One CNN reporter shot an AR-15 and the video is a must-watch

CNN is waging an all-out war on the Second Amendment.

They’ve given a platform to gun-grabbers calling NRA members “child murderers.”

Now they’re running reports trying to terrify their viewers about the AR-15 rifle and they’re stooping to new lows.

It’s no secret that most proponents of gun control no nothing about guns.

They are trying to demonize AR-15’s (an inanimate tool) to set the stage for banning all semi-automatic firearms.

So when a CNN reporter took to the airwaves to gin up anti-gun hysteria the results were laughable.

Clearly this reporter has never handled at firearm before.

And no “expert” would use the phrase “full semi-automatic.”

The truth is, the reason why AR-15’s are so popular is because they are so easy to use and allow law-abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families.

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100 Responses

  1. Eddy James says:

    It makes me feel a whole lot better knowing now that if I’m shot by “ANY OTHER WEAPON” the results arereversable! What a nimrod.

  2. Bruce says:

    I want to put “GUN CONTROL” in a Military, battlefield set up for this comment ok…Let’s say you were on the battlefield and had your guns etc and were fighting this battle and you ran out of Munitions or maybe still you were overrun and had to give up. etc etc. NOW only one side has the munitions or the guns etc…NOW which side will do what the other side tells it to do w/a GUN pointed at them? Which side will have the say and who will not? The answer is OBVIOUS, and that will be the same set-up if the govt’s of any nation on this earth get’s GOVT Gun Control! History proves this: Remember Adolf Hitler!

  3. Bruce says:

    POLLY: let’s agree to disagree on this subject, ok. Let me ask you a Favor. let’s keep MY Opinion, and YOUR Opinion OUT of the conversation UNTIL we prove why and what we believe to arrive at the best CONCLUSION, OK. Favor, let me ask you to get the book by Aaron Zelman/Richard W. Stevens (Atty at Law) Entitled DEATH by “GUN CONTROL” I read this book and it said some things I didn’t know…I just ask you to find “ALL” the FACTS in Regard to Gun Control, first. Then make the decision you stand upon based upon FACT.OK You do want FACT(s) right? IF ANYONE, You or ME or Anyone else out there is right or wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to be armed w/the TRUTH, before making a decision? I THINK SO, and you probably do too. (The books ISBN # is 0-9642304-6-1) You might also want to get other books to the contrary to balance out the decision you make! PLEASE, DO NOT make this decision based upon “EMOTIONS” or non knowledge, ok STUDYING this subject, in present and past history….helps. Thanks Polly

  4. Bruce says:

    Ditto brother, It’s like I always say, there are those that love gun CONTROL, and there are those that have GUN control (they hit at what they am) Those that love gun CONTROL want to control what those that want to control what they have! IF Guns are the problem, and if guns kill people, then we had better get rid of pencils and pens because they also kill and make mistakes!

  5. Clutch R. Cargo says:

    There is no AT.It is AR for Armalite.Fact2: he meant looks like.The Ar-15 is the semi-auto civilian version of the M (military)-16 with which I qualified
    as Expert in Sept.1972. I just don’t understand why every one gets their panties in a bunch over the AR-15.It is really pathetic and shows how un
    educated they are.Like the twink in the video that doesn’t even know how to hold the damn thing.He looked like a girl that had never had a rifle in her hands.

  6. Mott says:

    Australia was at one he a prison for the UK, So go figure….

  7. James says:

    When a ‘REPORTER’ and I use the term loosely, has an anti gun agenda going in, and hasn’t the foggiest IDEA of what he is talking about or what he is doing. Of course he gonna say negative thing about the AR. These so called NEWS REPORTERS are stupid. They don’t take time to educate themselves about the subject the are ‘REPORTING’ on. Thus another ANTI-GUN NEWS spin.

  8. Ken of Mo says:

    Your a dam idiot you don’t know what your talking about. And yes AR does stand for armilte rifle that was the first manufacture of the rifle.

  9. Ken of Mo says:

    Your a dam idiot you don’t know what your talking about. And yes AR does stand for armilte rifle that was the first manufacture of the rifle.

  10. Procius says:

    This is about the most ignorant post I have ever read, written by someone that knows absolutely nothing about the topic of her post. It must be a stab at being sarcastic. At least I hope it is. I would hate to think that a person with this ridicules outlook actually exists.

  11. Bruce says:

    SO. what you mean here, Polly is, things like guns that are used to self defend and do kill when used in any manner of defense etc should be banned right, OK. So let’s ban Auto’s trucks, Alchol, and pescription drugs and knives and airplanes, (Think Twin Towerrs) and circular saws and sizzors etc etc! YOUR LOGIC is a polluted as the water in Detroit lady! YOU MAKE NO sense! IF guns do kill people, then how come the guns don’t get thrown in Prison? Why do the poeople get get jailed? Becaus PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, guns are only a tool used. Just like a shovel, people can kill w/a shovel you know! Rocks can be used to kill people too lady, how come we don’t ban rocks? RETHINK YOUR ERRORONEOUS POSITION, and consider!

