One close Joe Biden ally may have to resign because of this damaging phone call

The Democrats are in full-on damage control mode.

A major scandal has the potential to tank the party in 2022.

And one close Joe Biden ally may have to resign because of this damaging phone call.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s seat keeps getting hotter.

His top aide admitted his administration covered up the truth about coronavirus deaths in nursing homes because they were afraid the Trump administration would use the information as part of a criminal investigation.

Then news broke that the FBI is investigating the Cuomo administration’s handling of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

And now State Assemblyman Ron Kim revealed that Cuomo threatened him in a phone call, where Cuomo threatened to destroy Kim’s career unless Kim put out a false statement to deny that Cuomo’s aide admitted the administration covered up the truth about nursing home fatalities.

“For 10 minutes he berated me. He yelled at me. He told me that my career would be over,” Kim told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. “He has been biting his tongue for months against me. And I had tonight – not tomorrow, tonight – to issue a new statement essentially asking me to lie. I heard and saw a crime the other day. And he’s asking me [to say] that I did not see that crime.”

Cuomo is facing charges that he obstructed justice and Cuomo demanding a public official lie on his behalf will only add to calls to see Cuomo charged for that offense, impeached over it, or forced to resign.

This scandal is quickly spiraling out of control and Cuomo’s public comments have only made matters worse.

Now even his fellow Democrats sense weakness and are ramping up the pressure to force Cuomo out before the 2022 midterm elections so the party can start fresh.

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