Obama said something awful about Christians in response to the Sri Lanka terrorist attack

The horrific Easter Sunday Islamic terror attack in Sri Lanka killed at least 290 Christians.

It was a coordinated attack by an Islamic terrorist organization, and a direct attack on Christianity.

But despite that, former President Obama couldn’t wait to respond in the worst way possible, saying something awful about Christians.

Before the death count was even fully known, former President Obama took to Twitter to steer the conversation around the terror attack.

Instead of mentioning the attack being against Christians, he referred to the victims simply as “tourists and Easter worshippers.”

The former President wasn’t even willing to mention the fact it was a terror attack.

And he hasn’t acknowledged, and almost certainly never will acknowledge, the fact that those responsible are radical Islamists.

But Obama isn’t alone.

Following in his lead, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to condemn the attack on “Easter worshippers.”

Dozens of other Democrat officials followed suit, refusing to say the word “Christian” in their statements about the attack, instead labeling victims “Easter worshippers.”

Obama’s words are in stark contrast to what he said immediately following the Mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In response to those shootings he directly mentioned the “Muslim community,” stating he was grieving with them.

Obama’s reluctance to mention the victims’ or the perpetrator’s faiths in the Sri Lanka attack hearkens back to his eight years in office, when he always instinctively held his tongue when it came to mentioning radical Islam.

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Trump continually went after Obama for his refusal to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Obama has also created outrage by attempting to draw equivalences between radical Islamic violence and terror to medieval Christianity.

At the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, he told Americans not to “get on our high horse” about radical Islam, because Christians committed violence centuries ago.

The attack in Sri Lanka is yet another event in radical Islam’s all-out war on Christianity.

Of course, Democrats refuse to acknowledge this fact, instead labeling anyone who is concerned about Islam as “bigoted.”


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96 Responses

  1. ann says:

    Obama is/was the epitomy of outside interference in our elections & American government. This Soros-backed ILLEGITIMATE President was nothing more than a FIGUREHEAD President, taking directions from the “shadows”! Like the dismantling of historic statues, his Library needs to be demolished. He needs to be brought to justice for his corruption.

  2. Steel Magnolia says:

    WELLL now, i can’t say PP is of ‘prejudice’ /&/0r
    denies an Exaggerated ‘form’ of ‘Free Speech’.
    ie. ‘ diminishing ‘ Sovereign USA. & propoganda.
    NOT PERMIT. ___ @ Vasu.

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      SEE / KNOW Current Saudi Arabia ‘Actions’ re
      ‘dissidents’./ ‘preaching’ etc . thru ‘apps’ &
      ‘social media’ , Vasu. Exploitation Is NOT a ‘virtue’.

  3. Toxic says:

    ALL MOZLEMS ARE TERRORISTS. Even Erodigan said, there’s no such thing as a moderate Mozlem. Islam is Islam

  4. Vasu Murti says:

    Conservatives argue “leftists can criticize right wing Christians” but not “Muslims.” That’s not true! The fact that American liberals refer derisively to the Christian Right as “the American Taliban” indicates disdain for the Islamic Taliban. The Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization, has killed more Americans than has “radical Islam.” More Americans die from gun violence in this country than from terrorist attacks by radical Islam.

    Democrats don’t deny we’re at war, they just hesitate to call it “radical Islam” because the term indirectly demonizes all Muslims. It’s like referring to the Ku Klux Klan as “Christians” when they clearly do not speak for all of Christianity. Democrats take their cue from *Republican* George W. Bush who never used the term “radical Islam.” After 9-11, George W. Bush told the American people our quarrel is not with Islam but with a radical faction within Islam known as Al-Quaeda. Shortly after 9-11, George W. Bush visited a mosque: something Barack Obama was unable to do until late in his presidency, as Islamaphobic “birthers” were labeling him a “Muslim” even though Article VI, Section 3 of the Constitution clearly states: “No religious test shall be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Taunted by Republicans to declare war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” Democrats are turning to an unlikely ally: George W. Bush.

    President Barack Obama, under pressure to be more aggressive on terrorism, regularly cites his predecessor’s refusal to demonize Muslims or play into the notion of a clash between Islam and the West. It’s a striking endorsement from a president whose political rise was predicated on opposition to the Iraq war and Bush’s hawkish approach in the Middle East.

