One brand new poll is bad news for every Democrat running in 2020

Democrats entered the 2020 campaign believing that defeating Donald Trump would be a cake walk.

They were sorely mistaken.

And now one brand new poll is bad news for every Democrat running in 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the Democrat presidential polls because voters believe he is the best bet to defeat Donald Trump.

But that wager could blow up in the Democrats faces.

A brand new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found 70 percent of Americans are angry at the political establishment.

NBC reports:

The poll finds that 70 percent of Americans say they feel angry “because our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power, like those on Wall Street or in Washington.” Forty-three percent say that statement describes them “very well.”

That’s almost exactly the percentage that agreed with the same statement in October 2015, when the presidential election was being upended by the anti-establishment message of then-candidate Donald Trump.

Republicans report feeling somewhat less angry than they were almost four years ago, but that optimism has been offset by an uptick in anger from other groups typically more aligned with the Democratic Party.

In 2015, 39 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats said a feeling of anger at the political establishment defined them “very well.” Now, it’s 29 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats — a 10-point swing for each party, in opposite directions.

This poll is bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s been in Washington, D.C. since 1972 when he won election to the United States Senate.

Joe Biden is the Washington establishment.

In 2016, Democrats nominated face of the Washington establishment at a time when voters were angry at the powers that be.

Hillary Clinton could not muster the enthusiasm necessary to win the election.

Joe Biden’s candidacy faces the same challenges.

And if Democrats nominate a candidate of the status quo when voters are furious at the political establishment, Donald Trump could win re-election in a landslide.


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159 Responses

  1. Spanky says:

    Jim Jim Jim. You can’t make sense to these NEANDERTHALS PERIOD!!!
    They only know and support doom and gloom they love being controlled they feel safe that way just like mommy used to do with them.
    When they claim Tax cuts they truly belive that somehow their going to be recipients of these cuts in some aspect thats true for every 1 thousand dollars you pay you might get 5- 10 dollars back while the rich get 1 million dollars back for every 1 dollar they paid in.
    Once again the DEMS will come to the rescue in 2020 and once again they’ll get angry just one big vicious circle!!!!

  2. Jim says:

    The one fact remains Mr Trump is the most disliked President of modern times the latest NBC/Pew poll has Cadet bone spur just 33% approval
    considering he’s going to resign sometime before March 1 (the California primary date) I assume or immediately afterwards when he doesn’t get his name on the ballot and the former governor of Massachusetts then is able to get a foothold perhaps knocking Nikki Haley completely out of being the replacement for Trump when he goes all I know is that no Republican is winning in 2020

    • Mike says:

      Your funny. Stupid .But Funny.The country hates him.He’s president By a landslide.So I guess that’s not it.Anything California is a joke by itself. It’s hard to believe that you are that stupid.But then. California is in a class by itself.Then ,you do have the illegals to vote for you.You had that last time.How did that work .for you?

      • Spanky says:

        Mike Mike Mike. No illeagles voted nobody voted more than once the only ones cheating are retardicans Putin needed cheeto man and moscow mitch in order to proceed with his agenda for the take over of the world you know it very well you’ve been supporting ever since nixion COMMUNISUM.
        The DEMS will once again come to the rescue save america yes even you all retardicans you inbred morons you neanderthals only this time it will be for good once and for all.
        Too many of the younger generation growing up watching as you destroy the world not just america they are the future they will repeal the electoral college vote and instill the popular vote.
        Your days are numbered only to be seen as a dark time in history thank god they won’t let it happen again ever.

        • The Real M says:

          Spanky, Spanky, Spanky, (oh I mean demon Diane), The electoral college is enshrined in the Constitution and will require a 2/3 vote in the Senate, a 2/3 vote in the House and 38 of the 50 states in favor to amend the Constitution and change to the popular vote.
          Our wise forefathers knew exactly what they were doing when America was established. They realized the largest populated areas/cities would determine every President in every election. I don’t want the east and west coasts to elect all the Presidents. I know you do because liberals would control America forever!

          Go online and research it for yourself, these are the facts!

          • Spanky says:

            The real moron i just stated a fact we will controll the majority in states and DC so your enshrinement is going the way of the dinosaurs extinction the country is turning blue more and more every year get used to it don’t be scared embrace it

      • Spanky says:

        Mike pretty pourly since all illeagles voted red look it up just making true facts be known stop making claims you can’t prove i only make claims about voter fraud i can prove North Carolina still has not filled congressional seat open since last year because of voter fraud on the retarican party you’ve been cheating heavily since 2000 because the majority does not vote red because the color red stands for communisum

        • The Real M says:

          Spanky, Demon Diane aka xaphan, Oh stop, please stop, please please stop! 🙂 You are so much fun you are making me lol until my eyes are watering. No wait, they’re watering because your diaper smells to high heaven…………………………….Mom, this baby poo bear has crapped his diaper, again! Do something little Spanky is gassing the world!
          Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

    • dannyo66 says:

      Yet, not only will Trump win in 2020, it will be with an even larger electoral college win than he got in 2016.

    • Ed says:

      Please Jim pull your head out of your ASS… . Time for a reality CHECK..Donald Trumpis the Greatest thing to happen to our Country in the last SIXTY YEARS….

      • Spanky says:

        Ed. I’ve never heard anything so STUPID in my life you just got 1’st place for being the biggest ignorant imbecile moron too live CONGRADULATION

        • The Real M says:

          Spanky, No, Demon Diane, Ed doesn’t win for being the “biggest ignorant imbecile moron to live”, that “low honor” belongs to YOU and the entire gaggle of names you write under! So congratulations to all of you imbeciles!

          BTW, learn to use spell check or at least the correct spelling of “congratulation”, work on your sentence structure and usage of nouns and adjectives, etc.! There are so many errors in your comment, I wonder if you ever received a passing grade in an English class in your entire stinking life! You liberals like to think you are more intelligent than conservatives well, this is a glowing review of how wrong that fallacy is!

          Get a grip, drip!

