and the Democrat politicians who have created it. – Adapted from “The Mass -Shootings Aren’t About Guns, They’re About Our Culture,” by D. W. Wilber, Townhall, 2/22/18.

  6. Polly Ann Thornbutt says:

    Yes, yes, yes! All military guns should be banned as their role and sole purpose is for killing people and nothing else. The AR-15 or Assault Rifle-15 must be banned and quit giving us this lie that AR stand for Armalite. No such thing! It stands for assault rifle. That is what our govt/congress classifies it as. You can’t fool the public so quit trying and lying. This weapon is totally useless. Can’t use them for hunting. Ban hunting as well as that is killing also.

    All Assault Rifle-15 and gun owners and supporters should be ashamed of themselves for trying to deceive the public and must be thrown in FEMA camps an be done away with or be re-educated and repent for their stupidity and arrogance, then we will have and live in PEACE!

    It is pure selfishness that fuels gun possession. Start thinking of others for a change for you are in the minority. Majority of the people DO NOT LIKE GUNS! You gunners make me sick and will eventually be the cause of a revolution at the rate you are going. Trump better put a stop to this or there will be blood on his hands.

    GIVE UP YOUR GUNS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • William Wilson says:

      You obviously have no clue about anything you just said for if you had done any research, other than what CNN passes off as fact, you may be able to make a informed decision.
      Fact 1: AT does stand for Armalite Rifle Corp. the creator of the original design in 1954. This is long before the media created the “assault rifle” label in the mid ’80’s. Before the AR-15 there was the AR-7 & 10.
      Fact 2: if you had any military knowledge you would know that just because it like a military rifle doesn’t mean it is. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic only(1 pull, 1 shoot), the military M-16/M-4 is a select fire( capable of semi-automatic & full-automatic(1 pull, fires till you release to trigger or run out of ammo). The AR-15 design came first.
      Fact 3: If you were to look at the latest academic polls you would see that a large number of Americans DO NOT support a ban. All you have to do is look at the “1994 Assaoult Weapons Ban” and the lack of results it had on any crime.

      • Clutch R. Cargo says:

        There is no AT.It is AR for Armalite.Fact2: he meant looks like.The Ar-15 is the semi-auto civilian version of the M (military)-16 with which I qualified
        as Expert in Sept.1972. I just don’t understand why every one gets their panties in a bunch over the AR-15.It is really pathetic and shows how un
        educated they are.Like the twink in the video that doesn’t even know how to hold the damn thing.He looked like a girl that had never had a rifle in her hands.

        • Bruce says:

          Ditto brother, It’s like I always say, there are those that love gun CONTROL, and there are those that have GUN control (they hit at what they am) Those that love gun CONTROL want to control what those that want to control what they have! IF Guns are the problem, and if guns kill people, then we had better get rid of pencils and pens because they also kill and make mistakes!

    • Judy says:

      Polly You should be the one ashamed, you know zero about anything , just flapping your lips and making a fool out of yourself. But that being said, still trying to decide if you’re really that stupid or if this is a joke. P.S. And if you really are that out of touch, what are you gun haters going to use during the “Revolution” to fight the gun owners? It will be the fastest revolution in history.

      • GCKII says:

        Isn’t it interesting but so Very Sad how so many people forget History about how Adolf Hitler (with the direct help of Communist George Soros!!) started his reign of terror called WW II that killed millions of Jews, Christians, and many others. IT WAS STARTED SIMPLY BY SLOWLY TAKING AWAY THE GUNS IN THE BEGINNING!!! A 300 mag deer rifle is FAR more dangerous then the so called Assault rifles. People need to get their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and learn their history so that we don’t repeat history!!! If there is a doubt, Check this out…

        • Judy says:

          I agree but no matter how many examples of what has happened time and again when governments disarmed their citizens, how many criminals are stopped from killing, or killing more people, raping, a law abiding gun owners, liberals just choose to ignore history and close their eyes. But they’ll listen to someone who makes their living acting or telling jokes who hates guns without question.