    As Hillary Clinton put it, “George W. Bush was right.”

    Laying out her plan to fight domestic terrorism, Clinton reminded voters in Minneapolis of Bush’s visit to a Muslim center six days after the Sept. 11 attacks. She even quoted his words from that day about those who intimidate Muslim-Americans: “They represent the worst of humankind, and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior.”

    Bush, of course, was not referring to the 2016 Republican presidential field. Clinton certainly was.

    Jeb Bush has also said the U.S. should follow his brother’s lead, arguing that “we can’t dissociate ourselves from peace-loving Muslims.”

    During the 2001 mosque visit, one of several occasions Bush denounced anti-Muslim bias, he stood alongside Muslim leaders and quoted the Quran about evil-doers being ultimately defeated. He insisted that intimidation against Muslims in America would not stand.

    “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam,” Bush said.

    Donald Trump wants to ban ALL Muslims from coming to the United States. He’s not singling out the extremists, rather he’s castigating all Muslims. Even Bill O’Reilly was critical of Donald Trump in this regard, telling him, “If you say no Muslims can travel here from overseas, you’re hurting the United States’ position against ISIS,” O’Reilly told Trump in a wide-ranging interview. “We need the friendly Muslim nations. You can vet them, but you can’t insult the whole religion,” O’Reilly said.

    Even Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front who once compared Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation, thinks Donald Trump has gone too far. Asked in a television interview about Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Le Pen said the idea was too much. “Seriously, have you ever heard me say something like that?” asked Le Pen, who has been accused of encouraging Islamophobia in France. “I defend all the French people in France, regardless of their origin, regardless of their religion.”

    Jesus said, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone…”

    If Christians actually followed the apostle Paul’s commands that women keep silent in the churches, women are not allowed to teach or hold authority over men, women must cover their heads while worshiping, etc., Christianity would resemble Islam. Christians in the West have embraced the past five hundred years of secular social progress nearly all of which contradicts biblical tradition:

    …democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of (human) slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights, animal rights…

    Conservatives demonize Islam as cruel and barbaric, forgetting Christianity’s own record of barbarism towards humans and animals, whereas liberals merely see Islam as six hundred years behind the secular West.

    Think back to what Christianity was like six hundred years ago: the Crusades, the Inquisition, burning witches at the stake, etc.

    That’s the reason liberals are reluctant to cast a stone at Islam.

    Barack Obama said as a Christian:

    “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

    My friend Chris similarly asked, “Which was worse: Hitler’s genocide of the Jews or our genocide of the Native Americans?”

    No one would mistake Chris’ words for “pro-Nazi” sentiments. Why then do you presume anyone giving the benefit of the doubt to Islam must be a Muslim sympathizer?!

    Conversely, Indian Christian conservative Dinesh D’Souza says conservative Muslims don’t hate Christians, he says they hate the secular West, which is ironic, as secularism means religious neutrality and acceptance of people of other faiths as well as those of no faith.

    Conservatives are quick to say Sharia Law has no place in the United States. Will they just as quickly point out that the Bible is not the law of the land, either? Some fundamentalist Christians insist America is a Christian country and the Bible is the law of the land. In reality, the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof,

    Thomas Jefferson said it doesn’t matter whether one believes in twenty gods or no god, etc. Will conservatives acknowledge we live in a religion-neutral society, where people are free to believe or disbelieve in whatever they want?

    Sharia Law is unacceptable under the First Amendment, but so, too, is biblical law. Liberals see Christians passing laws calling for school prayer, laws against LGBTs, references to God on coins and currency, etc. as Christians pushing their religion on others, with the same disdain Christian conservatives have for Sharia Law. The fact that liberals refer to the Christian right as “the American Taliban” indicates disdain for the Islamic Taliban.

    Some points to consider:

    1. Liberals and conservatives merely disagree on the terminology to refer to the radical faction, with the Democrats reluctant to use the term “radical Islam,’ because it indirectly castigates the entire religion. A similar incident occurred in 2015.

    2. In 2015, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. declared, “I’ve always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in and killed them.” Falwell later sought to clarify his comment to various news outlets by stating that he meant to refer to terrorists, rather than all Muslims.