          • Spanky says:

            The real moron. I’m a professional fishermen i fish for suckers like you spelling or not big deal i made my point you studied it you scrutinized it word for word i tossed out my line and waited for the suckers to bite you came nibbling and i hooked you hook line and sinker as a matter of fact my test line is only 1 ounce thats all it takes just don’t stop coming for the bait I’ll have some fresh flavors for you “SUCKER” THE REAL ” MORON”

          • The Real M says:

            Spanky, My, my, my, gottcha good, didn’t I? You feel right into that little rabbit trap. Wanted to differentiate between rabbit trap and fish trap since you are a “big bad professional fisherman”, and all………………………….
            Oh Spanky, you are such a joke, I can’t tell you! It makes my day to hear from you with all your tough trash talk.
            Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

        • Blue says:

          Hey illiterate person, is it spanky, dumbass diane, racists something or other, or congradulations or inheitance, and you’re calling people on here Exactly what You are!

        • Jim says:

          I know it’s hard to believe.Your the most uninformed fool on this site.And there are plenty to go around.It’s a fact that illegals have been voting for years.It did not work for you the last election.Even with the illegals.I guess you were at her Victory celebration .I know your still crying. Chump.

  3. Connie Mays says:

    President Trump is absolutely a breath of fresh air. The dems knew they’d need a sacrificial lamb, so they chose Hillary. Little did she care – she was toast long before this election.

    • jim says:

      Are you Soum you’re a narrowminded bigot that’s the only way you could consider Mr Trump a breath of fresh air word to the wise he is due is due the top 400 families got a tax cut nobody else and he’s going to crash the economy

      • Ed Camaya says:

        Mr Trump has manage the economy well creating jobs and lowering unemployment. Crash the economy? That is the story of the “mainstream news media. Did you know that HIV cases in the world is increasing significantly because of men having sex with men and paying straight men ?

        • Spanky says:

          Ed. First don’t ever again mention that thing as Mr.
          Second he inheited a great economy.
          Third yes he is destroying the economy.
          Forth why o why would you want to worry about butt buddy’s packin someone elses Sh## you jealous or something some one turn you down

          • The Real M says:

            Spanky, You STOP telling Ed what to call President Trump or anybody else. That is none of your business! You don’t understand respect for the “office” of the Presidency, you surely get no respect and frankly you don’t deserve any!

            President Trump inherited a FLAT economy.

            President Trump knew what to do to start the economy and it has been humming ever since.

            And lastly, shut your filthy vulgar mouth! HIV is spread in many many ways, you or a family member could end up with it!

      • Spanky says:

        Jim. Connie has her nose so far up that POS a## she has no idea what fresh air is she only knows what S### smells like

      • Jim says:

        You fool. You barely stopped crying over the last election.Get your hanky out .Boy are you going to need it.This time it’s going to be history making.I hope you move out of the country.You know . like last time you fools said you were going to do.

      • Robert says:

        Trump has put more money in my pockets through rewriting laws than a Democrat communist has ever did. Democrat communists have only tried to steal my money and are still trying
        As far as I am concerned, they all should be tried for treason. Snowflakes should have rights stripped from them and forced menial labor training because snowflakes are not smart enough for minimum wage, much less anything worth more. They sure as hell don’t deserve the right to vote. Heinlein had the best idea on who could vote, you earn that right.

  4. Mic J Palazzolo says:

    We the People and patriots have at our disposal the third option. When
    employed TOGETHER, it remains the most powerful way of bringing the
    deep state down to its knees in short order. That option, is to do nothing
    at all. If those willing would together and at the same time, simply quit
    working for one week, the Nation’s economy would fall and we would
    have the deep state by the short hairs. It is when the deep states strives
    to divide and conquer the masses is when they continue to get away
    with their crap. The first option is fight. The second option is flight.
    Can’t fight with the deep state or run from it. We must disable it.

    • Spanky says:

      Mic. Voting for the enablers of the deep state doesn’t help either destroying citizens united would be a big help and then never vote retarican again

  5. Bill says:

    I am truly astonished that anyone who thinks above the third grade level can support the crap these Democratic party presidential candidates are trying to sell. Every one of those candidates is promising us utopia if we vote for them. What they aren’t telling us is that it would be utopia for a few ‘elites’ and hell for the rest of us. I say that because to fund the ridiculous schemes they are proposing we would all be working to support the government, not ourselves. The ‘elites’ would decide what they believe we should be able to keep from our work and require everything else to be sent to the government. Of course, soon everything would not be enough and the government would take everything we had already accumulated.

    We already have millions of people living in this country who have no pride, no ambition and are too damned sorry to make an effort to support themselves. The Democrats want to force the rest of us to rely on the government (their style) like the others. This kind of government has never succeeded in the past and will fail miserably if we are stupid enough to let the Democrats institute it in this country.

    • Spanky says:

      Bill. I can’t believe that any one not retarded would ever believe this crap cheeto man is selling, this is why we already have utopia for the 1% it’s called reagen nomics take from the poor give to the 1%.
      They’ve been doing that since nixion when he took us off the gold standard reagen exploded inequality and division you know class warfare it’s never goin stop until we have term limits and bring back strong unions but you will never let that happen the more misery and oppression the better retardicans love it

      • The Real M says:

        Spanky Diane, Ready for your bottle cry baby? I have never known you to complain so loudly! I think you have completely lost “it”! You are not changing a thing or making any difference to anybody……………………

        • Patriot says:


          • The Real M says:

            Patriot, Demon Diane aka xaphan, and Spanky, Lordy, same old bunch, same old troll! Be sure and read my rebuttal to “Spanky” if you haven’t already!
            Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

        • Spanky says:

          Real moron i can say whatever i want just like you fn moron i have no respect for any or all retadicans as potus i don’t vote for them never have never will I’ll call them whatever i want they don’t represent more than half this country their all commies and thats all they’ll ever be but I’m loving it i fish and you come running now tell me who’s the bigger moron i mean it’s in your post id the real fill in blank MORON please o please respond back you know you can’t help yourself

          • The Real M says:

            Spanky, I don’t disappoint…….I’m back! My. my. my, you got your sweet little button pushed! Should I apologize for making the little bitty snowflake baby liberal angry? Did I hurt your precious young feelings? Did your bottle sour on your little stomach and make you all gassy? It will be okay, just grab you little blankey and passy and let your mom take you to your bunk bed in her basement. BTW, where did such a young toddler like you learn those filthy vulgar words? You did not know how to spell it but, I know the word you were going for? Not that I care but, you will stunt your growth getting so angry and throwing tantrums. I have to let you go now, it is way past time for you to be in dreamland………..Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha!

