One bombshell lawsuit is about to expose Joe Biden’s most illegal act

Joe Biden hoped to keep this truth hidden from the American people.

That’s not going to be possible anymore.

And one bombshell lawsuit is about to expose Joe Biden’s most illegal act.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sued Biden over coordination between his administration and Big Tech platforms to censor speech online that contradicted the administration’s false narrative about the COVID vaccine.

While private companies currently retain the right to censor online speech, they cannot do so at the behest of the federal government.

The Supreme Court has long established that a private entity acting on orders of the government becomes an agent of the state and thus Constitutional protections apply to their actions.

Schmitt’s lawsuit pointed to recently-released documents showing the Centers for Disease Control pressuring Big Tech companies to take down speech questioning the COVID vaccine.

“Public statements, emails, and recent publicly released documents establish that the President of the United States and other senior officials in the Biden Administration violated the First Amendment by directing social-media companies to censor viewpoints that conflict with the government’s messaging on Covid-19,” the lawsuit read.

Schmitt slammed the administration for imposing a censorship regime to squelch dissenting voices to Joe Biden’s tyrannical COVID policies.

“This insidious censorship was the direct result of the federal government’s ongoing campaign to silence those who voice perspectives that deviate from those of the Biden Administration. Government officials’ public threats to punish social media companies that did not do their bidding demonstrate this linkage, as do emails from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to social media companies that only recently were made public,” the lawsuit added.

Big Tech began censoring conservative speech online in response to the left-wing backlash to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

Democrats deemed any point of view that contradicted their narratives and talking points as “misinformation” and “harmful content.”

And since tech companies were private platforms, this censorship fell outside the boundaries of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech.

But Attorney General Schmitt has the smoking gun which shows the Biden administration pressured tech companies to censor their political opponents.

That is a violation of the First Amendment.

And this lawsuit could be the first breakthrough against Big Tech’s online censorship regime.

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