    3. We’re nearly in agreement. Again: Democrats don’t disagree that we’re being attacked, that we’re fighting terrorism, etc. They merely hesitate to refer to it as “radical Islam,” because the term indirectly demonizes all Muslims. It’s like speaking disdainfully of “Christians” in general, as a sweeping generalization, when referring to the Jerry Falwell types.

    4. George W. Bush was careful enough to point out to the American people after 9-11 that we are not at war with Islam, but with a radical faction within Islam known as Al-Quaeda.

    5. Jane Eisner of the Jewish Daily Forward pointed out that Timothy McVeigh’s terrorism was not attributed to “radical Catholicism” nor “radical Republicanism” nor “radical gun ownership.” LGBTs might similarly detest Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, but it would be wrong to say with sweeping generalizations that they detest Christians in general, so:

    “Why, then, should we be obliged to attribute the Paris attacks to radical Islam?”

    ISIS took responsibility? Then let’s castigate ISIS, and not Islam.

    6. The left is as critical of “radical Christianity” as it is of “radical Islam”! Liberals derisively refer to the Christian right as the “American Taliban” indicating they oppose the Islamic Taliban, too!

    • Toxic says:

      STFU, you Mozlem supporting puke. All Mozlems are terrorist.

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      Hey Vasu, ‘ I’ Blew By Your ‘spiel’.
      Your Mind IS ‘overactive’ IN the
      ‘Wrong Place’. Sorry dudio, But REALITY.
      WHY WASTE Your Time HERE ??? IFFF, ‘what you
      say Is So ‘important’. You need NEED ‘VENT’ to
      Appropriate Source(s). Agree? YOU Will NOT
      ‘change’ a Patriots ‘mind’ IN SAVING USA.
      &&& YOU, Vasu, ARE Taking a ‘sick’ Advantage of
      Your Freedom.

      • Steel Magnolia says:

        ‘snakes’ Crawl, Vasu.
        perhaps You STOP ‘crawling’.
        SAVE the Country in which you live.
        You, ! Are > Exorbitant. < Look it up.

    • Billy says:

      All your rhetoric is just that !!! You are an IDIOT and a dumorat!!

  5. al says:

    Obama, Omar, AOC all are big problems for this country.

  6. Pattie Kelly says:

    You can’t change a Zebra’s stripes. I can’t believe I just insulted a beautiful animal by comparing it to Obama. But he is what he as always been a Jack Ass. There I go again insulting a donkey. There’s no nice word to say about Obama the nicest I can think of is LOSER!!!! The worst president America has ever had.

  7. the muszzzzlimmmss only believe in one religion period . all otheres must die . the religion of peace you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carl says:

    Obama is a muslim he hates any other religion.

    • Franco says:

      Obama has always been a Muslim!
      He was raised in Indonesia and went to a Sharia school.
      He Blurted that nothing was sweeter than the sound of
      Mullah calling the faithful to prayer.

      SO! If that is your belief admit it and stop attending
      Rev, Wright’s (WRONG) sermons where he insults America!
      Maybe Rev, Wrong should go live some where else and than
      he will learn how good AMERICA really is!

    • L.C. says:

      Our first coke addicted Islamic fraud has proven over and over again what his true colors are and they are not red, white and blue

  9. Banzai Bob says:

    Can’t we just ignore the POS?
    Eventually he will just slither away

  10. Nana107 says:

    President Obama said nothing wrong about the Easter attack. Maybe you all would have been more happy if he said “There are good people on both sides”. Donald aka Baby T aka David Dennison aka Stormy’s Man Trump. LMAO at the outrage by the church of christian liars.

  11. joe says:

    He is a muslim…..why would you expect less. Wake up.

  12. John J says:

    What do you expect from an anti American, anti Christian muslim

  13. bagster53 says:

    10 years and yous still don’t get it , oboma is an islamic terrorist as for hillary ,her promises to continue obomas policies is why she lost the election , yous want to let terrorists get away with it ,it will never end , when they kill 200 we should kill 2000 , muslims , i’m sure there will be a couple terrorists among them ,

    • SGT Preston says:

      Absolutely right, but what else did you expect from our former jihadist-in-chief. BHO was definitely NOT a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, his support was geared toward the Jihadis. FYI: Even after a cursory exam of the tenets of Sharia law, show that Sharia law is completely inconsistent with the principles of our Constitution, that is, they cannot co-exist peacefully together.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Barack Obonehead is a disgrace to the Christian community who believes he is a radical left wing a hole Islamo-communist that wants to destroy Christianity and make this country built in the image of Venezuela.