          • Jim says:

            Your last president.Did such a good job.Divided the country like no other.Almost turning the country into a third world country.You mean that one!It’s on good record.He’s going down as the worst president in modern day history.No getting out of that…

      • will says:

        DEMORATS are full of DEMOCRAP.

  6. Mb says:

    Only way to take back our country is to really march on to D.C. in the millions more millions. We need to get off our booty and really march into DC as we did in the Million men march, McCarthy and his people of faith, Vietnam Nam Mach, so on. The DC needs to be woken up by WE the People not the money bags at the strings!

    • Marilyn Johnson says:

      That is what we need is a march on D.C. In the millions, and I mean millions. We can’t let those crooked Democrats win any kind of office.

      • JLS says:

        I’ll be there.

      • Spanky says:

        Marilyn. March for what your party allready rules DC thats why america has problems it’s all been caused by retardicans but i know you LOVE misery and oppression you love being ruled over with Putin and Kim Jung Un controlling cheeto man your communist dreams are coming true

        • The Real M says:

          Spanky Diane, You and your gaggle are surely having a bad day and if I was you, I would be having a bad day too! Things would be better if you were not so angry and hate filled, you would be happy. Come on, change your evil mind and get on the Trump 2020 train! Your life is already much better since President Trump was sworn in and it will get even better after he wins re-election in 2020. Aw come on……………give him a chance!!!!

          • Spanky says:

            Yeah i heard communisum is great i guess thats why you support him because you yourself love Putin and Kim Jung Un are you also on that video Putin has you know the one where that POS is getting a GOLDEN SHOWER IN RUSSIAN HOTEL ROOM oh yeah that’s right it does exsists if not then tell me why oh why would he defend Putin everyday he doesn’t deny his perversions but this one he deffently doesn’t want getting out

  7. californiasailor says:


  8. Spanky says:

    I’m going to make the boldest true fact.
    Back in my early years we practiced duck and cover in case of nuclear attack,what a joke that was.
    Some states it was for earth quakes.
    Some states for hurricanes.
    Now are children do it for mass shootings, what do you think that does for children how it traumatizes them remember PTSD.
    They see children locked up in cages they don’t see that they are brown or illeagle they only see children just like them and wonder if that is going to happen to them also, their afaid.
    They have watched as horrible things happen everyday not knowing how to react.
    Their scared and confused and their growing up in a very dangerous world.
    I remember those days everyday that some tragic event happens returning me to the post WW2 world i grew up in going to bed not knowing if I’d wake up.
    So many of these kids are becoming adults today and they will remember that no one in government even tried to protect them.
    They will show up in masses in 2020 and they will remember these last few decades and they will not vote retardican.
    This is what politicians need to be afaird of the damage they are creating in a new class of voters the voters of many decades to come.
    I for one have faith a great amount of faith that they will change the world for the better for everyone going forward.

    • Stan says:

      No more do nothing dems

    • Bob S says:

      I went through those times of hiding under my desk and to most of us was fun. We got to take a break from class, we thought of it more like recess. I guess you are just a sniveling coward, who cried while sitting under his desk. How old were you when it made you so afraid to give you PTSD. Did you sleep with your mom because you were afraid of the boogeyman. You commies are so funny and you prove it everyday with your whining and crying, do you need a hug.

      • Blue says:

        Bob S, he might be a professor at some university with that drivel.

      • Bob says:

        I also practiced duck and cover. I don’t remember any trauma attached to it.
        I am stil trying to determine what Spanky is advocating, more communism, less government, we should all just be afraid?
        Yes, he just might be a professor advocating for safe spaces.

        • Spanky says:

          Simply replying to my posts shows how truly scared you are of the truth.
          Claim all you want how tuff you are your such a bada## i can beat you up, please tell us how big your gun is because without it your nothing but a sniffling little boy, I’ll bet no I’m sure your own wife will confess your no where near or close to being a man, I’m sure she has a big blk dong hidden in bedside draw.
          You come on these sites to huff and puff and beat your chest just like some NEANDERTHALS because mommy ” your wife” won’t sleep with you.
          You see cheeto man as some big tuff guy just like the bully in school you used to looked up too, you know the same guy that said you were pathetic little losers, poor babys got your feelings hurt.
          It has neen proven time and time again the majority does not vote retadican and this scares you like nothing in your life, so yes it’s true fight back anyway you can show your stupidity show your ignorance what i posted has you scared sh# tless and I’m loving it because you know I’m right.
          So go home too mommy cry how you got beat up on the internet how you got intellectually whooped.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Wow Spanky, you’ve been spanking it way too much. Your raging rant just proved your “intellectual capacity” is extremely low. It also proves you are a coward beyond the shadow of a doubt. As far as the “majority” voting DemonRAT, dead people, illegal aliens and manufactured votes by the lying left don’t count. Nobody posting here, sans one or two communist cowards, thinks you’re right about anything. You are however, some slight comic entertainment.

      • Spanky says:

        Bob Blue i knew that i would get replys from chest pounding neanderthal gorillas as yourself’s you got bullied in school mommy never cared about you and daddy always beat the crap out of you so when the retardicans started oppressing you, you fell in love just like cheeto man and kim jung un you want nothing more then communisum thats all you dream about is to bring back your pathetic childhood of misery and hate thats where your most comfortable

        • The Real M says:

          Spanky Diane, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Do you want a little cheese with your “whine”/wine?

          Smile, things could get worse. WHAT, you smiled and sure enough things got worse! Oh poor baby……………. 🙁 Maybe you should go to bed early and start fresh in the morning!

