Obama lackey James Clapper went on CNN and made this jaw-dropping claim

When President Trump tweeted in 2016 that his campaign was spied on, the left-wing media mocked him.

But a recent report revealed that Obama’s FBI actually embedded a spy in the Trump campaign.

And what James Clapper just said on air made jaws hit the floor.

James Clapper was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010 as Chief Intelligence Officer.

It seems that part of his role was to spy on the opposition party.

But in an interview on Don Lemon’s show, Clapper actually claimed that spying on the Trump campaign was “a good thing.”

Clapper tried to explain it away claiming they were just trying to make sure the Trump campaign wasn’t colluding with the Russians.

Then, The New York Times ran with a headline, “F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims.”

But there is no way of knowing that to be true with any degree of certainty.

In fact, anti-Trump media has spent the past year and a half telling the American people that Trump was crazy for claiming he was spied on.

Yet their story is crumbling.

First it was the dirty dossier that was used as a reason to wiretap the Trump campaign.

Now it’s this FBI embedded spy.

Yet despite the Deep State having their thumb on the scale to an unprecedented level, Hillary Clinton still lost to Trump.

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