  15. Tommy Gunn says:

    Obama is no longer the President, despite what he might still believe, and shouldn’t honored with the title. He is now Mr. Obama. No matter what he might have claimed during the times he was running for office and felt it was prudent to claim he was a Christian, if such a thing is possible in Rev. Wright’s church of “Hate America”, Obama’s actions as President seemed to offer conclusive that his allegiance was, and will remain to Islam and its adherents. America is now paying the price for his duplicity.

    • Tommy- you are so right!!

    • Larry says:

      Obama and American mentioned in the same sentence should be a felony unless American has “wasn’t an” before it. Remember when he was on the campaign trail and wouldn’t wear the American flag pin on his lapel because “he didn’t want to give the appearance that he was taking sides”? How much more UN-American could he get? He did more damage to our country than any other President I can remember, even more than Jimmy Carter!

      • Moma says:

        and even more than Clinton.

        • Joan says:

          Ok, I am a Christian, but I do not worship Easter, though I worship on Easter Sunday, as well as most other Sundays and other days of the year. So why now am I called an “Easter Worshiper”? Neither Obama nor Clinton, for all her claims to be a Methodist, have a clue as to Christianity. Jesus said, “By their fruits you will know them.” And so we know exactly who and what these vile evil people are and do, and it isn’t Christian for sure, and I seriously doubt Obama worships anyone but himself, because that is what narcissists do.

  16. helene says:

    what do you expect from the Muslim. we are stupid to vote for the Muslim to be your leader. and we have 2 more in the congress they get paid by American tax money but support the Islam enemy,

    • gandolf says:

      We are not stupid. 63+ million Deplorables didn’t vote FOR a Muslim too be our leader. The 2 Muslim jihadi terrorists now in Congress were put there by a wave of Sharia Law sweeping cities in Minnesota and Michigan.

  17. nobozoz says:

    F that UGLY rear entry bonobo

  18. Earl says:

    Obama is a Muslim who supports Islamic terrorists.
    Christianity is under attack worldwide and no one mentioning it.

  19. Mama says:

    Despicable comment from obama/hillary.
    Meanwhile, Michelle on ‘dinner cruise’ drinking
    wine, Viewing the ‘Notre Dame’ burn.
    Anyone SEE the ‘photos’???
    Mama Knows -don’t kid yourself.

  20. Michael A. Gilliam says:

    We can all rant and rave about what is going on all over the world but the bottom line is that anyone who cares already knows. The ONLY thing any one of us needs to be worried about at this time is if we are right with GOD. If you can’t see that we are in the final days just prior to the rapture then you are not paying attention. I am just as guilty as anyone else of this so don’t think I’m not talking to myself here as well. Instead of putting so much energy into these comments we should be witnessing and getting our own houses in order. May GOD Bless and keep you all and if you are like me there is a pretty good chance the rapture will leave us here but that’s ok, somebody has to stay behind to fight.

    • Charles says:

      “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night”.
      “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.” Ready or not, he’s coming when most people won’t be looking for Him.

    • Mama says:

      Here IS the conundrum Mr. Gilliam.
      ( in God’s Name. )

  21. Nunyer Binnis says:

    The muzz sucking traitor OBAMA must hang, along with ALL of his cronies anf handlers.

  22. Barbara says:

    yes radical islam is a threat that people don’t realize. Look as a messianic and had finished jewish/christain bible study back in 2008 Seeing obama run for office was as if seeing evil before my eyes and tried to warn people not to vote for him. I saw him as a imposter and bring harm to our country but no one listened. Then look at what he did. ———the dems didn’t care . And they still don’t care. They are going to do more harm if we don’t stop them now. The top dems I’m sure know that obama wasn’t legal. Make them take lie detectors to prove it. Obama’s brother was telling the truth along with is grandma.

  23. rich says:

    Yes, to Christianity but not to CHRISTIANS!!! Christians have persevered and become stronger through out the ages due to our Heavenly guidance, and his promise to us for eternal life. our adversaries do not have such a promise, and whoa to them that take the NAME OF THE LORD IN VANE. We are so much more favored than are those that persecute any of GOD’S children.

  24. DSC says:

    I am not surprised at all. He is a muslim and they do hate Christians. They are in every country and taking over.