        • Bob S says:

          I remember taking your lunch money from you every day. I can still hear how you cried, looks like you are still the little baby you always were.

          • Spanky says:

            Bob sorry but back in the good old days you took home made lunch the only lunch schools served was on track day also i already know your come back response but go ahead you beat me up and stole my lunch because your such a bada## but the truth is your only on these sites to somehow justify your own incompetence

    • Freddie says:

      Yeah,so what’s your solution Spanky?Mass gun confiscation from all law abiding,legal,gun owners?Because that’s what your idiotic,democratic,’common sense’,gun laws,would really like to do!To you dumbass democrats and some moron’rino’s,all private ownership of any and all firearms,should be illegal.Every time there’s a shooting of any kind,the ‘anti-gun wacko’s’,mostly democrats and again,some misguided ‘rino’s,come out of the woodwork,screaming and hollering for more ‘gun control’!You anti-gun nuts,keep trying to push your anti-gun agendas on the rest of the country.Well,those of us law abiding,legal,firearm owners,aren’t about to be swayed by the hysteria of leftwing politicians and their constant screaming and hollering,for more ‘gun control !!

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Absolutely true Freddie. They won’t get mine til they manage to kill me. Their “confiscation” schemes will get thousands of people murdered. Of course, that won’t bother the communist DemonRATS. They murder hundreds of thousands of babies every week. Lying and murder is the creed which leftists live by.

        • Spanky says:

          Yeah more chest pounding NEANDERTHALS

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            This Neanderthal could beat the rat crap out of you Spanky the monkey. Military and martial arts training always pays off. You should try it Spanky, it might turn you away from being a cowardly communist lemming.

    • JLS says:

      You have swallowed the cool aid. There are no cages. The world has always been dangerous. It always will be. The kids you have faith in are the ones who avoided wilful abortion. Teach them to rebuke government lies, to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly. They will survive.

  9. Roy Bradford says:

    Dem,s just refuse to see the obvious…
    There will be a turnout at the polls by Republican voters this time that will make there heads spin!

    • JLS says:

      Not one vote for any Democrat. Not one at any level. Make it the biggest landslide of all time. Vote more Dems out than they can abort babies

  10. Will Penny says:

    Old Joe is a has been , Bernie is a Communist Idoit Liberal and the rest like wannabe squaw Warren , are just simply to flakey to run their selves , much less Our country , Scarry that is to even Invision happening , , Trump 2020 , hey liberals maybe we’ll try Trump for a third term , as you dummies wanted for Oreo cookie man , Obummer / Barry the Traitor

  11. lzib says:

    “In 2015, 39 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats said a feeling of anger at the political establishment defined them “very well.” Now, it’s 29 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats”

    So, wait, in 2015 Dems were More angry at the Establishment politicians then Republicans? Weren’t Dems in Charge at the Time?
    Shouldn’t they have been far more happy with the establishment as it was for 7 years at that time been run by them!
    Now I know why I was unhappy with the govt/politicians at the time-
    They were Dems- Nuff said!
    But Why were Dems so Angry at the time? They also believed (110% of them) that Hillary would win and had zero chance of losing- So why were 39% soooo angry?!

    And now they are 54% angry- but they have 25 Candidates to choose from Shouldn’t they be happy they have so many established politicians in their party to choose from?

    They are angry because first, they know most of their established politicians in the Dem party (yes there are about 25% in the Republicans too) who are crooks, liars, do not give an F about the average American (other than your vote- then they will forget about you again) they are Elitists who chum around with Hollywood immoral angry perverts, they feel the burden of all everchanging and more controlling outrageous PC BS and new “virtues” like transgender men in your daughters locker room which they actually hate but know their party says they cannot decent from or they will be labeled a hater of one sort or another. So, of course, DEMS are angry, even more so as they See Trump Succeeding where their 8 yr demi-god Obama failed miserably. In fact, if you ask them to name 3 Obama achievements that made their lives better they cannot, yes in their hearts they know Trump’s achievements especially with the economy, end of ISIS and control of terrorists, highest employment rate for all including all minority groups rising wages even for the low educated more than any time in 40 yrs, highest homeownership in the black community Ever, and on and on…So it is understandable why Dems are sooooo angry.

    Oh, and the sheep are also told by the DNC talking points as delivered by the 1000s of news outlets all owned and operated by 6 companies! all liberal run! Tell them that they must hate Trump, his Supporters, Conservatives, and anyone who does not goosestep in line with their brainwashing!

    So, Ok I see why Dems are Angry but not why they were angry when they were in charge too- maybe Liberal minds are just naturally prone to anger?!
    I feel sorry for you all.

    So as a Republican I am not happy with most of the Political Establishment for the past 30 years but I would not consider myself angry until I see the hateful, Anti-American, Anti-conservative, well Anti-just-about-everything-Liberals who do not believe in Everyones right to think and decide for themselves and Demand we all Share their Views or they will Demonize and Lable us. I am also Not Happy with the Swampdwellers who steal, cheat, LIE, Dem-agogue and use their positions to get filthy rich while doing all they can to deny that to the average American Citizen. Politicians who take oaths to uphold our Constitution while proclaiming this is an evil country and has been from its inception so we must tare it down and Fundamentally change it i.e. rebuild it in our image!

    But like most conservatives I feel Great, have confidence in my President and his ability to overcome your bias and continue to do what is in the best interest of the US and American Citizens!!!

    Get onboard Dems, we are compassionate conservatives and will not hold your former party against you. #WalkAway
    Trump 2020!!!!

    • The Real M says:

      izib, Oh tell it like it really is! You are singing my song………… Thank you, (hear my applause for you)

    • John E. Stratmann says:

      A superlative write up! Lets take AMERICA back!

    • Mysty says:

      Good post, Izib. A little disjointed in the beginning but you pulled it together.

    • Anne says:

      Very well done. Libs have always been miserable and humorless. It’s a matriarchy and women and wimps always want to control everyone. They hate men, they hate power- unless it’s theirs-and more than anything they hate testosterone. People are leaving their plantation and they are furious.