    • GCKII says:

      Isn’t it interesting but so Very Sad how so many people forget History about how Adolf Hitler (with the direct help of Communist George Soros!!) started his reign of terror called WW II that killed millions of Jews, Christians, and many others. IT WAS STARTED SIMPLY BY SLOWLY TAKING AWAY THE GUNS IN THE BEGINNING!!! A 300 mag deer rifle is FAR more dangerous then the so called Assault rifles. People need to get their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and learn their history so that we don’t repeat history!!! If there is a doubt, Check this out…

    • Radman says:

      I’m going to make an educated guess that “Polly” is a leftist troll (probably paid) to emphasize her abject ignorance publicly just to generate responses here. The only other possibility is that she is dumber than a box of rocks! I suggest that people not “feed” such trolls. Just ignore them or block them.

      • Judy says:

        You’re right, liberals get off being ignorant and seem to be proud of it, it’s best to just bite our tongue and ignore them

        • Rudy says:

          That’s one of the big problems today; the majority of people have buried their heads in the sand for so long thinking that if we ignore the idiots they’ll go away, well it has backfired on us, they have only gotten worse

          • Judy says:

            But how does anyone reason with people who disregard history, multiple reliable eye witnesses, evidence, will only listen to what someone in their party says or someone who agrees with them and ignores everything else,………… is a waste of time, they don’t care to know anything that goes against their opinions.

    • Ken Gopperton says:

      Polly Ann, stupid is as stupid does. Your thoughts about firearms are totally left wing. My firearms have never killed anyone and never will, unless I cause it to happen. Please look back on the many times when firearms were taken from the citizenry and see what happened. The were all thrown into your so called FEMA camps and gassed. That is what your are suggesting, you say, “BE DONE AWAY WITH or REEDUCATED AND REPENT FOR THEIR STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE, THEN WE WILL HAVE AND LIVE IN PEACE.” Now the arrogance and stupidity is on you. Look back at Nazi Germany and what happened to the Jewish people. But I guess that, reeducate yourself, that is unless your are one of many who just don’t believe that atrocity happened. Just saying, so you know my guns will be there to protect the likes of you when needed.

    • Bruce says:

      LOOK Polly: Let me give you a few kernals of wisdom here, ok. The POINT here is NOT whether we need or do not need AR-15’s or AK-47’s or 40 cal. or 45 cal’s etc the fact is, when any quarter is given and any one inch is given in any battle for any reason then that enemy takes what you have done, I mean concession to a little bit, an open invitation to keep going for more!GUN Control thru history has the “SAME” exact playbook and it “ALWAYS” ends the same exact way! COMMUNISM! If the world could give up all weapons of everyone, including police etc, then there would have to be a change in man’s nature, right! That has NOT happened yet,and IF I might use something w/whole lot more “FORCE” and power behind what I say, let me tell you that Jesus Christ Himself beleived in SELF Defense as per Luke 22:36 and He also believed in Capitol Punsihment as per Genesis 9:6 KJV Plase do NOT Parrot what others say, NOR beleive what I say just because I say what I say! PROVE what is said, and come to the conclusions of FACT!! Do a word search on Gun Control: It always STARTS and ENDS the exact same way since there was gun control!

    • Bruce says:

      So Polly, IF AR-15 means Assualt Rifle as you say, then what does AK-47 mean? Or what does M-14 or M-15 etc etc mean? Please tell me miss! You have about as much knowledge of weapons as my Poddle! Please Polly, tell us what you know, we have a very few seconds! DO YOUR HOMEWORK and “STUDY” Gun Control, before you show yourself IGNORANT and then prove it by opening your mouth! My recommendations, STRONGLY!

    • Fred says:

      That’s all right. While the anti-gun lobby tries to confiscate all the legal firearms in this great nation, the black market for criminals just gets stronger and stronger. The police are already out gunned on the street which is why they have to wear vests and body armor just to do their jobs. These sheep are being led to slaughter by the powers that be so no one will be left to stand against the total “Big Brother” scenario the Deep State wants to enact

    • Bruce says:

      Polly: have u ever fired any Gun at all? Have you ever been in a position to have ever needed a gun? Polly: GUNS do NOT kill people any more than lead pencils make Mistakes! The 2nd amendment was not made for hunting, it was givenm to keep a Govt fromn getting out of control! They do you know! Get rid of guns and communism comes about, as in Russia and China etc. Consider, would you rathe have an AR-15 etc or a shot gun for your self defense? You could not shoort a shoit gun, it would knock you down, and ar-15 would be easy to shoot! Please don’t tell me the majority of people don’t like guns, because the FACT is most do like guns! Guns keep crime DOWN! The BLOOD will be on the hands of those that will not see Guns do NOT kill people, people kill people whether they use a shovel or a knife or a brick etc A GUN is a tool and should be used responsibly and w/accountability! Go to the range and shoot an AR-15 before you knock what you don’t know!