    • june Burgess says:


      • gandolf says:

        Islam has only been in existence for 1400 years. Yes the Sunni sect and Shia sect of Islam has murdered millions of each other for 1200 years over a difference in religious doctrine. Sunni ISIS and Shia Syria are in a death battle. Killings every day in the Middle East are Muslims killing Muslims. Christianity has also been a target of Muslim jihadi terrorist and it is getting worse. The Muslim Brotherhood strted in 1928 said that Sharia Law will silently take over the world. Even in the US when Obama let those Muslim immigrants into Michigan and Minnesota he delivered Sharia Law into the US heartland. Omar and Tlaib are the outcome.

  25. NavyPO2 says:

    Obama and his cohorts can KMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Roger says:

    This stupid Jungle monkey and his he/she partner moochelle (the planet of the ape character) are terrorists. The dumbocrat party backs terrorists. We even have 2 ragheaded goathumpers in congress who are backers of terrorism. They should pour pigs blood over every body part that is found so these terrorists will go to hell and not collect their 72 virgins. Spike the democrats meals and drinks with a drop of pigs blood, especially the 2 goat humpers from Michigan and Minnesota. Send them all to meet their god, Satan. That is who they truly worship.

    • sept mcdade says:

      Your racism and bigotry embarrass America.
      Your religious bigotry insults everything our Founders fought and died for.
      You insult your fellow Americans.
      You insult our allies. ..

      • Carol says:

        Which allies is he insulting?

      • Alan M Brown says:

        What the hell is wrong with the Christian America that GOD created in 1776? It is what I grew up in, it is what men and women went to war to defend! Throughout our country’s history, leaders have welcomed EVERYONE to America with the understanding that they would keep their heritage, but keep it away from American values.

        Obama’s, Clinton’s, Soros, the Somalian and the Middle Easterner, all are trying to push this country into the new world order WHICH US DIE HARD PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY, AMERICANS DON’T WANT ANY PART OF! So stick a sock in your mouth and if you don’t like us restoring America to its former glory and respect, THEN LEAVE TO LIVE SOMEWHERE SHARIA LAW IS PRACTICED!

      • gandolf says:

        sept mcdade ???? our Founding Fathers fought for an American nation free of England. The Constitution was written by very religious men who prayed often and went to Church every Sunday. God was part and parcel of daily American life. There is no mention of religious bigotry in the Constitution. The allies in 1770s weren’t English who we were at war with but French who hated England and vice versa.

    • Phil says:

      Well do the women get 72 virgins too. If so that would make them lesbians wouldn’t it and that is against allah’s will and also how long would it take to go through 72 virgins. But I guess anything goes in Islam as long as your murdering Jews and Christians.

      • Irreverent One says:

        This whole thing about 72 virgins is nothing but BS. Truth be told, when the miscreants do get to where they really end up there are no virgins at all. They are welcomed to eternal damnation by 72 very angry Virginians with their very own herd of wild boars. Tough luck Abdul.

    • VW Provaska says:

      Anus handler

    • jim says:

      Its to bad Obama and Hillary were not part of the dead, two absolute POS

  27. Well, who doesn’t know that he is a COMPLETE Azzhole and Azzholes are only getting WORSE over time…!!!!

  28. jack says:

    why won’t this country and the media admit the fact that obama is a islamist terrorist, and hates America, and Christians.

  29. Jay says:

    Obama is a puppet of communist George Soros. Soros has controlled Obama since he was a one term senator in Illinois.. along with Communist Valerie Jarrett, who now lives with the Obamas in their Washington home! Obama was the worst president ever, a traitor to everything the USA stands for. It will take years to repair all of his destruction for the 8 years he was in office. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing – the enemy within. And to this day he toes the Saul Alinsky/ Soros communist one world order line! And Obama , like John Kerry, should be tried treason, for meeting with foreign governments against the Logan act ! Neither Obama or Kerry are now authorized to represent the USA!! They need to be investigated ! And why can’t Soros be tried for treason and deported. And one of Soros’ son visited the WH over 50 times
    while Obama was president. It’s public record and probably sedition and treason.
    Obama is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. And I guess we could add the Bill and Hillary Clinton crime foundation to that list too. The deep state does exist. It’s why President Trump was elected. God save America from the madness! Trump 2020. Our ONLY hope! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Loren says:

      Obama is a puppet of Satan!