    • Spanky says:

      Sounds like typical disgruntled retardican only reason dems disapointed in 2015 is cause obamas term coming to an end after his great success overcoming disaster from bush.
      We saw what was coming to america with cheeto man a total disaster and as usual a vast majority voted for hillary only to see election results reversed as in 2000.
      This time around it will be totally diferent a whole new generation has grown up fearing if they would make it home from school alive.
      They’er paying attention to current events and they see nothing but hopelessness and oppression from the right.
      They are going to come out in masses not seen before in history and nowhere does the retardican party fit into their vision of the future.
      Yes we are going to see anger like nothing ever before as white supremacists and neo nazi’s pour into the streets as cheeto man tries to call out his SS TROOPS.
      But there will not be a repeat cheating like 2000 or 2016 this is going to be an anialation of the retardican party to never be heard of again.
      They will actually be teaching in history of the future of what not to do if you want to win an election and use this retardican party today as an example!!!
      Welcome to the future a retardican free future!!!!

    • Bob S says:

      It now seems as if we are going through a civil war for Presidential elections. I agree I have never seen an election where one party attacks with such hate against an opponent. They tell their supports to attack other politicians with brutal force by attacking them while they are eating diner with their family. They attack their opponents in the street with metal pipes. They are even attacking to police the left hates so much. The democrat party is no more and has been replaced by Marxists.

  12. Warren Allen says:

    Uncle Joe is stuck as part of the most corrupt Obama regime which began work to destroy America . Now we have a president who defends our republic and puts America First .

    It’s the economy, stupid media and Democrats!

  13. Ronsch says:

    When Democrats were answering that question they were thinking of Donald Trump as the epitome of the political establishment. That’s why they’re more upset.

    • Laura says:

      Exa ctly right, Ronsch!

      • George says:

        DemonRats bad news Poll is something they themselves are too blame. For they have been giving America the “Pole” for many Generations.. It’s time it’s reversed.

    • Mysty says:

      I decided not to take that poll because I wasn’t sure WHO the story was talking about as the ‘political establishment.’
      It was rather an enigma that seemed to only lean in a specific direction but didn’t actually define that direction. I thought it was a poorly written piece.

  14. The Real M says:

    I try so hard to be civil and give the Democrats the benefit of the doubt but, they are so humorless, untruthful, unfair, angry, mean, racist and dark spirited, I stay in a rage at them 99.9999999% of the time! There are many more bad things about Dems I could have listed but, I find myself in a rage, yet again! 🙂
    P.S. And, I resent the hell out of them expecting to be treated with a double standard…………

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Another time I agree with you, Real M. You are in a rage 99.9999% of the time, which is the hallmark of Trump’s supporters – -angry, venomous, hate-filled and nasty as the day is long. And the public is seeing that, and you know who it is alienating the most (besides ethnic and religious minorities)? it alienates females, the largest segment of the population – – only one in 3 women support Trump. You see, Trump’s style fits angry males and alienates females.

      Oh, BTW, I apologize for calling you “the Rea;l Idoit M” the other day . . . it was below the belt and uncalled for. I regret it.

      • Phil G. says:

        With all that rhetoric you spewed our! We’ll see who wins! It sure won’t be any of this loser Democrat’s period! First of all. They have nothing to offer and have not done a damn thing for the American people so far either ? Other than Obstruction, go on lavish vacation’s and spend millions in countries that hate America! Get s clue with that hate garbage. It’s your precious Democrat’s that are spewing hate and race baiting etc.!

      • The Real M says:

        JD, You just cannot help yourself and can’t produce an original comment subject in your small poll filled brain. You had to try and duplicate my comment that is until you got to your manipulated slanted weighted polls stats. Man oh man, is that the best you have?
        You come back when you have more interesting liberal biased bigoted racist material for all of us patriotic Constitutionalists, America loving conservative Republicans!
        Note: As long as conservatives are in a rage we fight harder and have a will to win you would not understand.

        Is there really a liberal or conservatives who believes in the accuracy of polls? I don’t think so!

      • lzib says:

        That is odd JD since I am not seeing a #WalkAway movement on the right- no it is you angry liberals who are driving people out of the Dem party in droves. Go look it up dear, you may think it is not happening but it is. there are also #walk away Jews and African Americans,
        Black support for trump is around 35% right now and Hispanic support is actually at 50% sooo don’t be so sure we are the angry ones dear. Listen to the walk-away videos and here what your fellow former libs have to say.
        Or just keep hiding your hateful head where the sun does not shine and you will be shocked by your need for another primal scream come 2020!

        • William says:

          Yeah, I agree with your point that the walkaway movement is moderate democrats leaving the democratic party in droves and you know what – who can blame them. The dems are on the wrong side of all the issues, they are hoping for a recession to make Trump look bad, they have not done anything in congress for the people they represent, their impeachment attempt failed miserably, they are for killing babies at birth, are for open border, freebies for illegals over homeless citizens and vets, open borders, tax the wealthy by as much as 70% (Deblasio). My gosh, how hopeless can one group be??? They are downright deplorable and, you know what? They deserve it.

      • Mysty says:

        Geez, j.d. you MUST have living on Mars the last 3 1/2 years!!! You are TOTALLY out of touch with reality!!! I can’t even imagine where you come up with such erroneous figures.
        Oh wait…yeah, now I remember…communist news network- cnn. Msm…liberal, racist, other ‘news’ (NOT) channels, newspapers with a communist slant on everything…just your run-of-mill communists/ satan worshippers/liberals!!!
        No need to hang around here listening to your drivel.
        If you don’t like it…leave. I hear Venezuela is looking for model citizens…maybe N. Korea…li’l kim is always looking for Americans to fill up his ritzy hotel…The Quarters for the Condemned.

      • Bob S says:

        It sounds to me like your friend Antifa are the violent ones and I haven’t seen even one conservative attack anyone, just you guys on the left.