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Did you even read the post about no guns in Australia?? Have you seen the news lately of all of the assaults and killings in Canada and England?? Open your eyes and look around you. As for what you said about the majority not liking guns, I would like to know where you got that idea. Of course, I come from a military family and married a military man, so most of the people I know, all have and like guns. Guess you hang out with a different crowd. That doesn’t necessarily make you right. If I have the choice of protecting my family and myself, or waiting for the police to come, I will protect with my gun.

    • Bruce says:

      SO. what you mean here, Polly is, things like guns that are used to self defend and do kill when used in any manner of defense etc should be banned right, OK. So let’s ban Auto’s trucks, Alchol, and pescription drugs and knives and airplanes, (Think Twin Towerrs) and circular saws and sizzors etc etc! YOUR LOGIC is a polluted as the water in Detroit lady! YOU MAKE NO sense! IF guns do kill people, then how come the guns don’t get thrown in Prison? Why do the poeople get get jailed? Becaus PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, guns are only a tool used. Just like a shovel, people can kill w/a shovel you know! Rocks can be used to kill people too lady, how come we don’t ban rocks? RETHINK YOUR ERRORONEOUS POSITION, and consider!

    • Procius says:

      This is about the most ignorant post I have ever read, written by someone that knows absolutely nothing about the topic of her post. It must be a stab at being sarcastic. At least I hope it is. I would hate to think that a person with this ridicules outlook actually exists.

    • Ken of Mo says:

      Your a dam idiot you don’t know what your talking about. And yes AR does stand for armilte rifle that was the first manufacture of the rifle.

    • Clutch R. Cargo says:

      Polly, you are one ignorant BITCH that know what you are talking about. I’ll
      bet you $1000.00 cash that AR does indeed stand for Armalite.The AR-15
      was the invention of Eugene Stoner.You my dear are a SHEEPLE.Did your
      mom have any kids that lived?

    • Bruce says:

      POLLY: let’s agree to disagree on this subject, ok. Let me ask you a Favor. let’s keep MY Opinion, and YOUR Opinion OUT of the conversation UNTIL we prove why and what we believe to arrive at the best CONCLUSION, OK. Favor, let me ask you to get the book by Aaron Zelman/Richard W. Stevens (Atty at Law) Entitled DEATH by “GUN CONTROL” I read this book and it said some things I didn’t know…I just ask you to find “ALL” the FACTS in Regard to Gun Control, first. Then make the decision you stand upon based upon FACT.OK You do want FACT(s) right? IF ANYONE, You or ME or Anyone else out there is right or wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to be armed w/the TRUTH, before making a decision? I THINK SO, and you probably do too. (The books ISBN # is 0-9642304-6-1) You might also want to get other books to the contrary to balance out the decision you make! PLEASE, DO NOT make this decision based upon “EMOTIONS” or non knowledge, ok STUDYING this subject, in present and past history….helps. Thanks Polly

  7. Don James says:

    Drives me to distraction. First, the AR15 .223 is a juiced up high velocity 22 made to look like a military weapon. A number of states have outlawed it for use in deer hunting because of its lack of knockdown power. IMHO it’s a great varmint gun and certainly one of the most flexible platforms around. When is somebody like a conservative candidate for office going to get a learning film put together to educate the general public about various weapons? Somewhere there needs to be a basis for intelligent debate not all this crap.

  8. Dan says:

    Simply stated, guns don’t kill people, mentally sick people with guns kill people.

  9. this cnn fake news now asswipe is unsafe with any firearm ,fully semi auto is a phrase only a frightened little liberal would use ,I haven’t watched cnn since 2014 since they became fully semiautomatic idiots and leftists wanting to run at the mouth over anything that doesn’t fit their democrat/communist agenda’s

  10. Dennis says:

    Just out of curiosity. Is this the same muley faced fool who did this several years ago too? I tried to get a date on this “range shooting” by this Clinton News Network clone but couldn’t find one. (Though, admittedly I didn’t dig too deep. I was having too much fun watching the powder puff wince and whine).