    • MaMa says:

      Spot on comments, Jay!!! Now the De-morons are “DEMANDING” to see Trump’s tax returns when he is donating his presidential salary to charity and working for FREE!
      GET OVER IT!! There was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION (except with Hitlery and the corrupt, lying Democrats!) That taxpayer money the Demo-idiots pissed away and stole from the hard working American people on a made up disgusting HOAX should be deducted directly from the a-hole’s Congressional paychecks!! They are ALL whining little brat CHILDREN because they failed to shove the Commie lying Queen BIOTCH down our throats! Hey Piglosi, let’s see Obasturd’s REAL birth certificate, college records and revoked law license!! Why don’t these pin-headed slugs move to Kenya with their despicable, Anti-American, Christian hating, poor excuse for a human being? All these CORRUPT, LYING, CHEATING, HYPOCRITICAL POS’s need to go to PRISON where they belong!! INDICT NOW! Payback is gonna be a bitch!! Support TRUMP 2020!

  30. LOUISE LARUE says:

    1952 ….no muslim will be allowed to run or hold any office in the USA…and hell we have 3 of them and more try to get in….They said they would destroy us from with in…..wake the hell up America….LETS DO WHAT OUR ANCESTORS .DID……KICK ASS AND TAKE NUMBERS. WE DO NOT WANT THEM IN OFFICE……

  31. Gus evans says:

    Obama claimed to be a Christian to get elected. Never attended a Christian
    Church since. He is 100% muslim .

    • Vali says:

      Actually, he did spend many years attending one particular church…the one whose pastor said “god damn America” in his services. Claims to be a “Christian” church run by a “Christian” pastor, but the same “Christian” pastor is the one who told king Obama that he could be a muslim and a Christian at the same time, which is absolutely untrue.

  32. robert flannery says:

    simple enough Obama is an asshole trying to escape reality like all demrats

  33. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  34. Jacqui says:

    Shame on both Hillary & Obama

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Communists are Atheists and do not believe in either GOD or His Son Jesus Christ;thus, Christians do not exist in Their World.

  35. James says:

    Islam is the #1 threat to the world not just Christianity. Even the non radical muslims are a threat because they sit back and do nothing and say nothing. They turn a blind eye just like democraps.


  37. ARJAY says:

    oblamo calls himself a Christian!!

    We ALL know he is a muSLIME born in KENYA!!

  38. Rivahmitch says:

    To be expected from a muslim.

  39. Wayne-ee-ack says:

    Another asshat democrat working to change the outcome of “We the people” spoke election….can’t win so we fill the airwaves full of BS to aggravate those poor sad individuals suffering TDS.

  40. Cliff says:

    What do you expect from a MOOSLIME POS FRAUD “ex-president”? I’ll bet he and his fellow MOOSLIMES (as well as the DEMOCOMMUNISTS HERE) were privately cheering that this happened, (just like the MOOSLIMES cheering On TV when Notre Dame and many other churches in France were getting burned (more than like likely by THEM) Smarten up AMERICA and BAN MOOSLIMES from THIS country (AGAIN) before they start doing the same thing here. After all, they ARE being shoved down our throats all over the U.S and NOW in CON-gress) The INVASION has begun time to stop it NOW.

  41. Obama the Deuch Bag says:

    The attacks on Christians is not without foreknowledge. The gutter religion of Islam specifies in its motley “Un-Holy” book to kill infidels is the goal of every Muslim. What would you expect from a following of non-decrips who think a thug and caravan robber is their fearless leader!

  42. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I don’t understand why people still believe obamas a christian which he claims he is when by his actions which has shown he is not and both of his parents aren’t either.

    • Stella says:

      Obama is a Christian, like I am the Queen of England. That man ?, is a pathological liar, he wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face. He sure make a fool of the America and the rest of the world. KARMA!!!!!!!!

  43. what else did we expect to hear from Obama.

  44. Caesar Meledandri says:

    One more time the Democrats show their prejudices toward Christians. OBama the ignorant, can’t even talk about Christians because he is a Muslim. He is a despicable person and was a horrendous President. He is the sole reason that this country is divided. Hillary Clinton is a joke. Shut up and be a grandmother you blathering idiot.

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