  12. Joe says:

    The politicians running Australia are pro-criminal!

  13. Nancy Anderson says:

    Did you even read the post about no guns in Australia?? Have you seen the news lately of all of the assaults and killings in Canada and England?? Open your eyes and look around you. As for what you said about the majority not liking guns, I would like to know where you got that idea. Of course, I come from a military family and married a military man, so most of the people I know, all have and like guns. Guess you hang out with a different crowd. That doesn’t necessarily make you right. If I have the choice of protecting my family and myself, or waiting for the police to come, I will protect with my gun.

  14. Bruce says:

    Polly: have u ever fired any Gun at all? Have you ever been in a position to have ever needed a gun? Polly: GUNS do NOT kill people any more than lead pencils make Mistakes! The 2nd amendment was not made for hunting, it was givenm to keep a Govt fromn getting out of control! They do you know! Get rid of guns and communism comes about, as in Russia and China etc. Consider, would you rathe have an AR-15 etc or a shot gun for your self defense? You could not shoort a shoit gun, it would knock you down, and ar-15 would be easy to shoot! Please don’t tell me the majority of people don’t like guns, because the FACT is most do like guns! Guns keep crime DOWN! The BLOOD will be on the hands of those that will not see Guns do NOT kill people, people kill people whether they use a shovel or a knife or a brick etc A GUN is a tool and should be used responsibly and w/accountability! Go to the range and shoot an AR-15 before you knock what you don’t know!

  15. What I am going to quote here was published on internet December, 2008.
    It has been 12 months since gun owners in Austrilia were forced by new law to surrender 640,382 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more that $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:
    Australia-wde, homicides are up 32 percent.
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent.
    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. Note that wile the law-abiding citizens turned them in the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns.
    There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the ELDERLY. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, alter such monumental effort and expense was expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it.
    You won”t see data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.
    Guns int the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, con-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.
    Next time some talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

  16. Fred says:

    That’s all right. While the anti-gun lobby tries to confiscate all the legal firearms in this great nation, the black market for criminals just gets stronger and stronger. The police are already out gunned on the street which is why they have to wear vests and body armor just to do their jobs. These sheep are being led to slaughter by the powers that be so no one will be left to stand against the total “Big Brother” scenario the Deep State wants to enact

  17. Bruce says:

    There is just NO cure for stupidity! Guns no more kill people then lead pencils make mistakes

  18. OldGuy says:

    Sorry, we wouldn’t have wanted an Armalite 15 in the military, where I carried an M-16. Yeah, they look alike. I also knew that if I moved the switch to full auto, I’d better be ready to be out of ammunition and hopefully not facing anyone else coming my way. A revolver of the .44Magnum type can be fired just as fast as you can pull the trigger. Like the guy says in the video, “Probably won’t hit much of the target” It will stop a bear at close range, which the .223cal probably won’t. Have a problem with the Age 21 to buy a gun. Do we do away with draft registration and hope we get a lot of “old” volunteers? I even support not having my CC license valid unless I can show proof of range time in the last 90 days. Proficiency is a necessary part of being a surgeon or pilot or weapon carrier..

  19. OldGuy says:

    It does have that saving grace of being really funny. Just like the one where and argument is presented as to why Teachers shouldn’t carry firearms. I’ve “been told by the experts” that he teacher with her 9mm wouldn’t stand a chance against some guy with an assault rifle. Reason: “The bullet travels much faster from the “assault rifle” “. Here’s where a grain of truth gets twisted in to “Common Core” Math. At 2200 fps the .223 will arrive at the teacher’s desk 40′ feet away in .018181818 seconds. Her bullet would take .026666666 seconds. If she knows he’s coming through the door (ALICE for the cognoscenti) , he shouldn’t stand a chance of entering, assessing her whereabouts, and puling the trigger, even once, before she had 5 rounds in him. Not trying to be sexist about the teacher’s gender. With any luck my grandkids will have a woman teacher with the gun. Don’t know why they consistently do a lot better than men when both have had minimal training. I wouldn’t consider walking in front of my wife on the trail(;-)

  20. Bruce says:

    So Polly, IF AR-15 means Assualt Rifle as you say, then what does AK-47 mean? Or what does M-14 or M-15 etc etc mean? Please tell me miss! You have about as much knowledge of weapons as my Poddle! Please Polly, tell us what you know, we have a very few seconds! DO YOUR HOMEWORK and “STUDY” Gun Control, before you show yourself IGNORANT and then prove it by opening your mouth! My recommendations, STRONGLY!

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