  11. These gun grabbing liberals are ill informed and a joke!!!

  12. Trying to ban ar15’s is the only thing that liberals and law makers can think of doing.They are all knee jerk jerks.Congress always takes the easy way out.We supposedly elecTed educated people t work for us.Well get off the guns and do your job.We do not want all Feinstein running around Washington lije chickens with yhe or heads cut off.nor do we want cowards which we know have.Afraid to speak the truth if they are not zombies and thunk for themselves.Forget about the guns grow soNE balls and do the job you were elected to do the peopled work which is to uphold the constitution .Stop trying to pamper to the left. REMEMBER FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION.THUS FAR YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE REACTION FROM REAL AMERICANS.YOU IN CONGRESS MAY NOT LIKE THE REACTION.

  13. Michael Hughes says:

    Why did the owner of this range allow this doofus to get anywhere near the firing range? He is obviously in danger of inflicting serious injury to himself and/or others.

  14. Hoss says:

    This idiot has no clue

  15. Mary says:

    I am not a fan of the NRA, since they are part of the problem with gun laws in effect today, starting in 1934, carrying on into today’s legislation. However, they should not bear the attack that is going on against them right now, and they sometimes are better than no advocate at all. That said, those that think the assault is about “protecting our kids” need to pull their heads out of their rectums. It’s nothing more than another attempt at a total disarming of our populace! They cannot take over the country with us being armed! NWO is a real thing and a very ugly, sinister thing! We must ban together and stand strong against this treachery! Have never seen a gun of any kind shoot someone unless there is a demented wacked out individual pulling the trigger. Armed teachers, metal detectors, armed security personell, DO AWAY WITH GUN FREE ZONES!! Refuse to do business with a company that attempts to restrict your rights! Stand strong and be prepared!!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Everyone needs to read Unintended Consequences by John Ross! All 900+ pages of it! You want to learn about why things are the way they are, read it!

    • Robert says:

      Very well said.

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you Mary. I’m a member of the NRA only because they seem to be the only organization that truly supports our gun rights. I’m also an owner of guns. Yeah, one of those dastardly individuals who went out and bought my own weapons of mass destruction. Funny thing is though they’re all well mannered and evidently run against the grain of the left’s perception of guns. They haven’t shot at anyone outside of a duty environment and they tend to be rather peaceful nearly all of the time. The NWO, Global Government… whatever folks want to call it is lurking in the background of everything we do. Back in the 60’s, early 70’s we were required to study the left’s, the liberal agenda chits re: Cloward-Piven, Communist manifesto, Handbook on Guerilla Warfare, 11984, etc. and I realized then we were being indoctrinated. I was raised by a WWII veteran and his high school sweetheart along with my four older brothers. I learned to handle, load, shoot, empty, breakdown, clean and secure a handgun when I was 4 or 5 years old. We hunted for some of our food (ducks, geese, quail, pheasant, dove, deer, rabbits, etc.) and we consumed what we successfully hunted. The Pacific Northwest Forests were (and still are quite frankly) our playground, our home, our heritage. I don’t hunt anymore. Haven’t in decades and there’s truly no need to. We can afford to buy what we need, so far. This stuff today though, the politics, the push by the “left”, the angst, the riots, the turmoil, the fingerpointing all fits in line with what was slowly being indoctrinated into our curriculums back in the late 50’s through today. When high school level required reading include Che Guevara’s “Handbook on Guerilla Warfare” and the “Communist Manifesto” then we’re being groomed. When I needed to study Cloward-Piven’s strategies and several other leftist holy books in great depth to attain credits for a Public Administration degrees at a world rated college then I knew we were being groomed. I’m slow at times but not that slow. So yes, you’re spot on! Let kids be kids and let’s protect them at all costs, let parents parent, let’s assist but not enable, let’s defend one another’s rights without treading on others! Let disagreements occur… responsibly, peacefully, respectfully. This country purposely was not invaded several times simply because the potential invading force(s) feared our unity, feared our collective resolve, feared us. But yet, we have been invaded from all appearances. A slow, agonizingly slow, seeded and cultivated indoctrination of conflicting ideals, of sorts. IMHO. Bottom line? Any seizure, compromise or attempted removal of our second amendment rights is not negotiable. to me anyways. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. You’re spot on Mary! Thanks for your great comment.

  16. Phil says:

    To quote a well known philosopher: ‘Stupid is as stupid does’.

  17. David Smith says:

    Dude looks like an inexperienced woman firing a weapon for the first time (sorry ladies). I have an AR-15 and unless sci-fi comes true, it will NEVER kill anybody. Drugs, alcohol, and cell phones have killed many many many many more teens than ANY kind of firearm.