  15. dlmstl says:

    The DNC understands this election cycle is needed to ‘thin the herd’ of its current ossified, geriatric leadership cabal. Mother Nature will also help clear the deck before 2024. This is why POTUS Barry will only be providing prefunctory lip service for whoever ends up with the nomination. After the debacle with the Hunchback of Chappaqua, he simply cannot have his name attached to another loser. The Dem chances in 2024 will be much better, too. In the mean time the Republicans, much to their delight, will enjoy watching POTUS Trump antagonize the ‘Swamp’ critters and finally get tired of winning! Stay strong, remain resolute and above all, be patient.

  16. Loyd says:

    The Democrats do not have anyone worth voteing for, all the Democrats want is more gov controls, It seems they never learn.

  17. Richard says:

    Let me be Frank!! Frank!! These Democrats or whatever they are have absolutely no chance of winning!! Can you imagine anyone of these ninnies going against the Master of Disaster?? Go get your popcorn!! Then get ready for those fabulous meltdowns!!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      OK, I agree Richard, LET’S BE FRANK! First, most Trumpers are H Y P O C R I T S and champion polls when they THINK it is in their favor and deny all the numerous polls that say anything they do not like. Second, the writers of this article have made a wrong or questionable reading of this poll . . . it is not “bad news for Democrats, it is more bad news for REPUBLICANS! Now, keep in mind, while some of your tout how the polls were SUPPOSEDLY off in 2016 (and yet Hillary did win the popular vote by 3 million people!), most of you downplayed when experts showed a blue tsunami came in 2018.

      The new poll says 70% are made at the political establishment. In 2016, it was anger to the Obama administration, but NOW it is anger at Trump, Mitch McConnell and the Senate for shutting down all progress and sitting on bills that would make their lives better! Did you not know that Moscow Mitch is the LOWEST rated Senator in the nation!?! In 2016, the right was mad and went and voted, in 2020, both the Democrats, Independents (also add women and the young – – the young are super supportive of taking steps against climate change) are mad as can be and will VOTE against Trump in 2020, whereas many did not vote in 2016.

      • Will says:

        Yeah sure , you as*HOLES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT . right up to the point that you are not . Most young voters said they didn`t vote last time , because they didn`t know where to get stamps to mail the ballot in . If that isn`t democrat material , then watch and see

      • lzib says:

        Sorry JD but there was no Blue Tsunami in 2018 you barely won six extra seats in the house (some by questionable “found” votes up to three days after the election) and actually lost a few seats in the senate so Not sure what you think a Tsunami is but Obama said it best after the 2010 midterm where he got by his own admission a Shellacking! So keep up with your lies and propaganda lol even the ones that have been debunked upon a 2+ yr and $35+ Million investigations that could not find – even with your desperate searching- and proof of Russian collusion- but you cannot accept reality because alllllll your news outlets promised you it was true!
        And the young dear has just spent 20 yrs being spoonfed climate change lies to scare the F out of them and make them believe what is actually not settled science but we will not get into that one now. So they are just adhering to the brainwashing. It is sad, not heroic. Kids are 70% less happy and hopeful not because of Republicans who tend to be optimists but to Dems who are primarily the worst sort of Pessimists and feel the need to spread their misery to the next generation. As for women – yes I am one, as are about half the people I know and most do not have a problem with Trump but do with Dems.

        But we will see who wins in 2020. I feel it may be another Dem Shellacking!

        • Spanky says:

          Idiot i think thats your sign in have you checked are you sure your a woman maybe you have the parts maybe not from your post I’d say there is some dought that lingers is it maybe the hair on your lip or around your nipples you know they have hormon treatments for your infliction go to doc and have it checked your welcome

      • Mysty says:

        j.d. HA HA HA HA!!! It is SO ENTERTAINING to watch you grasp at air straws. It just proves how pathetic dems are. They are even starting to NOT believe their own lies!!!
        It’s worth going out to buy my own popcorn machine!!
        Be sure to read my post to you above.

        • Spanky says:

          Mysty buy wine instead that will be much better for your depression your about to expeience
          Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha see anyone can type HA

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Yes, anyone can type “HA”, apparently even a retarded DemonRAT that goes by the descriptive moniker “Spanky”. I’ve heard that too much “spanking the monkey” will turn you into a leftist communist. Maybe you should slow down on that a bit, “Spanky”.

      • Anne says:

        We reject polls that dont comport with reality. Nothing the Left does comports with reality. Not your economics, your morals (or lack thereof), gender fiction, countries without borders and abortions of convenience (and I dont even like kids) but everything is about your narcissism. If it wasn’t for bad values you’d have none.

        Your leaders are an embarrassment. They are vile, incompetent, and evil. At some point you will wake up and see the Left for who they really are. You may not join the GOP and I dont blame you for that but never again will you want to be associated with the Left, except for the perks of cheap sex with fat feminists.

        When “anything goes” everything does. You’ve destroyed the greatest nation on earth and Trump and real Americans are not going to put up with it. People dont want to admit they love Trump because he’s different, very different. He scares the crap out of the sheep- of both parties- and he should.

        • Spanky says:

          Anne your not reading 50 shades of grey and give it up already no matter how hard you beg he’ll never let you have a taste of his tinny little cheeto we all know your desperate go buy a toy for your bedside night stand you’ll have better luck your welcome

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            I’m sure you have a lot of those “toys” Spanky. Given your lack of intelligence and education coupled with insanity and TDS, you must find it nearly impossible to find anyone perverted enough to hook up with you. Enjoy those “toys” now Spanky.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        Hillary did win the popular vote in 2016? What has that got to do with anything? Presidents are not elected by the popular vote, never have been, and I hope never will. I thought everybody knew that. She lost the election, Trump won. Need I say that again? She didn’t win anything, she lost, period.

        • angela says:

          She may have won that popular vote, BUT did those votes come from ILLEGAL ALIENS that they allowed to vote???
          We the People, the Citizens, the LEGAL VOTERS, must make sure we get out & VOTE TRUMP in again. And the 2 Republicans that plan to challenge Trump, are nothing more than DEMOCRAT PLANTS, just as some “former” senators were.

        • Spanky says:

          Let’s reverse the results only give bennifit to dems let’s see how quick you change your mind we all know what your reaction would be!!!

