One bombshell report is about to prove China guilty of one of the worst cover-ups in history

The coronavirus pandemic, which began in China, is now crippling economies across the globe.

Now a giant truth about how it all started is about to come to light.

And this one bombshell report is about to prove China guilty of one of the worst cover-ups in history.

The Fake News Media relentlessly attacked President Trump after the President stated that he had seen evidence that the coronavirus outbreak originated in a Wuhan laboratory and not – as the Chinese government claimed – in a wet market after the virus jumped from bats to humans.

So-called “reporters” claimed the President was floating conspiracy theories.

But on Monday, a senior intelligence community official confirmed to the Daily Caller that the majority of intelligence community agencies believed the virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute for Virology as part of an experiment gone terribly wrong.

The Daily Caller reports:

The majority view among the U.S. intelligence community agencies is that COVID-19 is natural and accidentally leaked out of a laboratory in Wuhan, China, a senior intelligence official told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

While not all of the 17 agencies that make up the IC are fully behind the idea that the novel coronavirus was an accidental laboratory leak, most believe that to be the case, according to the senior official. The official added that the holdouts are still open to the possibility that the virus leaked from a laboratory.

The unanimous view of the IC is that the virus was not the result of an intentional act, the senior official noted.

On Sunday night in a virtual town hall, the President alluded to the fact that very soon his administration would make a report public explaining the origins of the outbreak traced back to sloppy security at the Wuhan laboratory.

This truth will only increase the calls in America and around the world for China to make restitution to compensate nations for the economic devastation and loss of life that China’s dishonesty, negligence, and incompetence caused.

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25 Responses

  1. SweetOlBob says:

    I highly doubt if Bats had anything to do with the Chinavirus. I believe it was tailor made in that Laboratory as a future biological weapon.
    I’m not 100% sure the release o the Chinavirus was accidental. China has never valued the life of their citizens to any great degree. They can make more in 9 months.

    Remember the waves of Chinese soldiers that attacked American positions almost suicidally in Korea. Remember Tienanmen Square. In light of that history,do you think the Chinese Government would shy away from harming the world in order to slow or stop the American successful economic surge under PRESIDENT TRUMP that was eating their lunch ?

  2. John Lundgreen says:

    I agree with every comment, as I was in the military and know exactly what the communist will do to get America and all democratic nations for domination. I was positive it started in Wuhan lab as a part of a plan to unstable the world from day one. I do not blame the Chinese people. I blame the communist regime and believe that they would sacrifice their own people for world domination. this is only my opinion. I think the democrats act like they are with them. my opinion only

  3. George says:

    CCP says they are at war with America…I say wipe out the CCP


  5. Gregory says:

    COVID-19 is a bioweapon that got loose–intentional or just sloppy lab work. China has plans for world domination, and this is a part of it.

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