  18. Wayne says:

    Pitiful, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Someone slap stupid off that guy.

  19. Nikita63 says:

    Liberals and especially those in any way connected with the Communist News Network are idiots and have no idea what the hell they are talking about, on ANY weapons, let alone guns! THEY DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HUNTING RIFLE AND AN ASSAULT RIFLE WHICH IS MUCH MORE THAN THE DESIGN, ESPECIALLY SINCE THE AR-15 WAS FIRST A HUNTING RIFLE MANUFACTURED BY COLT IN 1959, THEN ADAPTED FOR MILITARY USE BECAUSE IT WAS EASIER TO USE IN THE THICK JUNGLES OF VIETNAM ! Had this dolt been trying to shoot a handgun, I have no doubt he likely would have shot himself in the head as the idiot he shows himself to be. He would NOT know the difference between single and double action or a host of other characteristic necessary to the competent use of firearms, like ANY TOOL! He displays the total incompetency of all those who speak authoritatively when they know NOTHING, have no training, are totally incompetent and part of the problem RATHER than the solution. I have owned and used firearms; rifles, shotguns and handguns all my life. have no criminal record, am an Honorably serving disabled Vietnam Vet and a Life member of the NRA. I have been using firearms since 1959 when I was 14 years old and I am now 73. Liberals are lunatics and they make me utterly ILL! All they do is spread fear and ignorance and had they any native intelligence at all, would be seeking security measures in the schools to include armed Security, metal detectors and limited access to Student areas because: IN TODAY’S SICK WORLD AND REALITY, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! IF teachers feel they should be armed, they ought to be provided they take the training to make them both responsible and COMPETENT. It should be an open choice for those wishing it but not mandatory. All the laws in the world will NOT STOP A DEDICATED TERRORIST , SOCIOPATH OR DEMENTED STUDENT OR OTHER WITH AN AXE TO GRIND, REAL OR IMAGINED BUT, THE DAMAGE CAN BE LIMITED AND THE LOSSES REDUCED BY INTELLIGENT PROGRAMS, NOT THE IDIOCY OF “GUN FREE ZONES,” which only make targets of all in them, be they schools, theaters, nightclubs, malls or other public gathering places. period

  20. Thomas Brickner says:

    You know that if you hold this firearm properly it does not kick at all. I noticed that he held it away from his shoulder and the forearm was held in a vise like grip. This is the surest way to get a bump from the firearm every time you pull the trigger. I can shoot an M-14 and have very little recoil because I hold it right. I can shoot an M-15 with one hand like a pistol and hit what I’m aiming at 80 % of the time and I’m not very big and I’m older than dirt.

  21. Ron Stephens says:

    That closing remark about the rifle being able to inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time: If he were to load it, chamber a round, release the safety and set the rifle where it covers no one. He would grow old and pass away waiting for that rifle to inflict any damage let alone a lot. Its the human element that inflicts damage WITH the rifle.

  22. Bob Knapp says:

    I’d really appreciate having any anti-AR-15 poster tell us all the functional differences between it and the millions of semi-automatic rifles used by millions of hunters every fall.

  23. Steve Cunningham says:

    In my time in the Marine Corps I carried a 45 and an M16 neither of which had full semi-automatic. Whatever that means. If it sounds scary they’re using it to hit the hot buttons of the dumbass liberals that know nothing about weapons.

  24. DaveW says:

    Disregarding any reference to conspiracy theories, Lee Harvey Oswald, with a bolt action rifle, fired three shots in about 11 seconds (or less) to assassinate President Kennedy.

    Having carried the M16, among other weapons, throughout my 21+ year career, this guy is full of BS.

  25. Joecolt says:

    No Surprise Here it’s just Insane Liberals doing what they always do, they Hate we have Guns and we just need to Fight Back We know Guns Don’t Kill, People do, They Know it as well, But they Don’t know how to Run our Country so they need to find ways to attack Conservatives on something like Guns, Race, and so on, We don’t want Illegals to Wreck our Sovereignty, take Jobs, Lower Wages, And be our Dependents, Violate our Laws, Even Kill our Citizens like Kate Steinle , So what do Liberals Do? Fight us on Everything that any Civilized Country would do to protect their Country. Again Like Blocking Trumps Policy on Un-Vetted Refugees that ISIS Terrorist Stated they would Infiltrate, Not to Mention our FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and our Military Testified to Congress that ISIS would slip in with these Refugees and Liberal Democrats Don’t Care? To make things even worse they Created Sanctuary States to Protect Criminals, Illegals and Hide them From our Federal Government and then Release them back into our Population these are not just Illegals these are Criminals of all types, they only see Potential new Voters for their Insanity. If You have Noticed not one Policy here Helps Americans Citizens, And I did not Pick their Worst ones to Say Here it’s all they Have? I Can’t Find one Policy that is for Americans, Can You?

