One brand new poll is bad news for every Democrat running in 2020

Democrats entered the 2020 campaign believing that defeating Donald Trump would be a cake walk.

They were sorely mistaken.

And now one brand new poll is bad news for every Democrat running in 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the Democrat presidential polls because voters believe he is the best bet to defeat Donald Trump.

But that wager could blow up in the Democrats faces.

A brand new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found 70 percent of Americans are angry at the political establishment.

NBC reports:

The poll finds that 70 percent of Americans say they feel angry “because our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power, like those on Wall Street or in Washington.” Forty-three percent say that statement describes them “very well.”

That’s almost exactly the percentage that agreed with the same statement in October 2015, when the presidential election was being upended by the anti-establishment message of then-candidate Donald Trump.

Republicans report feeling somewhat less angry than they were almost four years ago, but that optimism has been offset by an uptick in anger from other groups typically more aligned with the Democratic Party.

In 2015, 39 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats said a feeling of anger at the political establishment defined them “very well.” Now, it’s 29 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats — a 10-point swing for each party, in opposite directions.

This poll is bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s been in Washington, D.C. since 1972 when he won election to the United States Senate.

Joe Biden is the Washington establishment.

In 2016, Democrats nominated face of the Washington establishment at a time when voters were angry at the powers that be.

Hillary Clinton could not muster the enthusiasm necessary to win the election.

Joe Biden’s candidacy faces the same challenges.

And if Democrats nominate a candidate of the status quo when voters are furious at the political establishment, Donald Trump could win re-election in a landslide.

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159 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Trump has put more money in my pockets through rewriting laws than a Democrat communist has ever did. Democrat communists have only tried to steal my money and are still trying
    As far as I am concerned, they all should be tried for treason. Snowflakes should have rights stripped from them and forced menial labor training because snowflakes are not smart enough for minimum wage, much less anything worth more. They sure as hell don’t deserve the right to vote. Heinlein had the best idea on who could vote, you earn that right.

  2. Jim says:

    Your last president.Did such a good job.Divided the country like no other.Almost turning the country into a third world country.You mean that one!It’s on good record.He’s going down as the worst president in modern day history.No getting out of that…

  3. Jim says:

    They are saying you only have a third grade education.I for one .Don’t think you made it that far.Everytime you open your mouth. Confirms it .

  4. Jim says:

    You fool. You barely stopped crying over the last election.Get your hanky out .Boy are you going to need it.This time it’s going to be history making.I hope you move out of the country.You know . like last time you fools said you were going to do.

  5. Jim says:

    I know it’s hard to believe.Your the most uninformed fool on this site.And there are plenty to go around.It’s a fact that illegals have been voting for years.It did not work for you the last election.Even with the illegals.I guess you were at her Victory celebration .I know your still crying. Chump.

  6. Jim says:

    Sparky will find out about how stupid he really is after the 2020 election.But I know he knows how dumb he is already.He doesn’t realize the country will not let his commies take control.

  7. The Real M says:

    Spanky, Demon Diane aka xaphan, Oh stop, please stop, please please stop! 🙂 You are so much fun you are making me lol until my eyes are watering. No wait, they’re watering because your diaper smells to high heaven…………………………….Mom, this baby poo bear has crapped his diaper, again! Do something little Spanky is gassing the world!
    Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

  8. The Real M says:

    Spanky, My, my, my, gottcha good, didn’t I? You feel right into that little rabbit trap. Wanted to differentiate between rabbit trap and fish trap since you are a “big bad professional fisherman”, and all………………………….
    Oh Spanky, you are such a joke, I can’t tell you! It makes my day to hear from you with all your tough trash talk.
    Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

  9. The Real M says:

    Patriot, Demon Diane aka xaphan, and Spanky, Lordy, same old bunch, same old troll! Be sure and read my rebuttal to “Spanky” if you haven’t already!
    Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

  10. The Real M says:

    Spanky, I don’t disappoint…….I’m back! My. my. my, you got your sweet little button pushed! Should I apologize for making the little bitty snowflake baby liberal angry? Did I hurt your precious young feelings? Did your bottle sour on your little stomach and make you all gassy? It will be okay, just grab you little blankey and passy and let your mom take you to your bunk bed in her basement. BTW, where did such a young toddler like you learn those filthy vulgar words? You did not know how to spell it but, I know the word you were going for? Not that I care but, you will stunt your growth getting so angry and throwing tantrums. I have to let you go now, it is way past time for you to be in dreamland………..Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

  11. Spanky says:

    Real moron i can say whatever i want just like you fn moron i have no respect for any or all retadicans as potus i don’t vote for them never have never will I’ll call them whatever i want they don’t represent more than half this country their all commies and thats all they’ll ever be but I’m loving it i fish and you come running now tell me who’s the bigger moron i mean it’s in your post id the real fill in blank MORON please o please respond back you know you can’t help yourself

  12. Mark Hopkins says:

    This Neanderthal could beat the rat crap out of you Spanky the monkey. Military and martial arts training always pays off. You should try it Spanky, it might turn you away from being a cowardly communist lemming.

  13. Spanky says:

    Yeah more chest pounding NEANDERTHALS

  14. Spanky says:

    Bob sorry but back in the good old days you took home made lunch the only lunch schools served was on track day also i already know your come back response but go ahead you beat me up and stole my lunch because your such a bada## but the truth is your only on these sites to somehow justify your own incompetence

  15. Spanky says:

    Yeah i heard communisum is great i guess thats why you support him because you yourself love Putin and Kim Jung Un are you also on that video Putin has you know the one where that POS is getting a GOLDEN SHOWER IN RUSSIAN HOTEL ROOM oh yeah that’s right it does exsists if not then tell me why oh why would he defend Putin everyday he doesn’t deny his perversions but this one he deffently doesn’t want getting out

  16. Patriot says:


  17. Spanky says:

    Jim. Connie has her nose so far up that POS a## she has no idea what fresh air is she only knows what S### smells like

  18. Spanky says:

    The real moron. I’m a professional fishermen i fish for suckers like you spelling or not big deal i made my point you studied it you scrutinized it word for word i tossed out my line and waited for the suckers to bite you came nibbling and i hooked you hook line and sinker as a matter of fact my test line is only 1 ounce thats all it takes just don’t stop coming for the bait I’ll have some fresh flavors for you “SUCKER” THE REAL ” MORON”

  19. Spanky says:

    The real moron i just stated a fact we will controll the majority in states and DC so your enshrinement is going the way of the dinosaurs extinction the country is turning blue more and more every year get used to it don’t be scared embrace it

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