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            No Spanky, we didn’t screech for popular vote communism when that African illegal muslim was elected. You see Spanky, we conservatives are Constitutionalists. The American Constitution has made us the greatest nation on earth, bar none. We believe in preserving our Republic and it’s freedoms. You communist cowards want to destroy it. No Spanky, we’re nothing like you commies, at all.

        • Spanky says:

          B 19 pay attenton that very problem is being addressed right now once that problem fixed you’ll never win anything again ever

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Oh but we will continue to win “Spanky the monkey”. You see, we’re fighting for freedom and our Constitution, not servitude, slavery and subjugation. And Spanky, we don’t fight with dildos and vagina hats.

      • Bob S says:

        Democrats have switched to Marxism, because they want more slaves.

  18. Jake says:

    Are those people in the democrat primary the best they have? Unbelievable!

  19. carl says:

    Trump will win by a land slide.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Let me be the first to predict, all the evidence accumulated right now, shows Trump will lose in 2020 by 278 electoral votes are more. You just have wishful thinking, but the more Trump screws up, like he has waffled on the China trade tariffs (as well as LIED about them), the more he shows he is a damaging president for the economy. It is Trump causing all the economic instability, and talk of recession.

      • Blue says:

        President Trump is way ahead of your negative talking points with a positive outlook for America, you’re in for another letdown, probably bigger than the one in 2016, Dr. J.D.!

        • Spanky says:

          I really want too get on the retard train how do i join???
          I’m with moscow mitch i say we Imeditaly stop all entitlement programs ss income medicare medicade food stamps unemployment everything period.
          Let’s march on DC lets demand all these programs be abolished I’m with you, at the minimum 2/3 of the worlds population needs to die-off make more room for the uber rich.
          I’m also pro- life it’s just i hate it when even american citizens have access to life saving programs let them go home if they have one and please die.
          Of course this includes all family members none of them deserve these programs after all i have a job too bad for them if they don’t.
          When the next recession hits and i lose my job that’s just too bad i should have saved more money and when money runs out I’ll just live in the streets like so many others.
          So lets all vote retardican and make the world free of all and any low life subhumans including any and all low life family members.
          I Don’t care that mom and dad or grandma and grandpa or aunt and uncle worked hard all there lifes only to fall short at the end they don’t deserve any help and don’t even ask for my help I’m having enough trouble feeding and affording a house for myself just go away and die.
          Some day if i ever grow up and become something other than a subhuman NEANDERTHAL I might see the mistakes I’ve made and live to regret them as i die in the streets.
          NOT GOIN HAPPEN!!!!!!
          I prefer death over empathy i prefer hate over love i prefer money over life i prefer lies over truth after all I’m pro-life just not your or anybody elses life me myself and i thats all that matters ling live the tetardican party!!

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Subhuman Neanderthal describes you perfectly Spanking it. You’ve spanked it so much you’re blind and stupid. Your grammar, punctuation and capitalization prove your weak, cowardly mentality. Your totally disjointed, untruthful and unfounded rants prove more and more what a mentally deranged idiot you are. Anger and vile hatred are your constant companions. I guess you’ve got to run with that, it’s all you have.

          • The Real M says:

            Mark Hopkins, Wow, impressive, you are my new hero! Great response…….you nailed old spanky Diane!

      • lzib says:

        JD you forgot to say he is a White Supremacist Racist as are all his followers and the economy is in the toilet and armageddon will befall us, all Revelations will fall upon our heads, bla bla bla Dem talking points bla bla bla….
        NO, the Economy is strong and will remain so even with the Dems doing and saying allllll they can to scare people into creating an economic recession. This is the exact thing they did in 2006-8 when the economy was strong and they went on a propaganda rampage until the feared so many people into believing it- It came to pass! YOUR Elites are all HOPING for a Recession because they know it is their only hope. But they should be careful, they overdid it last time and Obama got in but he could not repair the damage and it took Trump and His Magic Wand to bring prosperity back!
        If you are worse off now then during the Obama years you have no one to blame but yourself as there are more opportunities to get a better job then in US History!
        So most people I know are doing Hugely better financially now and have faith in the economy. Funny your guy did ZERO about China except let his VP get $1.5+ Billion dollar deals for his son (yea right it was Hunter who got the funds…) but each presidents term is 4 yrs, only an idiot would think the Chinese would give up easy and not fight back. So the economy was affected by a small percentage but we still did better than with a 2.9% GDP in the last quarter- still larger than the 1.8% which was Obama’s average. Sorry I will choose the President who knows something about how economics work and is succeeding Biggly!

      • Mysty says:

        I am literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!! You are as funny as a bagful of baby monkeys getting out of their bag & running around in circles trying to figure out where they are!!!
        Oh lordy, you are so entertaining the more you spit out the dribble on your brain!!

      • Breaker 19 says:

        We have the best economy in the world. How did this happen? Because Trump has worked the past year for the American people and this country. The Democrats, Nothing. They have been trying 24/7 to stop Trump from accomplishing anything because everytime he does, it just shows the world what a bunch of idiots they are. It’s not just the American people, it’s people all over the world.
        As far as your prediction goes, wasn’t that the same prediction in the 2016 election. Trump ended up with 306 to Hillary’s 224. How did that happen. My prediction is it will be even farther apart in the 2020 election. More people are getting fed up with the do-nothing Democrat agenda. We will see.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        All the replies to your communist flatulence should convince you Dr. J-erkD-umbass you are way out of your league with people (conservatives) that actually have a brain. Your stupidity is astounding and your lack of common sense, amazing. You should really look into some professional psychiatric help, although I doubt it would help someone as deluded and delusional as you are. Your dream of a communist utopia will not happen in this country. I would suggest you move to an established communist country like North Korea, Venezuela or perhaps even Russia or China. I’m sure you’d be a happy, useful subject (slave) for any of them.

      • Karen says:

        For a ‘Dr’ you’re pretty dumb.