  26. Steve Volkle says:

    Who’s the CRIMMINAL who made it FULLY AUTOMATIC???? I bet the reporter didn’t know your supposed to PULL THE TRIGGER every time you want it to fire. Unless he was shooting a 16 instead

    • Ben says:

      The only weapon that I ever fired in the military that was fully automatic was the .45 Grease gun. Range about 50 yards but it did lay up a wall of lead for short range protection.

  27. Steve Wilson says:

    If anything should be banned its cnn and their ill informed so called reporters who have never fired a gun. Should be put on Americas funniest videos.

    • Steve Volkle says:

      Sounds good to me

    • Gene says:

      RIGHT ON TARGET ! I Agree

    • OldGuy says:

      It does have that saving grace of being really funny. Just like the one where and argument is presented as to why Teachers shouldn’t carry firearms. I’ve “been told by the experts” that he teacher with her 9mm wouldn’t stand a chance against some guy with an assault rifle. Reason: “The bullet travels much faster from the “assault rifle” “. Here’s where a grain of truth gets twisted in to “Common Core” Math. At 2200 fps the .223 will arrive at the teacher’s desk 40′ feet away in .018181818 seconds. Her bullet would take .026666666 seconds. If she knows he’s coming through the door (ALICE for the cognoscenti) , he shouldn’t stand a chance of entering, assessing her whereabouts, and puling the trigger, even once, before she had 5 rounds in him. Not trying to be sexist about the teacher’s gender. With any luck my grandkids will have a woman teacher with the gun. Don’t know why they consistently do a lot better than men when both have had minimal training. I wouldn’t consider walking in front of my wife on the trail(;-)

  28. Dana says:

    That person in the video is a very poor excuse of a REAL person ,at his age should have been drafted where a realMEN were taught all about M16 and M14 he probably went to Canada or joined Bill in a party and didn’t you know didn’t inhale with Hillary. Proud Member of the NRA!

  29. Alan says:

    Interestingly, original comment, and question now appear. Slow Internet??

  30. S. A. Marsh says:

    No wonder President Trump calls it fake news when reporters that know nothing about the subject they are writing about and use words to slant and sensationalize the event in order to sell more copies of the media they work for. I used to not understand why he called it that until this last school shooting in Florida, by a nineteen year old mental case , and witnessed the media feeding frenzy that developed from it. Then it hit me like a ton or bricks they aren’t doing all this coverage to inform us, “IT’S FOR THE MONEY!”

  31. Alan says:

    Attempting to send the be.ow appearing, When I click on SEND, I get advice saying that message already sent. My comment remains in the comment box, and does not appear among other sent comments. What’s up gentlemen, please advise. thanks.

    The guy depicted firing an AR-15 type rifle might be a competent journalist, then again he might not be much of a journalist/reporter. That said, he doesn’t know beans about the proper manner in which to handle a rifle, semiautomatic or any other type. Actually, one might be curious as to the purpose behind this “demonstration”. Who was trying to show what, precisely please.

  32. Alan says:

    The guy depicted firing an AR-15 type rifle might be a competent journalist, then again he might not be much of a journalist/reporter. That said, he doesn’t know beans about the proper manner in which to handle a rifle, semiautomatic or any other type. Actually, one might be curious as to the purpose behind this “demonstration”. Who was trying to show what, precisely please.

  33. Judy says:

    A wuss man who’s probably never shot a gun in his life lecturing on guns. Liberal’s don’t like guns-means no one should be able to defend themselves/family from this world full of evil crazy people by using their gun.

  34. GCKII says:

    Typical CNN report…..Too Bad the guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about… If he had the Cajones to take any of the NRA training classes (which have been offered free of charge for over 100 years), he might get a clue, but then he works for CNN which means he has a seriously diminished capacity for being reasonable, objective and honest…..

