Obama’s top cop just accused William Barr of planning an insane crime you won’t believe

The amount of corruption during Obama’s eight years in office was unprecedented.

Now the very people responsible are trying to destroy President Trump to cover their tracks.

And Obama’s top cop just accused William Barr of planning an insane crime you won’t believe.

Of all of Barack Obama’s Attorney Generals, Loretta Lynch may be the most corrupt.

She was Obama’s last Attorney General, who oversaw the Department of Justice during a time when spy warrants were granted targeting Trump campaign officials, and bogus dossiers accusing Trump of colluding with Russians were spread around the Department.

Lynch even held a secret meeting on an airport tarmac with former President Bill Clinton just two days before his wife was to be questioned by the FBI.

So she is no secret to scandal.

But she took things even further in a recent interview with MSNBC guest host Tiffany Cross.

Cross began by asking Lynch about an insane conspiracy theory that President Trump, with the assistance of the current Attorney General William Barr, would not leave the White House if Trump loses, instead forming a dictatorship.

“But I want to ask you this,” Cross said. “What if Donald Trump doesn’t leave? What does that look like? I mean, we’ve remade the DOJ under this new leadership. What happens if he just refused to go and how could he use Bill Barr to potentially create this dictatorship?”

Instead of challenging Cross on this insane statement by somebody holding her previous job, she giggled, stating that Democrats need to be sure “there is a clear mandate” that Trump leave.

She then went on to ramble on about voting, pushing the idea that Trump is trying to restrict certain people from voting.

“So that’s the first thing that we have to focus on is making sure that this election is carried out in a way that lets everyone participate and that the results are trusted and that they are clear, no matter how long it takes for them to come in,” Lynch said.

She went on to discuss some of the logistical things that go into transitioning White House Administrations:

“And so then I think we have to think about all the systems are in place that work on these transitions. The cabinets turn over. The agencies turn over. And so I think a lot of people have given that a lot of thought. But the first thing we have to focus on is winning the election.”

The fact that Lynch would allow a so-called “reporter” make such an insane claim about Barr without challenging him shows just how corrupt she is.

She doesn’t care about law and order, or the truth, but instead only cares about helping her pals in the Democrat Party.

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