      • Spanky says:

        Dr J D thats why their scared sh## less they know the end is near what 1 year 2 months left their desperate you can tell in their post most all of them allways claim I THINK that alone shows dought
        and reservations buy into wine stocks they are goin to explode in value mostly california wine harvested by mexicans

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Now that’s funny! Two of a kind JD and Spanky the monkey, dumb and dumber. We aren’t afraid at all. We know we’ll win… One way or another. No doubt at all.

  20. T. Bell says:

    I’m ANGRY AS HELL at the worthless DUMPACRAPS like Liz Warren, Schumer, Nasty PISSalocie, and the 4 stupid witches like Tilib and Omar the rag head muslim. PHUK’EM !

    • Mary says:

      I agree with you 100%, the demoRATS have destroyed themselves. NOT John Kennedy’s democrat part any more.

    • Spanky says:

      T Boner get used to it your goin see a whole lot more of them for decades to come but you can save your self now get out your little pea shooter and blow out your little pea brain BYE BYE

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Spanky the monkey, get off the meth. We have much better uses for our “pea shooters”, perhaps you’ll get to find out someday. You shouldn’t let your alligator mouth override your hummingbird ass.

  21. Rodney says:

    The antics of the current crop of leftists, the propaganda arm of the left (media) and the RINO’s has left me tired of the establishment career politicians. I’d prefer a clean sweep and draing of the swamp.

    • Rayjay says:

      Just remember Bernie has been in the senate forever. He milked that job when he could find no other one.

      • Will says:

        Like I have said before .: Our govt. is the biggest welfare system there is .Bernie `s plate is filled with free free free money.

        • Spanky says:

          Will. Not true cheeto man already dooled out all the free money since reagen they’ve dooled out over 40 trillion dollars of free free free money how much did you get or better yet how much did you donate in taxes plenty I’ll bet it’s always easy to make claims it’s totaly different to be able to comprehend you claims something you’ll never understand

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Grammar, spelling, truth and logic completely elude you don’t they Spanky the monkey. The DemonRATS believe very strongly in taking away from the productive, working American citizens and “giving” to the lazy, drug addicted, worthless dregs of society… You know, like you Spanky.

    • Spanky says:

      Rod. Cheeto man already made that claim i guess thats not working for you to bad we’ll let the DEMS take care of all the low life snakes and rats your welcome

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Well if they take care of all the low life snakes and rats that means they’ll be taking real good care of you, right Spanky the monkey?

  22. Mike Otrok says:

    Still don’t know what a hamberder is. Please tell me,I feel lost. Deport Melania back tou outer space with those creepy space alien eyes. Dig up Fred’s illegal immigrant bones and send them back to Germany.

    • Blue says:

      You’d be a Good running mate for biden, you make about as much sense!

      • Richard says:

        No one likes Uncle Joe!! No one is even worried about what he and his son have done to this country. They sold military secrets to China. No one even seems to care. The family should be in prison!! AG Barr?? Imagine what he would do if he were President!!??

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          YOU . . . . .ARE . . . .. . SO . . . .. . OFF . .. . . BASE AND THE FACTS, Ricchard! Take a look at the polls and see how Biden is the front runner and how most head-to-head comparisons, Biden wins by double digits!! President Obama remains historically popular, and Biden’s affiliation with him is going to bring minorities out to vote against Trump, whom they believe is a racist and white supremacists. WOMEN are strongly against Trump by a 2-to-1 margin.

          • Will says:

            The fact is , Richard is right , so you just keep telling yourself , this same old crap over and over, because no one else is buying it

          • lzib says:

            Wow sounds just like the Polls when Hillary was running…
            Your propaganda outlets have done well 🙂
            Sad, for you, it is likely to have the same result.

          • Mysty says:

            And I…as well as the REST OF THE WORLD… remember how SHOCKED old hitlary & the ENTIRE dem/commie party was when she LOST BY A LANDSLIDE!!! MAN OH MAN that was like finding a 1,000 pound 99. Fine pure gold nugget laying in your back yard!!!!! That buzzard didn’t get to turn THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA into the cuba, venezuela, china, n. korea, etc. that she had planned!!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD (WELL ALMOST ALL) REJOICED AT HER FALLING ON HER LYING FACE!!! IT WAS PRICELESS!!!

          • Mike says:

            I’m sure your right.I think all the polls are right. Isn’t Hillary Clinton president?You don’t have to explain you must’ve been out of the country for the last 3 years.

        • Spanky says:

          Rich. BOZO BARR are you kidding me that pos can’t blow his nose, as for cheeto man and moscow mitch selling out Kentuck to putin and RUSSIAN oligarchs i guess you gave them your blessing can you say wecome comrades just always remember there is more dirt within your party then could ever happen in a hundred years of dem rule

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Spanky the monkey, you never quit lying do you? I guess you don’t remember O’Sambo’s “after the election I can be more flexible”, and he sure was – right along with the perverted Clintons and just about every other DemonRAT in any government office. All proven traitors and colluders with Russia. Get off the meth and quit spanking it Spanky. It rots what little tiny brain you have.

      • Will says:

        I think they are all trying to out do Pig lousy, when she`s on her drugs , which is most always

        • Spanky says:

          Will. You refering to shara sanders huckabee yes i agree shes a lousy miss piggy

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Damn! Well, I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. Nobody can out stupid you Spanky the monkey, not even J.D. the doctor of delusion.

    • William says:

      Well one thing I can say about Melania is that she is one classy lady. I believe she speaks 5 languages which is 5 more than you, Mike, since you can’t ever speak 1 – FYI, it’s “Hamburger” not “hamberder”. You really need to get off the drugs, Mike. We don’t need you for comedy relief as we already have Joe “we choose truth over fact” Biden.

  23. DNC Pandering Clownshow says:

    Sorry asshats, I worked all of my life and WILL NOT blame anyone else for my short comings OR let gubment take credit for my successes.

  24. Thomas Banacek says:

    My hope is that Biden becomes their nominee. The word “landslide” will once again be used in 2020. Biden is useless and the sooner he retires from the public dole the better.

  25. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This is great news. If this continues to the 2020 election. Biden is too stupid to realise that his party lost the 2016 election that people were sick and tired of them turning deaf ears to our concerns about illegal immigration.

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