  35. S. A. Marsh says:

    How can anyone call an A.R. 15 an assault weapon when no standing military force in the world uses one?

    • Alan says:

      For reasons one can only speculate on, some people will insist on calling what is obviously a cat, a dog and visa versa. Who knows why, though one assumes that there is some purpose to the mischaracterization. Confusing the populace being likely.

  36. Tom says:

    Everyday in the USA 28 people die from an alcohol related impaired driver auto accident. Should we blame “AA”, the “BMV”, Budweiser, GM, Ford.? I could go on and on. So why blame the NRA ?
    Enforce the laws as written ! That’s where the blame goes. Had these laws been followed 17 lives would’nt have been taken.

  37. AZ Rob says:

    Blaming the NRA for the actions of a psychotic individual bent on committing multiple homicide makes as much sense as blaming the AAA for the actions of a terrorist who uses a vehicle as a weapon.

  38. Graywolf12 says:

    CNN should abide by “fools rush in where brave men fear to tread”. The fools rushed in and put their stupidity on display for the whole world to see.

  39. James Kroll says:

    Only the military and swat teams should have the AR-15. Bumps should be outlawed and no one under 21 should be allowed to purchase a gun. If you want to take your son or daughter under the age of 21 hunting they must pass a gun safety class before a hunting license would be issued. I’m not against having a gun but only in the hands of responsible sane people.

    • AZ Rob says:

      What is it about the AR15 that differentiates it from any other legal semi automatic firearm?

    • GCKII says:

      If you knew how many assorted weapons come across the northern and especially the porous southern border into the USA from other countries, you’d lose your cookies all over your shirt!!!! NRA has offered free classes for well over 100 years at no cost in most cases to anyone who is interested. If my grandson can joint the military and handle a firearm at 18, then By God he should be allowed to own any firearm he wants AS LONG AS HE CAN PASS THE REGISTRATION PROCESS!!!! WW II Started because Adolf Hitler took away the guns one at a time…How quickly we forget the past!!!

      • Alan says:

        For reasons one can only speculate on, some people will insist on calling what is obviously a cat, a dog and visa versa. Who knows why, though one assumes that there is some purpose to the mischaracterization. Confusing the populace being likely.

      • Alan says:

        In my view, and you, may take this for whatever you think it’s worth, the Registration Process Is The Problem, or a major part thereof. Who keeps the records being one question, and for what purpose is another. Strikes me that None of these questions have been properly answered, how come.

        • GCKII says:

          Pure Political BS and pure Ignorance my friend… Just another way to take away guns like Hitler did which started WW II….. SOSDD!!!

    • David Atherton says:

      The milatary use the AR’s big brother the M16 select fire or the M4 again select fire

    • Rudy says:

      I agree with you only on one issue, the bump stock. As far as age limit, I will be 66 in a couple of months, I’ve been hunting ever since I was 10 years old, I bought my first rifle when I was 12 years old, there was no such thing as a background check back then. I served in the US AF as a Combat Engineer for 17 1/2 years, I taught Hunter and Firearm Safety for the state of Maine for 3 years and in Maine you can legally carry a loaded rifle hunting at the age of 10 if you have taken and passed the Hunter Safety course and obtain a hunting license. The point is , why punish someone like me for something some idiot out there might do! Get the laws that we already have on the books enforced!!!!!!

    • OldGuy says:

      Sorry, we wouldn’t have wanted an Armalite 15 in the military, where I carried an M-16. Yeah, they look alike. I also knew that if I moved the switch to full auto, I’d better be ready to be out of ammunition and hopefully not facing anyone else coming my way. A revolver of the .44Magnum type can be fired just as fast as you can pull the trigger. Like the guy says in the video, “Probably won’t hit much of the target” It will stop a bear at close range, which the .223cal probably won’t. Have a problem with the Age 21 to buy a gun. Do we do away with draft registration and hope we get a lot of “old” volunteers? I even support not having my CC license valid unless I can show proof of range time in the last 90 days. Proficiency is a necessary part of being a surgeon or pilot or weapon carrier..

  40. Tom Smith says:

    Ignorant fool, a perfect symbol for fake news anti American cnn.
    Who takes these idiots seriously?

  41. AZ Rob says:

    The AR15 is the new, “Boogeyman” of the the anti gun left.
    About 20 years ago it was AK47 semi auto rifles.
    All semi auto firearms function essentially the same.
    One pull of the trigger fires one shot.
    Anti gun liberals and their cronies in the national media spew misinformation in a deliberate attempt to persuade members of the public who are generally ignorant about firearms.
    It’s an awkward attempt to further their anti gun agenda.
    This video is a textbook example.
    “Full semiautomatic” is a contradiction in terms.

  42. Radman says:

    There is a pandemic of abject stupidity-of-rhetoric spreading rapidly amongst the leftist media. It’s called “cranium rectalitis,” and the primary symptom is emphasizing one’s ignorance in a public broadcast. There’s no such thing as “full semi-automatic .” Whether it’s a semi-automatic shotgun, rifle or pistol, it’s always only ONE round discharged per trigger pull; AND the blame for all forms of mayhem, whether the inanimate object used is a firearm, a sharp-pointed object or a baseball bat falls solely on the person wielding the object as a weapon. Blaming people who support the individual right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes (as ruled by the SCOTUS) is just inane in the extreme. If members of the NRA, the NAGR, the 2nd Amendment Foundation and all of the other state organizations were the problem, everyone would know it; but they’re NOT! Stop trying to abrogate the constitutional right of every law-abiding citizen because some criminal or nut job misuses an inanimate “scary-looking” firearm that’s NOT an “assault weapon.” (All military versions are FULLY automatic.)

    • Radman says:

      “The mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., was a tragedy, but the answer should be on cracking down on violent criminals, not ‘gun control’. There is a lot we can do to protect our kids and keep them safer, but we don’t get that done by attacking the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens” We get that done by going after criminals and stopping violent criminals.” — Sen. Ted Cruz

    • Alan says:

      Fully Automatic of Selective Fire Capable. Otherwise, well said sir.

  43. Michael says:

    For real??? AR15 in the hands of a WARPED CNN reporter…calling the NRA child murders. ..if CNN was around at the time George Washington and the continental Army was fighting for our freedom against England…We the people would be loyal subjects of the Crown…And The big mouths at CNN wouldn’t have the freedom to be a bunch of LOONs

  44. Ron C says:

    This CNN guy is a VD drip…

  45. Had E. Nuff says:

    This effeminate commie stooge was purposely hand-picked to get the effect that they desired by the fake-news! Everyone knows that you have to brace the gun stock against your shoulder! Really, I would have thought by now that most Americans (they do) understand that the NWO FBI is orchestrating these false flag mass murders of Americans in order to terrify them into handing over their only defense against criminals and the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls; those other “AMERIKANS” (they don’t) understand because they have been dumb-downed, drugged-up, PC bullied, brainwashed and indoctrinated into being the suicidal useful idiots that they are! That is the straight skinny, believe it or not! I say: Armr====================== ? – – – – , we’ll definitely be needing them against THEM!

  46. Our Founding Fathers were very astute in their choice of simplistic words in devising our Constitution…its purpose to protect citizens from overreaching government. ARMS, by definition, refers to all types of weaponry [past-present-future], Second Amendment is ABSOLUTE empowers every American Citizen to own and bear arms to protect our LIBERTY…EVERY government employee in the executive-legislative-judicial branches of government, city-state-federal levels, elected-appointed-otherwise, is bound by oath to GOD and Citizenry to obey-defend-govern-legislate-regulate-judicate within the confines of The Constitution…ANY government employee who breaks their sworn oath must be impeached, fined, removed from office, without any form of compensation. The First Amendment absolute right to challenge government, Second Amendment absolute right to protect our LIBERTY from anyone who attempts to infringe on We The Citizens liberty’s, domestic or foreign, as well as any business on American soil must be BOYCOTTED as well, this includes FAKE News Media…

  47. Thor Berntson says:

    A disgraceful display by CNN, Now that is truly fake news, this idiot from CNN knows nothing about guns, and CNN is promoting this nonsense, shameful. Boycott CNN

  48. ROMAN says:

    Who is the guy in the black shirt? He needs to learn and then speak. Unless he took the green. Then he was trained by CNN!

  49. James Stamulis says:

    Guns should be mandatory for every family like they are in Switzerland but the MSM never would mention that. Only CNN pansies should not have guns.

  50. It’s obvious the holder of the ar is out of his comfort zone and a high risk to demontate this weapon…my 14 yr,grandson and 1yr granddaughter demonstrate more capable firearm handling than this bufoon….incident ly they both have their own ar15…

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